Enjoy Delicious Food at These 6 Italian Restaurants in Tulsa

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What's more comforting than cozying up in an Italian restaurant with heaps of pasta and garlic bread? Nothing! Tulsa has no shortage of Italian restaurants, each delivering its own unique touch to the city. Thanks to the supportive community and vibrant setting, you'll find a variety of unique restaurants in Tulsa. So today, we'll be going over the top six Italian restaurants in Tulsa.

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Mondo’s Ristorante Italian

A refined restaurant serving traditional Italian dishes in a comfortable atmosphere.

Image courtesy of Mondo’s Ristorante Italian.

3410 S Peoria Ave | Tulsa | mondositalian.com

Mondo's is at the top of this list due to its amazing food and popularity. This is one of Tulsa's most beloved Italian restaurants. It features a wonderful homey atmosphere with comfortable booths, dark furniture, and vintage photos on the walls where each one seems to tell a story.

Mondo’s story is one of family. Angelo Aloisio immigrated from Italy and became an executive chef. His family opened the first Mondo's restaurant in 1969 where they shared the family’s one-of-a-kind recipes. Mondo's quickly became popular and known as one of the best Italian restaurants around. To this day, they are a family-owned and operated Italian restaurant bringing authentic Italian food to the Tulsa locals.

The menu at Mondo's is gigantic so make sure to take a look at everything before deciding on your meal. They offer appetizers, entrees, soups, salads, sandwiches, pizza, desserts, and a wine list. We recommend the Scallop Pomodoro made with sauteed scallops, garlic, Roma tomatoes, red pepper flakes, and basil, all served on a bed of linguine. End your meal on a sweet note and be sure to pair it with a delightful wine.

"Delicious food, professional staff.  The place was packed for a Friday evening and we still got our food quickly.  My favourite dish is the house made ravioli with a Caesar salad--best place in Tulsa for Italian." - Yelp Review

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Ti Amo Ristorante Italiano

An upscale Italian restaurant serving delicious Italian-American cuisine.

Image courtesy of Ti Amo Ristorante Italiano.

6024 S Sheridan Rd A | Tulsa | tiamotulsa.com

Ti Amo brings to mind a true upscale Italian ristorante with dark furniture, warm lights, and a white tablecloth covering every table. The entire restaurant has an old-world feel to it that creates an unforgettable atmosphere. It's a beautiful restaurant for a romantic date or for an event.

Ti Amo opened in 1991 and has always served high-quality traditional Italian-American cuisine. They're dedicated to crafting tasty food, providing friendly service, and offering an unforgettable experience. Thanks to their mission, Ti Amo has become a local favorite Italian restaurant in Tulsa.

To cater to all tastes, Ti Amo serves a wide and varied menu. They offer appetizers, soup, salads, seafood, entrees, and dessert. They also offer vegetarian and vegan options. Share their famous Bruschetta Appetizer, one of the most popular appetizer dishes they serve. You'll leave Ti Amo with a full belly and a wonderful memory.

"We've heard for years how delicious Ti Amo's is.  Now we now first hand.  Wow!! Had a beautiful Sunday dinner with family and everyone agreed 5 star all the way. Looking for great Italian or a little American along with some great service and elegant dining. You will approve -  no regrets and we will be back. Thank you Ti Amo for a fantastic meal excellent experience!!" - Yelp Review

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Napa Flats Wood-Fired Kitchen

A casual restaurant serving up wood-fired Italian cuisine in a relaxed environment.

Image courtesy of Napa Flats Wood-Fired Kitchen.

9912 Riverside Pkwy | Tulsa | napaflats.com

Napa Flats is located on Riverside which means it has a beautiful view of the river. They have a patio with umbrella cover tables where you can enjoy your meal with a gorgeous water view. The inside of the restaurant is casual but refined with cozy lighting and dark wooden furniture. It's a great place for both a date and to stop by with the family or with friends.

This Italian restaurant is family-owned and has been bringing fresh homemade food and tasty cocktails to Tulsa since 2014. Using their own natural wood-fired kitchen, they serve a unique menu with a variety of options to choose from. They use high-quality ingredients for every dish and use as many locally sourced ingredients as possible.

You'll find a variety of Italian fare on their menu from appetizers to pizzas to pasta. If you're craving pasta, try Tony's Bow Tie Pasta which is made with all-natural grilled chicken, sun-dried tomatoes, peas, and red onions that are sauteed in alfredo sauce. Between the water view and the delicious food, you'll surely be back for more.

