7 Hot Spots in Cincinnati to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day

February 18, 2020
Food & Drink
jason wolfe
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Throw on a green t-shirt and come out with your friends to these hot spots in Cincinnati this St. Paddy’s Day

This bar is ready for St. Patrick's Day with couldrons of beers ready to grab on their bar.

Saint Patrick’s Day is coming up, which means you need to figure out where you’re going to buy a round of drinks for you and your friends. Luckily, Cincinnati is a city full of great bars and restaurants where St. Paddy partiers are welcomed and accommodated for. Find your group’s perfect vibe, whether it’s drinking at a bar, sitting down to a nice meal, or trying something new! However you want to spend your St Paddy’s Day, the venues of Cincinnati can accommodate. Plan ahead on where you’re going to take the group to ensure a lucky and joyful St. Paddy’s Day for all!

If you’re looking for the perfect Saint Patrick's Day gift, get the gift you’d find at the end of a rainbow: a giftcard to your favorite Cincinnati business, of course! GiftYa can get you an e-gift card to any of the following businesses, quick and easy. Personalize and send it right to the lucky recipient's phone. The luck of the Irish is on your side today! 


A round of drinks to go with a round of games!

a full bar at the burger bar!
Select a beverage, order a burger, and hang out with your friends at this bar in Cincinnati. Sounds like a plan to me! Image courtesy of Americano’s Facebook

americanoburgerbar.com | Downtown | 545 Race Street

Perhaps you’re a more active St. Paddy celebrator who doesn’t want to simply sit at a bar and have a few drinks. Americano may then be the perfect spot for you, as they host fun games to play as you enjoy a meal and drinks. They also have draft beers, house wines, signature cocktails, and $3 shots -- for all the types of celebrators in your friend group! Get one of the best burgers in town while competing with your friends over a game of Foosball or Shuffleboard. 

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“Another good meal at the Americano burger bar!  A great place for drinks after work for a small or large group, easy to reach if you are downtown, and a great vibe.  After 20+ visits I have never had a bad meal or server, just great consistent experiences.” - Yelp Review

Zula Bistro

Cheers to St. Paddy’s Day with a fine wine

Zula Bistro is contemporary and classy!

White wine, red wine, drafts, and cocktails, it’s all here waiting for you in the thriving arts district of Cincinnati! Image courtesy of Zula’s Facebook

zulabistro.com | Downtown | 1400 Race Street

Rather have a chill St. Paddy’s Day? Zula can supply the modern, relaxed atmosphere and the wine. Come for their extensive wine list, and stay for the flatbread and desserts they serve until midnight. Enjoy fine wine and eccentric meals, and clink your glasses to a happy St. Paddy’s Day!

“I love Zula because of their ambiance and variety on their menu. You can go one day and enjoy flatbreads, another and have tapas to share or another and have one of their many scallop plates.” - Yelp Review

BanaSun Smoothie Bar

Stay refreshed with a smoothie or lemonade!

This smoothie bar entrance is orange because of its name, BanaSun

Stay energized and healthy this St. Paddy’s Day with a fruit smoothie. Or if it’s caffeine you’re looking for, try their cold brew coffee! Image courtesy of BanaSun’s Facebook

Over The Rhine | 1810 Race Street

Want to avoid alcohol this Saint Patrick’s Day, but also still want to go out and have some fun? Stop by BanaSun Smoothie Bar for fruit smoothies and chilled lemonades. Spending your St. Patty’s Day at BanaSun will make it more likely for you to find a green beverage that’s fitting for the holiday! While you're there, make sure to try their plant-based baked goods. 

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“BEST SMOOTHIES EVER! Pure fruit, great combos, perfect toppings (when they recommend a certain topping, say "yes"). Had a long and interesting conversation with the owner and his wife--very nice people. A definite "must stop" for me from now on whenever I'm in Over-The-Rhine.” - Yelp Review 

Platform Beer Co

High-quality beers for your high-quality group of friends and yourself

A bar made of hard wood with tall tables and chairs

Grab a stool and relax as you spend this St Paddy’s Day at Platform Beer Co. Image courtesy of Platform Beer Co’s Facebook

platformbeer.co | Over The Rhine | 1201 Main Street

Brewing happens on-site and they serve from morning to night! What better place to buy a round of beers and toast to St. Paddy’s Day? And no worries if a friend in the group isn’t a beer person. Platform Beer Co also serves artisan coffee, craft cocktails, and a variety of foods. Platform Beer Co usually has a relaxing atmosphere in a bright and airy room where everyone can enjoy themselves. 

