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Best Restaurants In Downtown Flagstaff

So you are looking for Mexican restaurants in Flagstaff huh? Probably searched something like “Mexican restaurants in Flagstaff, Arizona” or “what’s the best Mexican restaurants in Flagstaff” right? What’s that? How did I know that? Well I mean this is on your phone or computer so this article will only show up for so many Mexican restaurants that you searched in Google so I know it had to be something like that. 

Either that, or you got here from another GiftYa post or article in which case thank you for reading two today! Well today, just like everyday we have exactly what you are looking for. This is a list of the best Mexican restaurants in Flagstaff and where you can find them. We also include links anytime one of these restaurants accept our super convenient virtual gift cards!

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El Tapatio 6

Authentic Mexican Food Served In the Heart of Flagstaff

2004 E Historic Rte 66 | Flagstaff |

El Tapatio 6 opened in 2017, so it is a little bit newer than some of the more established restaurants on the list. But the youth of the restaurants is no reason to doubt it. If they opened in 2017 that means before they had even been open for five years to build a solid base of customer support they were thrown into the world of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Which means they had to deal with all the restrictions that came along with it, that I think we all know disproportionately affected restaurants. 

Despite all of that, El Tapatio 6 has come out on the other side, not only clean, but outright gleaming. They boast a very high rating with their customers despite hundreds of reviews in, and 9it’s essay to see why. They pride themselves on serving authentic Mexican dishes in the traditional Jalisco style. Which means that not only will you get authentic Mexican food, you will have it served up in an authentic style that you don’t find at every Mexican place. 

And more than anything, you can expect a customer service experience that is designed to make you feel like you never left home to get the delicious meal in front of you. And listen, if you don’t trust me, then just go ahead and check out all the rave reviews their customers have left behind.

“Great food and decent prices! They have a HUGE menu.. there is something for everyone. If you like margaritas, you should definitely dabble. I've only ordered the combo plate and it never disappoints! Very delicious chicken flautas! Great service!” - Yelp Review 

As always we’re busy adding attractions and Mexican restaurants in Flagstaff to GiftYa all the time but you can’t get one for El Tapatio 6 just yet. Check back soon.

MartAnne’s Breakfast Palace

Best Mexican Restaurant for Breakfast in Flagstaff

112 E Rte 66 | Flagstaff |

MartAnne’s Breakfast Palace makes it to number two on my list of best Mexican restaurants in Flagstaff, Arizona for a few reasons. But I think the primary reason is really that I like to get as much menu diversity into one of these articles as I can. But when I have to write specifically about only one type of restaurant in a city it gets really hard to do so. So MartAnne’s Breakfast Palace actually really helps me solve that problem for this particular article.

See, while every place on this list is going to serve some variation of Mexican cuisine, the majority of the restaurants are going to be lunch and dinner centric menus. I’m not quite sure why that is to be honest. But it seems like as Americans we usually think of Mexican without thinking of all the amazing Mexican dishes there are for breakfast. Which is honestly kind of ridiculous right? 

I mean there are just as many amazing Mexican dishes for breakfast as there are for the rest of the day. So if you are in Flagstaff and you are craving Mexican food, but are tired of nthe same old same old lunch and dinner options, then I 100% recommend MartAnne’s Breakfast Palace to you. If you haven’t explored a Mexican place that has a great breakfast menu then you are really missing out. Do yourself a favor and grab breakfast at martAnne’s at your first available opportunity. 

“DON'T QUESTION IT JUST GET IT I'm a New Mexican girl through and through. These were Christmas style ( red and green chile) and probably the best breakfast I've had in awhile. ” - Yelp Review

MartAnne’s Breakfast Palace doesn’t offer GiftYa digital gift cards just yet, but check back soon because we are always adding Mexican restaurants in Flagstaff!

Salsa Brava

A Staple of the Flagstaff Restaurant Scene

2220 E Rte 66 | Flagstaff |

Salsa Brava has been serving fresh Mexican food to the Flagstaff area for over 30 years now. So you know that they have to be doing something right. I imagine Arizona has more competition for authentic and high quality Mexican food than most places in the country do. So if they have been able to survive 30 years of active and fierce competition then you know they are doing things right over and over time and again. 

