Time for Some Tasty Food At These Chinese Restaurants in Tulsa

Three words I would pick to describe Tulsa are beautiful, friendly, and supportive.

Tulsa celebrates its history and looks forward to its future. People enjoy settling down in Tulsa thanks to its combination of a metropolis and a small town. So you still find unique restaurants and shops without the hustle and bustle of a big city. It's why so many people choose to open their own restaurants to cater to the varied tastes of Tulsans. Today we're going to be looking at tasty Chinese restaurants in Tulsa.

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A casual restaurant featuring a bar and a warm atmosphere with Asian fusion dishes.

Image courtesy of Roka.

1616 S Utica Ave | Tulsa | rokatulsa.com

Located in charming Utica Square, Roka is a local favorite. When you first walk into Roka, you’ll immediately notice the unforgettable environment with modern Asian decorations, furniture, and colors. Roka is a locally-owned and operated restaurant that's led by a team of restauranteurs and chefs. Chad Stanger, executive chef and operating partner, wanted to create a beautiful restaurant with comfortable surroundings that delivered high-quality Asian food.

Roka is on a mission to create incredible experiences with their comfortable atmosphere and with every plate they serve. The dishes are made from scratch and their service is exceptional. They deliver fresh and delectable Asian cuisine to every guest.

Be ready to take your time with their massive menu. Share a plate of Chinese steamed buns stuffed with pulled pork or marinated chicken, cilantro, onions, vegetables, and avocado aioli. For your main course, take a look at the Hong Kong Sweet and Sour which is made with chicken in a sweet and sour sauce, pineapple, red peppers, green peppers, and red onions. Also, many of their meals can be made gluten-free. Between the atmosphere and the amazing food, you'll be leaving with a full belly and wonderful memory.

"Ive been many times and never disappointed. There are lots of great appetizers; my favorites are the potstickers and chicken lettuce wraps! I've tried a few different entrees (Kung Pao Chicken, Mongolian BBQ, Kim Chi BBQ Burger), and I always go back to the Almond Sesame Chicken! In addition to visiting for dinner, I've had a few lunch meetings here for work, and the atmosphere and noise level is great. Chad and his team consistently go the extra mile to provide great food and service." - Yelp Review

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P.F. Chang’s

A charming chain restaurant offering inventive spins on Asian cuisine.

Image courtesy of P.F. Chang's.

1978 E 21st St | Tulsa | pfchangs.com

This exciting restaurant has over 1300 reviews on Google which gives you a good idea of how popular it is. It's no surprise given the appealing surroundings and flavorful dishes. It has a mixture of modern and retro Asian-inspired decorations paired with dark wood furniture which gives it an almost romantic atmosphere.

Established in 1993, P.F. Chang's was founded with the idea of making food scratch every day and using traditional wok-cooking. To this day, they uphold this tradition and the P.F. Chang's chefs work hard, chopping and slicing all the vegetables and meats, making every sauce from scratch, and wok-cooking each dish. They ensure that each meal is held to the highest standards.

Take your time looking through the rather large menu that P.F. Chang's has to offer from appetizers to dim sum to sushi to dessert. For your main entree, try the Ma Po Tofu which is crispy silken tofu mixed with spicy red chili sauce and served with broccoli. We also highly recommend looking at their dessert menu and considering the Boa Donuts which are rolled in cinnamon sugar and served with chocolate dipping sauces. From the appetizer to the dessert, P.F. Chang’s will delight.

"Excellent service, excellent food as always! Never have had a bad experience here! Lettuce wraps for apps are just the best, had the lobster & shrimp rice and was delicious!!" - Yelp Review

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Mandarin Taste

A casual restaurant serving made-to-order Chinese fare.

Image courtesy of Mandarin Taste.

6125 S Sheridan Rd | Tulsa | mandarintastetulsaok.com

Mandarin Taste is a cute little bistro with light-colored walls, Chinese lanterns hanging from the ceiling, and colorful art adorning each wall. It's a relaxing place to enjoy lunch with a friend or spend some time with family members. The atmosphere is warm and inviting and the food is unforgettable.

Mandarin Taste all started with Sally Lui, an international student from Beijing who came to study at Oklahoma State University. During her time studying she missed the cuisine of her home and many of the Chinese food options around her disappointed. So she began learning to cook authentic Chinese dishes and soon opened Mandarin Taste. Mandarin Taste offers various dishes from all over China and Sally regularly returns to China looking for more culinary inspiration and exciting flavors that she can offer her guests.

