Top 6 Mediterranean Restaurants in Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City is filled with interesting things to do and places to visit. It’s the most populated city in Oklahoma and thrives on its culture, history, and community. Because there are many people from different walks of life, entrepreneurs and restauranteurs opened various restaurants catering to different tastes. You'll find all kinds of cuisine from New York-style pizza to authentic Italian fare. Today we're going to be looking at Mediterranean restaurants in Oklahoma City and listing the top six.

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Zorbas Mediterranean Restaurant

A lovely restaurant serving Mediterranean cuisine inspired by dishes from all over the Mediterranean.

Image courtesy of Zorba’s Mediterranean Restaurant.

6014 N May Ave | Oklahoma City |

Zorbas has a classic Mediterranean feel to it with its green walls, beautiful twisted pillars, exposed stone, and lovely wall art. When you enter the restaurant, you can look up and see a beautiful fresco. The atmosphere is relaxed and casual while the environment gives you a look into Mediterranean culture.

Established in 1991, Zorbas built a reputation for bringing authentic cuisines from the regions of the Mediterranean. The dishes they serve are made from recipes that have been passed down through generations of the family who owns the restaurant. Also, for a more unique experience, they have dancers on the weekends to entertain the diners.

They offer both lunch and dinner and their menu is quite varied. You’ll find many options including vegetarian dishes. Try the Hummus Trio appetizer where you can taste harissa hummus, basil pesto, and traditional hummus with pita bread and chips. Each dish packs a punch of flavor that'll keep you coming back for more.

"Hands down my favorite Mediterranean restaurant in OKC. Been coming here for years. Some of my favorites include the chicken bandari, gyro dinner and sandwich, and of course the hummus. Clean and welcoming. Staff go above and beyond. If you save room for dessert, treat yourself to some baklava. Great for lunch or dinner." - Yelp Review

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Cous Cous Cafe

A chill eatery dishing up Moroccan and Mediterranean cuisine in a casual atmosphere.

Image courtesy of Cous Cous Cafe.

6165 N May Ave | Oklahoma City |

Cous Cous Cafe is a bright and airy place where you could see yourself chilling with some delicious Mediterranean food and a good book. The walls are a calming yellow color with cultural decorations adorning them. The massive windows let in a lot of light and give you a beautiful view.

Cous Cous Cafe opened its doors in 2007 and is family-owned and managed. The food is made to order ensuring that everything you get is fresh. Each meal is balanced with flavors making every bite thrilling. Since the cafe is family-operated, you'll occasionally catch the owner who loves to chat with the patrons. The staff is just as friendly, welcoming you as if you're a friend.

Take your time looking over the menu since they have a lot to choose from including appetizers, entrees, soups, kebab platters, and more. For the main course, try the Vegetarian Tagine which has fresh vegetables in a flavorful savory broth that's topped over a bed of rice or couscous. This Oklahoma City restaurant provides delicious food, a wonderful atmosphere, and a lovely dining experience.

"Love, love, love CousCous! The menu selection is great. Everything is made fresh. The portions are generous and prices are affordable. The Moroccan tea is a must-try." - Yelp Review

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Basil Mediterranean Cafe

A charming restaurant serving classic Mediterranean cuisines and tea in a relaxed atmosphere.

Image courtesy of Basil Mediterranean Cafe.

211 NW 23rd St | Oklahoma City |

You can't miss Basil Mediterranean Cafe thanks to the gorgeous white and blue building. The inside is as beautiful as the outside with its mint green walls, colorful light fixtures, and other fun touches like murals and wall art. When it comes to the surroundings, Basil Mediterranean Cafe has nailed it and it makes a great stop for a date, a group with friends, or a family gathering.

Basil Mediterranean Cafe serves authentic Mediterranean food that's also healthy while providing an indulgent taste. That's why so many locals love it. Many reviewers claim that the taste is exceptional the flavors are incredible, and the hummus is the best in Oklahoma. Basil Mediterranean Cafe offers creative foods and a memorable experience.

As you can imagine, we're going to recommend trying the hummus. They offer five different kinds of hummus and we suggest trying their world-famous Spicy Hummus that's topped with a blend of cilantro and hot chili peppers. They also offer a large menu with many tasty items. Come find out why this is one of the most popular Mediterranean spots in Oklahoma City.

"This place is awesome!! Every time I eat here I am greeted with the nicest employees and served the best Mediterranean food in the city! If you are needing something quick togo, this is a great option as well!" - Yelp Review

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Baba G. Mediterranean Grill

A cozy eatery offering classic Mediterranean cuisine including shawarma, falafel, and hummus in a casual setting.

