Views And Good Meals, These Are Restaurants Near South Rim Grand Canyon!

When you’re out exploring the Grand Canyon, you probably want to enjoy good food afterwards, so here’s the list for you!

The Grand Canyon, one of America’s best and favorite national parks/formations, and if you are planning your first trip there you’re in for a great adventure! 10 miles across and a mile deep (!?) along its length which is, get this, 277 miles long! It’s truly beautiful, you can see just a piece of this incredible land above, and when you’re out and about exploring, you’re sure to make new memories that will be talked about for a long time.

With all that exploring though, you’re sure to work up an appetite, and since we just learned how big the Grand Canyon is, this is gonna be quite the appetite! And today we are gonna be getting specific with it, as we are looking at restaurants near the South Rim Grand Canyon! So grab your hiking gear and get ready for great views and great foods!

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1. Yavapai Tavern

Local pub serving classic grub, regionally crafted beers, and other fun things!

Outdoor dining at Yavapai Tavern
Munching on good food outside is THE BEST! Image courtesy of the visitgrandcanyon official website

11 Yavapai Lodge Rd | Grand Canyon Village |

From 12PM to 10PM, Yavapai Tavern is open and ready for all to come and enjoy good food and good vibes outside, because yes you read that right, dining is outside only, but don’t worry if you’re still craving Yavapai and wanna chill inside then you can order for pick up! This is a classic bar, so you’re in for classic goodies, local brews, and other specialty drinks! There’s also beer tastings and events like live music, (also…psssst, apparently fall and winter makes for the best time to try samples of amazing brews).

Now you know vibes, let’s talk food! With shareables like Chips & Salsa and Tavern Street Tacos, you’re sure to enjoy their heartier meals like Personal Cheese Pizza, Tavern All-American Burger which is an 8 oz. beef burger with their tavern sauce, american cheese, lettuce, and tomato, all on a brioche bun, the White Cheddar Poblano Soup, and the Gyritto which is a gyro that has spiced vegetable protein, tofu tzatziki, arugula & spinach, pickled red onion, cucumber, diced tomatoes, all on a flour tortilla. Mouth-watering food served in a rockin’ spot!

“The food was excellent and there was a great local beer selection! Everything we tried was fantastic. The staff here are so nice. Their waiter Kameron went above and beyond. Great experience, highly recommend!” -Yelp Review

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2. El Tovar Dining Room

Inside the El Tovar Hotel, this restaurant is all about putting the elegance in dining!

1 El Tovar Rd | Grand Canyon Village | 

Attention! Reservations are required for both lunch and dinner at El Tovar Dining Room, so before you head any further into learning about what they have to offer, here’s your little notice. Now that that’s been said, let’s get into what to expect! El Tovar Dining Room is all about gourmet dining in an exceptional atmosphere that contains “both historic and casual elegance.” 

This restaurant is set in the El Tovar Hotel, and has been constructed of native stone and Oregon pine, (as displayed in that picture above), and there are murals on the wall of four Native American Tribe members: Hopi, the Apache, the Mojave and the Navajo! So if this all intrigues you, then you’re sure gonna wanna stop on down to El Tovar Dining Room.

But wait! You can’t leave before you know just a little of what’s on the menu! Get a starter salad like the Beefsteak Tomato & Onion, enjoy a Beyond Beef Vegetarian Burger as an entrée, or chef recommendations like the Traditional Navajo Taco, Cajun Grilled Cheese Sandwich, and New York Strip Steak.

“Wonderful place to get an air conditioned view of the canyon with great service. The food was excellent the day we visited and there was no wait to seat. Would recommend a breakfast or early lunch visit to accomplish this no wait. Their sweet iced tea was very refreshing.” -Yelp Review

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3. We Cook Pizza and Pasta

Well…they definitely cook pizza and pasta…with some other goodies as well.

605 AZ-64 | Grand Canyon Village | 

Beginning their journey in 1981, Wayne and Margi, the “cooks” took the opportunity of opening up their own restaurant when a building became available, and then the simple venture began, with Wayne cooking the pizza and Margi serving them, the aptly named We Cook Pizza and Pasta was born. And one of the best parts of this long-standing restaurant is they usually have your food ready in under 10 minutes, which to anyone that’s ready to munch on some good food, that’s a great thing to hear! 

