Where to Get the Absolute Best Donuts in Chicago

Everyone likes something a little sweet sometimes--whether that’s first thing in the morning with your coffee, as a midday pick up, or as a late night indulgence--and donuts seem to fill that role exceedingly well! There are so many different kinds of donuts to choose from, so whether you have a favorite pastry, or like to try new flavor combinations, the Chicago donut shops on this list can exceed your expectations. 

Locals know that these places are all about quality, and that’s important when it comes to donuts--no one wants a bland or over-cooked sweet treat! There are a lot of good donut shops throughout the Chicagoland area, but these stood out from the crowd as some of the best.

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The over the top flavors and toppings at this donut shop will have you coming back for more!

Choose the flavor of your filling at this fun donut shop. Image courtesy of Bombobar.


832 W Randolph St.

West Loop

If you’re looking for something a little extra when it comes to donuts, then you can’t go wrong at Bombobar, where the bombolonis are one of the most popular donuts in the city. These delicious holeless donuts can be infused with a variety of flavors such as salted caramel, raspberry, vanilla, and Nutella. 

Since Bombobar also serves gelato, you can even be completely extra and get a gelato sandwiched between a bombolini with your choice of toppings like Oreo’s, Fruity Pebbles, chocolate chips, and chocolate drizzle. There is no way you can walk away from here still craving something sweet and delicious!

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“We ordered the vanilla bean bombolini and the smores bombolini. Both were absolutely delicious. The dough is the perfect chewiness plus soft. I think it's so cool that we get to inject the filling.” -Yelp Review

Bridgeport Bakery

This old school Chicago bakery knows how to make a delicious donut

It’s hard to say no to the sweet treats at this bakery. Image courtesy of Yelp.


2907 S Archer Ave.


Sometimes you want a good, simple donut--without all the fuss you might find at other bakeries. Bridgeport Bakery has been committed to making donuts and other pastries from the freshest dough for over 40 years, and once you taste one of their strawberry paczkis, danishes, or sugar twists, you see why this place is beloved by so many locals.

In addition to the softest donuts you’ve had in ages, they also do cookies, coffee cakes, loaves of bread, and brownies. Don’t judge this bakery by its cover, because inside that unassuming shop are some amazing baked goods, and friendly and helpful staff!

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“Very delicious and good priced items. I will definitely be coming back here. I definitely recommend you to try it if you haven't.” -Yelp Review 

Firecakes Donuts

Simple, fresh ingredients can really create an amazing donut

These donuts are fried to perfection and coated with your favorite toppings! Image courtesy of Firecakes Donuts.


68 W Hubbard St. and other locations

River North

Firecakes were first invented back in the logging camps of Wisconsin during the 1930s, and were a quick and easy take on traditional donuts. This family recipe hasn’t changed much, and today Firecakes Donuts has expanded to include new flavor and topping combinations that locals just adore. 

There are a couple of locations throughout Chicago, offering everything from the traditional--such as the buttermilk old fashioned--to the seasonal--like peppermint hot chocolate-- and beyond. If you’re feeling adventurous, consider trying out their donut ice cream sandwiches where you can choose the donut, the ice cream, and the sauce on top! Talk about yummy.

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“Great place to go if you want a solid donut but also are feeling adventurous and want to try something new.” -Yelp Review

Dat Donut

These Chicago favorites are just too good to dunk!

Come hungry if you plan on taking on the Big DAT! Image courtesy of Dat Donut.


8251 S Cottage Grove Ave.


This friendly, neighborhood bakery shop has been glazing donuts to perfection since 1994, and has been keeping customers coming in from far and wide. The recipes here are simple, and focus on freshness--which has clearly seemed to go over very well with the locals who frequent this place!

You can get a variety of different donut flavors, or you can choose to get the popular Big DAT which is the biggest glazed donut you have ever seen--so come hungry! This 24 hour donut shop also serves up some delicious breakfast sandwiches, coffee, and even fruit smoothies.