All of their salsa are made fresh in-house every single day. They also only use all-natural (antibiotic and hormone free) boneless chicken in their meals. And although they started out as a humble counter service only place, they have grown into a full service family owned restaurant. 

“This is one of my favorites in Flagstaff, Arizona. Great food and service,  never disappointed no matter what I order, it's all good ! Did I  mention, there's always a fun vibe in the restaurant or bar! It's not your parents typical Mexican restaurant.” - Yelp Review 

You can’t get a digital GiftYa gift card to Salsa Brava at the moment but be sure to check back soon as new Mexican restaurants in Flagstaff are added all the time!

Bandoleros 66

Specializing in Amazing Tacos, Margaritas, and Cocktails

11 E Aspen Ave  | Flagstaff |

Every spot on this list is going to offer some pretty fantastic Mexican food. But not everybody is just looking for a bite to eat when they are shelling out the money to eat at a restaurant. No a great many of us are also looking for a great drink to compliment our fantastic meal. And that is exactly what you will find at Bandoleros 66. For every amazing taco dish they have on the menu, they have an equally amazing crafted margaritas or cocktail to complement it. So if you are looking for a fun night out that happens to feature some Mexican food, then Bandoleros 66 would be my number one choice for a Mexican restaurant in Flagstaff for you. 

“Awesome place! Great back patio, amazing food, the only thing better was the staff! Five out of five recommend, you must try this place!” - Yelp Review 

Unfortunately Bandoleros 66 isn’t one of the Mexican restaurants in Flagstaff participating with GiftYa just yet, but check back soon cause they might be any day now.

Los Altenos

Underrated Mexican Spot in Flagstaff

1481 S Milton Road | Flagstaff |

Los Altenos makes it onto my list of best Mexican places on Flagstaff for a variety of reasons. But what really stood out to me is that not only do they have tons of positive customer reviews, it is that there are so many five star reviews where the reviewer is flabbergasted that the restaurant only has a four star rating overall. I can’t help but wonder what exactly it is that makes it so unbelievable that Los Altenos would only be rated with a meager four star rating rather than the five star rating people are so adamant that it deserves.

“Favorite Mexican in flagstaff. Delicious and good prices. Come here often ! Better than tacos Los altos” - Yelp Review 

Right now you aren’t able to get a GiftYa digital gift card to Los Altenos but check back because there’s more Mexican restaurants in Flagstaff added all the time.


Fast Food Version of Mexican Food Available in Flagstaff

1111 S Plaza Way | Flagstaff |

Chipotle is by no means going to be the highest quality or most authentic Mexican food you can find most places in the country. But it will especially not be the highest quality or most authentic Mexican food you can find if you are in Flagstaff. And listen they aren’t trying to be. Chipotle’s goal is to serve Mexican inspired food in a way that can compete with American fast food. 

And I have to say they do a pretty good job of that. But don’t go here expecting to have your mind blown. You don’t go to McDonald’s and expect a sirloin and that same concept really applies here. You have a choice of rice, meats, veggies, and toppings that you can use to construct a variety of burritos, quesadillas, or tacos to your personal liking. So if you are looking for Mexican food in Flagstaff, but you are in a hurry to get it, then Chipotle will make a great option for your needs.

“Very good service I love the staff and the queso is always fresh. They don't skim on the bowls and it's always really fast.” - Yelp Review  

Get a GiftYa digital gift card for yourself or a loved one to Chipotle and enjoy one of the best Mexican restaurants in Flagstaff by following the link!

That is my list of the best Mexican places you can find in Flagstaff, Arizona. And while it can be quite difficult to get any sort of menu diversity into a list of restaurants all of the same type, I tried my best to deliver a little bit of menu options in what I listed. Everything from fast food, food and drinks, and even breakfast made it onto the list. 

And that was on top of the 3 or 4 places that are serving the classic Mexican cuisine that springs to mind for lunch and dinner. Hopefully something on this list stuck out to you and I was able to help you find a great place to eat for your next meal. But listen, if you didn’t find what you were looking for here, feel free to check out one of GiftYa’s other articles on all the great places there are to eat in Flagstaff, Arizona!

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