The Top Seven Newest Restaurants to Dine and Eat Good Food at in Cincinnati

Do you want to try out some new restaurants in Cincinnati? Here are the top seven new ones to test your taste buds with today!

Are you dying to try out a new restaurant filled with new flavors, tastes, spices, ingredients, and even more? We know how exciting it can be to try out new places, and new restaurants now more than ever need your support. It can be fun to check out and support small local restaurants that serve a lot of unique dishes, so why not try out some fun new restaurants in Cincinnati today? Not sure where to start looking for the newest restaurant to check out? We got you covered with the top seven newest restaurants in Cincinnati of 2020!

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Goodfellas Pizzeria

Everyone loves pizza, so check out their new location in Pheasant Ridge for some of the best pizza around!

If you want to indulge in some of the best pizza around, then make sure to stop at Goodfellas Pizzeria  today! Image courtesy of Goodfellas Pizzeria. 

6099 Montgomery Road | Pheasant Ridge |

Do you enjoy pizza? I mean who doesn’t right! Well, if you are a pizza person, then you’re going to want to check out Goodfellas Pizzeria today to try out some of their delicious pizza, breadsticks, calzones, and so much more. Although Goodfellas Pizzeria has multiple locations, they have expanded into Pheasant Ridge, which might be more convenient for you if you live closer to that area to indulge in some great food!

You can never go wrong with a traditional pepperoni and cheese pizza, but what else does Goodfellas Pizzeria have to offer? They have tasty options like a margherita pizza, and even pizzas named after the Goodfellas characters, and they also give you the option to craft your own calzone. They have lots of options here, so why not try out Goodfellas Pizzeria’s new location in Pheasant Ridge today!

“If you need a pizza or bourbon fix, you are going to have to try out Goodfellas in Pheasant Ridge!!” - Yelp Review 

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Matt and Miller’s Tavern

Enjoy some amazing beers that go well with steak, flatbreads, and more!

If you want to enjoy a savory steak as you drink a chilled beer, then Matt and Miller’s Tavern is the place for you! Image courtesy of Matt and Miller’s Tavern.

9558 Civic Centre Boulevard | West Chester Township |

Are you craving a nice juicy steak to go along with a cold glass of beer? If so, then you need to come to Matt and Miller’s Tavern today for some of the best food around! Matt and Miller’s features a “chef-driven menu” with lots of different unique flavors on classic dishes that will make your mouth water just from seeing it!

We know you want to dive deep into the food at Matt and Miller’s Tavern, but what kinds of dishes do they have to offer? They have a wide selection of dishes like crab rangoon flatbreads, ahi tuna flatbreads, bavarian pretzels bites, a tomato and mozzarella melt, and so much more goodness. Make sure to stop at Matt and Miller’s Tavern today for a good meal today!

“I am so glad we got to try this place out today!!! We walked right over from top golf and had the BEST lunch. The martinis, mimosas, and food was DELICIOUS. Not to mention our waitress Sarah was so kind and personable.” - Yelp Review 

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Sugar N’ Spice

Check out the cartoon murals that line the walls of this fun restaurant that specializes in brunch!

If you love breakfast and brunch, then you need to come to Sugar N’ Spice, a new restaurant in Cincinnati today! Image courtesy of Cincinnati Magazine.

4381 Reading Road | Avondale |

If you love waking up in the morning to eat some delicious breakfast, or brunch out with friends or family, then you need to go to Sugar N’ Spice in Cincinnati today! Sugar N’ Spice has been opened since 1941 and has been delivering 100% customer satisfaction and fantastic food for many years, and with opening a new location, they are able to bring in more customers to further their business with tasty dishes!

Since Sugar N’ Spice is only open from 7am-3pm everyday, they only serve breakfast, brunch, and lunch to their customers, but it’s all delicious! With favorites such as a Mexican omelette, fried mac n’ cheese bites, scrambled eggs, a breakfast quesadilla, french toast, and even a gyro omelette. What’s better than brunch? Brunch at Sugar N’ Spice of course, so stop by away!

“I'm excited to come back, the food is wonderful but the hospitality is the real winner here.” - Yelp Review 

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Come here to enjoy some delicious Thai and Japanese cuisine at this restaurant's new location!

Come to Teak, a Thai and Japanese restaurant at their new location in Over the Rhine to enjoy a delicious dinner today! Image courtesy of CityBeat. 

