The Best Pizza in OKC

When it comes to pizza options, the sky is the limit.

Neapolitan, New York style, Chicago style, hand-tossed, thin crust, stuffed crust, and that doesn't even include the fresh cheese and the toppings. If someone just mentions pizza, the pizza cravings begin. There's a reason why it's such a beloved meal in America. We love it so much in fact, you can often find pizzas for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner.

Given America's love for pizza, it's no surprise that Oklahoma City, the largest metropolis in Oklahoma, serves up a variety of pizzas with many unique and local pizza joints. Oklahoma City is known for its rich history along with its vibrant local businesses. The pizza restaurants in Oklahoma City bring the best ingredients, a great dining experience, and amazing pizzas.

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Pizzeria Gusto

Oklahoma's first Neapolitan restaurant serving high-quality pizza crafted with imported ingredients from Italy.

Image courtesy of Pizzeria Gusto.

2415 N Walker Ave | Oklahoma City |

Located in the historic Uptown district, Pizzeria Gusto serves delicious Neapolitan pizza, a style of pizza that originated in Naples, Italy. The crust for Neapolitan pizza is thin and puffs up around the edges to create a very airy and light crust. And speaking of Italy, Pizzeria Gusto imports fresh tomatoes, flour, and many other ingredients directly from Italy. So at this pizza restaurant, you're getting a true Italian-style pie.

Pizzeria Gusto serves gourmet wood-fired pizzas giving it the perfect crispy crust and delicious flavor. They have a variety of pizza options to choose from. Make sure to check out the Lamb Sausage Pizza which has tzatziki sauce, cherry tomatoes, red onions, Gusto pepperoni, pepperoncini, roasted garlic, and honey sriracha. If you're wanting a bit more than pizza, they also offer starters and shareable plates, salads, and desserts made entirely from scratch. Pair your pizza with a beer on tap, wine, or cocktails.

Not only is the food incredible, but the atmosphere is also memorable. It has a chic and charming interior with lovely chandeliers that provide a soft light. You can also choose to eat outside where tables are set up with heaters to keep you warm and wonderful bistro lights that add to the ambiance. It's a great pizza place for a date night or just a fun night with friends.

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Empire Slice House

A pizza place and bar located in the Plaza district serving up New York-style pies and slices.

Here you can see a Hamburgler Pizza from Empire Slice House. Image courtesy of Empire Slice House.

1804 NW 16th St | Oklahoma City |

Walking into Empire Slice House, you already know this restaurant will stick in your memory. It's a hip pizzeria with fun whimsical graffiti decor on the interior walls along with on the outside of their building. They feature an outdoor dining area that's cozy and perfect for a lovely lunch or a date.

But let's get into their pizza. Empire Slice House serves New York-style pizza pies and pizza slices. So you can expect the classic thin crust pizza with that really crispy edge. They also serve appetizers along with various brews to pair with your pizza.

You can go with the classics like a cheese pizza or pepperoni pizza. However, they also have some more adventurous pizza options. For example, you can try the Ghostface Killah, a pizza that has ghost chili marinara, pepperoni, poblano, and barbecue chips. So if you're looking for some unique and exciting pizzas, Empire Slice House is definitely the way to go.

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The Hall’s Pizza Kitchen

An industrial-chic restaurant offering wood-fired pizzas paired with beer and wine.

You can even get brunch pizza here! Image courtesy of The Hall’s Pizza Kitchen.

1004 N Hudson Ave STE 106 | Oklahoma City |

If you're looking for a casual pizza experience in a trendy local restaurant, the Hall’s Pizza Kitchen is just what you're looking for. They serve up amazing wood-fired pizzas and offer their guests a variety of pizza options including vegan and gluten-free. Looking at vegan options, check out the Vegan Pepperoni Pizza which is made with house-made pepperoni. Even if you're not vegan, you may be intrigued to try a house-made vegan pepperoni pizza.

We all know the big debate about pineapple on pizza and whether it's acceptable or not. We won’t judge here! If you're a pineapple fan, try the Sweetness Pizza made with fresh pineapples, Serrano ham, special Hall’s sauce, fresh basil, fresh mozzarella, parmigiana-reggiano, and hot honey. I bet you're already considered ordering pizza after hearing about The Hall’s options.

Along with the tasty food choices, The Hall’s Pizza Kitchen offers an atmospheric dining experience. The interior is industrial and modern, but you have some touches of fun here and there. They have white and black polka dot counters and yellow booths that add a pop of excitement to the restaurant. They also feature an outdoor covered patio with bistro lights and a rooftop patio. So you can dine at this restaurant several times and each time might feel like a different experience.

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Falcone’s Pizzeria

A small casual restaurant serving up authentic New York-style pizza.

Image courtesy of Falcone’s Pizzeria.

6705 N May Ave | Oklahoma City |

For over 10 years Falcone’s has been serving locals and visitors delicious New York-style pizza. Peruse Yelp reviews and you'll see that Oklahoma locals and out-of-town visitors continually call Falcone’s the best pizza they've ever had. They use simple ingredients and allow you to create your own custom pizza so you can decide exactly what you want. They also offer a unique pizza construction kit that includes their pizza dough, sauce, cheese, and topping so you can assemble your own pizza.

Along with pizza, they offer delicious appetizers, wings, salads, pasta, sandwiches, and a ton of desserts. if you require dessert with your pizza, we recommend trying Falcone’s. With their friendly staff, you'll feel right at home at this small casual pizza place. Just looking at the menu, you can see that this place has a lot of personality with a sense of humor. The restaurant itself is cozy with music memorabilia all over the walls. If you want one of the best pizzas in Oklahoma City Stop by and try Falcone’s Pizzeria.

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Eagle One Pizza

A small and casual restaurant offering delicious pizzas, calzones, gyros, and wings.

Image courtesy of Eagle One Pizza.

1920 S Air Depot Blvd | Oklahoma City |

Eagle One Pizza delivers authentic tasty pizza made with the finest ingredients including fresh basil, fresh mozzarella, olive oil, and vine-ripened tomatoes. While their menu is relatively small, each pizza they make is packed with delicious flavor for an unforgettable meal. They offer different crust options including thin, stuffed, and hand-tossed. Not to mention they also offer gluten-free crusts.

You can build your own pizza or you can choose between the house specialty pizzas. If you're a fan of greek food, try the Greek Pizza made with gyro meat, onions, tomatoes, feta cheese, and extra mozzarella because you can never have too much cheese on a pizza.

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Upper Crust

A modern pizza restaurant and wine bar serving up wood-fired gourmet pizzas.

Image courtesy of Upper Crust.

5860 N Classen Blvd | Oklahoma City |

The name of the restaurant is called Upper Crust which means you know you're going to be getting an incredible pizza when you come by this eatery. Their gourmet New York-style pizza begins with a dough that is prepared daily. Their sauce is made from scratch and their toppings are all handcrafted. Their pizzas are wood-fired and baked to crispy perfection with that slightly smoky edge. Talk about delicious!

They offer amazing and varied specialty pizzas like the Psycho Shroom Pizza which is made with their homemade sauce, fontina cheese mushroom mix, chives, truffle oil, and grana. And that's just one pizza so you can imagine all their other options.

Upper Crust is a chic and modern restaurant that's perfect for a date night, a night with friends, or a leisure lunch. They also serve delicious starters, salads, sandwiches, and a few other entrees.

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Raise your hand if you're craving pizza now! I know I am! Oklahoma City has a plethora of pizza joints. We listed the top six places where you can find the best pizza in OKC so definitely start your pizza tour in Oklahoma City at one of these locations. Which restaurants would you try first? Leave us a comment below!

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