The Six Best Bars to Hit Up in Colorado Springs

Source: Yelp

Bars bring some of the greatest food, drink, and entertainment around! They are dynamic environments that make for a relaxing evening out or a night that can go until morning! Whether you’re in it for the drinks or the food -- both are sure to satisfy! Bar food is some of the best classic American comfort food around -- burgers, wings, fries, pizza, and more are all common bar favorites that can be found in our list. We know everyone enjoys a delicious cocktail or draft pint and these bars deliver on both. Irish pubs serving the best in beer and sports bars serving a list of creative cocktails are what make these the best bars in Colorado Springs! Try your favorite or try them all to determine the best of the best. 

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1. Jack Quinn’s Irish Pub and Restaurant 

Homey Irish pub serving traditional cuisine and hearty libations 

Pair your fish and chips with a local Colorado draft or the perfect import to create the best meal for a great night out. 

21 S Tejon St | Colorado Springs |

Established in 1875, Jack Quinn’s displayed the facade familiar to Irish pubs on its newly renovated historic building. Drawing customers to experience its culture and history, this pub has been growing strong for years, only to have earned a high reputation among locals and visitors. 

Serving a variety of Irish classics throughout the entire menu, guests will be able to delight in reuben sliders, shepherd’s pie, bangers and mash, corned beef, stew, and Bailey’s cheesecake for dessert. These are only a few highlights of the fully packed menu! As for the drinks, imports, local drafts, mixed drafts and a mix of bottles and cans make up the beer menu. Those without the taste for hops can enjoy wine, scotch and Irish whiskey, and a list of house “Quinncoctions.” You’ll surely leave this location full of Irish hospitality and liquid courage!

“I am so thankful for Jack Quinn's! You know what you get when you walk in - and it's always good. I walk out happier than when I walked in. I walk out fuller. And I definitely walk out with some more courage!” - Yelp Review 

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2. Golden Bee 

19th century British pub serving traditional cuisine inside the Broadmoor Resort

Enjoy your dinner while being pelted with golden bees that can keep your company all night long. 

1 Lake Ave | Colorado Springs |

The Broadmoor resort is home to the Golden Bee, a 19th century style British pub that aims at transporting guests to this time period. The bar itself was transported from the UK for the most authentic experience. 

The modest menu serves a handful of English appetizers, soups and sandwiches, burgers and sandwiches, and classic entrees like fish and chips and chicken pot pie. The more lengthy drink menu includes a number of imports and domestic bottles, wine, every liquor in the book, and “Bee Stingers” for the lovers of a good cocktail. A sweet dessert menu boasts sticky toffee pudding and boston cream pie among others. This experience will surpass the others -- you’ll get to enjoy the servers throwing little golden bees at you to provide company while you dine. 

“The food is very nice, the staff are incredibly friendly... and when you sit down at your table your waiter will throw these little fabric bumble bees that stick to you... it was such a cute experience.” -   Yelp Review 

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3. Motif Jazz Cafe 

Daily live jazz music accompanied by hand crafted cocktails and a pleasant atmosphere

Here’s to hoping regular bar service and daily jazz return to Colorado Springs. 

182 E Cheyenne Mountain Blvd | Colorado Springs |

Motif Jazz Cafe once hosted a different artist every night of the week. This sleek, artsy atmosphere delivers the perfect ambiance for a jazzy night out completed with cocktails. In the future, they hope to resume their normal schedule and dining environment. 

Only open three days a week, diners have a few opportunities to get a taste of this location. Their food menu becomes available during your night. They offer fine dining and craft cocktails as well as live music. This location is for the jazzy!

“Modern food with a fresh twist. The band was from Nashville and played original songs. Very good!

The place filled up fast around 8:00. We got there at 7:30 and got a great table. Make reservations for sure.” - Yelp Review 

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4. The Rabbit Hole 

Late night atmosphere serving innovative bites and creative cocktails in an underground space 

Dine down inside the rabbit hole in this underground space that serves the best in food and drink. 

101 N Tejon St | Colorado Springs |

The Rabbit Hole offers an experience different from the others by inviting guests down into the rabbit hole itself. The busy nightlife location takes place under Colorado Springs in their underground bar. This has nicknamed the restaurant, “Wonderland of the Springs.” 

Their menu offers upscale New American cuisine which they say is perfect for a late night snack or much needed end-of-shift drink! They take their wonderland experience literally by including two appropriately named “Eat me” and “Drink me” menus. The “Eat me” menu features filling entrees as opposed to the “Nibbles” menu for lighter bites. The “Drink me” section offers the best libations from craft cocktails to scotch and whiskey. Beer and wine are also available! This location will make all mad hatters feel right at home. 

“Took a lovely, tasty trip down the Rabbit Hole this evening! Everything was delicious as per usual. Friendly staff kept the experience going and were more than happy to do whatever was asked.” - Yelp Review 

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5. Back East Bar & Grill 

Lively sports bar serving classic bar sandwiches, wings, and pizza

For diners that prefer a more refined meal rather than traditional pizza and wings, look no further -- Back East has you covered. 

1455 Cipriani Loop | Monument |

Who can resist a trip to a sports bar to watch the big game or just bask in the energetic ambiance? Back East Bar & Grill will become your favorite local neighborhood bar and grill. The owners want the location to feel like a friendly inviting space where sports meets food! The goal is to become the best place to watch the game while also getting a great dining experience. 

The menu features all of your favorite game day apps from artichoke dip to nachos and buffalo wings, the appetizer menu is a homerun in and of itself! The rest of the menu places a heavy emphasis on burgers and sandwiches, comfort food entrees, and beer's favorite partner -- pizza! One of their specialty pizzas and a local beer will make a game winning combination. Drinks take the name of drafts, bottles and cans, or tequila! You’ll be sure to leave this location feeling like a champ!

“I don't usually have high expectations for bar food, just have good wings and I'm happy. BUT, this place has amazing food. Amazing. I could not believe the flavor explosions in their dishes.” - Yelp Review 

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6. Alchemy 

Blended Irish and American pub serving both cuisines and specialty cocktails

Seafoam sangria -- beautiful to look at and every bit better to drink! Image courtesy of Yelp.

2625 W Colorado Ave | Colorado Springs |

Alchemy is not your average Irish pub. Alchemy is a unique gastropub environment that houses rustic decor and provides a full body experience. It exudes coziness and friendliness to be a place for both a romantic date or fun evening out with  a small group. The night can be completed with a craft microbrew or any of their other beers on tap. 

Their menu offers starters, soups, salads, sammies, and entrees fit for a knife and fork. Whether you want a traditional dinner or just something to pick at -- this location can do both. While they do have a number of beers on tap, other libations include both white and red wines, and house made cocktails. We can’t leave out the drink called “Skrew the Doctor,” made with peanut butter whiskey, Dr. Pepper, and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. This bar will deliver on blending the unique with everything we expect from an Irish pub!

“Holy COW. This place is AMAZING. Their hot drinks are the dulce cider made with vanilla honey tequila and mulled wine and both my boyfriend and I loved them! Next we had the pretzel appetizer and that was soooo satisfying.” - Yelp Review 

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The bars on our list offer a mix of upscale dining, live entertainment, Irish pub classics, and everyone’s favorite sports bar! Depending on your mood, there is a satisfying night out on our list -- and the best news is there are others for next week's bar mood! Enjoy the best of Colorado Springs. 


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