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“Good doughnuts my favorite is the raspberry filled and apple cinnamon also the best cup of coffee I ever had.” -Yelp Review

Delightful Pastries

They have so much more than their delicious paczkis! 

You’ll never miss the extra sugar in the delicious pastries of this donut shop. Image courtesy of Delightful Pastries.


5927 W Lawrence Ave.

Jefferson Park

If you’re looking for a new, family run donut shop to try out, then make your way over to Delightful Pastries! This mother-daughter team has been making some of the best paczki in Chicago since 1998--but they offer so much more than those amazing donuts! They also offer breads, danishes, cookies, and cakes made to order.

They make all their sweets using the traditional European manner, and have adapted their items to have less sugar--without sacrificing taste or quality! You can definitely taste the handmade difference at this donut shop. They also offer selected items gluten-free or vegan as well.

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“Found this bakery online when looking for somewhere to stop for a quick breakfast. Plenty of options for breakfast and also cookies, macaroons, and other pastries that would be delicious throughout the day!” -Yelp Review

Dinkel’s Bakery

Serving the perfect donuts to Chicago since 1922

Time tested recipes and fresh ingredients are what make this bakery a popular donut stop. Image courtesy of Dinkel’s Bakery.


3329 N Lincoln Ave.


Dinkel’s continues to carry on the family tradition of baking that all started at the turn of the century after Josef Dinkel emigrated to the U.S. from Germany. They are currently on the fourth generation of family owners, and they continue to sell Chicagoans some of the most delicious donuts and baked goods in the city! The family believes that the best pastries start with fresh ingredients, which is why they’re committed to ensuring their menu items--from sweet sprinkled donuts, to the famous German stollen--are all handmade each morning.

In addition to sweet treats, you can also pick up savory stuffed croissants and quiches made with ham, cheese, leeks, and spinach. There is also a cafe attached to the bakery, where customers like to linger over coffee, paninis, and soups.

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“Oh Dinkel's Bakery I love you. There's nothing better than taking a quick impromptu trip to the city, having a craving for something sweet.” -Yelp Review

Somethin’ Sweet Donuts

This family run shop has all your classic donut flavors

Stop by this neighborhood donut shop for your sweet treat fix! Image courtesy of Somethin’ Sweet Donuts.


5112 W Fullerton Ave.


Neighborhood donut shops are the best, they seem to cater to what people are really looking for--and sometimes that is just a good quality donut! You won’t be overwhelmed at this shop with too many flavors or toppings, instead they like to stick to the tried and true such as glazed, chocolate cake, iced blueberry, and devil’s food cake among others. Each donut is handmade in the morning to ensure you’re getting the freshest donut around.

You can also bet their other products are on par with the donuts, including muffins, turnovers, brownies, and apple fritters. The owners have over 30 years of experience making donuts, and it definitely shows in the popularity of this donut shop!

“These are the best donuts!!  Sweet, but not over sweet, so fluffy and always fresh tasting...these NEVER disappoint!” -Yelp Review

Weber’s Bakery

Enjoy the donuts at one of Chicago’s oldest bakeries

Get to this Chicago bakery early to make sure you get your favorite donut! Image courtesy of Weber’s Bakery.


7055 W Archer

Garfield Ridge

This family-owned bakery has been making donuts and other pastries in Chicago since 1930, and they continue to impress their customers each and every day with the freshness and quality of their items. Their signature donut is the chocolate cake donut, that comes with chocolate icing made from two kinds of chocolate! You have never tried a donut like this before. 

Other popular options include kolackis, buttermilk pound cakes, and brownies topped with thick fudge icing. They also offer cookies, breads, and cakes, so stop by and see what they’ve baked up fresh today!

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“All I have to say is BEST BAKERY EVER. I've been to this place soooo many times ever since I was a child...I have never been to a better bakery.” -Yelp Review

Donuts never seem to go out of style--they’re always the right amount of sweet, in exactly the right size! Like people all over the world, Chicagoans like to enjoy these sweet treats throughout the week--and at almost any time of day. Did we mention your favorite donut shop? Let us know in the comments!

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