Favorite Japanese Restaurants in Oklahoma City

Who doesn't love a wonderful bowl of ramen or a delicious dish of stir-fried noodles?

Japanese food is one of the most popular Asian cuisines in America meaning that we have a ton of Japanese restaurants all across the US. But, we're going to be focusing on Oklahoma City, the largest city in the state of Oklahoma. So listen up folks in Oklahoma City,  today we're going to talk about the top six Japanese restaurants in OKC.

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Gorō Ramen + Izakaya

A contemporary restaurant with a fun patio serving Japanese noodles and ramen

Image courtesy of Gorō Ramen + Izakaya.

3000 Paseo | Oklahoma City | gororamen.com

The right vibes, the right flavors, the right surroundings, everything is awesome at Gorō Ramen. The inside is small and cozy with comfortable booths and interesting red designs on the walls. They also have an outdoor patio with uniquely designed rugs and bistro lights illuminating the place. You can't find a cuter Japanese restaurant for a date. It also would make a great place to stop by for lunch with a friend.

Gorō Ramen is actually a combination of two restaurants, Gorō Ramen and Izakaya. Rachel Cope and ramen chef Jeff Chanchaleune co-own both restaurants. Gorō was a ramen restaurant while Izakaya was a Japanese pub serving small plates and the occasional dinner. They combined restaurants creating Gorō Ramen + Izakaya where they serve ramen and Japanese fare, specifically, delicious Japanese snacks such as chicken kara-age.

You've got to love a restaurant with a cool story, but what about the food? Well, the food at Gorō Ramen is beyond delicious with hundreds of reviewers singing their praises. The menu is small and some of the items can change daily, but each dish is packed with flavor and seasoned to perfection. Enjoy a wonderful bowl of ramen alongside a delicious snack. There's a good chance Gorō Ramen will become your go-to Japanese ramen restaurant in Oklahoma City.

"AHHH this is downright one of my favorite places in OKC! Heck, this place has one of my favorite Ramen bowls I've ever had in my life- and that's saying alot~!
So if you are skimming through reviews ( like i often do) skim no more! Head to Goro! I typically order the Yasai Ramen with a chili bomb and my partner gets the Spicy Ramen, honestly, you can't go wrong. Staff here are the bomb, the atmosphere is chill, they have delicious rose in a can, what more could you want?!" - Yelp Review

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Musashi's Japanese Steakhouse

A chill Japanese steakhouse serving hibachi and sushi.

Image Courtesy of Musashi's

4315 N Western Ave | Oklahoma City | musashis.com

Musashi's has a lounge feel to it and, due to their hibachi grills, it makes a fun place to visit for a special occasion or with a large group of friends and family. If you're not sitting at one of the hibachi grills, they also have an open bar area where you can enjoy your meal or a patio outside with heaters to keep you warm.

Musashi's was established in 2010 and has since been offering Oklahoma City locals delicious Japanese fare and unforgettable experiences. Their chefs are highly trained in teppanyaki, also known as hibachi, ensuring that each meal is full of flavor and full of fun.

We've already covered hibachi, let's move on to their other dinner options. They have a fairly large menu with a mixture of appetizers, entrees, sushi, and robata. For anyone who doesn’t know, robata is a centuries-old style of cooking over an open flame. They also offer sake and desserts to pair your meal with. Whether you're stopping by the hibachi grill for a special occasion or you're enjoying a meal on the patio, you'll have a memorable experience at Musashi's.

"Very nice spot in OKC. Has a nice combination of Hibachi and Sushi if you prefer one over the other. Our hibachi chef was awesome, he was from Hawaii and had his own special sauce that he gave us that was terrific. I came with my wife for her birthday and they gave a her a dessert and they took a picture of all of us and it was awesome. A little bit on the pricey side but was to be expected with sushi. Just wish the portions were a smidge bigger, but some of my friends had leftovers to take home so that might just be me. Great ambiance as well" - Yelp Review

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Tokyo Japanese Restaurant

A traditional Japanese restaurant serving noodles, tempura, sake, and other Japanese cuisines.

Image courtesy of Tokyo Japanese Restaurant

7516 N Western Ave | Oklahoma City | tokyookc.com

The vibe at Tokyo Japanese Restaurant is incredible thanks to its Japanese-style decorations and interior design. Eating here feels like you’re dining at a small restaurant in Japan. Thanks to its inviting atmosphere and delicious Japanese cuisine, locals have been coming here for years. In fact, Tokyo Japanese Restaurant opened in 1987, and ever since they've been offering traditional Japanese dishes and a wide assortment of sushi. Not to mention, they have an excellent selection of sake if that's your thing.

So between the sushi and dinner options, their menu is massive. For dinner, they offer soup, salad, appetizers, donburi, entrees, noodles, fried rice, and more. This doesn't even include the lunch menu, by the way, to give you an idea of just how much food they offer! With such a wide selection, it's no surprise that so many locals enjoy eating here.

