The 12 Best Doggie Daycares in Cincinnati to Keep Your Pup at While You’re Away

Doggie daycares are perfect whenever you can’t be home with your pup, so check out these 12 in Cincinnati right away!

Leaving your dog, no matter if it’s just for you to go to work or the store, or even if you go on vacation is tough. Your dog is your best friend and you want the best for them. We completely get that! There are so many doggie daycares around to take your pup to to keep safe and preoccupied with other dogs, toys, people, and more while you’re away. If you live in Cincinnati and you’re looking for doggie daycares, make sure to check out these top twelve in the Queen City! 

In this article, we’re going to discuss:

  • The best doggy daycares in Cincinnati
  • Where you can find these amazing doggy daycares
  • An insider look on what Yelp reviewers are saying

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Puppy Camp

Named one of the best areas to bring your pup, and one that they will enjoy their time in!

Take your pups to Puppy Camp, a great place to have them stay for a short time, get groomed, and more! Image courtesy of Instagram. 

3330 Reading Road | Avondale |

Want to treat your dog to only the best? Make sure to check out Puppy Camp and consider taking them there to stay while you’re away! With so much room to roam around and play with toys, the other employees, and of course, the other dogs, your dog will completely enjoy their time here while staying safe and taken care of.

Puppy Camp offers flexible hours to drop off and pick up your dog, so it makes it easier for you. What is unique about this place is that the dogs are not left there, but instead they are taken home with the trusted staff members where your dog will be treated as one of their own. Your dog won’t want to leave Puppy Camp, so make sure to check it out for yourself!

“Our dog Bella absolutely LOVES her doggie daycare! She gets so excited to go and runs in without even saying bye!” - Yelp Review 

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Dogtown Cincinnati

Check out this doggie daycare that is open 24 hours a day, and offers five different locations to choose from!

Let your puppy enjoy their time at Dogtown Cincinnati where they will be taken care of and they can run around with their other dog friends! Image courtesy of Instagram.

2519 Burnet Avenue | Corryville |

Want to support local doggie daycares in Cincinnati? Make sure to check out Dogtown Cincinnati today for a unique experience that both you and your dog will love! Dogtown Cincinnati is very unique because it is a kennel-free boarding, doggie daycare, and grooming business all in one.

Dogtown Cincinnati is open 24 hours no matter if you need to drop off or pick up your pup and every inch of the facility is monitored to make sure that your best friend is in the best hands possible. Your dog will love their experience here with plenty of friends to make, treats to eat, places to run around and explore, and even get to smell fresh. Make sure to consider Dogtown Cincinnati today!

“This is the best doggie daycare in the area! All 100% cage free and a person even sleeps in a room with the dogs when you board them!!” - Yelp Review 

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Red Dog Pet Resort & Spa

Boarding, daycare, and grooming services are offered here, so make sure to check them out!

Red Dog Resort & Spa has everything that you need in order to ensure that your dog is in the best hands and that the service is top-notch! Image courtesy of Instagram. 

5081 Madison Road | Oakley |

Want to treat your dog to one of the top doggie resorts and spas in Cincinnati? Whenever you have to run errands, go away on a business trip, or even just want to get your puppy groomed, make sure to take them to Red Dog Pet Resort & Spa today! Since 2007, Red Dog Pet Resort & Spa has been one of the top places in Cincinnati to take your dog for boarding, daycare, and grooming services.

Red Dog Pet Resort & Spa provides you and your dog the reassurance that they will be safe and comfortable, and they hold a high standard when it comes to caring for your furry friend. With 24/7 on-site staff, make Red Dog Pet Resort & Spa one of your top places to take your dog to no matter the situation!

“Love feeling confident that my baby is in great hands while we have to be away. Love the Red Dog team!” - Yelp Review

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A Dog's Life Daycare and Boarding

This unique doggie daycare and boarding center is perfect for your furry friend!

A Dog’s Life Daycare and Boarding is the perfect place to take your dog for daycare or boarding services! Image courtesy of Instagram. 

