The Top 5 Best Pet Friendly Hotels Near Zion National Park!

Planning A Trip For You and Your Canine Companion to Zion, But Don’t Know Where to Stay?

Hello and welcome to my list of some of the best pet friendly hotels you can find around the Zion National Park area. I’ll be sure to give you each hotel’s website so that way you can check out pricing and availability in advance. And I’ll even be sure to give you a few local locations that are great for stocking up on supplies before a day in the national park. And I’ll even let you know any time any location on my list today accepts our convenient digital GiftYa gift cards!

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The Home Depot

A Great Place Near Zion National Park to Stock Up!

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725 W Telegraph St | Washington |

You might think of Home Depot when you think DIYs and home repair, but they have a fantastic range of outdoor supplies as well. Before you hit Zion National Park, double check to make sure you have all the supplies you need. From bug spray to sunscreen, you can find it at Home Depot.

Or if you need some while you are out on the road, you can even pick up some dog treats!

“This is the best service I have ever had at any Home Depot. Melody is the most helpful person ever. She really is a gem. I asked her lots of hard questions and she answered them. Allan was soooo polite. What a treat. Give that girl a raise :-)” - Yelp Review 

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Sportsman Warehouse

The Best Outdoors Supply Shop Near Zion National Park

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2957 E 850th N | St. George |

If you really forgot something important for your trip to Zion National Park, and the Home Depot doesn’t have it, do not worry. Sportsman Warehouse is THE go to location around Zion National Park to stock up on outdoor supplies. They’ll have far more than just bug screens and sun spray here. They’ll have everything you could possibly need. So you really can’t go wrong stopping in at Sportsman Warehouse any time you go exploring in Zion National Park!

“Good gear , cheap prices on ammo. Workers were very nice ( especially the older woman that deals with the knives ). All in all the place is solid. ” - Yelp Review 

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A Great Place to Grab A Quick and Nutritious Lunch

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180 N 3400th W | Hurricane |

If you’re looking for places to stay and things to do near Zion and you’ve got your furry friends in tow, my guess is that you’re planning to do some hiking in the national park during your stay. When it comes to fueling up before a hike or taking something along to eat on the trail, Subway is a great option. Just stop by in the morning before you hit the trail – it’s so much better to stock up on a delicious, protein and veggie packed meal early in the day than to get an hour and a half into your hike and realize that you left your provisions at home.

And you know what’s even better? A meal from Subway crushes down into a surprisingly small amount of trash, which means you won’t have to spend the rest of your day out in the park lugging a bulky bag full of trash. Just fold it up, stick it in a pocket, and help keep our national parks clean.

“This location is always clean! The servers have always been welcoming and friendly. This particular location really loads up the veggies! Everything is fresh and crisp. I recommend this location!” - Yelp Review 

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1 - Holiday Inn Express Springdale - Zion National Park Area

A Great Deal On A Hotel Room Right Near the National Park

Image courtesy of Holiday Inn Express Springdale.

1215 Zion Park Boulevard | Springdale |

If you are looking for a hotel that is close to Zion National Park, and is welcoming to your canine companion then you are in luck. The Holiday Inn Express in Springdale is pet friendly (with a fee) and it also happens to be very close to the entrance to Zion National Park. And on top of all of that, it is also one of the highest rated hotels in the area by customer reviews. So I can feel assured that they are going to give you an experience that is more bang for your buck than some of the options further down the list. And just like all of the hotels that are this close to the national park, it also features incredible views of the park and the mountains 

“Booked a hiking trip to Zion. The front desk people were very welcoming and friendly. Very fast and easy check in with clear instructions to access all amenities. Decent price for the standard room at the time, which included breakfast the next morning, which was a good standard breakfast.

The view from our room was beautiful and everything was very clean! My favorite hotel to stay the weekend in Zion.” - Yelp Review 

2 - Hampton Inn & Suites Springdale

Stay “Inn” with All Your Furry Friends at This “Suite” Springdale Hotel

Image courtesy of Hampton Inn & Suites Springdale.

1127 Zion Park Blvd | Springdale |

The Hampton Inn & Suites at Springdale would have made it to the very top of my list, but the Holiday Inn was closer to the park and also had a four and a half star rating from their customers. But that being said, the Hampton Inn us really more conveniently located if you want to check out any of the amazing restaurants or stores around the Springdale/Zion Park area. But to be honest you might not even want to leave your beautifully decorated room. Which are decorated to capture the look and feel of the beautiful canyon and mountains nearby. And as far as bang for your buck goes, after the pet fee, this hotel is going to have any an d everything you need to enjoy your stay while you are in the Zion area. 

