Need to Spend A Night In Hurricane Utah, But Don’t Know Where to Stay?

A List of All the Best Hotels Near Zion National park

Hello and welcome to my list of best hotels you can find around Zion National Park. I’ll be sure to give you the address to each of the hotels so that way you can find them with ease. And I’ll even link you to their website so that way you can check out their rates and availability ahead of time. And i’ll even let you know anytime on these great hotels accept our digital and convenient GiftYa gift cards 

As a reminder a GiftYa digital gift card is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. A gift card that functions just like every other gift card. It lets you make purchases at a participating bar, attraction, or store up to the face value of the gift card. However, unlike traditional gift cards. GiftYa digital gift cards come with a few additional benefits. For instance, unlike a traditional gift card, a GiftYa can be sent straight to your phone in seconds. That way you don’t need to deliver a GiftYa in person if you want to give it as a gift. You don’t even have to go to a store in person if you want one for yourself. You can just visit the GiftYa website and pick one up today.

Since GiftYa cards are sent directly to your phone you never have to worry about misplacing them or forgetting to take them with you. In most instances you are going to have your phone with you so in most instances you will have your GiftYa cards right in your pocket. In addition to that, your GiftYa also keeps track of the balance for you. Which is so much nicer than having to try to remember how much was left over on those antiquated plastic gift cards. I mean you can’t write it on them very easily so idk what you’re supposed to do if you don’t use the total value the first time? Just guess the next time you are in town? 

The Home Depot

A Great Place Near Zion National Park to Stock Up!

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725 W Telegraph St | Washington |

Bug spray? Check. Sunscreen? Uh-oh. If you get out to Zion National Park and find that you forgot some of your outdoor supplies at home, have no fear. Home Depot is known for its DIY and home repair supplies, but theory have a surprisingly good range of outdoors supplies as well. So if you forget something on your trip to Zion National Park this can be a great place to replenish your stock!

“This is the best service I have ever had at any Home Depot. Melody is the most helpful person ever. She really is a gem. I asked her lots of hard questions and she answered them. Allan was soooo polite. What a treat. Give that girl a raise :-)” - Yelp Review 

If you don’t wanna worry about carrying around cash while you are out camping and hiking you can grab a convenient digital GiftYa Home Depot gift card right here.

Sportsman Warehouse

The Best Camping Supply Shop Near Zion National Park

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2957 E 850th N | St. George |

If you really forgot something important for your trip to Zion National Park, and the Home Depot doesn’t have it, do not worry. Sportsman Warehouse is THE go to location around Hurricane, Utah to stock up on camping supplies. They’ll have far more than just bug screens and sun spray here. They’ll have everything you could possibly need. So you really can’t go wrong stopping in at Sportsman Warehouse any time you go exploring in Zion National Park!

“Good gear , cheap prices on ammo. Workers were very nice ( especially the older woman that deals with the knives ). All in all the place is solid. ” - Yelp Review 

If you need some supplies while you're camping around Hurricane, Utah, grab a convenient digital Sportsman’s Warehouse  gift card by following the link.


A Great Place to Grab A Quick and Nutritious Lunch

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180 N 3400th W | Hurricane |

I’m gonna assume that if you are looking for hotels near Zion National Park then there is a good chance that you are going to be doing some hiking on at least one day. And I personally find Subway to be a great place to stop on the morning commute to stock up on lunch supplies for the day. There’s nothing worse than getting an hour and a half into a hiking trail and realizing you forgot all your food at home. 

And on top of that, Subway also provides a surprisingly small amount of garbage for how much food you actually get. Which makes them a great choice if you care about keeping our national parks clean.

“This location is always clean! The servers have always been welcoming and friendly. This particular location really loads up the veggies! Everything is fresh and crisp. I recommend this location!” - Yelp Review 

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1 - Desert Pearl Inn

Amazing Views, Amazing Location, Amazing Story, Amazing Deal

707 Zion Park Blvd | Springdale |

So Desert Pearl Inn makes it to the top of my list on great hotels near Zion National Park for a few reasons. The first big reason is that it is right by the park with a beautiful view of the mountains. And then on top of that Desert Pearl Inn also has a universally positive feedback rating from their customers. They boast We a five star Yelp rating with hundreds of reviews in.

But then more than any of that, I put Desert Pearl Inn at the to pof the list because this place has such a nice story behind it. The owner Kent Palmer introduced his new wife Robin to Zion National Park when they got married. And they spent the next several years dreaming of moving over by the park and building the perfect destination that would enhance a visitor’s stay at the park. And after getting the land, and permits and zoning and everything else, they were able to have their first guest on June 1st of 1998. 

And the reason I love that story is because it shows that the owners really love this place. And you know when somebody has a real love and passion for a thing, you know they do an incredible job. And that probably goes a long way to explain all the countless five star reviews their customers leave behind. 

