Your Ultimate Guide to the Best Pizza in Hurricane, UT - [2023]

From National Chains to Local Pizza Shops, Here Are the Best Places to Snag a Slice Near Zion National Park in Beautiful Hurricane, Utah

Greetings to you fellow internet readers. Today I have a list of the pizza places you can find in Hurricane, Utah. I’ll break the list up into two and give you a couple of popular national pizza places, as well as plenty of fantastic local pizza places that are hometown Hurricane businesses. I’ll link you to every pizza place's restaurant and Yelp page so that you can check out their menu and their pricing options for yourself. I’ll also be sure to give you the address you need to find your way to their front door. And on top of that, I’ll also throw you a link anytime one of these great pizza places accept our convenient digital gift cards!

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But enough about the brand. Let’s get to that list of pizza places in Hurricane, Utah that you came here for!

Great National Pizza Chains In Utah

1. Domino’s Pizza 

Popular Pizza Chain Around the Country With A Location In Hurricane

Grab a Domino’s Pizza  gift card by following the link!

410 W State St | Hurricane |

I’m guessing if you are searching for the best pizza in a city, then you are probably already familiar with the big national pizza chains. But I’ll take a moment to explain them quickly the best I can. Domino’s has pizza, pasta, and desserts they serve up in a fast food style. Now what you might expend in quality, you will make up for with affordability and convenience. Because Domino’s will have your pizza ready fast, and they’ll even deliver it for a fee. And I know everybody delivers with the delivery apps in the 2020s, but they don’t come close to the experience delivered by places that still have dedicated delivery drivers.

“I love this place I get delivery all the time from them and it's really good the people are nice and the food is good” - Yelp Review 

2. Papa John’s

Another Popular Pizza Chain Near Hurricane

Grab a Papa John’s gift card by following the link!

954 N Commerce Blvd | Washington |

If you know what Domino’s is I’m guessing you are familiar with Papa John’s. But if you don’t know Domino’s I’m also gonna guess you aren’t familiar with Papa John’s either. They deliver much of the same stuff as Domino's, but in this writer’s opinion, their pizza is a little bit better than Domino’s. I know that’s anecdotal, but hey if I had to choose between the two, I’d choose Papa John’s, but everybody likes something different in their pizza so I wanted to have a couple popular delivery options on the list today. 

The nice thing about Papa John’s is that they make a wide variety of different styles of pizza, so if you have a picky eater in your dining party, they can probably find just what they are looking for at Papa John’s.

“BBQ chicken pizza, Philly cheesesteak pizza and garlic knots! Best pizza in the area!

Troy the manager was very friendly, fast with the order and does a good job!

Highly recommend this pizza spot” - Yelp Review 

3. Pizza Hut

National Pizza Chain Right Outside Hurricane Utah

792 S 3000 E | Saint George |

Pizza Hut is another popular national Pizza chain. I personally have not had Pizza Hut in a long time because there isn’t one close to me. But I have very fond memories of the Pizza Hut in my hometown giving out reading lists each summer and rewarding kids with personal pizzas after they read so many books. So I’ll always have a warm place in my heart for Pizza Hut. I can only hope their pizza has held up as well as my memories of them as a kid.

“Kind employees and quick service. Pizza was hot and delicious. Thank you so much for staying open later than everyone else and making dinner for my family and I. I will definitely come back to this Pizza Hut :)” - Yelp Review 

Great Local Pizza In Hurricane!

1. River Rock Roasting Co

Amazing Everything! (Including Pizza)

394 S State St | La Verkin |

River Rock Roasting Co isn’t specifically a pizza place. But they are so good at every single thing that they do, that their pizza still ranks as some of the best in all of Hurricane. And one thing I like about that is that you can stop in at River Rock Roasting Co, have a great pizza, and then a cup of coffee and a great dessert afterwards. 

You aren’t stuck with the same old same old menu that you get at every other pizza place. And the fact they have so much more menu depth really helps elevate them to the top of the list. Plus I never know when somebody is going to have a picky eater, or somebody with dietary restrictions in their dining party, so it always makes it easy to recommend a place with a menu as varied as River Rock Roasting Co.

Well that and the fact they have four and a half star rating with customers with over 1200 reviews in! 😯

When you have over 1000 reviews in, and you can still boast a customer rating that high, your business is doing something right. And it is for that reason I bent the rules a little bit to include River Rock Roasting Co. on the list. I know that it’s not just the food people love about this place, that’s not enough for a rating like this. They also have to have incredible customer service and fair prices to go with it. Which makes them really easy to recommend to you guys. I know they are going to deliver across the board. 