Image courtesy of Baba G. Mediterranean Grill.

4401 W Memorial Rd Suite 103 | Oklahoma City |

Baba G. is a cute and cozy counter-serve restaurant that's perfect to stop by for a meal whether you're with a friend or family. The restaurant is light and open with beautiful decorations and wall art. It's considered a fast-casual restaurant so the service is quick and the meals are fresh.

Baba G. focuses on authentic Mediterranean street food with the centerpiece of their restaurant being their open kitchen. You can watch as they bake their pita bread, as the shawarmas and gyros roast on the spit, and as the chefs prepare your food. Their pita bread is baked fresh daily and the ingredients they use are top-notch. Baba G. was established in 1978 and uses the same delicious recipes.

Their menu is smaller, but you still get several options and each dish is packed with flavor. Try their fresh-baked pita whether you choose to get falafel or chicken shawarma. End your meal with a delicious cheesecake. You won't soon forget Baba G. Mediterranean Grill.

"Absolutely fantastic! We got the steak shawarma and the veggie feast, both of which were amazing as well as a great price for such generous portions. The staff are outstanding--Tatiana and Savannah were incredibly gracious and welcoming. They were very helpful in telling us about the different choices and gave us samples of the shawarma to try. So happy we discovered this gem of a place--we will definitely be back" - Yelp Review

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Nunu's Mediterranean Cafe

A charming cafe serving traditional Mediterranean food in a unique environment.

Image courtesy of Nunu’s Mediterranean Cafe.

3131 W Memorial Rd | Oklahoma City |

One step into Nunu’s Mediterranean Cafe and you know you won't be forgetting this place. It's like stepping into a Grecian restaurant with its beautifully designed tablecloths, bright yellow walls, and lovely murals. The gorgeous light fixtures cast a warm light along the restaurant while the windows bring in a lot of natural lighting. If you're looking for a warm environment and a unique ambiance, Nunu’s Mediterranean Cafe has it.

Nunu Farhood opened Nunu’s in 2008 wanting to pursue her passion for cooking and entertaining guests. She was inspired by her mother who was known for being the best Lebanese cook and the recipes that are used in this restaurant have been handed down for generations. Food is more than sustenance, but a way to show you love someone, and Nunu’s creates each dish with care so that guests feel the love while dining.

They offer a hearty menu with everything from appetizers to desserts. Share a plate of Meat-Stuffed Grape Leaves, a traditional Lebanese dish of grape leaves stuffed with meat and rice. Everything tastes fresh and amazing at Nunu's Mediterranean Cafe.

"Nunu's Mediterranean Cafe is one of the best overall dining experiences I've had at a local cafe. My wife and I ordered the Veggie Sampler and the Falafel Plate. Each item was well seasoned and full of flavor. The staff were all friendly and helpful. We will be making frequent stops here." - Yelp Review

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Camilya's Restaurant

A cozy cafe serving up delicious Mediterranean food with a fantastic dining experience.

Image courtesy of Camilya’s Restaurant.

10942 N May Ave | Oklahoma City | Camilya’s Restaurant Facebook

If you're looking for an adorable spot to have a date or to enjoy a meal with friends, Camilya's Restaurant is the premier place to go. It’s a small restaurant that’s bursting with personality and fun thanks to the beautiful chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, the bright yellow walls, and the fun decorations. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming and you'll enjoy spending time with loved ones in a comforting environment.

Not only is the aesthetic pleasing, but they also have an outdoor cafe lounge where you can kick back and enjoy spending time with friends. The staff is knowledgeable about the menu if you want guidance or recommendations. The food is always served fresh and stays true to authentic Mediterranean cuisine.

First things first, their appetizer menu is huge so we highly recommend you start with an appetizer. Try the Moussaka which is grilled eggplant cooked with tomato sauce, green peppers, garlic, and onions that's been served on hot pita bread. It's a great dish to share with the table. Camilya's Restaurant may become your favorite Mediterranean restaurant.

"Absolutely love Camilya's Cafe. Have eaten here for years and have never been disappointed. Friendly staff and quick service. Food is very good and true to heritage." - Yelp Review

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Each one of these restaurants we talk about has a unique atmosphere and a unique dining experience. The interior design and decorations are perfect, the flavors are satisfying, and the ambiance is incredible no matter which restaurant you choose to eat at. So next time you're considering what to eat, try one of these top six Mediterranean restaurants in OKC. What's your favorite Mediterranean food? Leave us a comment below!

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