Tired of Hotels and Campgrounds? Check Out These Top Tier Airbnbs in Bar Harbor, ME

The Best Airbnbs You Find Near Acadia National Park for Anybody on Any Budget

Hello dear internet traveler and welcome to my list of the best Airbnbs you can find in the Bar Harbor/Acadia National Park area. I’ll give you a list of all the best Airbnbs you can find. And for your convenience I even sorted the Airbnbs in terms of their price per night. So the further down the list you go the more expensive they get, but I put all the most affordable ones right at the top for your convenience. 

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Your One Stop Shop for Booking Rooms in Bar Harbor, Around the Country, and All Over the World

All of that sounds pretty good, right? GiftYa partners with Airbnb, which means you can text someone a gift card they can use to book a cool, affordable vacation pretty much anywhere in the world. Today, the corner of the world we’ll be talking about is Bar Harbor, ME. 

The Airbnbs on this list are some of the best ones near Acadia, so let’s get into it!

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Now that we’re on the same page, check out these top-rated Airbnbs located in Bar Harbor for your next trip, or treat someone you know to a getaway in Acadia!

1. Coyotes Den

Rustic, Peaceful, and Quiet Airbnb Right By Acadia 

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Image courtesy of Airbnb listing.

$121/Night | Tremont | airbnb.com/rooms/16844641

Coyotes Den is at the top of my list today because not only is it the most affordable Airbnb on the list, but also because 95% of guests have given the Coyotes Den a five star rating. So  you know that not only is Coyotes Den meeting customers expectations, but exceeding them time and time again. And they are doing all of that for only $121 a night. But just so you are aware, there’s a reason it’s so inexpensive, and it’s because it features beautiful, but tiny rustic houses. 

There are actually a couple different buildings you can stay at at Coyotes Den, in fact there are a plethora of tiny homes available for rent. And just a mile hike from the homes is a lake where you can choose to go finishing, or hop in for a refreshing swim. And if you continue up the trailhead you will come to the western mountains of Acadia National Park. Which is another reason Coyotes Den made it on the list today. I imagine if you are looking for Airbnbs around Bar Harbor Maine, then there’s a good chance you want to see the national park, so it’s nice Coyotes Den has such a short commute. 

“Peaceful and quit. Allowed me space to explore a beautiful part on Maine I had never seen before. Everything was so convenient to get to. The host were great and everyone I met was friendly.” - Customer Review 

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2. Lighthouse Retreat

Cozy Airbnb Only 200 Feet From Acadia National Park!

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Image courtesy of Airbnb listing.

$130/Night  | Bar Harbor | airbnb.com/rooms/24418707

The Lighthouse Retreat is really a studio apartment with a separate entryway. But the really incredible thing about The Lighthouse Retreat is that it is only 200 feet from Acadia National Park. So if you are in the area, and you are trying to stay close to the park without spending a crazy amount of money, then this is going to be a great Airbnb choice.

Now it is a studio apartment, so it isn’t going to be a great spot if you have a big party with you. But there is a queen size bed. So it really is a great size for a solo trip, or a couples trip. It really has a kind of bed and breakfast feel to it with a lighthouse theme all throughout the apartment. Which is pretty on theme because it’s just down the road from the boat tours that are offered around bar harbor. 

“The Lighthouse Retreat was super clean, comfortable, and gave us lots of room! Our host thought of everything we might need. The location was perfect!” - Customer Review

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Precipice Studio

Modern And Roomy Airbnb 5 Miles From Acadia

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Image courtesy of Airbnb listing.

$225/Night | Bar Harbor | airbnb.com/rooms/40562123

Precipice Studio is the best bargain on the list in my opinion. Even though the two Airbnbs further up the list are a little bit cheaper, they are also quite a bit smaller. Whereas they are only comfortable for one or two guests, Precipice Studio is comfortable for up to four guests. There’s only one official bedroom, but there are two beds and a full bath. So it’s great for a group of friends or a small family.

And on top of that, they boast an almost five star rating with their visitors and it's easy to see why. The place is really sleek, modern, and beautiful. If you are looking to go on a vacation, but don’t feel like roughing it, this is going to be the place for you near Bar Harbor. And if you want to go see the national park while you are in Bar Harbor then you are in luck, it’s only a short five mile drive from Acadia!

