Catch Up To These Cajun Restaurants In CO Springs For The Most Delicious Bites!

Have a hankering for a Cajun meal? In Colorado Springs and want to see what’s the best? Let’s dive into the places you need to try!

Cajun food is a style of cooking that originated from the Cajun-Acadians. Cajun-style food is a blend of a bunch of different styles that are directly influenced by West African, French, and Spanish cooking techniques. Now you may be wondering what the main type of “flavor” you will be getting when you sit down to eat Cajun food, well that can be wrapped up in three simple ingredients: onion, celery, and bell pepper. It’s widely agreed upon that no cajun dish is truly complete without those three ingredients. 

Now some of the more popular dishes you may have heard when discussing Cajun food are likely to be Gumbo, (a type of soup), Jambalaya, (rice mixed with meat, seafood, and veggies), and finally Boudin, (a sausage made from pork liver, rice garlic, and green onions). Now if any of these flavors or dishes sound like something you would like to try, well let’s read about some of the best Cajun restaurants in CO Springs has to offer!

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Momma Pearl’s Cajun Kitchen

Hearty Cajun-Creole dishes served to locals in this modest spot!

Introducing Jambalaya-Ya-Ya, Momma Pearl’s way! Image courtesy of the Momma Pearl’s Kitchen Instagram page

162 Tracker Dr | Colorado Springs |

When Becky and Robert Brunet first met in Albuquerque, New Mexico, sparks flew and they quickly realized that they had something special together. It wasn’t always easy, as the two have been through their own trials and tribulations. However, since 2013, Becky and Robert opened Momma Pearl’s Cajun Kitchen with one goal in mind: continue the legacy of “great Cajun dishes made with love.” They are here to bring that fresh and authentic flavor to Cajun dishes for anyone who enters their restaurant.

Momma Pearl’s Cajun Kitchen has a variety of dishes ready to serve, with appetizers ranging from Cajun Boudin Sausage, Crawfish Rangoon, and Cajun Krack’lin Pork Rinds. With their Louisiana Okra Gumbo, choose your own seafood list, soups, and salads, and entrees like Cajun Jambalaya Ya Ya, Garlic Shrimp & Grits, and their new Fried Catfish Cioppino! 

We just scratched the surface with their menu options, so take a look and see what you’d like when you go over to Momma Pearl’s Cajun Kitchen!

Great atmosphere, good flavor when you want a taste of south Louisiana but living land locked! Being born and raised in the New Orleans I'm always in search of a good Cajun restaurant. They truly deliver the experience. -Yelp Review

Springs Orleans

Classic Cajun-Creole cuisine in an elegant open space with live music!

Blackened catfish with an elegant made up plate! Image courtesy of the Springs Orleans Instagram page

123 E Pikes Peak Ave | Colorado Springs |

Serving authentic Cajun-Creole dishes and a taste of New Orleans all the way in Colorado Springs with the acclaimed Springs Orleans! If you’re craving Cajun cuisine for lunch or dinner then this is the place for you, Springs Orleans specializing in Gumbo, Blackened Catfish, Crawfish Étouffée, and beignets! However they have numerous menu specials like…

Calamari, popcorn chicken, Gumbo fries, catfish bites, Creole caesar salad, filet mignon, red beans and rice, gorgonzola fettuccine, Jambalaya, and they even have a kids menu! 

You can pair any of the food with a signature cocktail, mocktail, wine by the glass, or bottled beer! Springs Orleans is built for a nice outing with your family and friends.

I had the best fried catfish of my life in this swanky joint attached to the Mining Exchange. Seekers of elevated creole cuisine should run, not walk, to this fine establishment. -Yelp Review 

Oscar’s Oyster Bar

Delicious Cajun food that’s well…delicious and ready to serve!

Seafood and more seafood at this bar! Image courtesy of the Oscar’s Oyster Bar Instagram page.

112 N Nevada Ave | Colorado Springs |

Chef Phil Duhon and Ashley Deroche founded Oscar’s Oyster Bar in 2003. This Mom & Pop shop had fun food and a relaxed, almost “beach like” atmosphere which is their goal! 

Famous for their oysters and proprietors of authentic Cajun food just like it’s made back home. They welcome anyone that stops by to grab some coastal food and pair it with a drink from their “well worn bar.”

Cajun martinis, lunch favorites like bayou burger, mushroom swiss burger,  and the Creole cobb salad. Mixed in with their “fried stuff” section, southern fried shrimp, The Oysterman, and literally ‘A Messa’ Everything, (yes, it’s exactly how it sounds). Seafood, Cajun filet, gumbo, oysters, and more varieties are all available at Oscar’s Oyster Bar!

