Get a New Style at These Tulsa Hair Salons

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Is it time for a new hairstyle or even just a trim? Finding a good salon can be a pain in the neck.

Searching through all of the ratings, asking friends for recommendations, and finally booking an appointment with your fingers crossed hoping that you don't have to pay a lot of money for a bad haircut. We've all been there and it is not a pleasant experience. Thankfully, we’ve picked the top six hair salons in Tulsa which will help narrow down your search!

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Raw Elements Salon

A sustainable salon that takes a natural approach to styling hair.

Image courtesy of Raw Elements Salon.

2510 E 15th St #102 | Tulsa | rawelementssalon.com

Maybe you're not into fancy treatments and high-maintenance hairstyles. I hear you and so does Raw Elements Salon. Located on Cherry Street, Raw Elements Salon provides their clients with a natural approach to styling their hair. They work with your natural hair to give you a gorgeous low-maintenance style that’s easy to wear every day.

Brian Schellhorn, a master stylist for over 10 years, established Raw Elements Salon in 2012. In 2013 they were voted the Absolute Best Hair Salon by Urban Tulsa readers. Local Tulsans love getting their hair styled at Raw Elements because they know the skillful hairstylists will give them low maintenance and natural looks. They use products from Aveda and the NYC line, Bumble & Bumble. These products encourage your natural hair to shine in all its glory.

Raw Elements Salon is also a sustainable business and is considerate of their impact on both the environment and the community. We can certainly do with more businesses like them. They offer cuts, colors, highlights, Brazilian blowouts, hair extensions, and more. If you’re wanting gorgeous natural-looking hair, make sure to stop by Raw Elements Salon.

"This place has been really good to me. Haden is the man! I started coming here because another salon kept forgetting my appointments. Raw Elements was a big step up for me. As a guy that doesn't really have much of a clue about hair, or styling, Haden has kept me looking good while helping me develop some pride in my appearance. Thank you!" - Yelp Review

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iidentity Salon

An award-winning salon that offers full services with artistic and skillful stylists.

Image courtesy of iidentity Salon.

2731 S Harvard Ave | Tulsa | iidentitysalon.com

Located in the heart of Brookside, iidentity Salon has become a beloved hair salon in Tulsa. Since they opened its doors in 2000, iidentity Salon has won multiple distinguished awards and received recognition from publications including American Salon, Oklahoma Magazine, and Style.List.

The salon was opened by identical twin sisters Jane Clayton and Julie Hudson. In fact, the two i’s in the name represent them which is a fun little touch. They worked hard and it really paid off with locals making iidentity Salon their go-to hair salon. Their stylists ensure to continue their education and stay up to date on techniques and trends. They offer superior services and create hair masterpieces.

At iidentity Salon they offer haircuts, color, styling, Bellami hair extensions, perms, straightening, conditioning, treatments, styling for special occasions, and styling for weddings.

"Visited their new location. It's very bright, open, and has a modern, industrial feel to it. As I walked in I was greeted immediately. Britny then came out and introduced herself and we walked back to her station. I explained what I wanted done to my hair and she really listened. She then got started and was so very excited. I loved her enthusiasm. She is very sweet and easy to talk to. I highly recommend Britny for your next visit. I am DEFINITELY going back and making another appointment with her. I'm excited to have finally found a stylist who understands my hair." - Yelp Review

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Metric Hair Studio

A modern salon with brilliant stylists and a focus on sustainability.

Image courtesy of Metric Hair Studio.

1545 E 2nd St | Tulsa | metrichairstudio.com

Established in 2013, Metric Hair Studio set out to provide hairstyling using high-quality and science-based products. This means that their products are high-performing but without any of the bad stuff that can damage your hair or the environment. They even have vegan and organic options. Their products are paraben-free, sulfate-free, ammonia-free, and cruelty-free. You've got to love any business that loves the Earth.

At Metric Hair Studio, they give you the time you need, create a plan that's customized for you, and help you feel good while you look good. The small studio space allows you to better connect with your stylist without the distractions of constant noise around you like many other hair salons.

As I mentioned before, they focus on sustainability and try to make as little impact on the earth as possible. At the same time, they’re making a big impact on their clients who walk out with gorgeous hair and a smile. At Metric Hair Studio, they ensure that you feel beautiful. They offer color, cuts, and treatments for your hair. They also base their pricing on the length of your hair and the time it's going to take to style it rather than gender. So no worries about gender-based pricing.

