The Best Pizza in Tulsa

It's a lively Friday night in Tulsa and you and your friends are craving pizza. But where do you go? Tulsa is filled with so many amazing pizza joints that it can be tough to choose. We've done the work for you. We've picked the best pizza in Tulsa so you can choose between these six pizza places for your next outing

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Andolini's Pizzeria

A lively pizzeria serving elevated New York-style pies with roots in Tulsa-style pizza and Italian-style pizza.

Image courtesy of Andolini's Pizzeria.

1552 E 15th St | Tulsa |

Andolini's is the most popular pizza place in Tulsa. Their pizzas are entirely unique because they combine Italian techniques with New York-style pies for something that everyone in Tulsa will love. Their toppings are imported and their mozzarella and many other ingredients are housemade. All the ingredients are sustainably sourced and each chef at Andolini's has a passion for making great pizza.

Even though they have several locations, we're going to be focusing on the restaurant on Cherry Street, a bustling charming street filled with one-of-a-kind boutiques and restaurants. Andolini's interior is very casual with exposed brick, dark furniture, and a lot of natural lighting thanks to the large windows. The comforting atmosphere makes it a great stop for a group of friends or an intimate dinner. They also have an outdoor eating area with umbrella cover tables.

Let's get into the food. As you can imagine, they do have a pizza menu but they also serve appetizers, entrees, desserts, and drinks. So you can have an incredible experience from start to finish with appetizers and desserts. They offer classic pizzas, specialty pizzas, and a create your own pizza with a myriad of toppings that you can choose between. Discover why this place is Tulsa’s favorite pizza spot.

"Amazing atmosphere, anyone can fit in here from sweats to business attire. Staff is amazing and very helpful. Pizza crust always cooked to perfection! If you haven't tried the egg plant parmigiana you need too!! Nice selection of beers and cocktails. There's a reason Andolinis pizza is in the top 10 through out nation!" - Yelp Review

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Savastano’s Pizzeria

A laid-back restaurant serving Chicago-style pizzas along with American cuisine.

Image courtesy of Savastano’s Pizzeria.

8211 E Regal Blvd Suite 109 | Tulsa |

Savastano’s began with the dream of one man, Frank Savastano. In his hometown, Chicago, Frank discovered his love of pizzas and perfected his own pizza recipes. In 2003, his family opened Savastano’s where they sought to recreate Frank's incredible flavors and have a restaurant where the atmosphere resembled his warmth and relaxing energy. Today, they treat every guest like family and welcome you with a smile and unmatched friendliness.

Savastano's is a fun restaurant with a unique mural of a city skyline silhouette, colorful walls, fun pictures and art, and an inviting vibe. While it’s bustling with colors, it’s not overwhelming at all. It’s a whimsical world of its own.

For a pizza joint, their menu is big. They offer pizza, starters, sandwiches, entrees, Chicago dogs, calzones, and desserts. We're most interested in the pizza, though. You can choose between a thin crust pizza or a Chicago deep-dish pizza. They offer specialty pizzas and you can create your own as well. Make sure to stop by Savastano’s to grab a pie.

"This place was an amazing find!!! Loved it! So delicious! Tasted just like downtown Chicago deep dish. Cannot wait to return! Cheese fries were amazing too!" - Yelp Review

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Jimmy's New York Pizzeria

A casual pizzeria offering New York-style thin-crust pizza in a laid-back atmosphere.

Image courtesy of Jimmy’s New York Pizzeria.

7123 S 92nd E Ave | Tulsa |

It didn't take long for Jimmy's to become a huge staple of South Tulsa cuisine. Established in 2017, they rapidly grew in popularity thanks to their amazing thin crust pizza topped with delicious ingredients. Jimmy's Pizzeria started with the owner, Jimmy who was born and raised in Brooklyn and grew up making freshly baked bread in his family's bakery. He always had a passion for cooking and dreamed of opening his own New York pizzeria. In 2017, he made that happen with Jimmy's Pizzeria in Tulsa.

Jimmy's is located in a small strip center which can make it easy to miss. But, the restaurant itself is quite spacious and airy with warm inviting colors and decorations. It has a lot of natural lighting and is the perfect place to stop by on an evening with the family or with friends.