“Food was amazing!! I had pizza and my husband a burger. Even bought a huge cinnamon roll and coffee beans to go.” - Yelp Review 

2. Dixie Pizza Wagon

Pizza So Good There Is A Wait List

Image courtesy of Dixie Pizza Wagon.

713 W State St | Hurricane |

If you are looking for pizza, and just pizza, then Dixie Pizza Wagon is going to be my choice of pizza place in Hurricane for you. They have a perfect five star rating with hundreds of reviews already. It was so hard to find a five star review short enough to put in the review part for them because so many of the reviews just go on and on about how amazing everything is.

And the craziest thing is, you don’t have to break the bank to eat here. Honestly, you might end up spending less than you do on Domino’s or Papa Johns. The pizza is very full and filling for the price you pay. There’s no paper thin crust at Dixie Pizza Wagon! And that is something I love to be able to recommend when I make these lists. 

Not everybody in America can afford to eat at the same places so I always like to have somewhere that is both incredible, and affordable at the same time. No matter if you only have $10 to spend on pizza or $100 to spend on pizza, Dixie Pizza Wagon is gonna deliver a delicious pizza that will leave you wishing you had room for another slice. 

“The BEST pizza hands down in the Hurricane area. Call way ahead of time to get your name on the list. The wait is  worth it!!!” - Yelp Review 

3. Riggatti’s Wood Fired Pizza

Best Authentic Wood Fired Pizza In Hurricane

Image courtesy of Riggatti’s Wood Fired Pizza.

28 N 300th W | Washington  |

Riggatti’s takes the process of crafting authentic Neapolitan style pizza very seriously. So seriously that they cook the hand made pizza in their handcrafted wood fired oven at 700 degrees fahrenheit. The only thing I have to warn you about is that Neapolitan pizza can be just a little different from what you are used to. See, it's a thin crust pizza made with tomatoes and mozzarella. 

But it’s so good that if you like the regular pizza you are used to getting then I have no doubt that you will enjoy Neapolitan style pizza as well. A regular pizza usually has tomato sauce, mozzarella, and pepperoni. So the ingredients to a Neapolitan style pizza are different enough to be unique, but not so different that it no longer feels or tastes like pizza. 

So if you are looking for pizza, but want something a little different, or a little more authentic, than your standard pizza faire then absolutely give Riggatti’s Wood Fired Pizza a try next time you are looking for a slice in Hurricane! You can’t really go wrong with having the most authentic Italian pizza you can find. And anybody who takes the pizza making process so seriously that they have their own hand crafted oven definitely knows what they are doing before they make that investment. 

“The food was absolutely incredible.

The Monday deal is overwhelmingly awesome.

Huge salad bar, with lots of options.

Pizza is amazing.

The atmosphere is super adorable.

Highly recommend” - Yelp Review 

4. Mainly Pizza

Low Profile Hidden Gem of A Pizza Place In Hurricane

545 N Main St | Leeds |

If you are looking for a laid back environment, and a great slice of pizza to go with it, then Mainly Pizza is going to be the place for you. They haven’t been around for too long. In fact they only have 8 customer reviews posted. But every single one of those reviews is a perfect five star review. 

So I feel really good about recommending Mainly Pizza because it’s always great to see a good new business thrive and grow. So I’m happy to recommend a small pizza place that is making out of this world pizza. Even if the world doesn’t know it just yet. 

“You WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!  Fantastic service, food and atmosphere.  The owners run the place, take your order, cook it up and serve you.  I love the selection of local art available for purchase, as well!  Love it!” - Yelp Review 

There you have it. That is a list of a bunch of the pizza places you can find in Hurricane, Utah. It isn’t super easy to get a lot of menu variety in an article where I am writing about just one kind of food. But I figured the biggest difference in pizza is the mom and pop pizza spot versus the pizza at the big national pizza chains. 

So I hope splitting the list up like that helped you find what you were looking for as quickly as possible! I did manage to get some authentic Neapolitan style pizza on the list today as well as the pizza at the Rocky Roasting Co that specializes in a little bit of everything. So whether you are a party of one looking for a slice, or a family trying to take the kids out for a night of dinner, I hope there was something on this list that worked for just what you needed it for!

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