Full Of Flavors And Just So Dang Good, These Are Thai Restaurants In Flagstaff!

Whether you’re looking to grab easy take out after a long hard week or dine-in, these spots have all of that and more!

Sweet, sour, spicy, salty, and savory, these are some of the key flavors in any Thai dish, and since you’re here today you must be a big fan of these flavors! And we’re discussing specifically Thai restaurants in Flagstaff! Flagstaff, Arizona is surrounded by mountains, deserts, and pine forests! Along with the beautiful views of nature, Flagstaff is also known for being a gateway to Humphreys Peak which is Arizona’s tallest mountain and one of the best ski resorts! So it’s safe to say that Flagstaff has a bunch of activities to build up your appetite and these Thai restaurants are sure to satisfy!

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Pato Thai Cuisine

An informal Asian cuisine restaurant offering classic dishes!

Photo of Pato Thai Cuisine - Flagstaff, AZ, United States. Mixed vegetables with steamed tofu (left), panang curry (middle), spicy scallop chef's special (right)
Dishes that will have you so happily full, you won't wanna leave! Image courtesy of the PATO THAI CUISINE Yelp photo page

20 E Rte 66 | Flagstaff | patothai.com 

This Thai restaurant in Flagstaff, Arizona is proud to be serving authentic Thai cuisine using the freshest ingredients to make a blend of flavors that will have you experiencing something new with every bite. With multiple different sections to their menu, Pato Thai Cuisine has a little something for everyone, so let’s take a quick gander at their menu and see what peaks your interest:

  • The Golden Plate which is 2 Siam Egg Rolls, 3 Golden Shrimps, and 4 Wontons, the Fried Pumpkin, and Fried Chicken Wings are all on the appetizer section.
  • Papaya Salad, Tom Yum Soup, Red, Green, and Yellow curry are all just some lighter portions you can have.
  • And Pad Thai, Spicy Spaghetti, Crab Fried Rice, B.B.Q. Chicken, and Basil Fish are some of the more “heartier” choices if you’ve come hungry to this Thai restaurant in Flagstaff!  
“This was one of our best meals in Flagstaff. And one of the few places we could get a vegetarian meal. Loved the mix of fresh vegetables and not overdoing the oil. Called in while driving back from the Grand Canyon. Great service.” -Yelp Review

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Asia Station

Self described as the “Best Food In Flagstaff”, so you know it has to be pretty dang good!

Photo of Asia station - Flagstaff, AZ, United States. Fried pork with sticky rice
RICE! RICE! RICE! GIVE US MORE RICE! Image courtesy of the Asian Station Yelp photo page.

121 S San Francisco St | Flagstaff | asiafoodstation.com 

Asia Station invites you to enjoy their Thai dishes that are of excellent quality and down-right delicious! The secret to their ever growing success? Consistency. Both in the flavor and quality in the food, but also in the service and authenticity. Asia Station is here to bring you a station to come by, sit down, and relax with good food!

On the menu you can expect Thai favorites and other Asian classics including but not limited to Egg Rolls, Edamame, Pork Shumai, Miso Soup, Kung Pao Chicken, Orange Chicken, Chow Mein, Pad Se Ew, and Thai Yellow Curry! Plenty of exciting and tasty dishes to enjoy!

“I really like this place, cute little hole in the wall. Nice atmosphere inside. I've tried the chili wings, summer rolls, pho, and orange chicken. All have been very tasty and satisfying. It's not overly packed ever and the food comes out quickly.” -Yelp Review

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Red Curry Vegan Kitchen

Charming little local cafe with of course an entire vegan menu of unique hand-crafted Thai cuisine!

Soup without a bunch of tasty foods and spices in there just isn’t soup. Image courtesy of the Red Curry Vegan Kitchen Gallery page on their official website.

10 N San Francisco St | Flagstaff | redcurryflagstaff.com

Red Curry Vegan Kitchen was created with two main goals in mind: “to bring Flagstaff both authentic Thai and a full vegan menu”! With chef and founder Suchhada Tirakul at the helm of all these amazing dishes, she knows how to make good food that makes you feel right at home. And a little bonus, the warm atmosphere of the restaurant reflects the wide variety of the menu perfectly!

Before we get into the menu for real, all our vegan eaters out there will be glad to know that some of the dishes, from the egg-free veggie rolls, to the spicy curries made with coconut milk, and more have been made with you in mind! Make sure to check with the restaurant to see what’s vegan so you know ahead of time before ordering! With Crispy Tofu coated in crunchy peanut sweet & sour sauce, to Orange Soy Chicken, classic Pad Thai, Pineapple Fried Rice, and Veggie Fried Rice w/tofu or red bean are all hot and ready to serve at Red Curry Vegan Kitchen!