"Fantastic salon! Love their green initiatives and such personalized service. Each of the girls always remembers me and everyone is so personable!! Love my consistent, always what I ask for hair style. I have had every style from simple cut to getting hair extensions and it's the same great experience no matter why I am there. Love them!" - Yelp Review

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MODish Salon and Spa

A full-service salon with accomplished stylists and affordable treatments.

Image courtesy of MODish Salon and Spa.

4951 S Peoria Ave | Tulsa | MODish Salon and Spa Facebook Page

Rachel, the owner of MODish Salon and Spa, knew she wanted to be a stylist since she was a little girl. As she grew older, Rachel discovered that she loved styling hair. In 2010 she opened MODish salon, a full-service salon that's located on Brookside and is designed to fit your budget.

The salon has a trendy and inviting atmosphere and is filled with talented stylists. The stylists all have a passion for making their clients feel beautiful. They offer colors, cuts, styles, extensions, and treatments. So if you're wanting to check out a trendy and fun hair salon in Tulsa, try out MODish Salon and Spa.

"This salon is conveniently located and they've worked really hard to renovate the inside, making it feel trendy and inviting. They use quality products without charging you top-dollar. I see Rachal and she works wonders." - Yelp Review

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Virtue Salon

A salon that specializes in all kinds of hair types and all kinds of treatments.

Image courtesy of Virtue Salon.

1375 N Aspen Ave | Broken Arrow | Virtue Salon Facebook Page

Virtue Salon was established in 2015 by Shanna, a seasoned stylist and an ASK expert for Schwarzkopf Professional. If you don't know who they are, Schwarzkopf Professional is known for its high-quality hair care products as well as the beauty industry’s education and trends. So it's a pretty big deal that Shanna’s an ASK expert for them.  

Shanna hires expert stylists each with their own unique skills so that, between them all, they can style any hair type imaginable and in a variety of ways. The stylists make sure to stay on top of their education so that they know all the current trends and excel at everything they do. Each stylist is passionate and loves what he or she does.

At Virtue Salon, there's a stylist for everyone no matter what hairstyle they want or what type of hair they have. This Tulsa salon offers haircuts, colors, highlights and lowlights, extensions, braiding, Brazilian blowouts, and more. Believe it or not, they offer more! Aside from just hairstyling, they also provide nail services, waxing, makeup, and eyelash extensions. Given all the services they offer, Virtue Salon could easily become your go-to Tulsa hair salon.

"If you haven't been to virtue salon yet.. you are missing out! Gorgeous salon right next to Jamesons pub in BA. Great prices and convenient hours. They offer cut, color, sugaring, and many other options! Call Becky today to book your appointment. She does not disappoint!" - Yelp Review

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Michael Brothers Hair

A salon started by one of the top stylists in the field to provide excellent service and skills.

Image courtesy of Yelp.

1148 S Harvard Ave | Tulsa | michaelbrothershair.com

Michael Brothers Hair Salon was started by Michael Brothers. Go figure. As one of the most influential hairstylists in the midwest, locals love coming to him and appreciate his craftsmanship. His business partner, Amanda Fields, actually started as a client before apprenticing with him. She is now an equally skillful stylist offering her own flair and creativity. Between them, they've created one of the most popular hair salons in Tulsa. They also ensure that their team of stylists possess the talent for the craft and a yearning to educate themselves on the newest trends.

Michael Brothers Hair Salon is located south of the University of Tulsa. The environment is modern and professional, but still laid-back enough that you can relax and feel pampered. They use the highest quality hair products and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that you get the best look possible. While they believe everyone has beauty inside and out, they strive to refine and reveal every client's beauty.

"Love this salon! It's easy to get to and very nice inside. Gloria Peterson is my longtime stylist and she is amazing! She does everything from cuts, color, and extensions. Everyone is very friendly and the owner is there daily and always extremely nice. I would recommend this salon to both men and women." - Yelp Review

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There are so many talented entrepreneurs and hairstylists in Tulsa. Just looking at the pictures alone in this article, you can see all these unique hairstyles that they do from wedding hairstyles to fun hair colors. So no matter what you're looking for, you can definitely find the perfect salon for you within this list. Have you tried out any of these Tulsa hair salons on this list? Which one is your favorite? Leave us a comment below.


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