8 Italian Restaurants in Flagstaff, AZ You Don’t Want to Miss

November 21, 2022
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Hello and welcome to my list of great Italian restaurants you can find in Flagstaff, Arizona. There were a lot of great options for this list so I’ll keep the introduction short. I’ll link you to the Yelp page and webpage of each restaurant so you can check them out yourself. I’ll give you a summary of their style, and their address so you can find your way there. And I’ll be sure to let you know anytime one of these great Italian restaurants in Flagstaff accepts our convenient digital GiftYa gift cards!

For those who aren’t familiar yet, a GiftYa is a digital gift card that can be sent and received wirelessly in seconds. And their digital format means they are easy to keep track of because you always have them right on your phone, and the phone even digitally keeps track of the balance for you. So you no longer have to guess how much might be left on your gift card since the pen you used to write it on the back has worn off already. 😅

But enough with the intro, let’s get to what you came here for. Here is a list of great Italian places you can find all over Flagstaff, Arizona!

1. Fat Olives

Best Place for Pizza or Pasta Anywhere In Flagstaff

2308 E Rt 66 | Flagstaff | fatolivesflagstaff.com

Fat Olives comes in at number one on my list of best Italian places in Flagstaff for a couple of reasons. First of all, is the tsunami of overwhelmingly positive support they have received from their customers and consumers. They have a four and half star rating with over 1500 reviews in. Which means that I can feel super confident when I recommend them to you. It’s not just a one off chance you have a great night, at Fat Olives it’s basically a sure thing. 

And the reason for that is that Fat Olives serves the best pizza or pasta you can find anywhere in the city. And I mean when you think of great Italian food I’m guessing you think of three things. Pizza, pasta, and seafood. And Fat Olives knocks it out of the park on two out of the three. And as for the seafood thing, you really can’t fault a restaurant in Arizona of all places for not selling seafood. I mean can you imagine trying to supply frozen seafood to your customers and still keep your out of this world rating? 

If you want amazing pizza and pasta, then you are better off at Fat Olives in Flagstaff for sure!

“Hands down best pizza we've ever had! We're not one to try different combos, but do yourself a favor and try the one with the pine nuts!!! We've eaten pizza all around the world and this is the best!! Flagstaff is so lucky!!!- Yelp Review 

2. Oregano’s

A Great Place for Italian Food With Two Locations In Flagstaff

980 N Country Club Rd | Flagstaff | oreganos.com/locations/flagstaff-country-club

Oregano’s is popular enough that they have two locations in the Flagstaff area. One is the location right up there ☝️. But there is another location at 1061 S Plaza Way in Flagstaff as well. And the reason I mention that is because Oregano’s does not take reservations. So if you check out their menu and decide you are dying to try them, don’t worry if one location is booked up, you can always try the other one and try to get a table. You just might have to because they work on a first come first serve basis and are quite popular around the community so expect them to get busy.

And that’s honestly the worst thing I have to say about Oregano’s after researching them. The worst thing about them is they get really busy, but don’t take reservations. In every other way they are going to knock it out of this world when it comes to fresh pasta, pizza, and Italian cuisine in Flagstaff! 

“Great service and good! Friendly hostess and waitress. Amazing pan style pizza. Delicious spaghetti with meatballs . Fantastic side salad. And scrumptious pizzookie!” - Yelp Review 

3. Pizzicletta

Best Place For Traditional Wood Fired Pizza In Flagstaff!


203 W Phoenix Ave | Flagstaff | pizzicletta.com

Pizzicletta would honestly come in the number two spot if they specialize in anything other than pizza. But since they specialize in a pretty unique type of pizza I always thought they deserved a shout out at the top of the list so they come in the number three spot. First of all, they obviously have a great rating from their customers (four and a half stars with over 1000 reviews in!) but they also serve a special kind of pizza. Which makes them stand out to me because it’s hard to get variety in a list of all Italian places. 

What makes Pizzicletta different is that they serve traditional wood fired Neapolitan style pizza. But don’t let that scare you off. Neapolitan pizza is just a traditional style of pizza from Naples that is served on a thin crust with mozzarella and fresh tomato. Which sounds pretty good right? And let me esure anybody who has never had Neapolitan style pizza that it is in fact quite delicious. It’s similar enough to “regular” pizza that I think it’s pretty accessible to anybody, but at the same time is unique enough to make Pizzicletta stand out amongst a list of great Italian places. I mean how can you do better for authentic Italian than wood fired thin crust pizza from Naples?

“Absolutely fantastic experience. I can't wait to go back with some friends and make it a night.” - Yelp Review 

4. Olive Garden Italian Restaurant

Grab an Olive Garden Italian Restaurant gift card by following the link!

2550 S Beulah Blvd | Flagstaff | olivegarden.com/locations/az/flagstaff/flagstaff

Listen, I'm aware that there are plenty of people out there who don’t think Olive Garden is authentic Italian food. But despite that, they do serve a really great menu of pasta, salads, and seafood, with a full wine and cocktail menu. And while they aren’t going to be some out of this world five star experience, they are going to deliver an experience that has kept customers coming back at locations all around the country, including the one in Flagstaff.