5004 Salem Road | California |

Looking for a doggie daycare that treats your furry friends the way that the employees treat their own animals? Stop what you’re doing and make sure to check out A Dog’s Life Daycare and Boarding! A Dog’s Life Daycare and Boarding offers services such as daycare if you simply are going to be out of your house all day, and boarding if you’re going on vacation, or a business trip and can’t take your pup with you.

At A Dog’s Life Daycare and Boarding, your dogs will be able to feel safe and comfortable in an environment surrounded by other dogs and caring employees to care for them at their every need. All of your dog’s needs are covered as soon as they step into the door at A Dog’s Life Daycare and Boarding!

“We drop off our dogs here maybe a couple of times a year at most and the staff here could not be greater!” - Yelp Review 

Blue Dog K9 Care

The owner enjoys helping dogs learn and grow during their time at this doggie daycare!

Take your pup to Blue Dog K9 Care today for an enjoyable experience both your dog and you will thoroughly enjoy! Image courtesy of Instagram

1819 Central Avenue | Cincinnati |

Do you have a super cute puppy dog that you need to send to daycare, or for boarding purposes, but not sure where to go? Make sure to take them to Blue Dog K9 Care for the most exceptional service to make you keep bringing them back! Offering 24/7 boarding, daycare, grooming, dog walking, and even training, they can help train your puppy even when you’re not there.

Blue Dog K9 Care is all about your dog getting out and socializing with not only new people, such as the employees taking care of them, but also other dogs. This will most likely be your dog's favorite part of staying here, so make sure to give Blue Dog K9 Care a try today!

“My Bernese mountain dog loves going to Bobby's for day care and training! He is really flexible and accommodating to our schedules.” - Yelp Review 

Furkids Dog Daycare

Socialization and exercise are their primary focus whenever you’re not home and your dog is here!

Not only you, but your dog will fall in love with Furkids Dog Daycare, so consider taking them there today! Image courtesy of Instagram. 

5614 Wooster Pike | Cincinnati |

Still struggling to find the best doggie daycare to take your canine to? Why not give Furkids Dog Daycare a try, a Cincinnati favorite! Furkids Dogs Daycare’s motto is socialization and exercise are the two most important things for your dogs. Not only will your dogs be able to run around and interact with the other dogs there, but they will also be able to run around, and go on walks with the employees too. 

Furkids Dog Daycare is a very unique and one-of-a-kind doggie daycare because they also provide a members only webcam feed to go and check on your dog to ensure that they are in the right hands and that they’re having fun even without you there. Furkids Dog Daycare may just be the place for you, so make sure to check them out today!

“FurKids is the best! They really care for your pup and give them so much attention.” - Yelp Review 

Tailwaggers Doggy Daycare

Get your dog groomed by groomers that know exactly what they’re doing and even take advantage of daycare!

Come to Tailwaggers Doggy Daycare for your dog to run around, meet new friends, and even get groomed! Image courtesy of Instagram. 

4528 Summerside Road | Eastgate |

Do you want to go to a place that specializes in grooming your puppers? Why not check out Tailwaggers Doggy Daycare today for their amazing grooming services, daycare, and more! Known for their grooming services, they offer full-service grooming ranging from blow drying, coat conditioning, eye cleaning, dematting, paw cleaning, ear cleaning, nail trimming, and so much more. 

Tailwaggers Doggy Daycare’s main goal when providing you with a service of taking care of your dog is to reassure you that they are in a good place. Your dog at Tailwaggers Doggy Daycare will be in the best care possible and they can enjoy themselves with meeting new dogs, and more. Make sure to consider Tailwaggers Doggy Daycare ASAP!

“Lynn, the owner, is heavily involved in this daycare/boarding facility which assures the best possible care, supervision, cleanliness and safety.” - Yelp Review

Classy Canines

A doggy daycare, pet sitting, and grooming all in one at this place!

Classy Canines is the perfect place to take your dog to stay at while you’re away and even get groomed too! Image courtesy of Instagram. 

3316 Glenwood Avenue | Westwood |

Are you on the hunt for the best doggy day care in Cincinnati? If you are, then you need to come and check out Classy Canines right now! Classy Canines is the perfect place to take your dog because they will take care of them in many different ways besides just making sure that they’re cared for whenever you’re gone.

