Need A Place to Crash Around Bar Harbor, Maine? Here Are the Best Hotels Near Acadia National Park

We’ve Got Everything You Need to Plan Your Day in Acadia, From Quick Bites to the Best Hotels to Call it a Night

Hello and welcome to my list of the best hotels you can find near Acadia National Park in Bar Harbor, Maine. I will provide you with a link to each hotel's website so that way you can check out the rooms and pricing options before you head out. Nothing worse than getting to your hotel and finding out the price of the room is all jacked up because it's tourist season. I’ll also give you the address to the hotels so that way you don’t get lost trying to find your way to them. 

I’m assuming many of you readers are from out of town and are just visiting to see the national park so hopefully you can just tap the address into your GPS app and find your way to the front door. And I’ll also let you know when any of these hotels or businesses accept our convenient digital GiftYa gift cards!

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If you decide to stay at one of these hotels, be sure to check out one of the great local options for a quick breakfast before hitting the hiking trails, or to grab a lunch you can take with you.

Here’s where to grab a quick bite before you head to Acadia.

Dunkin Donuts

A Quick Breakfast After A Night of Camping

15 Kingsland Crossing | Ellsworth |

There are a ton of Dunkin Donuts near Acadia National Park so you can find whichever one is convenient on your route. They make for a great breakfast you can have in the car on the way to the park.

“Great Dunkin coffee. They are super busy, but the line moved along steadily. It took about 10 minutes for us to get our order, with about 12 cars ahead of us. We enjoy their coffee rolls, as well as hot and iced coffee.” - Yelp Review 

Buy a Dunkin’ gift card on GiftYa


A Great Place to Grab Lunch After Camping Near Bar Harbor

4 Cottage St | Bar Harbor |

Subway is a great place to grab lunch before you head out hiking or exploring Acadia. Not only can you eat fairly healthy getting Subway, I also find that it minimizes the amount of trash you need to worry about when you are out hiking in the national park. Which just makes it all around easier to help keep the parks clean. 

“My husband got a good sandwich, quick and fresh. Staff was friendly. I enjoyed one of their cookies.” - Yelp Review 

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Now for the main event – the top hotels near Acadia!

1. Acacia House

5 Star Hotel Right In the Middle of Bar Harbor

Image courtesy of Acadia House.

6 High Street | Bar Harbor |

Acacia House comes in at number one on my list of great hotels near Arcadia National Park for one very simple reason. They have an outstanding five star rating from their customer and consumer base. And it’s for this reason that I put them in the number one spot. Not only are they delivering for their customers time after time, they are exceeding their customers expectations over and over again. 

Not only are the rooms great and the service top notch, there is also a complimentary breakfast that is out of this world. And I mean that. This isn't one of those hotels where they put out mini boxes of cereal and call it a complimentary breakfast. Nope at Acacia House it’s the real deal. And as such I have no reason to hesitate when I recommend them to you or worry that you won’t enjoy your stay there because apparently everybody does.

“Acacia House was amazing in every way! Ralph is the kindest man! Our room was clean and beautiful! The breakfasts were out of this world! We highly recommend this as a place to stay in Bar Harbor!” - Yelp Review 

2. Holland Inn

Amazing Bed & breakfast Near Arcadia national Park in Maine

Image courtesy of Yelp.

35 Holland Ave | Bar Harbor |

Holland Inn is going to discover all the quaint charm that you, or your significant other, loves about bed & breakfasts. That means they are going to have an amazing breakfast. Fantastic rooms with big cozy beds. A hospitality that is out of this world. Impeccable maintained property. Rooms that are spotless and clean. And on top of everything else, Holland Inn is going to consistently go beyond your expectations the entire time you are staying with them. I mean what else could explain their perfect five star rating?

