Place an Order for Delivery at the Top 7 Restaurants in Colorado Springs

Are you not in the mood to cook tonight for dinner? We get that, so why not place an order for delivery at the top seven best restaurants in Colorado Springs!

Sometimes Mondays can hit hard to the point where you don’t want to come home and plan out a meal and cook it, or maybe it’s the end of the week and you want to treat yourself to something delicious. Whatever the case may be, we recommend ordering some food for delivery as a way to pay yourself back for all of the hard work you do! If you live in Colorado Springs, or are visiting and just want to order some food for delivery, make sure to check out the top seven restaurants that deliver today!

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Have you ever heard of a GiftYa electronic gift card? These gift cards are perfect to give as gifts for your loved ones, or to even get one for yourself so you can go to many restaurants, shops, recreational attractions, and even get personal services done! Being able to upload this e-gift card right onto your debit card is also super easy too, so make sure to check out these top seven restaurants that deliver in Colorado Springs with your new GiftYa electronic gift card today!

Roadrunner Pizza & Pasta

Support some local restaurants around you and try out this fun pizza joint!

If you’re looking for the pizza shop to order some pizza, pasta, sandwiches, and more, make sure to try out Roadrunner Pizza & Pasta! Image courtesy of TripAdvisor. 

3113 N Hancock Road | Colorado Springs |

Sometimes there is just nothing better than diving into a large size pizza all by yourself after work. If you’re in Colorado Springs looking for the best pizza joint to check out, then you need to try out Roadrunner Pizza & Pasta today! For over 37 years, this local and family-run pizza joint has been serving delicious pizza where the service is fast and their pizza is not like the rest.

At Roadrunner Pizza & Pasta, make sure to order the margherita pizza, the crispy cajun pizza, the ultimate chicken pizza, the BLT ranch pizza, fettuccine, chicken parm, spaghetti, strombolis, and whatever else you’re in the mood for. Try out Roadrunner Pizza & Pasta and support local restaurants in Colorado Springs!

“Great quality, all for only $20! Best in the Springs! Locally owned, friendly service, they never disappoint. Highly recommend.” - Yelp Review 

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Fat Shack

Burgers, fries, wings, and milkshakes, oh my! So much to enjoy at this fun restaurant.

Looking for something to enjoy on your cheat day? Try out Fat Shack and place an order for delivery! Image courtesy of Uber Eats. 

3578 Hartsel Drive | Colorado Springs |

Maybe you just want some deliciously unhealthy food for something different. No matter if it’s your cheat day, or you just need some good comfort food, make sure to try out Fat Shack in Colorado Springs! This place has a lot of deliciously famous sandwiches, milkshakes, deep-fried desserts, and so much more you have to try out for yourself to understand the hype of it all.

Place an order for delivery at Fat Shack today so you can experience what this place is really all about. From deep-fried oreos, chicken fingers and french fries, onion rings, mac n’ cheese bites, cheeseburgers, chicken wings, and many other options to choose from, we know you’ll love this place. Order from Fat Shack in Colorado Springs today!

“First time, I ordered pick up to eat at home. The food was more than I expected! Definitely saved most for later. & even the leftovers are delicious!” - Yelp Review 

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Ruffrano’s Hell’s Kitchen

Still looking for the best pizza place in Colorado Springs? Don’t sleep on this restaurant then!

Pizza is something that many people enjoy, and if that’s you, make sure to order a pizza and some other goodies at Ruffrano’s Hell’s Kitchen! Image courtesy of Uber Eats. 

385 Main Street | Security |

Sometimes trying out pizza places is something that you enjoy doing so you don’t over do it with all of the other good ones. If you’re just struggling to find another pizza joint in Colorado Springs to try out, make sure to try out Ruffrano’s Hell’s Kitchen today! With so much good stuff to try out, we know for a fact you will fall in love with this pizza shop as soon as you try out their food.

At Ruffrano’s Hell’s Kitchen, make sure to check them out and try out their pepperoni pizza, their Hellfire pizza, calzones, supreme pizza, grandpa’s pizza, pepperoni and mushroom pizzas, and so much more. Why not order from Ruffrano’s Hell’s Kitchen today for some delicious pizza, calzones, and more!

“We are regulars here because the calzones are so good. They are huge so one lasts me two meals. Tonight's dinner did not disappoint.” - Yelp Review

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Taste of Philly

Order an authentic philly cheesesteak here to satisfy your hunger after work!