"Amazing service with our waiter very knowledgeable about food and drinks. The food was incredible. Would highly recommend!" - Yelp Review

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Russo's Coal-Fired Italian Kitchen

A casual restaurant serving savory authentic Italian fare including pasta and coal-fired pizzas.

Image courtesy of Russo’s Coal-Fired Italian Kitchen.

8941 S Yale Ave | Tulsa | nypizzeria.com

Russo's is a chain restaurant that's much beloved in Tulsa. They offer an airy and bright atmosphere with refined surroundings. Its stone-wall interior, rich brown furniture, and warm lights make it a great place to spend time with those you love.

Using Italian family recipes that have been passed down for generations, Russo's is as authentic as it gets. Their cuisine is handcrafted and they use fresh premium ingredients. They pride themselves on their signature pasta and New York-style pizzas with hand-stretched dough. The service is great and the staff is extremely friendly.

Russo's menu is wide giving you lots of options to choose from. They offer appetizers, sandwiches, entrees, and desserts. For an appetizer, we recommend Russo's homemade meatballs which are two large meatballs that are served with Russo's Chianti-braised meat sauce. The flavors are out of this world. For an entree, you can't go wrong with their calzones. The dough is chewy and perfect and the filling is so flavorful.

"Love Russo's! I usually get the baked ziti. The portions are huge, always enough to take home for leftovers! The bread and oil to begin the meal can't be missed. And, on top of it all they have a great house wine list!" - Yelp Review

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Villa Ravenna

A fine dining restaurant serving tasty Italian pasta and entrees in an upscale environment.

Image courtesy of Villa Ravenna.

6526 E 51st St | Tulsa | villaravenna.com

When you step into Villa Ravenna you’re transported to a charming restaurant in Tuscany. The brick-tiled floors, the wood-paneled walls, the Italian wall art all add to the experience and ambiance of this unique restaurant. From the food to the decor, Villa Ravenna gives you a small taste of Italy.

Villa Ravenna is a family-owned restaurant. The owners hail from the small town of Ravenna, Italy, but when they came to visit Tulsa they fell in love with the city and decided to open Villa Ravenna. They make authentic and amazing Italian food with homemade pasta and fresh ingredients.

Browsing their menu, you’ll find a wide variety from appetizers to salads to desserts. Make sure to check out the specials to see if anything sounds tasty! No matter what, you have to try the homemade pasta. We recommend the Ravioli All Panna which is homemade ravioli stuffed with cheeses, veal, and chicken then smothered in a cream sauce. The next time you want a beautiful Italian fine dining experience, Villa Ravenna is the place to go.

"Best Italian restaurant in Tulsa hands down! The seafood is always fresh and the service is amazing! Every time I've been I always have the best time. Make sure to make a reservation and enjoy the great food!" - Yelp Review

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A lively eatery serving traditional Italian cuisines in an upbeat atmosphere.

Image courtesy of Dalesandro’s.

1742 S Boston Ave | Tulsa | dalesandros.com

Dalesandro's is a hidden gem in Tulsa that provides tasty Italian food in comfortable surroundings. It's a small restaurant with several tables and an open bar area, perfect if you want to have a leisurely lunch with a friend or want to have a good time with a group. The vintage photos on the wall are enjoyable to look at and the white tablecloths elevate your dining experience.

The restaurant prides itself on authentic and delicious Italian food with many reviewers claiming it's the best Italian food they've ever had. They have great portions, a diverse menu, and excellent service. If you're wanting a relaxed dinner, visit them on a weeknight. If you're visiting on a weekend, make sure to make a reservation.

While their menu is not as big as the other restaurant menus on this list, you can expect a ton of flavor out of each dish. The Caesar Salad is incredible thanks to Dalessandro's famous Balsamic Caesar Dressing. For an entree, try the Swordfish Piccata which is one of their most popular dishes. Finally, make sure to end your evening with the housemade Chocolate Gateaux, a dessert you won't soon forget.

"There is no better Italian food than Dalesandro's.  Add in a great atmosphere(inside and out!), cool waitstaff and this is a home run!  Our favorites are the carbonara and the spicy shells.  Yum!  Great wines and cocktails.  5 stars!" - Yelp Review

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The next time you're craving Italian food, make sure to try one of these restaurants. They all serve fresh authentic Italian food but each one offers a different experience, different menu items, and different flavors. Whether you're looking for a date night restaurant, a chill restaurant for the family, or a lively restaurant for your group of friends, we've made a list that can accommodate anyone. Which restaurant sounds the most exciting to you? Leave us a comment below!


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