You can order your pizza by the slice or you can order an entire pie. If you order it by the slice, you get massive slices from 24-inch pizza pies. If you're wanting more than pizza, they also offer some specialties including stromboli, appetizers, pasta, heroes, salad, and desserts. Make sure to try the Cheesecake Calzone because it is delicious. Drop by Jimmy's Pizzeria and enjoy a Brooklyn slice.

"I LOVE this place. The food is always fresh, hot and correct! The owner is a great guy and hilarious. I really like that you can order by the slice and/or an entire pizza. So so so so good!!! " - Yelp Review

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NYC Pizza

An easy-going eatery offering New York-style pizza in an informal setting.

Image courtesy of Yelp.

4775 S Harvard Ave | Tulsa |

NYC Pizza is a counter-serve restaurant that's informal and relaxed, perfect for dropping by with some friends or with family. The interior is clean, minimal, and simple. It's the pizza that speaks volumes at this place.

NYC Pizza serves up authentic New York pizza, as you can guess from the name. They make their pizza from a traditional recipe that has been handed down for generations. They opened in 2006 and since then their recipe has stayed consistent and locals love it. NYC Pizza was founded by Kenneth Lehman when he was only 19. He grew up knowing pizza like the back of his hand thanks to his father and uncle’s pizzeria. So it's no surprise that he opened his own successful pizza restaurant.

They offer some incredible pizzas but what's more, they offer appetizers, entrees, and desserts. You can start your meal off with some garlic knots and then dive into a delicious pizza. You can choose between a thin crust or thick crust pizza and you can create your own pizza. Make sure to stop by NYC Pizza next time you’re out with a friend.

"Outstanding, can't believe I haven't been here before. Authentic NY crust, thin but holds toppings well, baked to perfection. The sauce is obviously made from scratch and truly the best pizza sauce I've ever had. Yes, ever." - Yelp Review

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A simple eatery dishing up flavorful New York-style pizza in a casual environment.

Image courtesy of Umberto’s.

3147 S Harvard Ave | Tulsa |

Umberto's has been around since 1998 and the community knows it as one of the best New York-style pizzerias in Tulsa. They specialize in pizza by the slice and also offer pies. When you drive by you can't miss them thanks to their name that's painted on the building’s windows.

The staff is super friendly and passionate about pizza. They want to ensure you're satisfied with everything from the experience to the meal. The interior is simple with tiled floors, booths to sit in, and a counter where you order. You can kick back at this chill restaurant.

They have a small menu, but there are still plenty of options when it comes to picking your pizza or picking any other sides or entrees. They offer sandwiches, sausage rolls, garlic knots, calzones, and more. Each pizza is a create-your-own so you can choose between red sauce or alfredo sauce and a myriad of toppings. Stop by Umberto's for a slice of pizza next time you're in the neighborhood.

"Super friendly + pizza is delicious! We got supreme with Alfredo sauce and it was excellent. Very generous with toppings." - Yelp Review

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Pie Hole Pizzeria

A locally owned eatery offering New York-style slices and pies with unique toppings.

Image courtesy of Pie Hole Pizzeria.

2708 E 15th St | Tulsa |

Pie Hole Pizzeria is a tiny little building that’s bright red with paintings on the windows. It's a charming restaurant with its painted stone walls and a colorful chalkboard menu. Since it’s a small eatery, it's a great place to stop by with a couple of friends. If you've got a party happening, we recommend takeout.

Pie Hole Pizzeria is one of Tulsa's favorite pizzerias thanks to the delicious food, friendly staff, and quick service. They ensure that their pizzas are fresh and crispy without any excessive grease or sogginess. No one likes a soggy pizza. The dough is made fresh in the house and all the ingredients are high quality.

They offer pizzas by the slice, pies, and a couple of salads. If you're choosing a pizza by the slice, check out the chalkboard to find out what's currently available. Stop by and find out why Tulsa loves Pie Hole Pizzeria so much.

"Grew up in Tulsa, and lived in NYC for a couple years. I live right next to this place, and nothing comes close to the NYC style pizza I've been used to like Pie Hole. Love the staff, 12/10 recommend." - Yelp Review

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Pizza may be the ultimate comfort food and it's such a versatile meal. It's delicious whether you eat it at the restaurant, take it home, or get it delivered. It's the perfect meal when you're with a group of friends or by yourself having a relaxing night. Elevate your pizza experience and try one of the best pizzas in Tulsa by visiting one of these restaurants. Each pizza place offers its own unique flavors and various pizza options. What's your favorite kind of pizza? Leave us a comment below!

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