Best Restaurants in OKC for Seafood

A bustling metropolis filled with locals and tourists, Oklahoma City provides some of the best restaurants for delectable meals and dining experiences.

OKC is known for its culture, friendly locals, and expansive history. Chefs and entrepreneurs from around the world moved to Oklahoma City with visions of their own restaurants and in this historic town, they make their dreams come true.

For now, we'll be focusing on seafood restaurants rather than the entire restaurant scene in OKC. Oklahoma City’s seafood eateries are wide and varied giving you tons of options in choosing where your next seafood meal will be.

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Bourbon Street Cafe

A Cajun-inspired eatery with an outdoor patio that sits along the Bricktown canal.

Image courtesy of Bourbon Street Cafe.

100 E California Ave |

If you're looking for an experience rather than just a meal, Bourbon Street Cafe is the restaurant to go to. Whether it's a date night or a large party, their spacious and welcoming dining room and outdoor patio offer just the right casual tone for a fun time out.

Bourbon Street Cafe was established in 2000 bringing a Cajun-fusion menu to the table and even entertainment for their guests. At this restaurant, you can enjoy local live music, local brews, craft cocktails, and of course, delicious Cajun food. Some of their menu items include alligator bites, crab cakes and dip, oysters, crawfish, shrimp, and nearly everything fishy you can think of. Their menu is large, to say the least.

Bourbon Street Cafe sits right along the Bricktown canal that runs through Oklahoma City. Enjoy your Cajun food on the outdoor patio that overlooks the canal creating an experience you won't soon forget.

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Pearl’s Crabtown

A bustling restaurant with quirky furnishings offers seafood and Cajun-inspired dishes.

Image courtesy of Pearls OKC Crabtown.

303 E Sheridan Ave |

Housed in a 20,000 square foot renovated warehouse in historic Bricktown, Pearl’s Crabtown was established in 1996 and quickly became a beloved seafood stable in OKC.  This is thanks in part to their famous crab boil. This dish is poured right onto your table (don’t worry, the table is covered in paper!) and they recommend you dig in, no utensils required.

Even if you're not a fan of a crab boil, Pearl’s Crabtown also offers a huge variety of seafood from crab appetizers and dinners, to shrimp, to crispy Cajun seafood. Whatever your seafood craving may be, Pearl’s Crabtown is sure to have what you want.

Committed to sustainability, Pearl’s Crabtown works closely with suppliers to ensure they source only eco-friendly and well-managed seafood. Pearl's Crabtown guarantees that you get an eco-friendly meal and a delicious one at that.

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Trapper’s Fish Camp Grill

A seafood joint that offers a rustic fishing lodge impression and diverse menu.

Image courtesy of Pearl's Trapper's Fish Camp Grill.

4300 W Reno Ave |

Established in 1994, Trapper's Fish Camp Grill is located in the historic Reno/Meridian hotel - airport corridor. It's fairly common that many restaurants in OKC renovate or are housed in historic buildings just like Trappers Fish Camp Grill.

If you’re country at heart, Trapper's Fish Camp Grill may be right up your alley. What really stands out about this unique restaurant is the atmosphere which is reminiscent of a backwoods hunting lodge. When you enter the dining room, you're greeted by a 12 foot Kodiak bear. Talk about unforgettable! In the dining room, you'll find trophies, canoes, even a live alligator tank.

Along with the notable atmosphere, you can expect excellent food and great customer service. With their big menu, you can choose between oysters, Gulf shrimp, crabs, lobsters, all kinds of fish, and more. They even have a field and swamp section of their menu which includes quail, crawfish, and alligator. Not only is the decor unforgettable, but the food is also.

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Off the Hook Seafood

A small and cozy restaurant that offers Southern home-style seafood.

Image courtesy of Off the Hook.

125 W Britton Rd |

Corey and Loniesha Harris actually started Off the Hook as a food truck in 2013. They wanted to bring home-style seafood to Oklahoma City and Oklahoma City loved it. They soon grew out of the food truck business and opened their first Off the Hook restaurant in 2015 which is still loved by locals today.

