7 Things to Do in Cincinnati This Weekend

February 27, 2020
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Don’t just stay inside! There’s a whole world of exciting new things to try right outside your front door.

a bright full moon in cincinatti

Netflix is amazing, don’t get me wrong. With every genre of escapism you could dream of right there at your fingertips, what is there not to love? The thing about Netflix, though, is that, while it’ll always be there waiting for you at the end of the day, it doesn’t have to be the only thing you do with your free time. This weekend, step outside the comfort of your sofa nest and check out what Cincinnati has to offer!

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Keystone’s Mac Shack

A hot bowl of cheesy macaroni and cheese with bacon. Bacon mac n cheese strips on top
Cheesy, creamy, and customizable, you won’t want to miss these mac n cheese dishes. Image courtesy of Keystone’s Mac Shack Instagram.

Attack any uncertainty about things to do in Cincinnati this weekend by trying out Keystone’s Mac Shack.

Do you love mac n cheese but hate the hassle of having to make it yourself, only for it to turn out half as good as you were hoping for?

At Keystone’s Mac Shack, they’ll take the stress of cooking right out of your hands. Dig a fork into some delicious, creamy skillets of mac n cheese. 

With signature dishes named after famous musical groups, as well as classic mac options that you can dress up however you’d like, you can’t go wrong at the Mac Shack.

Pick from classic toppings to add to your mac n cheese dish, such as jalapenos or tomatoes, or choose something you never would have thought to add, like Flaming Hot Cheetos or pesto.

“The Pink Floyd (bacon, caramelized onions) is the mostly undisputed king of the mac...the bacon and onion complement the [slightly spicy] cheese.” - Yelp Review

Bed Bath & Beyond

A stroll through Bed Bath & Beyond is an adventure in and of itself! This weekend, you might not only find your bed and bath essentials, but some things you never knew you needed as well. Image courtesy of Bed Bath & Beyond Instagram.

Grab your friends and create a Bed Bath & Beyond scavenger hunt for something to do in Cincinnati this weekend.

Are you in the mood for an adventure? Bed Bath & Beyond has everything you did and didn’t know you needed!

A new knife set for your kitchen? BB&B’s got you. Decorative pillows to dress up your sofa or bed? They’ve got those too.

Even if you’re just browsing clearance aisle to see what you can find, you’ll probably discover something you were unaware you needed in your life.

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“This store has it all, especially FANTASTIC SERVICE...a nice young fellow took me all over the store to find the things I was looking for. He really went above and beyond to take the time to help me.” - Yelp Review

LOCOBA: Platform Beer Co.

Enjoy freshly brewed coffee, draughts of beer, or cocktails from sun-up to sun-down at this local Cincinnati brewery and coffeehouse.

Image courtesy of LACOBA's Instagram.

platformbeer.co/locoba | 1201 Main St., Cincinnati, OH 45202 | Over-the-Rhine

Interested in venturing into the world of craft beers? Put away that can of Bud Light (yes, even the Bud Light Lime) and come to see what this local taphouse is offering.

Located right in the heart of Cincinnati, LOCOBA is one of Platform Beer Co.’s newest locations, and they’ve combined two of your favorite types of drinks into their menu: coffee and alcohol.

Watch their space for special promotions, like an all day happy hour. They also serve food all day long, so ask the person at the bar what will go best with your drink.

“What happens when you put great coffee, beer, and natural lighting in a beautiful space in OTR? You get Locoba...The lighting and greenery in this place is stunning and made for a great work atmosphere.” - Yelp Review

Chart House

Enjoy some fine dining with a spectacular view of the city

chart-house.com | 405 Riverboat Row | Newport, KY 

Have you been itching for a chance to dress up and go out on the town? Well look no further than Chart House. 

Technically, this one isn’t in Cinci, but it’s Cinci-adjacent and offers spectacular views of the home city, so we think it should count.

With one of the most creative seafood menus around, Chart House is the way to do Cincinnati seafood the right way. 

Stop in for classics, like Seared Mahi, or test out your adventurous side with the Snapper Hemmingway. We’re already salivating thinking about it.

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“The view is spectacular. The salmon was fresh and perfectly grilled...Yum. And to top it off homemade ice cream. So much more than expected from a franchise.” - Yelp Review


Burritos and bowls are available with all the ethnic fusion you could imagine, but entirely locally sourced. Image courtesy of Currito Instagram.

The freshest burritos, curated with your favorite flavors

currito.com | 222 Calhoun St. | Corryville

Do you love burritos and everything that goes in them but hate when only some of the ingredients are locally sourced? Currito is new to Cincinnati, and they are taking the burrito world by storm.

In each burrito (or bowl, sans tortilla if you’re just in it for the fillin’), you can choose between grilled chicken, grilled steak, or organic tofu as your protein, and add it to one of the distinctly flavored recipes Currito has drafted up.

Select from flavors inspired by Bangkok, the Mediterranean, or India if you’re feeling adventurous, or stick with something a bit more familiar if that’s what you like.

All of the ingredients at Currito and hand-selected from locally sourced horticulturalists. From black beans to tomatoes, you’re guaranteed your burrito is fresh.

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“For being in an area with a ton of restaurant turnover, this Currito has held its own and always been solid...The staff is prompt and courteous, and above all, they get your order correct, right away.” - Yelp Review


In every dish, you’ll find a fusion of Asian and Latinax cuisines. This dish, for instance, looks like a classic ramen with some Peruvian-flavored twists. Image courtesy of LALO Instagram.

You can never go wrong with fusion cuisine...and LALO in Cincinnati has the Chino-Latino combo you need to try this weekend

lalocincinnati.com | 709 Main St., Cincinnati, OH 45202 | Downtown

Have you ever just wondered what two totally different cultural flavors would taste like if they were fused together? Are you an adventurous eater? Venture out to LALO this weekend to rock your tastebuds with this Chino-Latino fused restaurant.

Whether you’re looking to dine in, order out, or even cater to a big event, LALO can do it all. This weekend, check out what LALO’s culinary lab has crafted for your new favorite culinary fusion.

Buy a GiftYa To LALO >

“Pleasantly surprised by this place. Very simple decor, good latin trap music, great service. Our waiter would actively give us recommendations.” - Yelp Review

Holiday Spirits

Enjoy cold beer, delicious drinks, and warm hospitality in Cincinnati this weekend

Come for the fluorescent drinks, stay for the company. Image courtesy of Holiday Spirits Instagram. 

facebook.com/holidayspiritsbar | 1538 Race Street | Over-the-Rhine

Are you wanting to get out of the house for a bit but not sure where to find the chill people who will make it worth your while? Holiday Spirits is a bar that understands hospitality.

Check the backlit menu board to see what’s on special when you arrive. Holiday Spirits is all about providing good drinks and even better service--and you’ll find both every time.

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“Insanely good and very inventive cocktails...at reasonable prices. The vibe is crazy cute, pretty open with fun things to do- skeeball, an arcade golf machine, darts, two pool tables.” - Yelp Review

Trust us: you don’t want to miss out on the great times that all of these venues have to offer. Pause that show you’ve been bingeing on Netflix and venture out to explore everything Cincinnati has to offer this weekend. Your show will be waiting for you when you get home.


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