Satisfy Your Burger Craving at These Six Best Restaurants in Tul

What's better than biting into a juicy delicious burger? It doesn't matter whether you're wanting Angus beef or a vegetarian alternative, nothing beats a flavorful patty mixed with fresh ingredients sandwiched between toasted buns. Thankfully, Tulsa is full to bursting with burger joints from fast food burgers to high-end burgers. So join us while we cover the six best burgers in Tulsa.

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Knotty Pig BBQ, Burger, and Chili House

A casual eatery serving up flavorful hamburgers, barbecue, and chili.

Image courtesy of Knotty Pig BBQ, Burger, and Chili House.

6835 E 15th St | Tulsa | Knotty Pig Facebook

Knotty Pig offers Tulsa delicious burgers in a relaxed atmosphere. The interior is exciting with a black and white checkered ceiling, red walls, checkered tablecloths, and bright red booths. It's the perfect place to bring your family and grab a bite to eat.

Knotty Pig is known as one of the premier burger spots in Tulsa thanks to their wide menu, amazing burgers, and affordable prices. Their friendly staff makes guests feel comfortable and ensures their dining experience is enjoyable They offer such large portions that you'll be walking home with leftovers.

Knotty Pig’s menu has a lot to offer including burgers, sandwiches, chili, and sides. Let's focus on the burgers though. You can get a gourmet jumbo burger with various toppings of your choice or you can enjoy a specialty burger. Their specialty burgers are unique like the Superman Cheeseburger with a burger patty resting between two grilled cheese sandwiches. You’ll have an unforgettable burger at Knotty Pig.

"I will start off with I am not a huge fan of BBQ unless it is at home but I love me some knotty pig!! The portions are huge and the BBQ is amazing!! I also enjoy the variety of different burgers they offer!! Baked beans and Mac n cheese are a huge hit! Always order the knotty tots too & pickle bar is great to offer! Staff is always welcoming and give great service!!" - Yelp Review

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Fat Guy’s Burger Bar

A laid-back burger joint featuring flavorful burgers with unique toppings and draft beers.

Image courtesy of Fat Guy’s Burger Bar.

7945 S Memorial Dr | Tulsa |

So you and your friends are craving burgers and want to chill in a place where you can relax and have a good time. Welcome to Fat Guy’s Burger Bar! Fat Guy’s is upbeat while still being easy-going making it the perfect stop for a weekend gathering with friends. They have an outdoor seating area or you can enjoy your food inside where there’s an open bar and tables.

There's a reason Tulsa loves Fat Guy’s and for good reason. Their burgers are made to order and their ingredients are fresh. The buns are specially made from a local bakery and the produce and meat are delivered fresh every day. As for the cooking process, Fat Guy’s takes two beef patties, puts butter and cheese in between them, seals it, and cooks it up. That is one of the key features of their extremely flavorful burgers.

If you’re wanting something less burgery, they also offer a few other entrees including chicken, hot dogs, wings, chili, and fries. For burgers, you can choose between a specialty or a classic. No matter which burger you choose, you can pick your toppings to go with it and that includes just about everything under the sun from ketchup to grilled pineapples. You'll have a good time enjoying your delicious burger with friends.

"Let me tell you this place will always remain special in my heart, when you walk in you are greeted by the laid back staff behind the counter along with the menu on the right, before you start considering anything get the peanut butter bacon burger, now I now what your thinking.."ew" or "that's weird" take my word for it. That burger is straight enlightening to the buds that taste on my tongue. Join me and many others in the path of enlightenment." - Yelp Review

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Pub W

A modern pub serving up American classic cuisine and drinks in a laid-back atmosphere.

Image courtesy of Pub W.

4830 E 61st St #100 | Tulsa |

There’s something wonderful about enjoying a good burger at a good pub and that's just what you'll get at Pub W. While they provide an open bar, they also have tables and chairs available making it a great place to stop by with a few friends on a weekend. The brick walls, the warm light fixtures, and the wall art all makes this a fun place to visit.

Pub W strives to be a local neighborhood pub where friends and family could come down and delight in a meal and each other's company. They provide consistent quality and amazing customer service so that your dining experience goes off without a hitch. Their food is delicious and made from scratch so everything you get is fresh.

Looking through their menu, they offer everything from cocktails to tacos. Of course, we're most interested in the burgers. Try their Jalapeno Bacon Burger with a delicious beef patty, spicy aioli, cheddar, smoked bacon, and grilled jalapenos for a kick of spice. Drop by Pub W next time you're in the neighborhood.