“Great hotel! I would give it 4 stars for the views alone. It was clean, staff was friendly, and the amenities (breakfast [with packed trail snacks!], pool, hot tub, a grill, fire pit, outdoor fireplace, 24 hour gym, fridge, microwave) were phenomenal. A shuttle stop to the park is right outside the hotel. Restaurants are located in the same parking lot. I would absolutely stay here again if I return to Zion. A must stay.” - Yelp Review

3 - SpringHill Suites by Marriott

Book with One of the Most Trusted Names in Hotels in the Shadow of Zion National Park

Image courtesy of Springdale Marriott.

1141 Canyon Springs Dr | Springdale |

The SpringHill Suites by Marriott located in Springdale rounds out the top three on this list of great pet friendly hotels near Zion National Park. The reason it isn’t further up the list is because it’s a little bit further away from the entrance tot the park than some of the other entries on the list. But what you trade off in park access, you more than make up for with the beautiful hotel, the excellent rooms, and the friendly staff. 

But even if you are a little bit further from the park than at some of the other hotels on the list, don’t worry. You still get an amazing view of the mountains right from the hotel. So you can still enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the area at SpringHill. But even better than that is the fact that there is a shuttle available to take you over to the park quickly and conveniently. 

“Beautiful hotel nestled in front of a majestic zion.

Love the modern unique design that efficiently uses the space and makes it feel bigger.  With great furnishing and comfortable beds we loved our stay.

Breakfast was yummy with sausages fluffy eggs perfectly cooked waffles and great fresh coffee.

The location is further away from the entrance but a really close shuttle to take you there.

Pet friendly you do pay $75 but it was worth the beautiful accommodations.” - Yelp Review 

4 - La Quinta Inn & Suites at Zion

Super Dog Friendly In Every Way 

Image courtesy of La Quinta Inn & Suites Zion.

792 Zion Park Blvd | Springdale |

La Quinta Inn & Suites at Zion is another dog friendly hotel that you can find around the Zion National Park area. The great thing about La Quinta is that it provides plenty of room for your dog to also enjoy their stay. Not every pet friendly hotel is actually all that nice for pets to stay at. Most of them are just your regular hotel that just so happens to allow pets. But the La Quinta Inn actually has areas where you can take your dog outside and let them enjoy some of the fresh air around the hotel. And it also happens to give you a really convenient spot to take your dog outside to do their business when they need to.  Which really makes them one of the best spots to stay at if you are overly concerned about your dog’s comfort during the trip. If you are just planning to crash at the hotel and spend the rest of the day at the park there is a shuttle that will take you over to the parks entrance, so you don’t have to worry about finding parking once you're over there.

“Loved this location. Super dog friendly in every way. The rooms are big, the bathrooms are spacious, and there are several areas with grass for the dogs to lay or do their business. If you are a dog owner I would definitely stay here because the way it is set up makes you feel like you can walk your dog everywhere and not feel limited.” - Yelp Review 

5 - Pioneer Lodge

Don’t Let the Rustic Name Fool You – These Are Super COmfortable Accommodations

Image courtesy of Google Reviews.

838 Zion Park Blvd | Springdale |

If you couldn’t find anywhere else on the list for you and your canine friend to stay while you are exploring Zion National Park then be sure to give Pioneer Lodge a try. They are a 3 star hotel chain, so don’t go in expecting everything on planet earth from this place. It’s a small clean motel that features all the amenities that you will need for your stay. If you need a warm clean room to rest your head at night when you are tired from hiking and exploring all day. And listen I don’t want to undersell the place. It’s not like it’s some rag tag motel with no amenities. It also happens to feature a nice pool that you can use to soak your aching muscles after exploring Zion all day. 

“Was pleasantly surprised at how charming this little 3 star motel is! The rooms are so cute and rustic but nothing seemed too old. Everything was clean, the beds were so comfy, shower pressure was surprisingly great, and loved that it comes with a microwave and fridge. ” - Yelp Review 

There you have it dear internet reader. That i smy list of the best pet friendly hotels you can find around the Zion National Park area. I hope somewhere on this list fit your needs and your budget. But if not be sure to check out one of our other great list on things to do and places to stay around Zion National Park

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