“Locoba is such a nice atmosphere. It's bright and clean and every time I've been it was quiet. It's great to relax with a beer or coffee here and not deal with a rowdy crowd.” - Yelp Review

The Drinkery

The perfect place to get a drink -- it’s in the name

The Drinkery is made of wood, brick, and has an old bar feel

You and your friends feel like grabbing a drink and striking up a conversation with other St. Paddy celebrators? The Drinkery is the place for you! Image courtesy of The Drinkery’s Facebook

www.drinkotr.com | Over The Rhine |  1150 Main Street

Come to The Drinkery this Saint Patrick’s Day to get your drink on! Want to know what beers they have on draft? Check their website for the full list, but you’ll see brands such as Guinness, Miller, Lite, and Cidergeist. Check out their social media to see what events The Drinkery is hosting. You don’t want to miss out on karaoke night. Overall, The Drinkery is a great option to bring the friends, order an affordable drink, and be sociable. 

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“Very affordable and fun bar. After 10pm, dj begins to play great dance music. Tons of space to dance and get down to. Drinks are great and fairly priced. Awesome time.” - Yelp Review

The Buzzed Bull Creamery 

Get your alcohol cold and sweet this St Paddy’s Day

Get a spiked milkshake at this bar

Choose your flavors (and if you want alcohol added) and watch liquid nitrogen transform it into ice cream in front of your very eyes! Image courtesy of The Buzzed Bull Creamery’s Facebook

buzzedbullcreamery.com | Over The Rhine  |  1408 Main Street

The Buzzed Bull Creamery is a great place to start the celebration of Saint Patrick’s Day with the family. Everyone will love the taste of their hand-crafted ice creams and milkshakes. And for the adults, their ice cream choice can be infused with alcohol, starting at a 5% ABV. Select one (or several) of the 30 flavors they have available, and see first hand how your order is created with the use of liquid nitrogen. Not only is it delicious, but it’s a fun and new experience too! Challenge your friends and family to see who can customize their ice cream to be most festive; bonus points if it’s green! 

“Great ice cream, with the bonus of having alcohol. I would recommend the tiger stripes, or the hard apple pie. Both are delicious!” - Yelp Review


Rain or shine, you’re Saint Patrick’s Day can’t go wrong here

High ceilings, a full bar, and a bunch of brahs taking a break

If it’s going to be a nice day out, you can enjoy your drink in the outdoor area. The indoor area of Rosedale is just as nice, so you know whatever the weather conditions are for St. Paddy’s Day, you’ll have a good time. Image courtesy of Rosedale’s Facebook

www.rosedaleotr.com | Over The Rhine | 208 E. 12th Street

Rosedale is a bar, and yet so much more. They host events, and their exclusive upstairs bar can be the venue of your next private party. Rosedale has partnered with Cincinnati's entrepreneurship hub, MORTAR, which has brought you the space known as the MORTAR Mess Hall for you to experience new and upcoming foods. At Rosedale, you can also enjoy their indoor entertainment as you grab a drink. You have options at Rosedale, which make it a great place to hang out on a holiday like Saint Patrick’s Day. 

Buy a GiftYa To Rosedale >

“This place is a super cool, typical old-school Cincinnati atmosphere! They have a great selection of beers and mixed drinks, and, my personal favorite Mango Cart by Golden Road! Despite being such a small place, they have fun typical bar games to play, pool, etc.” - Yelp Review

No matter where you decide to celebrate this Saint Patrick’s Day, you’re going to have a blast! Cincinnati has so many great hot spots for you and your friends to grab a drink and relax. And if alcohol isn’t your cup of tea, Cincinnati has many many other opportunities that still gets you out of the house and having fun. And if you can’t decide on one, all of the mentioned locations above are relatively near one another. Why not seem them all and get a real appreciation of the city! Happy Saint Patrick’s Day, and may the luck of the Irish be with you as you decide your venue (as if you could choose wrong)! 


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