"Good food and drinks. Love the atmosphere with the sports bar type feel but quality restaurant style food. Can't wait to go back! I ordered two appetizers and they were even accommodating to my substitutions. Very rare place with amazing drinks!" - Yelp Review

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Society Burger

A bright burger place offering savory and juicy American burgers.

Image courtesy of Society Burger.

9999 S Mingo Rd Suite A | Tulsa |

Society Burger is a modern restaurant with trendy surroundings and a spacious interior. It offers a lot of room for a large gathering of friends or family. There are so many windows in Society Burger that provide a lot of natural lighting making the entire restaurant feel bright and happy.

Society Burger believes strongly in food and fellowship. They believe that burgers are meant to be enjoyed in the company of others with laughter and good memories. That's why they have such a friendly and inviting environment. As for the food, their burgers are cooked fresh and made to order with plenty of flavors. Then they’re topped with melted cheese and sandwiched between golden homemade buns.

Society Burger offers several burger options including an impossible burger and gluten-free buns. We recommend trying the Blue Burger with bacon, creamy blue cheese, lettuce, tomato, and their special house sauce. Honestly, it doesn't matter which burger you go with, you'll love the flavor and dining experience at Society Burger.

"I'm obessed with Society. They are my go-to burger place in Tulsa. My favorite is the Okie burger but they also have choices for vegetarians and gluten free people! I've been getting take out a lot from them and they are always polite, food is warm and ready on time. Huge fan of them" - Yelp Review

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Flo’s Burger Diner

A small burger eatery serving juicy burgers in retro surroundings.

Image courtesy of Flo’s Burger Diner.

2604 E 11th St | Tulsa | Flo’s Burger Diner Facebook

If you're wanting to stop by a local retro restaurant, visit Flo's Burger Diner. From the red stools to the wood-paneled walls to the old-timey photos, Flo’s is a little taste of history. They have comfortable booths to sit in where you can relax with your friends or family. Check out their chalkboard for any specials they may have.

Tulsans consider Flo’s to be the best burger they've ever had thanks to the juicy and flavorful patties. It's a small little diner but with elevated food and excellent customer service. They use fresh ingredients, cook the burgers just right, and serve everything piping hot. Their sides are made from scratch and add to the deliciousness of the meal.

As you would assume, you'll find burgers on the menu, but you'll also find loaded grilled cheeses, fried chicken, and a few other entree options. Of course, we're most interested in the burgers. We recommend you try their famous Bomb Burger with a side of Bacon Cheddar Fries or delicious Tater Tots. You'll have a fun experience at Flo's Burger Diner.

"This place should be world famous for the burger I just ate! Passing through, I got takeout which was ready fast and hot when I arrived. Wow..the burger I ordered was honestly one of the most delicious hamburgers I've had in years.  I would def eat here again" - Yelp Review

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Claud’s Hamburgers

A local burger joint serving tasty burgers in a small restaurant.

Image courtesy of Claud’s Hamburgers.

3834 S Peoria Ave | Tulsa | Claud’s Hamburgers Facebook

We wouldn't be surprised if Claud’s Hamburgers became a historic staple in Tulsa. They've been in business making burgers since 1954 and the same family operates the business to this day. They know how to make an extremely flavorful burger which is why so many locals love visiting.

The restaurant is small and offers a counter where customers can enjoy their meal for a quick lunch or dinner. You can watch the cooks as they make your food if you choose to sit at the counter. If you're planning a night out with friends, we definitely recommend takeout since the restaurant is small. But don't worry, it'll still be fresh and delicious!

Claud’s Hamburgers offers a small menu and each item is very affordably priced. This is the place to go to when you want a hamburger or cheeseburger with no frills. They do offer a few toppings for your burger upon request. Along with hamburgers, they offer a few sides including coleslaw, chips, and cottage cheese. Next time you're craving just a simple burger with incredible flavor, stop by Claud’s Hamburgers.

"Fantastic hamburgers! We got cheeseburgers with lettuce, tomatoes, and grilled onions. Got a large soda and fries (fries were great too! Think, crunchy but fluffy inside) The place is small but they have outdoor seating, a big parking lot, and nice owners/workers. Overall quick, cheap, and the perfect greasy burger!!!" - Yelp Review

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After reading this list we can only assume you must be craving a burger. Lucky for you, you have the six best burgers in Tulsa to choose from whether you're wanting a straightforward burger with no frills or a specialty burger with unique ingredients and toppings. You can't go wrong with any of the restaurants on this list. Which burger place do you want to try? Leave us a comment below.

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