On A Camping Trip to Zion National Park, But Don’t Know Where to Stay?

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Hello and welcome to my list of the best campgrounds you can find around Zion National Park in Utah. I try my best to get as much variety as I can into these lists when I write them, but there’s only so much you can do when you are just writing about campsites. So I will try to let you know what is unique about each campsite.

I’ll also throw you a link to their webpage and their Yelp page when I can. And I’ll also give you the most accurate address available for each campsite so that way you can find it. I’ll let you know a couple of places you can use our convenient digital GiftYa gift cards to stock up on camping supplies before you head out into the woods!

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The Home Depot

A Great Place Near Zion National Park to Stock Up!

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725 W Telegraph St | Washington |

For anybody who doesn’t know Home Depot is a large national brand specializing in all kinds of do it yourself home repair. But they also happen to have a surprisingly good range of camping supplies. So if you forget something on your trip to Zion National Park this can be a great place to stock up on bug spray and sunscreen !

“This is the best service I have ever had at any Home Depot. Melody is the most helpful person ever. She really is a gem. I asked her lots of hard questions and she answered them. Allan was soooo polite. What a treat. Give that girl a raise :-)” - Yelp Review 

If you don’t wanna worry about carrying around cash while you are out camping and hiking you can grab a convenient digital GiftYa Home Depot gift card right here.

Sportsman Warehouse

The Best Camping Supply Shop Near Zion National Park

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2957 E 850th N | St. George |

If you really forgot something important for your camping trip to Zion National Park, and the Home Depot doesn’t have it, not to worry. Sportsman Warehouse is THE go to location around Hurricane, Utah to stock up on camping supplies. They’ll have far more than just bug screens and sun spray here. They’ll have everything from camps to tent stakes, to fire starters. So you really can’t go wrong stopping in at Sportsman Warehouse any time you go camping in Zion National Park!

“Good gear , cheap prices on ammo. Workers were very nice ( especially the older woman that deals with the knives ). All in all the place is solid. ” - Yelp Review 

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A Great Place to Grab A Quick and Nutritious Lunch

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180 N 3400th W | Hurricane |

I’m gonna assume that if you are camping near Zion National Park then there is a good chance that you are going to be doing some hiking on at least one day. And I personally find Subway to be a great place to stop on the morning commute to stock up on lunch supplies for the day. There’s nothing worse than getting an hour and a half into a hiking trail and realizing you forgot all your food at home. 

And on top of that, Subway also provides a surprisingly small amount of garbage for how much food you actually get. Which makes them a great choice if you care about keeping our national parks clean.

“This location is always clean! The servers have always been welcoming and friendly. This particular location really loads up the veggies! Everything is fresh and crisp. I recommend this location!” - Yelp Review 

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1 - Watchman Campground

Campground With An Amazing View Near Zion National Park

1 Zion Park Blvd | Springdale |

I put Watchman Campground at the very top of the list for one very specific reason. And that is that you get absolutely stunning views of the mountains and forest at this place. Now that view comes with a trade off. There are no showers located at this campsite so be sure to factor that into your trip plans. But if no shower isn’t a deal breaker for you then absolutely check this place out. I only get to post one picture per campground but there are tons and tons of breathtaking photos on Watchman Campground’s Yelp page so be sure to give them a look if you are interested

“Absolutely stunning place . Truly enjoyed the scenic views .. the trails and how easy it was to navigate our way around. Will be coming back !” - Yelp Review 

2 - Zion Mountain Ranch

A Great Ranch With Cabins Available for Camping

E Hwy 9 | Zion National Park |

If you or anybody in your camping party are animal lovers, be sure to check out Zion National Park. Not only are there quaint and cozy little cabins that you can camp in, you are also only about half an hour from Zion National Park. But the real upside to staying at the ranch is getting to see all the wildlife like horses and bison that roam the grounds. 

“Loved staying here! It's 5 minutes outside of the East entrance of Zion and 35 minutes outside of the south entrance at Springdale. The ranch has lots of activities and animals for all members of the family to enjoy. Has a restaurant onsite. The cabins were very clean and had lovely views!” - Yelp Review

3 - McArthur's Temple View RV Resort

Best Campsite Near Zion For RV Campers

975 S Main St | St. George |

Not everybody who camps wants to stay in a tent (or cabin) so for those of you who prefer to camp in style, not too worry. McArthur’s Temple RV Resort is going to be just the place for you near Zion National Park. They have everything you would expect at an RV camping site. Including all the hookups you will need to keep your RV running the way you like it.

“First time visitors here one night first stop on our way to Mt. Rushmore and Yellowstone. All the staff was very friendly and courteous. We will staying here on our return at the end of the month.” - Yelp Review 

4 - South Campground

Another Tent Campsite With Great Views

Zion Park Blvd | Springdale |

This is another great spot to camp if you are looking to rough it in a tent. While you will get all kinds of peaceful seclusion, that will come at the price of some of the more basic amenities a campsite offers such as showers or a dish sink. However, if you are willing to make that trade off then you can expect absolutely breathtaking views of the mountain from this campsite!

“incredible views, nice distance from town and a couple hikes. not the nicest camping amenities (no showers, dish sink, etc) but the view seriously makes up for it. definitely stay here if you can get a reservation :))” - Yelp Review 

5 - Clear Creek Ranch

A Campsite With Tons of Natural Greenery Near Zion

1 N Fork Rd | Odervile |

If you are looking for more than just views of the mountain, and want an actual landscape to explore, then Clear Creek Ranch is going to be a great campsite location near Zion for you. Be sure to check out their webpage or their Yelp page to see some of the other incredible photos of the grounds of the ranch. I can only pick the one. So I can’t really show you all the amazing views Clear Creek Ranch has to offer right here.  Not only do you get the peaceful grounds to explore, you can also expect plenty of friendly and hardworking people who will go out of their way to make your stay just a little bit extra special. But be warned, you will still want to bring sleeping bags and pillows. This isn’t a hotel so if you show up without any bedding you are gonna regret it!

“Beautiful place with a really, really friendly, hard-working, accommodating, inviting staff.  Basically opened their place up to us/other campers even though they were full. Great location, very close to the East entrance to Zion.  Reasonable drive to Bryce as well” - Yelp Review 

There you have it dear internet reader! That is a list of the best drive campgrounds I could find near Zion National Park in Utah. I hope I was able to help you narrow down the list of places you want to stay. There are plenty of other campgrounds near Zion, but none of them had the customer rating or views that the news on the list today offer. I tried to find a good mix of different offerings. So whether you are looking to camp in a tent, a cabin, or an RV, there should be something on this list that is going to work for you! 

And the great thing about camping near Zion National Park is that you get a lot of campsites with really incredible views in the area. So you get a little extra bang for your buck compared to most campsites. But if you decide camping isn’t for you, be sure to check out one of our other great places to stay in Utah


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