I'm from Louisiana, and a bit of a chef myself, so I approach any "Cajun" place with a bit of apprehension. I was favorably impressed with the offerings at Oscar's on Tehon St. We had some very well done fried catfish, shrimp, oysters, and crawfish etoufee. I didn't have room for it, but stuffed down the delicious bread pudding as well. -Yelp Review

English Dockside Seafood-Grill

A modest restaurant serving Southern and Cajun style foods!

Food that looks and tastes good. Image courtesy of the English Dockside Seafood-Grill Yelp photo page.

3037 Jet Wing Dr | Colorado Springs |

This award winning restaurant has been serving the patrons of Colorado Springs since 2005. English Dockside Seafood-Grill serves big portions that don’t lack any flavor or integrity. Hand crafted recipes made from the owner Thomas English and his family. Since the community has given so much to their establishment, the grill has a charity program to give back to those who have helped them keep the English Dockside Seafood-Grill running. Their atmosphere is warm and attentive, so it makes for a great place for everyone!

This spot has its specialty dishes ranging from Blue Crab Gumbo, Clam Chowder, Alaskan King Salmon, and Chilean Sea Bass! English Dockside Seafood-Grill also has other succulent dishes for you to try!

“Omg they are so nice! I love the atmosphere and the food was amazing! The shrimp po boy grilled was amazing. I will definitely be back! Great service and made me feel at home. Yummy! We were seated right away and our server was awesome.” -Yelp Review

The Juicy Seafood

Friendly service, good food, and positive vibes in this seafood joint!

Hearty portions for a good seafood meal! Image courtesy of The Juicy Seafood Instagram page.

501 Garden of the Gods Rd | Colorado Springs |

It’s in the name, The Juicy Seafood has succulent and flavorful seafood ready to go. With their awesome recipes and talented chefs, this place is built for those who are ready to take a seat and enjoy the bites of many different seafood options!

The Juicy Seafood has a number of choices to dine on, and some of them include shrimp, clams, mussels, crab, lobster, soups, and salads. They also offer Po’Boy sandwiches, a fried selection menu, and a make your own seafood combo! If you are craving a taste of the sea, The Juicy Seafood is the place for you!

“Who would have thought Colorado Springs would have this little gem! The seafood was fresh and delicious! We both had the B-Combo with the house sauce. Unlike many seafood boil place that is stingy on their sausages, this place will literally load them up! Friendly staff, clean atmosphere...will be back!” -Yelp Review

Bourbon Brothers

“Rustic-chic” featuring smoked meats, drink lists, and seafood!

Tasty shrimp and grits just for you! Image courtesy of the Bourbon Brothers Instagram page

13021 Bass Pro Dr | Colorado Springs |

Bourbon Brothers is here to bring the incredible smoked meats and great bourbon, with their bourbon so great it’s in the name! Delicious dishes and perfect pours, Bourbon Brothers is here to serve the people of Colorado Springs with their wide selection of foods.

Appetizers like crispy fried pickles, smoked chicken wings, and beer battered onion rings. Southern fried chicken salad, country cobb salad, and smoked pork green chili are selections on their salad and chili menu. Along with bourbon glazed salmon, Jambalaya, and smothered chopped steak are all parts of the Bourbon Brothers menu!

“Always love coming to bourbon brothers, where the drinks are delicious, the ribs are juicy and the bbq sauce is flowing! Our server, Joseph was awesome! Very hospitable and attentive. Had a lovely birthday dinner with all the fixings! Our fave restaurant in town for a reason, never fails!” -Yelp Review

Front Range Barbeque

A local joint with Southern style food, live music, and other local favorites!

Get a load of this sandwich that won’t leave you hungry! Image courtesy of the Front Range Barbeque Instagram page.

2330 W Colorado Ave | Colorado Springs |

“Good food, good beer, and good times” are always ready to meet on the menu at the Front Range Barbeque restaurant. The chefs have been hand-crafting their recipes since they started, never compromising flavor or reliability. Along with their great tasting menu options, they also have live music and events for an awesome all around dining experience!

Their menu is full of food, from barbeque, Southern starters, ribs, sandwiches, veggie burgers, homemade fixin’s, and front range burgers. They also have a “today’s specials” section where they have a group of around 5 dishes that are serving up something special to all of the restaurant goers, that list is constantly changing so it’s a fun thing to check back on when you go there!

“Had a great experience my second time there and it was as amazing as I remembered such amazing food and atmosphere , loved the design layout and cozy feel , polite servers and very clean restaurant can't wait to come back .” -Yelp Review

Although these restaurants don’t offer GiftYa opportunities yet, they are adding more places every day! So make sure to check back and see if you can get a virtual gift card to one of the Cajun restaurants in Colorado Springs soon!

If you’re looking for a flavorful combination of mouth-watering foods, Cajun cuisine might just be the selection of foods to check out at any of the restaurants we talked about today or any in your area. Make sure to look at the menu beforehand and if you see anything that might take your fancy, it’s definitely worth checking out!

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