Grab A Drink And Sit Down With Some Friends At These Bars In Colorado Springs!

After a long week of work or visiting with your friends, these spots are perfect for a nice day out!

Bars bring some of the greatest food, drink, and entertainment around! They make for a relaxing evening out or a night that can go all the way till morning! Whether you’re in it for the drinks, the food, or both, everything is sure to delight! 

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Burgers, wings, fries, pizza, and more are all common “bar food” favorites and we know everyone enjoys a delicious cocktail or draft pint, and all of these things can be found at these bars in Colorado Springs. You can either find your favorite or try them all to determine the best of the best!

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1. Jack Quinn's Irish Pub and Restaurant

Homey Irish pub serving traditional cuisine, hearty drinks, and sing-alongs!

Try new beers and meet new friends at this bar in Colorado Springs! Image courtesy of the Jack Quinn’s Irish Pub Instagram page.

21 S Tejon St | Colorado Springs |

Located downtown, Jack Quinn’s Irish Pub & Restaurant is a widely popular bar serving an authentic Irish experience, from the food, music, and drinks! This spot has been drawing customers to experience its culture and history, and has been growing strong for years, having earned a high reputation among locals and visitors.

Serving a variety of Irish classics throughout their entire menu, guests will be able to delight in Reuben Fritters, Shepherd’s Pie + Bread Bowl, Bangers + Mash, and Corned Beef + Cabbage. And if you’re looking for something a little different they have items like Pub Mac and Cheese, Family Style Nachos, and the Grilled Steak!

As for the drinks, imports, local drafts, mixed drafts and a selection of bottles & cans make up the beer menu. Those without the taste for hops can enjoy wine, scotch and Irish whiskey, and a list of house “Quinncoctions.” (Plus they always have some upcoming event scheduled so stop on by and see what fun they have in store)!

“I had dinner this evening at Jack Quinn the food was great and the waiter Colin

was very attentive. I will be back again soon don't miss their happy hour from 3 to 6 every day.” -Yelp Review

2. Golden Bee

19th century British pub serving traditional cuisine inside the Broadmoor Resort.

Sing along or simply vibe to live music while enjoying the night! Image courtesy of The Broadmoor Instagram page.

1 Lake Ave | Colorado Springs |

The Broadmoor is a Destination Resort in Colorado Springs that’s home to the Golden Bee, a 19th century style British pub that aims at transporting guests to this time period. Giving the most authentic “UK” experience to all who come to enjoy a pint, a meal, or simply just a good time.

This modest menu serves a handful of English goodies including but not limited to, the Malted Potato Wedges, Welsh Rarebit with Field Mushrooms, Southwest Beyond Burger, Fish & Chips, and Crispy Cornmeal Catfish.

The more lengthy drink menu includes a number of imports and domestic bottles, along with wine, liquor, and “Bee Stingers” for the lovers of a good cocktail. This experience will surpass many others while you’re in town-- as a fun tidbit of this spot is you’ll get to enjoy the servers throwing little golden bees at you to provide company while you dine!

“Kaylee was a kind and attentive server! I asked for a cocktail that was off the menu and she wrote down the proportions and made sure the bartender made it to our liking. The food was great, I'd HIGHLY recommend the sticky toffee pudding.” -Yelp Review

3. The Rabbit Hole

A perfect “late night” experience serving innovative bites and creative cocktails in an underground space!

Surprising new cocktail concoctions can be found all the time at this spot! Image courtesy of The Rabbit Hole Instagram page.

101 N Tejon St | Colorado Springs |

The Rabbit Hole is here to offer an experience slightly different from many other bars in the city by inviting guests down into the rabbit hole itself. This trendy “nightlife” location takes place under Colorado Springs, literally, it’s underground! A common nickname for The Rabbit Hole is the “Wonderland of the Springs” – which is very clever and we like it a whole lot.

Their menu offers upscale New American cuisine coming in the form of “Shareables & Nibbles” which is perfect for a late night snack and or the regular “Dinner” menu for the heartier options. 

The “Drink Me” section is all about, well, drinking! Offering Seasonal Cocktails, all-year round cocktails, and mocktails. Beer, wine, and spirits are also available at The Rabbit Hole and is sure to make all the wonderful patrons feel right at home.

“Such a cute place. It is something that I will not post pictures of as you need to experience it yourself. The food is really good and drinks are even better. Perfect for date night and you have to have reservations.” -Yelp Review

4. Back East Bar & Grill

Lively sports bar serving classic bar sandwiches, wings, pizza, and more at this fun bar in Colorado Springs!

Chow down on delicious food while watching the big game! Image courtesy of the Back East Instagram page.

9475 Briar Village Point | Colorado Springs |

Whether you’re there to watch the big game or just bask in the energetic ambiance, a sports bar is an experience like no other and Back East Bar & Grill is here to provide that and more! The owners want their bar to be a friendly inviting space where the fun of sports meets the fun of food! Aka, where watching the game becomes just as great as eating the food!

Back East Bar & Grill’s menu features all of your game day favorites like the following:

  • Philly fries, nachos and buffalo wings appetizers.
  • Drinks take the name of drafts, bottles and cans, or tequila! You’ll be sure to leave this bar in Colorado Springs feeling like a champ.
  • And the rest of the menu has a heavy emphasis on burgers, sandwiches, classic “comfort food” entrees, and the beer's favorite partner -- pizza, which is a game winning combination!

“Has to be good the place is always packed! Been in one time and it was great! Cold beers and burgers! The second time Trivia night and was full. We will be back again! BTW this is a Buffalo Bills bar!” -Yelp Review

5. Alchemy

Blended Irish and American pub serving both delicious foods and specialty cocktails!