Chef Corey enjoyed crafting a menu that was inspired by his upbringing and experiments with spicy unique flavors. With this creative streak, you can see and taste amazing items such as frog legs or you can dig into some comfort food with a fried fish basket. The menu is large and varied and the sky is the limit when it comes to which food items to choose.

It's one of those restaurants you walk into and it feels like you're walking into a family home. It provides a cozy and comforting atmosphere. When you first walk in the door the delicious scent of homestyle food greets you and you know you’ll be leaving satisfied.

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The Metro Wine Bar and Bistro

A refined restaurant that serves cutting-edge food and wine in an elegant atmosphere.

Image courtesy of Gayot.

6418 N Western Ave |

For those of you who love the perfect wine pairing with the perfect cuisine, the Metro Wine Bar and Bistro is for you. They offer over 300 hand-selected wines along with their extensive menu. Their staff is knowledgeable and friendly, providing you with excellent customer service.

Metro Wine Bar and Bistro was established in 1988 and while they continue to change up their menu and wine offerings, they promise to bring the best wines and delectable cuisines straight to your table. Offering upscale cuisine, you can find a variety of dishes including crab, tuna, shrimp, and other non-seafood dishes if you're wanting more.

Metro Wine Bar has made such a name for themselves that regulars from across the country come to the Metro Wine Bar to dine anytime their travels bring them to Oklahoma City. Locals love it and visitors love it thanks to the amazing food, romantic ambiance, and superb service.

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Rococo Restuarant

An East Coast-style restaurant that offers a fine dining experience in a relaxed atmosphere.

Image courtesy of Visit OKC.

2824 N Pennsylvania Ave |

In 2003, Chef Bruce Rinehart relocated from Boston to Oklahoma City and opened an amazing East Coast-style restaurant we know and love as Rococo. Locals have been hooked ever since. Perfect for a romantic dinner, Rococo offers ambiance in abundance along with delicious meal choices.

Enjoy the relaxed mood and know you're taken care of with the attentive service the staff has to offer. With their large menu, you have a variety of foods to choose from including steamed clams and muscles, smoked scallops, Rhode Island fisherman stew, lobster mac and cheese, to name a few. You can visit for brunch, lunch, or dinner and leave with a full stomach and a smile on your face.

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Brielle’s Bistro

The whimsical family-style eatery that offers Creole and Cajun lunch and dinners.

Image courtesy of Brielle's Bistro.

113 S Air Depot Blvd |

Opened in 2018, Brielle's Bistro promised delicious foods that were made from scratch daily, and to this day they still deliver. Locals rave about the amazing fresh foods from this little restaurant.

When you first enter, the whimsical vibes greet you at the door with colorful walls and a casual dining setting. You can find unique and delicious foods that vary from crab beignets to the bayou sampler that includes gator bites, fried shrimp, gumbo, and more.

If you're looking for an afternoon or evening out with your family or friends, you can't go wrong with the delicious seafood at Brielle's Bistro.

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Brent’s Cajun Seafood and Oyster Bar

A New Orleans-themed bar and eatery that offers a cozy and rustic tone.

Image courtesy of Jacob Threadgill with the OK Gazette.

3005 S Broadway |

In Oklahoma City, if you're craving Cajun then Brent's Cajun Seafood and Oyster Bar is the way to go. Brent Hickman comes from a family of restaurateurs that opened their first Cajun-style restaurant in 1934 and went on to open more. Brent followed in his family's footsteps spreading the Cajun love and opening his own Cajun restaurant in Oklahoma City.

At Brent's Cajun Seafood and Oyster Bar, you can enjoy dining indoors or having a meal on the outdoor patio. This New Orleans-themed bar and eatery creates a pleasant and rustic theme that feels very homey.

At Brent's Cajun, you can expect a large menu featuring many delicious seafood dishes and appetizers including PO boys, grilled seafood, fried seafood, gumbos, pasta, and even steaks if you're not a seafood fan. Not to mention they offer a wide drink selection for you to choose from, perfect for a night out with friends.

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If you have a seafood craving, Oklahoma City is where it's at. From Cajun restaurants to fine dining, you can find any kind of seafood you’re looking for. Each restaurant offers something unique and memorable, elevating your dining experience and turning it into a memory that will last forever. Out of the restaurants above which one would you want to go to? Leave us a comment below and let us know your preference!

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