“Absolutely love this place! Spotlessly clean rooms, wonderfully helpful staff and a view of river and mountains you can't stop watching!” - Yelp Review 

2 - Cliffrose Springdale, Curio Collection by Hilton

Beautiful Hotel Minutes From the Zion Pedestrian Entrance 

Image courtesy of Cliffrose Springdale.

281 Zion Park Blvd | Springdale |

If you are looking for a really great hotel that is super close to the entrance to Zion National Park then the Clifforse Hilton in Springdale is gonna be just the spot for you! And the thing that makes this hotel amazing isn’t just that it has a convenient location or great rooms. It’s that the staff here is super friendly and helpful. They go above and beyond for customers time after time. Or at least they must because as I was researching the hotel it was one of the comments that I saw appearing over and over.  And I find that to be a really reassuring sign. There are plenty of really high end snooty hotels that have staff who come off a little pretentious and judgy. But that’s not something you need to be concerned with at the Cliffrose. You can put your mind at ease and just enjoy your stay.

“Lovely hotel, beautiful scenery, minutes from Zion pedestrian entrance, good food. The room isn't super big but sufficient with 2 queen beds. After hiking all day we slept hard like a rock.” - Yelp Review

3 - Under the Eaves Inn at Zion National Park - Springdale

Best Bed and Breakfast Around the Zion National Park Area 

980 Zion Park Blvd | Springdale |

I understand that not everybody who is looking for a place to stay around Zion National Park are looking for an over the top hotel that can accommodate hundreds of people. No, I'm sure some of you who are looking to visit the national park to unplug from the modern world are hoping to find something a bit more quaint and private for your stay. And if that’s the case then Under the Eaves Inn is going to be the perfect spot for you.

This cute little bed and breakfast comes with a private room and bath so you can expect plenty of privacy while you are there. And you will also be conveniently located to all shorts of restaurants and shops around the area. So if you don’t feel the need to be staying just minutes from the park entrance, then this is probably going to be the best hotel option for your private getaway to Zion!

“I can't even to begin to say what a wonderful place Under the Eaves Inn is! MAGICAL! Super cute, very clean. GET THE BREAKFAST. Oscar's has the BEST! We got to meet one of the owners, Mark. Very nice. He came down to check on us and make sure we had everything we needed. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!” - Yelp Review 

4 - Cable Mountain Lodge

A Wonderful Lodge Walking Distance From the Park 

147 Zion Park Blvd | Springdale |

I really think the Cable Mountain Lodge is the best all around bang for your buck. It’s onlyt a short walk from the entrance to the park. Which means you are going to spend a lot more time at the park each day since you don’t have to waste your time on the commute. There also happens to be small restaurants on the location so you also don;t have to worry about commuting to get dinner and breakfast each day. And on top of all of that, they also feature a pool and a hot tub. And if you want to go all the way with it, you can also get a full spa treatment for you and anyone else in your party if you want to. 

“Five stars for location, convenience, and amenities.

A two minute walk to Zion National park.  Great beer at the brewpub restaurant. We enjoyed the hot tub after a long day of hiking. Our room was very cozy and comfortable.” - Yelp Review 

5 - Holiday Inn Express Springdale - Zion National Park Area

A Great Deal On A Hotel Room Right Near the National Park

Image courtesy of Holiday Inn Express Springdale.

1215 Zion Park Boulevard | Springdale |

If you are looking for a hotel that is close to Zion National Park, but isn’t going to absolutely break the bank, then not to worry. The Holiday Inn Express in Springdale is not only perfectly nice for a multi night stay, it also happens to feature some excellent views of the mountains as well. 

“My wife and I stayed here while visiting Zion National Park. The desk clerk was very friendly when we checked in and our room was very clean and nice. The lobby of this hotel is small but beautiful and the views from the hotel are amazing. I would recommend this hotel when visiting Zion. It is very close to the main entrance of the park.” - Yelp Review 

6 - Best Western Plus Zion Canyon Inn & Suites

Another Hotel With Amazing Views Near Zion National Park!

Image courtesy of Best Western Springdale.

668 Zion Park Blvd | Springdale |

If you have tried all the other great hotels on the list today and couldn’t find a room, then I also highly recommend checking out the Best Western in Springdale. This is another option with incredible views that is only a few minutes walk from the park entrance. So you are going to be able to find exactly what you need at a fair price at this Best Western.

“This was such an amazing hotel! The VIEWS were unbelievable and it is literally less than 5 minutes from the Zion park entrance. The rooms were very clean and the front desk was so helpful! They even offered to upgrade my room for free without me even asking for an upgrade. This whole street has amazing stores, views and just everything was perfect for our first time in Zion!” - Yelp Review 

As always we’re busy adding attractions in Hurricane to GiftYa all the time but you can’t get one for Best Western Plus Zion Canyon Inn & Suites just yet. Check back soon.

There you go dear internet traveler! That is a list of the best hotels you can find around Zion National Park. There were a variety of different options on the list today so hopefully you were able to find something that fit your needs and your budget. But if you didn't find the place for you on this list, be sure to check out one of our other lists of great camping locations or cabins around the Zion area!

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