Do you enjoy philly cheesesteaks, or just want to try one for the very first time? If so, then make sure to try out Taste of Philly! Image courtesy of Doordash.

3552 N Academy Boulevard | Colorado Springs |

Have you ever had a philly cheesesteak? This amazing sandwich that originated from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is something that you have to try out, so make sure to order one, or two of them from Taste of Philly right in Colorado Springs! These delicious sandwiches will have you ordering one every week or so because of how delicious they are, including their crispy fries.

Place an order for delivery for Taste of Philly today so you can try out everything from the original philly, chicken philly, green chile philly, pizza philly, Italian wraps, buffalo chicken, chicken club, chicken tenders, and lots more. There are lots of amazing sandwiches and more to try out at Taste of Philly, so why not order from them right now!

“After recently moving to CO, I searched for the best cheesesteaks in the area and can say resoundingly that Taste of Philly is legit!” - Yelp Review 

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Red Gravy

Stop by, or order some food for delivery for some delicious Italian classics you can’t pass up!

Are you a fan of authentic Italian food? If so, stop what you’re doing and place an order for something tasty at Red Gravy today! Image courtesy of Red Gravy.

23 S Tejon Street | Colorado Springs | 

What’s wrong with some authentic Italian dishes for lunch or dinner? We don’t see anything wrong with this, so make sure to check out Red Gravy in Colorado Springs! This amazing Italian restaurant is known for their award-winning Italian cuisine cooked up to perfection by Eric Brenner that you just have to try out to believe it.

If you decide to order food from Red Gravy, you need to try out the tomato bisque, fettuccine carbonara, chicken marsala, toasted ravioli, linguine tutto mare, the caprese salad, calamari caesar salad, and their other options on their seemingly endless menu. What are you waiting for? Place an order for delivery at Red Gravy today!

“The food was high quality, the service was great (despite being packed), and we will definitely be back!!” - Yelp Review 

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Little Nepal

Are you craving some Indian food? Don’t wait any longer and place an order here!

If you’ve had Indian food on your mind for a while, then satisfy that craving by ordering Little Nepal for dinner! Image courtesy of Doordash. 

4820 Flintridge Drive | Colorado Springs |

Are you stuck trying to find something new to satisfy your taste buds? If this sounds like you, then make sure to try out Little Nepal today! Little Nepal is an Indian restaurant in Colorado Springs known for North Indian and Nepalese cuisine that is both very unique and a favorite among the locals too.

Check out Little Nepal’s menu where you can try out the chicken tikka masala, lamb curry, chicken curry, lamb rogan josh, chicken makhani, dal soup, and lots of other great dishes loaded with flavor. Order from Little Nepal today to be able to try something new, and fill your hungry stomach right up!

“Honestly, just wow. This was one of the best meals I've had in a long time, and it brought up such fond memories of the time I spent in India.” - Yelp Review

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Jasmine Cafe

Do you just want some good ol’ Chinese food for delivery? Don’t miss out on this place!

There is nothing better than some Chinese food no matter what time of day it is. Order some food from Jasmine Cafe for delivery in Colorado Springs! Image courtesy of Postmates. 

6064 Stetson Hills Boulevard | Colorado Springs |

Sometimes just getting some delicious Chinese food for lunch or dinner is just what you need. No matter if you’re on your lunch break, or you’re coming home from work after a long day, you need to try out Jasmine Cafe! Jasmine Cafe has some of the best Chinese food located in Colorado Springs that serves up all of your favorites, no matter what you’re in the mood for.

Jasmine Cafe has everything you need when you’re looking for a delicious meal to indulge in. From cheese wontons, sesame chicken, double pan fried noodles, lemon chicken, orange chicken, chicken lo mein, and so much more, you will be in your glory with all of the delicious food to choose from. Make sure to order from Jasmine Cafe in Colorado Springs right now!

“Give me all the double pan fried noodles! So tasty. This is my go to order, combo style. It even comes with rice.” - Yelp Review 

Buy a gift card for Jasmine Cafe

With so many options to choose from in Colorado Springs when it comes to getting food delivered from your home, we know that it may be tough to figure out what to get. No matter what you’re in the mood for, check out one of these top seven restaurants that deliver in Colorado Springs to see if they’re the one for you! 

Is there a restaurant that delivers in Colorado Springs that you love, but we didn’t mention? Make sure to let us know in the comments!

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