Best 6 Coffee Shops in OKC

What’s a beverage that can be both indulgent and energizing? Here’s a hint: it wakes you up in the morning. That’s right! It’s coffee!

Whether you like your coffee black or enjoy a creamy latte, we can all agree that coffee is always a delight. That’s why we’ve created this list of the top six coffee shops in Oklahoma City. Try a cup of joe at one of these places!

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Wild Hero Coffee Co

A rustic coffee stop making handcrafted coffee, espresso, and tea along with pastries and treats.

Image courtesy of Wild Hero Coffee Co.

331 N Mustang Rd | Mustang |

Located in Mustang, just west of Oklahoma City, Wild Hero Coffee serves up various caffeinated beverages and tasty treats. They have a rustic vibe thanks to the images of bison, the farmhouse feel of the place, and the arched windows. It's a place where you'll want to grab a cup of coffee, kick back, and relax with some friends.

Steve and Christy Cook opened Wild Hero Coffee in 2013 and in 2019 they were joined by their daughter Sheila Cook as part-owner and manager. Christy and Sheila are frequently in the store with a smile for every guest who walks in. They're dedicated to serving high-quality coffee. Locals love stopping by to enjoy a hot cup of coffee or tea and peruse some of the items for sale including Wild Hero locally roasted beans to go.

No matter what drink you’re craving, they have it including coffee, tea, hot or iced lattes, frozen beverages, and other specialty drinks. With their large menu, you'll certainly want to try more than one drink! Enjoy the delicious handcrafted coffees Wild Hero has to offer and don't forget to pair your coffee with one of their delicious treats.

"I love this local coffee shop! The drinks are always made perfectly and the staff is extremely friendly. They also have a drive thru which is super convenient." - Yelp Review

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Clarity Coffee

A modern coffee shop serving gourmet coffee drinks and baked treats.

Image courtesy of Clarity Coffee.

431 W Main St | Oklahoma City |

A laid-back and contemporary coffee shop, Clarity Coffee is the perfect place to relax with a good book or do some work. They offer comfortable lounge chairs to sink into along with regular tables and chairs in case you need the space to work. Plants are scattered around the shop brightening up the place and it features cool hexagonal shelves and light fixtures along with some unique wall art that adds to the cool vibe.

Established in 2015, Clarity Coffee has become one of the most popular coffee shops in Oklahoma City thanks to its high-quality coffee and comfortable surroundings. Clarity Coffee shows its passion for coffee and is dedicated to providing the right atmosphere with the right coffee. To that end, Clarify Coffee explores the science of coffee so they deliver the tastiest coffee to you.

First things first, make sure to check their specials to see if anything sounds interesting that day! They have a wide selection of beverages along with snacks. You'll find coffee, espresso, tea, and some specialty drinks. They also sell their coffee beans and bags of tea to go if you want to make their coffee or tea at home. Don't forget to enjoy a muffin or donut to go with your coffee.

"Cozy chairs, plenty of natural light, awesome drinks - the perfect place to study and/or relax. Basic milk drinks are on point (my go-to is their cortado) and their specialty drinks are great as well. The chili lemon mocha is super balanced, and not at all salsa-like as the name might suggest. Pleasant notes of lemon (without any overbearing acidity) and a pleasant mild spice. My wife and I are repeat customers at this point, and we'll definitely be visiting again." - Yelp Review

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The Underground Coffee

A fun coffee shop with a relaxed interior and drive-thru serving delicious and varied coffee options.

Image courtesy of The Underground Coffee.

1621 S Douglas Blvd STE C | Midwest City |

A coffee shop with a drive-thru is always a perk. If you’re running behind, you can drop by, grab your favorite coffee, and head straight to work without leaving the car. That being said, the interior of Underground Coffee is worth talking about. They have comfortable couches to lounge in, large windows that let natural light in, and colorful walls with art hanging on them.

It all started with Amber and Jacob, a couple who often joked about opening a coffee shop one day until the stars aligned and something they had joked about ended up becoming an ambition. In 2005, they opened the doors to The Underground, a premier coffee shop in Oklahoma City.

The menu they offer is massive with a ton of drink options. They have house special drinks such as mochas, coffees, Italian sodas, smoothies, and a variety of syrups that you can add to your beverage. That doesn't even cover all the options nor does it include the food they offer. You'll be back for more in no time.