Your order is ready to be taken, so let’s give you a taste of what to look forward to:

  • For our pizza lovers out there you can have the Meat Lovers, Veggie Special, Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza, Spicy Shrimp and Scallions, Hot Wing Chicken Pizza, and a Design Your Own Pizza option (with vegan cheese as an option too)!
  • For those who love pasta: Spaghetti, We Cook Homemade Meat Lasagna, Fettuccine Chicken Alfredo, Cheese Stuffed Ravioli, and Mac and Cheese.
  • With other menu items like their “world famous wings,” Spicy Chicken Sandwich, Turkey Sandwich, and Garlic Bread are all ready to be served at this restaurant near South Rim Grand Canyon!
“We got the famous house wings extra crispy, and the bacon cheeseburger pizza and I can honestly say it was really good!  my wife and I enjoyed it. And the customer service was good!” -Yelp Review

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4. Plaza Bonita Mexican Restaurant

A local Arizona Mexican chain serving well known classics in a cozy setting!

Photo of Plaza Bonita - Tusayan, AZ, United States. Deluxe chicken enchiladas
Colorful decor always amps up the dining experience, and paired with this tasty-ness? Amazing! Image courtesy of the Plaza Bonita Yelp photo page.

352 AZ-64 | Grand Canyon Village |

In 2003, the Plaza Bonita family had been in the restaurant business for over 20 years at that point, and as they made their way to Arizona they decided to make a family-friendly Mexican restaurant that directly honors and celebrates authentic Mexican cuisine. And now with eight locations, Plaza Bonita Mexican Restaurant has made its name as one of Arizona’s favorite Mexican spots! (And each location has a full bar and the LARGEST selection of tequila in the state)! 

So you’re probably wondering all the food this restaurant offers, and we’re here to ask, what doesn’t it offer? Their menu is HUGE! So listing everything would take way too long, instead let’s just name a few so you know what to expect: quesadillas, fajita burrito, vegetarian burrito, chimichangas, flautas, enchiladas, carne asada, pork carnitas, and seafood tacos!

“Great hot authentic Mexican cuisine. Great customer service. Every ounce of food had great flavor. Had the fried fish tacos and husband had the chicken chimichanga. Do not miss out!” -Yelp Review

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5. Bright Angel Bikes & Café at Grand Canyon Visitor Center

Friendly and upbeat, this café brings everything from sweet to savory!

We meannnnnn…sweets and a view like that, come onnnnn! Image courtesy of the Bright Angel Bicycles & Cafe Instagram page

10 S Entrance Rd | Grand Canyon Village | 

So the Bright Angels Bicycles is well known as being one of the best destinations for all things biking when it comes to the Grand Canyon. They have tours, shuttles, routes, rentals, and more, but we aren’t here to talk about that, we’re here to talk about the Coffee Shop!

Bright Angel Bikes & Café is for all those one the go, who want to grab a sweet treat or an afternoon delight, enjoy the views of the Grand Canyon and get back to their hike or biking! With a full service espresso bar, a large array of other drinks, outside picnic tables, and walking distance to Mather Point, this café has everything you need while you’re out exploring this national park!

Known for having some of the best coffee around, Bright Angel Bikes & Café has a lot to offer those stopping by, and they make sure to bring the quality, using local ingredients and local businesses, this café makes sure to keep all of their veggies, meats, and bread fresh as can be. And you can get meat, vegetarian, and vegan options of wraps, sandwiches, burritos, and soups, while sipping on espresso, chai lattes, mochas, hot chocolate, and much more! Take a pit stop and enjoy the setting that is Bright Angel Bikes & Café!

“Very helpful over the phone and in person. Took their time to fit our family with the best sized bikes. Being a little late wasn't a big deal. They don't nickel and dime you. Attached cafe staff is very friendly and fun when you order too. Just the kind of people you want to interact with when you are on vacation.” -Google Review

Although this venue doesn’t have a GiftYa gift card opportunity yet, check back soon, as new places are being added to the GiftYa website frequently!

Since it’s the Grand Canyon, sometimes restaurants can seem a bit “out of the way,” but hopefully these places we talked about today will allow you to not make a huge fuss about it and just sit back, relax, and enjoy all of what Arizona, and more specifically Grand Canyon Village has to offer. There’s a good variety here, so any of these restaurants near South Rim Grand Canyon are sure to help your hunger and get you right back to exploring!

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