Glamping Near Zion National Park

December 5, 2022
jason wolfe
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Camping is a great way to enjoy the outdoors for a night or so. It can be a great deal of fun when you share the experience with friends, family, and people who overall love spending time outdoors. There’s something about being out in nature that can really exhilarate your senses and make you feel alive. This process is often a tough and gritty one, but sometimes you want your time roughing it in nature to still be glamorous. And that is why you should go glamping. Glamping is like camping, only much more glamorous. It’s what you do when you want to have fun staying outdoors with a dose of luxury. So if you like a bit more glamor in your camping experience, read on to figure out how you can do this near Zion National Park!

Zion National Park is Utah’s first national park. It’s a nature preserve in southwest Utah characterized by steep red cliffs. It offers plenty of hiking, camping, and swimming opportunities along with much more. One of the biggest attractions in this park is a really large canyon. It averages over 2,000 feet deep and it is surely an amazing sight to see. There are many other cool areas of this park that visitors like to frequent, like The Narrows, a 30 foot wide area that’s great for hikers, The Subway, hikable but far more challenging terrain, and the Virgin River, where people can enjoy swimming. This national park is also surrounded by lots of nearby accommodations that make glamping possible. As long as you know where to go, you can have an amazing glamping experience at this park. 

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1. Under Canvas Zion

Luxury tents with awesome amenities. 

3955 Kolob Terrace Rd | Virgin |

At Under Canvas Zion, your accommodations might look like a tent, but inside it’s a bastion of luxury. You get the best of both worlds while staying in a large tent filled with all the luxuries you will need to really glam up your time in the forest. The experience will feel like staying at an upscale hotel, right in the middle of nature. There are several tents for you to choose from, ranging from housing two people to six. They even have a tent called the Stargazer tent, that is positioned to give visitors the absolute best view of the starry night sky. 

Each tent is about 300 square feet and offers a private bathroom. The beds come in all sizes and some even have kids tents along with the main ones. Alongside the luxury housing, you will also get some luxury accommodations. There is on-site dining available, so you get to enjoy five star meals while you enjoy nature. And you can also involve yourself in yoga, kid games, and live music.

“We had such a wonderful experience under the canvas! It was wonderful coming back to camp after a long day of hiking and having a real bed! Such a comfy bed. All the staff are super friendly and attentive. All the food was really delicious as well, and very reasonably priced. Also free s'mores kits! So much fun. Looking forward to visiting other under canvas locations!”–Yelp Review

2. Wildflower Zion Resort

Brand new destination with luxury accommodations. 

100 Kolob Terrace Rd | Virgin |

Wildflower Zion Resort is a glamping destination that is brand new and only minutes away from the entrance of Zion National Park. Your experience here will be like camping kicked up a few notches. Whether you’re an experienced camper or not, Zion Wildflower resort will make the experience feel so much better than average. They offer luxury bungalows with amazing accommodations, so even if you’re not used to camping, you will be just fine. With their air conditioning, full bathrooms, and feathertop beds, you will feel as if you’re staying at a luxury hotel, but then as soon as you step out, you get to enjoy the great outdoors! 

There are also different types of accommodations you can book at Zion Wildflower Resort. You can stay in a covered wagon, a canvas tent, or one of the private bungalows. Those come with microwaves, mini fridges, and everything else you’d expect from the traditional hotel room. The views and accommodations here are breathtaking, so don’t miss out if you don’t have to. 

“WOW. Wildflower was AMAZING. We stayed in one of the cabins with a king bed and couch. The inside was gorgeous with a beautiful shower and amenities. The mini fridge and microwave were a great touch since we used the communal grills. They have two fire pits to hang out and roast your complimentary s'more kit.”–Yelp Review

3. Land Beyond Zion

Outdoor space built for adventures. 

2455 S 1800 E Cane Beds | Zion |

Land Beyond Zion is a glamp camp that opened up back in April and has been providing customers a great experience ever since. It was founded by an adventure writer who knows what people need to have a fun adventure outdoors. They have a lot of space available for van life and trailer travel enthusiasts as well as places to stay for those without trailers. They aim to foster gathering spaces for like minded people to get together and enjoy themselves doing the things that they love in one shared space. 