A hand-made cocktail set on the table named the “Lava Lowball” is served at this Colorado Springs bar! Image courtesy of the Alchemy Yelp photo page.

2625 W Colorado Ave | Colorado Springs |

Alchemy is not your average Irish pub. Alchemy is a unique gastropub that is decorated like you stepped underground rustic log cabin and has an outdoor area which a lot of Colorado Springs’ bars don’t have. It exudes coziness and friendliness, so it’s a great place for both a romantic date or fun evening out with a small group of friends.

Whether you want a traditional dinner or just something to pick at -- this bar can do both! Their menu offers a selection of starters, soups, salads, sammies, and entrees fit for a knife and fork. 

While they do have a number of beers on tap, other drinks include wine, drafts, and house made cocktails. We can’t go without talking about the drink called “Akira” which consists of cilantro, coconut vodka ginger, and citrus. This bar will deliver on blending the ‘unique’ with everything we expect from a classic Irish pub!

“Great place to grab drinks, super friendly staff and fun atmosphere. I had the Akira-so delicious, and my hubby had the Irish Elder. Both drinks were fantastic, but the Akura will have me coming back whenever I am in town!” -Yelp Review

6. Bar-K

The craft cocktail bar has everything! From fun festivities, pool tables, and live music!

Whatever you drink you decide on getting it’s sure to be wonderful! Image courtesy of the Bar-K Instagram page.

124 E Costilla St | Colorado Springs |

Bar-K in Colorado Springs is here to make the end of a long day something to look forward to, a place to unwind with your favorite drink in hand, surrounded by a group of fine people looking to relax. And if you’re looking for something a little more lively, Bar-K has TV’s with the latest game on, pool, foosball, and table tennis, and live music!

This classic neighborhood bar has almost any drink you can think of and prides itself on made from scratch Asian food bowls on Saturdays for an extra special twist! Bar-K also is constantly updating their craft cocktail menu with new and exciting drinks that could just end up being your favorite!

“The service was above exceptional. Staff is extremely friendly and personable. Steven Chi serves on most weekends. His food is beyond amazing. Spicy Asian beyond your mundane experience. You need to go here.” -Yelp Review

7. The Archives Underground Libations

Showing hospitality while making cocktails and having a grand ol’ time at this bar in Colorado Springs!

Making the very best drink possible just for you! Image courtesy of The Archives Instagram page.

15 S Tejon St | Colorado Springs |

This underground cocktail bar, yes you hear right, this underground cocktail bar is located inside Colorado Craft downtown. The Archives Underground Libations aka The Archives was founded by people who truly love the art of tending a bar, history, and evolving bar culture for the whole town.

The Archives is all about making good drinks accessible to everyone and they do that by employing talented professionals who take the time and care into every drink ordered. And on their website they even have a guide on how to make the “Classics” for everyone who wants to take a dive into the world of bar-keeping!

“Great atmosphere, great staff, great drinks, great prices. Highly recommend this place if you're looking for a relaxed place to have a conversation without screaming over super loud music. Will definitely be back.” -Yelp Review

8. District Elleven

Selling premiere whiskey and elevated foods in a “classy” environment.

Drink a strong drink in a low-light dining area for that end of the week vibe. Image courtesy of the Districtelleven Instagram page.

218 N Tejon St | Colorado Springs |

Over 200 bottles of whiskey, a full tapas menu, a place to host your parties, and more, District Elleven is here to make all of your bar dreams come true! This award winning spot has changed the local scene and we’re here for it! They provide an allusive and sensual atmosphere that’s all lowlights and good vibes. It’s definitely more of a speakeasy than it is a generic bar and that’s why we have it on our list today. 

We mentioned the 200 bottles of whiskey up top, but let’s talk a little more about that– District Elleven specializes mainly in American Whiskey but they also have a great selection of Irish, Japanese, and Scotch! 

Their tapas menu includes dishes from the acclaimed chef Dustin Archuleta, and all of his delicious dishes are here to provide a “first-class” type of experience. A quite unique bar experience compared to others out there.

“The best speakeasy in town. Hip vibe, friendly staff, great atmosphere, hidden lore, great drinks, and astonishingly good limited food menu. The best place to go for a little weeknight live music and good energy.” -Yelp Review

9. Allusion Cocktail Bar (Downtown)

This “themed” cocktail bar downtown is making waves with its change in the norm!

Just one of the many themes they have on rotation at this spot! Image courtesy of the Allusion Speakeasy Instagram page.

323 N Tejon St | Colorado Springs |

Quite possibly the coolest bar on our list today is Allusion Cocktail Bar (Downtown), they are a “revolving popup concept” bar that has rotating themes every quarter. They change their decor and drinks, creating an entirely new experience for all those who stop on by. 

Recently they have Star Wars as their theme and in the past they’ve had Stranger Things and Harry Potter, so if this sounds like a fun time to you then Allusion Cocktail Bar is the place to be! Make sure to check out what theme they currently have set up so you know what to expect, (or go and not know for a fun surprise)!

“Always fun and entertaining, this is an "experience" and pretty much always requires reservations. You may get lucky with Walk Ups but don't count on it. Check their site for the theme, they change quarterly.” -Yelp Review

These bars in Colorado Springs offer a mix of fun things from upscale dining, to live entertainment, Irish pub experiences, and everyone’s favorite way to catch the game: sports bars! Depending on your mood, there’s a little something here for all who enjoy the bar scene!

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