“What a great find!  We came in late, and following Yelp reviews.  This place is VERY clean, modern-yet-homey, and adorable!  Right in the the heart of Bar Harbor, but it didn't feel it!  Nice gardens, grounds, quiet balconies overlooking a giant willow.  Wish I had more time to spend here.” - Yelp Review

3. Bar Harbor Grand Hotel

A Traditional Hotel Experience That Goes Above And Beyond

269 Main St | Bar Harbor |

If you are looking for a place that is less of a bed & breakfast and more of a traditional hotel, then the Bar Harbor Grand Hotel is going to be just the place for you. This incredible building is located right in downtown bar harbor so you know it’s a pretty reasonable drive from Acadia National Park. They have nice big spacious rooms. Clean bathrooms with hot showers and good water pressure. Big thick pillows on the beds. 

And even a pretty nice view of downtown Bar Harbor if you get a room facing the right direction. If you want the traditional hotel experience, but want it to go a bit above and beyond then Bar Harbor Grand Hotel would be my choice of hotel near Acadia National Park for you!

“A wonderful experience. We spent three nights in this very comfortable hotel. Room was clean, bed very comfortable, nice hot shower, great complimentary breakfast, and a very nice staff. We found it to be the perfect location as well. We will definitely stay here on our next visit to Bar Harbor l!” - Yelp Review 

4. Acadia Hotel

A Four And A Half Star Rated Hotel Near Acadia National Park

20 Mount Desert St | Bar Harbor |

The only thing that kept the Acadia Hotel out of the top three on the list today is because it has a four and a half star rating whereas everything further up the list boasts a five star rating. So on any other day the Acadia Hotel would be one of my top three recommendations for sure. However, it turns out there are just that many great hotels near Acadia and around Bar Harbor that a four and a half star hotel couldn’t make it to the very top of the list. But they obviously offer a hotel experience that goes above and beyond what you might find at your standard chain hotel. And the customers certainly seem to enjoy their stays. 

“Amazing stay! My husband and I just stayed for 4 nights and had a wonderful time. Very nice staff and the rooms were impeccable. I will say the best part was the breakfast every morning!” - Yelp Review 

5. The Bayview Hotel

Best Views of Any Hotel Around Bar Harbor, Maine

111 Eden St | Bar Harbor |

If the thing that makes or breaks a hotel for you is the view, then The Bayview Hotel is going to be my number one choice of hotel around Acadia for you. The thing is that the hotel is literally built right along the coastline. So not only can you expect excellent service and amazing rooms, you can also expect breathtaking views of the ocean during your entire stay. I mean it’s hard to beat a beach front view of the ocean no matter where you are staying, but if you are trying to stay near Acadia National Park then The Bayview has far and away the most breathtaking views of any hotel in the area!

“Excellent location overlooking Frenchman Bay in Bar Harbor. Rooms face the water.

Efficient, friendly, very informative staff.” - Yelp Review 

6. Hampton Inn Bar Harbor

Hotel Near Acadia National Park With A Quiet And Private Setting

Image courtesy of Hilton.

12 Norman Rd | Bar Harbor |

If the reason you are on a trip to one of our nations incredible national parks is because you are try to get away from the buzz and the hum of the modern world and spend some time with a clear head in nature, then I think the Hampton Inn in Bar Harbor is going to be the perfect spot for you. It is nestled back in a quiet little corner away from traffic and the noise of downtown bar harbor. 

This would personally be my number one choice of places to stay around Bar Harbor, but since this isn’t a list of my personal preferences, I couldn't justify putting a hotel with a four and a half star rating above a bunch of five star rated hotels.

“Great location with amazing views. Room was clean, service was good. Pay the extra for an oceanfront room and bring your swimsuit for the heated pool and jacuzzi . Hot tea available, fresh coffee and a restaurant on site” - Yelp Review 

That’s it for our list of hotels near Acadia National Park, Maine.

There you have it, internet traveler! That is a list of all the amazing hotels you can stay at that are conveniently located near Acadia National Park in Bar Harbor, Maine. It’s hard to find a ton of variety when you have to compose a list that is just about hotels, but I did my best to try to get some options into the list and let you know what made one hotel different from another. 

But if none of these hotels looked right for you, I would suggest also checking out our lists on great AirBnbs near Acadia, as well as our list on the best campsites in the area!

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