They offer WiFi, an outdoor kitchen, and a hammock area. They also have a really cool bathhouse with a claw foot tub and an open air shower. You will also get to see one of a kind art while you’re there. This place is set up so that you can enjoy all kinds of beauty. And they host daily, weekly, and even month-long stays. So stop by and stay as long as your heart desires! 

“So many great hikes and adventure spots nearby! Bees Market is just a short drive from the property and had everything I needed (also a great view if you want to head to the top level for a pint!) I would absolutely recommend this space to anyone on a soul journey or just needing a space to escape and recharge.”–HiCamp  Review

4. Zion Glamping Adventures

Comfortable tents surrounded by fun activities to do. 

1545 N Water Canyon Rd | Hildale |

Zion Glamping Adventures provides a unique experience to all its visitors in a wonderful setting. In a peaceful cove in the middle of Hildale, you’ll find 21 cozy bell tents that are perfect for relaxing out in the wilderness. Surrounded by the Canaan Mountain Wilderness, the setting is beyond perfect. Guests get to have complete privacy in the midst of a beautiful outdoor setting. And it is pet and child friendly, so the whole family can come. 

At this glamping spot, you will have a one of a kind outdoor experience dining and sleeping under the stars. When you’re not relaxing in your tent, you can go do a number of fun things in the area. You can take trail, canyon, and horseback riding tours around the area as well as do a number of common camping activities. You can even have a buggy ride down to watch the sun set. Zion Glamping Adventures gives an opportunity for people to have a normal camping experience plus so much more! 

“What an amazing experience, our kids had so much fun and really enjoyed every second of "camping"! Bathrooms are well maintained and clean, hot showers are a plus after a long day hiking. Awesome location close proximity to Zion national park, coral pink sand dune state parks, Grand Canyon.!”–Yelp Review

5. East Zion Resort 

Mountainside resort with great views. 

490 E State St | Orderville |

East Zion Resort offers deluxe glamping spots at very affordable prices. When you go there for a stay, you get to enjoy a private hangout area with several great amenities. They offer picnic tables with chairs, a fire pit, and a charcoal grill. You can choose to stay in a tent at the base of the campground or above the hill. Either way you choose to go, you are bound to enjoy your time there. 

Even though you are enjoying the outdoors, at East Zion Resort, you get to have useful bathroom facilities. You will get access to a shared bathroom and shower facilities where shampoo and shower gel is even provided for you. And along with the showers and grills, communal areas also offer hammocks and yard games. Make your own breakfast or go with breakfast provided by the resort. East Zion gives you so many great options!

“OMG This resort is amazing!! We came in at night and were a little tired but seeing the yurt inside was just heavenly. It was quaint and styled. Like Instagram worthy. We got 2 king sized beds inside the yurt. 2! Both were so so comfy. Just what I needed after all the traveling. The bathroom was so cute as well! The morning after was wonderful! The views are incredible. I can't wait to go back.”–Yelp Review

6. Ponderosa Ranch

A lifetime adventure with luxury lodgings. 

Twin Knolls Rd | National Park |

On the east side of Zion National Park, you’ll find Ponderosa Ranch, a full service multi night destination that offers lodging, recreation, and dining. They offer 8 different lodging options, so you have plenty of great options to choose from. There is the glamping tent where camping is paired with a little bit of glamor, the deluxe glamping tent where you get a shower and a swimming pool, the conestoga wagon that’s just like the ones used in pioneer days, and private cabin suites. 

This ranch has been voted as “best adventure resort” and you will understand why when you spend time there. Along with lodging, they also offer guests more ways to enjoy their time outdoors. They will take you on guided jeep tours, slot canyon adventures, and even horseback riding. This place will guide you towards experiencing the adventure of a lifetime!

“Great place to stay! We stayed in a glamping tent. The beds were comfy and we enjoyed the restaurant. The food was good, and reasonably priced. There is also a breakfast buffet which we ate on all three days that we were there. We had a fire at night, a few drinks and loved the area.”–TripAdvisor Review

If you like your camping with a little dose of glamor, you should check out some popular glamping destinations. Spending time outdoors can be a bit more fun and comfortable when it's paired with several amenities you wouldn’t normally have. Zion National Park happens to be an awesome destination to enjoy some luxury camping. There are more than enough spots that offer luxury tents and cabins underneath the stars out there!


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