"Love the vibes here! Their amazingly cozy atmosphere is perfect for what I look for in a coffee shop. Their workers were super friendly and helpful too which is a huge plus! I liked my first drink so much that I stayed for another. I ordered the 87 Latte then a watermelon sweet tea." - Yelp Review

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Ganache Patisserie

A European cafe and patisserie offering delicious coffee, desserts, and lunch options.

Image courtesy of Ganache Patisserie.

13230 Pawnee Dr #114 | Oklahoma City |

Walking into Ganache Patisserie you’ll first notice the airy nature and the minimalist designs. It's a relaxed and laid-back environment where you can enjoy a cup of coffee with a friend while sharing a slice of cake. Not to mention, looking at all of the fun pastries, treats, and food they have to offer is an enjoyable experience by itself.

Ganache Patisserie began with Matt Ruggi and Laura Szyld, two people passionate about cooking, baking, and creating. They traveled throughout Europe studying different baking and cuisine styles. In 2018 they opened Ganache Patisserie where everything is made from scratch, the ingredients are high quality, and the attention is in the detail.

While the main focus of Ganache Patisserie is certainly in the baking and food they serve, it became extremely popular for its delicious coffee. They serve fewer coffee options in comparison to the other shops we've discussed, but what they do have is delectable and pairs well with many of their treats. You may have found your new favorite coffee and patisserie shop.

"We love Ganache Patisserie! Great Lattes, delicious desserts! Staff is always friendly!" - Yelp Review

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Holey Rollers

A laid-back cafe offering donuts made from scratch, delicious coffee, and other delightful foods.

Image courtesy of Holey Rollers.

3010 Paseo #101 | Oklahoma City |

Holey Rollers is a fun contemporary restaurant that's bursting with happy vibes. The walls are painted a light pink color, they have vibrant and colorful art on the walls, and a lovely seating area for those who want to enjoy their coffee and donuts. Is there anything better than a donut with coffee?

Holey Rollers is dedicated to making delicious donuts that are made with natural ingredients and handcrafted daily. Another perk of Holey Rollers is that their donuts are vegan meaning they’re 100% dairy and egg-free! Not only that, they do offer gluten-free options as well. Their passion and commitment to quality rival their creativity as they change out their flavors weekly.

Holey Rollers offers a large selection of coffee and tea to pair with your donut. You'll find americano, cappuccino, cortado, mocha, lattes, and more. We recommend the Vietnamese iced coffee made with espresso, condensed coconut milk, and topped with your choice of milk. Don't forget to try one of their many donut options.

"This is probably the coolest place I got to in OKC when I come visit. The donuts are delicious, great drink options, and everyone there is really nice. Also there's a cute little book store on the inside! Another plus, all of the donuts are vegan! Not many vegan options out here but this is definitely a really good one!" - Yelp Review

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Green Goodies

A charming bakery serving delightful baked goods including gluten-free and vegan options along with invigorating expresso.

Image courtesy of Green Goodies.

5840 N Classen Blvd #5 | Oklahoma City |

This bakery is adorable with its cute pink and white color theme. While just about everything in the restaurant is white from the counters to the furniture, they have a pink accent wall in the back of the counter that pops with personality. It's a fun place to stop by with a friend to enjoy a cup of coffee with a delicious cupcake.

Green Goodies was founded in 2009 by a pair of couples, Eugene and Shayna Howland and Dustin and Hannah Green. They wanted to bring high-quality sweets to those with food allergies and dietary restrictions that often have trouble finding sweets that cater to them. So, they offer a wide selection of gluten and vegan-friendly options. All their cupcakes are made from scratch daily and their full-service espresso bar is always sure to please.

They offer a huge variety of goods from cookies to cupcakes to breakfast pastries as well as coffees and espresso. Their espresso is handcrafted and they provide a variety of alternate milk and house syrups. You'll love stopping by at Green Goodies.

"I liked the ambience. The place was clean and had a lot of light perfect for a day like today. I had a cupcake that was absolutley delicious with a cup if Mocha. This bakery has several different options for dairy free milk. The staff was excellent and accommodating. Even taken pictures of the customers requesting it. If you have time stop by to have a relaxing moment." - Yelp Review

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We've listed the top six coffee shops in Oklahoma City. Now it's your turn to go try them and pick your favorites. Each one of these places offers handcrafted coffee beverages that can cater to your tastes. Not to mention, all of these places come with their own delightful treats and food to pair with your coffee. What's your favorite type of coffee? Leave us a comment below!

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