We recommend taking a look at the donburi which is essentially a bowl of white rice with tasty protein on top. Don't forget to enjoy some sake with your meal!

"This probably my favorite sushi place in the city and definitely one of the best. Cozy atmosphere and cool vibe. Service is great. Food is excellent. As good or better than Neko and a little bit more cost effective. Curbside is great. I really like the gyoza, dynamite dynamite and the Godzilla roll. Definitely would recommend to others." - Yelp Review

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Tokyo Moon

A charming restaurant offering hibachi along with Japanese and Vietnamese cuisine.

Image courtesy of Tokyo Moon

7001 W Hefner Rd #4712 | Oklahoma City | tokyomoon.okc

Tokyo Moon is a delightful restaurant with Asian interior decorations, dark furniture, and unique red lattices. Thanks to the appealing surroundings and comfortable atmosphere, Tokyo Moon is a great place for a group of friends and family or an intimate date. You can celebrate a special occasion with a group at the hibachi grill or you can enjoy a more quiet dinner in the dining area.

Tokyo Moon is a local and family-owned business serving up delicious Japanese and Vietnamese cuisine. With their excellent service and friendly staff, they exceed expectations, going above and beyond to accommodate their guests. For this reason, guests rave about the service almost as much as they rave about the food.

Due to the fact that they offer both Vietnamese and Japanese cuisine, their menu is very large, especially when you consider how large their sushi menu is. We're talking several pages for their menu. Make sure to take a look at their many noodle dishes from udon to yakisoba. You'll be leaving very full and very happy.

"One of my absolute favorite sushi places. Order To the Moon roll and Aloha and thank me later. The crawfish is so good. Some of the freshest I've had. The service is always amazing and the food comes out fast. The servings are large and I'm always excited to try something new. The owner is incredibly nice and friendly. I love this place." - Yelp Review

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Muu Shabu

A small restaurant offering a modern Japanese hot pot using the freshest ingredients.

Image courtesy of Muu Shabu

1042 E 2nd St | Edmond | Muu Shabu's Facebook page

I know what you're thinking: finally, we've got a hot pot restaurant here! It was a long time coming, but it definitely made it to this list, Muu Shabu is a modern Japanese hot pot restaurant. For those who may not know, a hot pot is a prepared simmering pot of soup stock that sits at the table and you then place raw foods in it to cook. It's very unique because you're essentially cooking your own meal but using the restaurant’s ingredients.

Many people find this to be a lot of fun and an extremely memorable experience to share with friends and family. The ingredients at Muu Shabu are high quality and fresh ensuring that you get the best taste out of each ingredient. Not only that, they offer a huge variety of ingredients for you to put into your hot pot so that every time you come, you can make something completely different.

The inside of the restaurant is like an open bar minus the drinks. They have long counters where guests can sit with their family and friends and share a delicious hot pot together. So if a warm and tasty hot pot is your thing, definitely check out Muu Shabu.

"Muu Shabu is the complete package. The restaurant is clean. The music creates a relaxing enjoyable atmosphere. The service is friendly and quick. The food is delicious. What else could you want? Advanced reservations are REQUIRED as the restaurant is small and very popular. This is a fun place for a small group of friends to unwind and enjoy a meal." - Yelp Review

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A casual eatery serving hibachi grill Japanese cuisine including teriyaki, sushi, and tempura.

Image courtesy of Yakimono

3131 W Memorial Rd Ste C | Oklahoma City | yakimonookc.com

Yakimono is a little gem in Oklahoma City that offers hibachi grilled food without the hibachi grill experience. This makes it a great place to stop by for lunch or dinner in a more quiet environment. So if you're wanting the hibachi grill flavor without having to sit at a hibachi grill, Yakimono is a really great place.

They offer more than hibachi grilled foods. Looking at the menu, you have a lot to choose from. They offer hibachi entrees, yakisoba, tempura, appetizers, and sushi. If you’re wanting the hibachi dinner, we recommend trying the Calamari. You'll get that wonderful grilled flavor that's so comforting.

Yakimono is unassuming and shouldn't be missed. They offer great food with amazing flavor that'll keep you coming back for more.

"I've been here lots of times for the hibachi grill dinners which I love. But tonight I decided to get some sushi to go for dinner and my two choices were very delicious. The Vegas roll and the spicy Texas roll. Next time I'm going to try some others because they have a large assortment of sushi on the menu. Their Boba fruit smoothies are a great way to finish the dinner off!" - Yelp Review

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We covered six of the best Japanese restaurants in Oklahoma City to fulfill all of your Japanese cuisine needs. So whether you're wanting sushi, ramen, or noodles, we've got you covered with at least one of these restaurants. Each restaurant has its own unique vibe, experience, and flavors so make sure to check them all out. What's your favorite Japanese dish? Leave us a comment below.

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