Take your dog to Classy Canines where you can have your dog stay here when you are on vacations, work trips, and so much more. You can also take them here to get one of the best groomings you’ll ever see to make sure your dog looks in tip top shape. Make sure to check out Classy Canines today!

“So glad we found a place close to home that truly cares about our Hazel and treats her as part of their family!” - Yelp Review 

Pet Athletic Club

Take your pup here if you’re looking for the perfect doggy daycare center for them!

Take your dog to the Pet Athletic Club if you’re looking for the perfect place for them to be treated like royalty while you’re gone! Image courtesy of Instagram. 

818 Reedy Street | Downtown |

Trying to find the perfect doggy daycare for your dog is a priority so your dog is well taken care of no matter what. If you are looking for the perfect place, make sure to check out Pet Athletic Club right away! The Pet Athletic Club is a great place because your dog will be taken care of no matter what and you will know that they’re in good hands.

Pet Athletic Club offers a lot of amazing features if you’re looking to take care of your pets while you’re away. This place is predominantly known for their many obedience courses, but you can also enjoy their doggy daycare and boarding as well. Check out Pet Athletic Club as soon as you can!

“All in all, PAC is great and I feel supported by them going forward with my dog! Scott is always willing to answer questions etc.” - Yelp Review

The Pet Spot

Doggy daycare, boarding, and grooming are all offered here, so check it out!

The Pet Spot is one of the best doggy daycares in all of Cincinnati to help you feel better knowing that your dog is being taken care of! Image courtesy of Instagram. 

2503 Norwood Avenue | Norwood |

Trying to find the best doggy daycare for your puppy can be tough, but just know that they’re in good hands over at The Pet Spot in Cincinnati! The Pet Spot is both an indoor and outdoor doggy day care center where your dogs can get the exercise they need, be taken care of, and so much more!

Check out The Pet Spot right now where your dog can run around both indoors and outdoors with other dogs, get groomed, and be well taken care of no matter how long you are gone for. Make sure to check out The Pet Spot as soon as you can!

“The staff is formidable, polite, very good at communicating and our puppy was tired when we picked her up both days. Awesome pet facility.” - Yelp Review

Happy Paws

Your dog will be well taken care of here, so why not stop by and check out this doggy daycare in Cincinnati!

Happy Paws is an incredible doggy daycare that will take care of your pup no matter how long you’re gone! Image courtesy of Instagram. 

8050 Hosbrook Road | Cincinnati |

Have you ever heard of Happy Paws? If you haven’t, then you need to come check out this place if you’re looking to take your dog somewhere while you’re away! No matter what the situation is or what time of the day it is, Happy Paws will gladly take your dog and carefully watch over them so you don’t have to worry about them.

Come check out Happy Paws right now where not only can the employees here watch over your dog, but you can also have your dog walked, groomed, and so much more. Happy Paws is an incredible place that a lot of people love in Cincinnati, so why not take your dog there today!

“I have been using Happy Paws for a few years now  and am extremely happy with the service I receive.” - Yelp Review 

Camp Bow Wow

A premier, all-inclusive doggy daycare in Cincinnati that you will thoroughly enjoy!

Camp Bow Wow is the place where your dog will be well taken care of, and they’ll make many friends too! Image courtesy of Instagram. 

4955 Camp Creek Road | Cincinnati |

What better place to go for a doggy day care than Camp Bow Wow! Camp Bow Wow not only has a great ring to it whenever you hear it, but they also have some amazing staff there who will also take good care of your puppy while you’re away from home running errands, on vacation, on work trips, and so much more. 

If you're looking to take your pooch to a place to hang out with other dogs and be well taken care of, just know that Camp Bow Wow’s a great choice! We know for a fact that you will also love seeing your dog after they are groomed by a professional groomer too. Come check out Camp Bow Wow as soon as you can!

“Camp Bow Wow has been a wonderful addition to our weekly routine! I've been bringing Huxley once a week for a few months now.” - Yelp Review 

There are so many different doggy daycares to choose in Cincinnati, and just know that whichever one you choose, they will treat your pup just like their own. Get your dog groomed, drop them off for daycare, or for boarding whenever you are out of town with these top twelve doggy daycares in Cincinnati! Is there a doggy daycare in Cincinnati that you love, but we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments below!

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