Olive Garden really is a great night out that is pretty affordable. So if you are somebody who doesn’t love to take a risk on a new place, or you’re somebody who has had Olive Garden in other cities and knows you enjoy it, then the Olive Garden in Flagstaff can honestly be a great location for some hot Italian food!

“Pleasant staff. Food super yummy. One of our best experiences at an Olive Garden. He had the lasagna. I have the five cheese ziti on Angela hair. And everything was perfect.” - Yelp Review 

You can get an Olive Garden gift card at GiftYa!

5. Your Pie

Amazing Customizable Brick-Oven Personal Pizzas In Flagstaff!

2619 S Woodlands Village Blvd | Flagstaff | yourpie.com/locations/flagstaff

Hey I know that there are a lot of pizza joints on this list, but honestly when you are researching Italian restaurants in a city, it ends up being a lot of what you can find. But in spite of that, I’ve tried to recommend some pizza places that offer something unique for a pizza eater. And that is exactly what Your Pie does! See they specialize in individual customized personal pizzas that are then cooked to perfection in a brick oven. This means that not only do you get to pick out each and every fresh ingredient that is going to go into your pizza, but it also means that Your Pie is a great choice for anybody who has dietary restrictions, or has somebody with dietary restrictions in their party. 

I saw so many reviews from people who had wheat allergies, or were vegetarian or vegan who loved Your Pie because they could safely eat here. When you get to pick out literally every ingredient, you know you are at a place that is going to inherently be accommodating of dietary restrictions. And I always love to get a really great restaurant on the list for those of you who have dietary restrictions, or have loved ones with dietary restrictions because I know it can really limit the places you get to eat. So I want to make sure there is at least one place for everybody on my lists of best restaurants. But it’s even better when it’s a place people love as much as Your Pie!

“I really enjoyed being able to choose all my own fresh ingredients for my pizza.... Which was delicious. It looks like its going to be a quick dinner but there was about 40 min wait between waiting to pay and  getting our fresh baked pizzas. Also... they have some good local beers on tap AND WINE on tap!” - Yelp Review 

6. Teatro Italian Food & Wine

Really Amazing New Italian Place In Flagstaff

16 N San Francisco St | Flagstaff | teatroitalianfoodandwine.com

Teatro only comes so far down the list because they are brand new, and as such haven’t had the time to build the positive word of mouth or online reputation of the restaurants further up the list. But despite having only a brief period of time to build a reputation, they do have a four and a half star rating with the people who have been there and left a review. And I can see why. 

I would really like it if Teatro had a bigger online reputation because I want to put them further up the list. Just take a look at their Yelp page or webpage and you can see why. They honestly look really nice, and a bit more high end and fancy than some of the other places on the list. And on top of all that they also have a full wine bar and menu inspired by authentic Northern Italian cuisine!

“Was here for our anniversary, Andi was our server she was amazing. Super outgoing and made the new experience easier and unforgettable! Thanks so much! Highly recommend the Gnocchi” - Yelp Review 

7. Domino’s

Popular National Pizza Chain That’s Good When You’re In A Hurry

Grab a Domino’s gift card by following the link!

1529 S Milton Rd | Flagstaff | dominos.com

I imagine most of you are familiar with Domino’s, but for anybody who isn’t, they are a popular national fast food pizza chain. You get all the benefits of fast food pizza like delivery and mobile ordering, but you also get the drawbacks of fast food. It isn’t going to be as fresh or as authentic as the great Italian places further up the list, but it will deliver a pretty solid pizza for a pretty fair price. Making them a great choice for when you have company over to watch the game or hang out!

“Felt a bit cheeky ordering 30min before close but this pizza is amazing. Creamy sauce, and beautiful overall. Truly shocked me and honestly one of the best pizzas I've had. Keep up the good work” - Yelp Review 

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8. Papa John’s

Another Popular Fast Food Pizza Chain With A Location In Flagstaff!

Grab a Papa John’s gift card by following the link!

105 S Milton Rd | Flagstaff | papajohns.com/flagstaff

Papa John’s is another popular fast food pizza place with locations all over the country, including Flagstaff. And while you aren’t going to get handmade authentic Italian pizza, what you will get is a low cost, large portions, and quick delivery. Making Papa John’s a great choice when you are looking to have some pizza and chill on the couch.

“These guys do a great job. The service is great, the food is consistent. Better take out pizza than many places in Flag.” - Yelp Review

You can get a convenient digital Papa John’s gift card for you or a loved one by following the link!

And there it is. A list of the best Italian places you can find around Flagstaff, Arizona. I tried to get a little bit of menu variety into the list. I hope I helped you find the perfect Italian place in Flagstaff for you, but if you made it all the way to the end of this list and none of those Italian places caught your eye, be sure to check out one of our other great articles on restaurants in Flagstaff!


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