This cozy restaurant offers many different options to choose between. With their fresh ingredients and everything made from scratch, you can't go wrong with anything on the menu. Many of their dishes can be made gluten-free upon request. Make sure to sample some delicious Chinese fare at Mandarin Taste.

"We had a great experience! Mapo tofu was silky, full of pork and Sichuan peppercorn flavor! Eggplant was sweet and spicy and delicious. Also had egg tarts and it reminded us of being back in Hong Kong. If you love authentic Chinese food (a little Szechuan and a little Cantonese) then this place is a must! Service and decor were nice too! We will be back!" - Yelp Review

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Golden Gate Chinese Restaurant

A small restaurant offering all-you-can-eat buffets and traditional Chinese cuisine.

Image courtesy of Golden Gate Chinese Restaurant.

2620 S Harvard Ave | Tulsa | goldengatetulsa.com

The sign of Golden Gate Restaurant brings to mind that of a charming food vendor at a local fair. Inside, it's a small restaurant with Chinese decor on the walls and Chinese lanterns hanging from the ceiling. It's a great eatery to stop by for lunch or to come with your family.

Golden Gate Restaurant uses high-quality fresh ingredients from free-range beef and chicken to locally grown produce to provide their guests with the freshest and most delectable meal they've ever had. Golden Gate Restaurant has been serving Tulsa since 1983, dishing up generous portions of tasty Chinese food.

Given how large their menu is, you're sure to come back to try as many dishes as possible. Their entrees vary greatly and you'll find every meat option available to you. If you're in the mood for spice, try there Pecking Beef, Chicken, or Shrimp. The choices seem endless. Golden Gate Restaurant may become your go-to Chinese restaurant.

"The Golden Gate Chinese restaurant is more or less a Tulsa institution for Chinese food. We have not had a bad experience with anything on the menu. The meat eggrolls are the best I've ever had in any oriental restaurant. This is a small place with mostly carry out business and the owners are the cooks and the waiters. Brandon and his wife will bring a smile to your face when you meet them and are always happy to be of service, they love feeding people." - Yelp Review

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Egg Roll Street

A small restaurant offering delicious Chinese cuisine at an affordable price.

Image courtesy of Egg Roll Street.

7911 E 71st St | Tulsa | Egg Roll Street Facebook

Egg Roll Street is a hidden gem in Tulsa. It's a very small restaurant with only a few tables, but it has flavor to spare with its tasty food. Not to mention that the meals are affordable. The staff and service are excellent, making sure all your needs are met. If you're in a rush, they also offer a drive-thru so that you can get some flavorful Chinese food on the go.

They have a big menu with various options to choose from. They offer everything including diverse dinner entrees including special meals, fried rice, and lo mein noodles. You can also find appetizers, soups, and drinks.

Locals and visitors will stop by to enjoy some yummy food Egg Roll Street has to offer. Many people recommend trying their Egg Rolls, which is not any surprise given the name of the restaurant. Reviewers praise Egg Roll Street for its great customer service and delectable Chinese food.

"It's honestly one of my top favorite Chinese food places!!! The smoothies are amazing too! I usually get the orange chicken and Omgg it's so good. They use real orange peels in their sauce!" - Yelp Review

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Asian Fusion

A fun restaurant serving up Asian-inspired dishes in a casual environment.

Image courtesy of Asian Fusion.

6565 E 71st St | Tulsa | asianfusionok.com

Driving by, you won’t miss this restaurant thanks to its red and white striped building. It's a casual little eatery with painted bricks, a lot of natural lighting, and large bamboo sticks as part of the decorations. It's small but very inviting and with a fun atmosphere.

They offer incredible Asian fusion from Malaysian dishes to Chinese dishes. The portions they offer are large, the customer service is excellent, and the menu is vast. Locals enjoy how quick the service is and the hot and fresh meals delivered every time.

Have fun looking through the menu as you’ll find many unique dishes. Try the Cantonese Crispy Noodles which are topped with your protein of choice and vegetables. They also offer sushi and soups along with chef's specialties. So make sure to drop by this exciting red and white building to try some delicious Asian fusion.

"Always hot, tasty and large portions. Singapore rice noodles are the best! I always ask for extra broccoli. This place is a frequent "go to" for us for about 3 years now. Extensive menu. Still so many items we haven't tried yet!" - Yelp Review

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Next time you're wanting Chinese food, make sure to stop by one of these incredible restaurants. Each one offers a unique menu and a unique dining experience that you won't want to miss out on. Personally, we recommend you try each one of them and pick for yourself which is your favorite. Which restaurant would you like to try first? Leave us a comment below!

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