“They accommodated our specific dietary restrictions (jain food - no onion no garlic no potatoes). We ordered soup, stri fry vegetables with sweet and sour sauce, veggie fried rice. Food was great and portions were large. Service was awesome as well. Would definitely visit again!” -Yelp Review 

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Swaddee Thai Cuisine

This intimate brick-walled spot has got all your go-to Thai faves!

Photo of Swaddee Thai - Flagstaff, AZ, United States. Newly renovated.
Enjoy your food in this beautifully lit room! Image courtesy of the Swaddee Thai Cuisine Yelp photo page.

115 E Aspen Ave | Flagstaff | swaddeethaiflag.com 

Arin, the owner of Swaddee Thai Cuisine grew up in a small village in Northern Thailand, and all her life has been fascinated with their culinary varieties, and how their food is jam-packed with flavor. After traveling around Thailand and other parts of the globe, Arin eventually made her way here to share what she has learned over the years!

Since Arin grew up in Northern Thailand, she thought it best that the menu reflects that! So sit back and enjoy just a glimpse of Swaddee Thai Cuisine’s menu:

Thai Toast which is chicken blended with the chef’s secret spices and deep fried to perfection, Fried Wonton, Swaddee Thai Salad, Woon Sen Soup which consists of transparent noodles with chicken, napa cabbage, celery, yellow onion, scallions and cilantro, and Teriyaki aka meat stir fried with teriyaki sauce and sesame seeds!

“Delicious yellow curry with chicken and brown rice and mixed vegetables with tofu and brown rice. We called our order in and just as estimated the food was ready for pick-up! Thank you! Food was delicious!” -Yelp Review

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Ewa's Thai Cuisine

Super chill and super good authentic classic Thai foods!

May be an image of outdoors
Welcoming you in with a nice little sign, isn’t it just swell? Image courtesy of the Ewa’s Thai Cuisine Facebook photo page.

110 S San Francisco St | Flagstaff | ewathai.com 

Following in the footsteps of her mother, the owner and chef of Ewa’s Thai Cuisine has learned from her mom’s over 40 years of experience cooking, using the techniques she learned from working in her own restaurant in Thailand. Now her mom is retired but the legacy lives on in her daughter, and she’s here to make sure the tastes of the original restaurant and her skills of her mom reflect in Ewa’s Thai Cuisine!

From Satay Chicken, Fried Calamari, Coconut Shrimps, Tom Yum Soup, a variety of curries, Spicy Thai Basil Leaves, Drunken Noodles, and more are all ready to go when you head on over to Ewa’s Thai Cuisine!

“This is a great Thai place! The most delicious soup ever. The seven of us enjoyed a nice dinner here on a chilly evening. Our server was Bianca. She was knowledgeable about the menu and gave us some good recommendations. We'll be back.” -Yelp Review

Although this restaurant doesn’t have a GiftYa gift card opportunity yet, check back soon, as new places are being added to the GiftYa website frequently!

Dara Thai Restaurant

A longtime “casual” fav Thai restaurant in Flagstaff!

Photo of Dara Thai Restaurant - Flagstaff, AZ, United States. Pad See Ew
Pad Se Ew being its best self right now. Image courtesy of the Dara Thai Restaurant Yelp Photo page.

14 S San Francisco St | Flagstaff | darathaiflagstaff.com 

Opening up all the way back in 1992, Dara Thai Restaurant opened and has been appreciated by the community ever since, (especially since they were the first Thai restaurant in Flagstaff)! In this comfy cozy atmosphere, Dara Thai Restaurant has won awards and that’s all due to their innovative cuisine and friendly team! And now with multiple locations you can try their food all over the Southwest!

Lunch is served Monday through Saturday 11-4 with select dishes like Vegetable Medley, Pad Thai, Crispy Shrimp with Curry, and Sweet and Sour Tofu. While their dinner menu is available all day with options like Spinach Wrap, Larb, Woon Sen Soup, an array of fried rice, curries, and noodles! Plenty of classic Thai meals to dig into!

“Passing through Flagstaff and decided to  give this place a try. Food was surprisingly good! Had a chicken curry dish and pad Thai that were excellent. Egg rolls were pretty good. Service was very good too. Recommend!” -Yelp Review

Although this restaurant doesn’t have a GiftYa gift card opportunity yet, check back soon, as new places are being added to the GiftYa website frequently!

From all of those key flavors we talked about at the beginning, these Thai restaurants in Flagstaff are built to bring all those tastes to life with their plentiful menu options! Plenty to enjoy and plenty to appreciate with all the hard work by each chef. Thai food is downright delicious and we hope you enjoy all of these highly rated places!

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