“Great place to stay and enjoy Acadia and Bar Harbor. The location made for a quick drive into the park and an easy walk to everything you'd want in Bar Harbor. Highly recommend to any couples or small families as it had a spare lofted bed to easily accommodate another pair.” - Customer Review 

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The Seamist Cottage

A Beautiful Fully Converted Historic Barn Within Walking Distance of the Harbor

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Image courtesy of Airbnb listing.

$233/Night | Tremont | airbnb.com/rooms/41706642?

The Seamist Cottage is a beautiful and historic converted barn. And if you have any doubts about hearing that it used to be a barn, just follow one of the links and go check out some of the amazing pictures of this place. It is absolutely amazing what they have been able to turn an old historic barn into. 

And on top of it being beautiful and cozy, it also features a private hot tub that is available to guests all year long. And unlike the other entries further up the list, The Seamist Cottage is entirely pet friendly. So if you are hoping to take your beloved furry family friend on the trip with you then this is going to be the Airbnb near Bar Harbor, Maine for you. 

“Perfect size and location for a couple’s getaway. Rachel was great. Easy check in. Clean. Recommend to anyone.” - Customer Review 

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The Arthaus

Upscale and Relaxing Studio Apartment Near Bar Harbor

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Image courtesy of Airbnb listing.

$250/Night | Mount Desert | airbnb.com/rooms/17829700

The Arthaus is really a great place to stay if you are looking to have a great couples getaway. It’s only a studio bedroom which means that there is only one bed and one bath. So it really can’t handle more than two people staying at a time. But in every other way it’s really quite incredible.

Despite being a studio apartment, it features high ceilings and an open floor plan. And there’s even a nice small deck attached to the building that overlooks the woods. There are hiking and swimming opportunities that are only a few minutes away by car. So you will be nicely located to see all the different little spots you want to see. And if you’re worried it is too far from the park, rest assured, it’s only fifteen minutes from Bar Harbor.  

“This stay is perfect for exploring Acadia and Bar Harbor! My boyfriend and I stayed and it was a great getaway from our usual busy lives - the place was super quiet and away enough from the crowds to relax. Would stay again!” - Customer Review 

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Oceanfront on Somes Sound

Spacious And Beautiful Airbnb For Up to Six Guests

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Image courtesy of Airbnb listing.

$474/Night | Mount Desert | airbnb.com/rooms/23256887

Oceanfront on Somes Sound is the most spacious of the Airbnbs on the list so far. And that definitely helps offset the price hike that is involved with staying here. It features three bedrooms and seven beds. So there is plenty of room for everybody to sleep whether you are on a trip with friends, or visiting with the family. And it even features two and a half baths, so there won’t be any fights in the morning over whose turn it is.

And the place is really nice, with a kind of laid back yet upscale cabin kind of aesthetic. And on top of that you are right on the harbor. So you can wake up to the sounds of the ocean which is really a great way to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the modern world.

“What a perfect, private, location with amazing views. Host is a wealth of information. Highly recommend!” - Customer Review 

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The “Garage”

A Modern Oasis Near Bar Harbor Maine

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Image courtesy of Airbnb listing.

$725/Night | Bar Harbor | airbnb.com/rooms/45881881

So The “Garage” comes in at the bottom of the list today, but that’s only because I organized the whole list based on the price per night. And there is no debate that The “Garage” is much more expensive than the other Airbnbs on the list. But it’s well worth the price if you can afford it. The whole thing was designed by a New York City architect firm who envisioned it as a modern home with a vibe that blends outdoors and indoors together. 

Along with the elaborate landscaping and soaring ceilings, this Airbnb is going to far and away offer a more impressive stay than the other ones further up the list. So if you are looking to go all out on your trip to Bar Harbor then this is going to be the spot for you.

And don’t worry, I know the price is a little crazy. But it can comfortably fit up to ten guests at a time. With five bedrooms and six beds there is plenty of space for everybody to sleep. However, there are only two and half bathrooms in the place. So if you have ten people staying, you might want to discuss showering arrangements ahead of time. 

“The Garage is an amazing place to stay in Southwest Harbor. This is a modern house where the owners have thought of everything you could possibly want. This is the kind of place where you wish you had just a few more days when checkout time comes.” - Customer Review 

Send an Airbnb gift card for “The Garage” by following the link

We’ve covered some awesome Airbnb options in Bar Harbor, Maine for any budget.

There you have it! That is a list of all of the best Airbnbs you can find around the Bar Harbor/Acadia National Park area. And remember you can grab an Airbnb digital gift card for you or a loved one to any of their locations around the country quickly and conveniently with GiftYa!

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