1200 Race Street | Over-the-Rhine |

Come to Teak, a fun Thai and Japanese restaurant at their new location that has reopened in Over-the-Rhine! After closing in Mount Adams in 2017, the owners of Teak decided to reopen their doors in a new location, with a new look, but still the same classic food that everyone loves and enjoys!

If you love Thai and Japanese food, then you need to try out what Teak has to offer! Since closing and reopening, they still are producing the same delicious dishes they always did like crispy pork belly, seafood choo chee curry, the angry dragon roll, seafood delight, and even spicy fried noodles. There’s nothing you can’t not love when you come to Teak, so make sure to give them a try!

“They have a large variety of rolls to choose from and they are all very unique. They also have a huge menu of Thai food and I will definitely be going back to try all of that.” - Yelp Review 

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Taste of Belgium

Experience a twist on traditional Belgium dishes at this new restaurant today!

Enjoy some tasty Belgium dishes with a twist at Taste of Belgium in Cincinnati today! Image courtesy of Cincinnati Magazine. 

2971 Town Center Boulevard | Crestview Hills |

We know you love a good Belgian waffle, so make sure to stop at Taste of Belgium at their new location in Crestview Hills today! Taste of Belgium is known for taking traditional Belgian dishes and twisting them to make a new innovative and delicious dish that people will love. They also take American dishes and “Belgianize” them to take it one step further!

Do you want to go to Taste of Belgium, but not sure what to get? We got you covered! They have lots of tasty dishes such as Belgian chicken wings, a smoked salmon baguette, chicken and waffles, ham and brie waffles, chicken, biscuits, and gravy, and much more. Sounds amazingly good right? Check out this new location today and try out Taste of Belgium’s signature waffles today!

“The staff were friendly and professional. I really enjoyed the GF Galettes on the menu. I tired the OG Galettes, with ham, gruyere, egg, and arugula.” - Yelp Review 
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Catch-a-Fire Pizza

Craft beer, wood-fired oven pizzas, and more! What more can you ask for here!

We know you just want a good craft beer and some tasty pizza, so make sure to come to Catch-a-Fire Pizza today! Image courtesy of The Business Journals. 

9290 Kenwood Road | Blue Ash |

Craft beer and pizza. That’s all we have to say. What better combo is there? Well, if this is what you’re in the mood for, then you need to try out Catch-a-Fire Pizza today! Each pizza is made specially in a wood-fired oven to provide the best and freshest taste possible and they pride themselves in using the freshest ingredients that come from local spots around Cincinnati.

If you want to sit down and enjoy a craft beer with some tasty pizza, then you should familiarize yourself with this amazing menu! They have many different pizzas that range from BBQ, buffalo chicken, four-cheese pizza, margherita pizza, and they even have wood-fired wings, soft pretzel bites, and more. We really think that Catch-a-Fire Pizza is worth checking out, so make sure to stop by today!

“SO GOOD! I love a good pizza, and these were probably one of the best I've had in Cincy. Located inside Madtree, the ordering experience is very convenient.” - Yelp Review 

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E+O Kitchen

Try out this Asian fusion restaurant in a fun tropical theme to spice up a night out!

If you’re interested in trying out some tasty Asian fusion food, try out E+O Kitchen today! Image courtesy of E+O Kitchen.

3520 Edwards Road | Hyde Park |

Asian fusion restaurants are unique and delicious to go to, so why not try out E+O Kitchen, a new restaurant located in the neighborhood, Hyde Park today! E+O Kitchen is very unique because it has a fun tropical-theme on the inside and some lots of seafood options Asian fusion style, along with some fun Mexican-Asian dishes too.

E+O Kitchen has lots of delicious dishes for you to try out whenever you stop by! If you want to try out E+O Kitchen, you have to try out the brussel sprout salad, kale salad, a tuna poke bowl, mas sake rolls, carne asada tacos, and so much more. With all of these tasty dishes at E+O Kitchen, you have to try out E+O Kitchen, a new restaurant in Cincinnati today!

“We both decided on the Buddha breakfast bowl with avocado rice garden veggies and two over easy eggs.  It was so good I ate every bite. I will be back and enjoy many of the other delectable menu options.” - Yelp Review 

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There’s nothing more fun than going out and enjoying a night out at a fun and new restaurant in Cincinnati. Even with the world being like it is with the COVID-19 crisis, it is important to safely go out and enjoy yourself, and have a nice meal out. If you want to go out and enjoy yourself eating a delicious meal, make sure to stop at one of these seven new restaurants in Cincinnati today!

Is there a new restaurant in Cincinnati that opened up in 2020 that you love, but we haven’t mentioned? Let us know in the comments!

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