Movies In and Near Salisbury, MD

Salisbury, MD is a lively city close to the beach with great theaters close by.

Salisbury, MD is the county seat of Wicomico County. With a population of over 30,000, it is the largest city on the eastern shore, and it is constantly growing. It has made “top places to live” lists in the past, and part of that is because of its amazing location. It is not very far from the ocean and several beaches. It is especially close to Ocean City, a popular beach destination. 

Salisbury is home to many great places where people can enjoy themselves. It is home to historical City Park, the Salisbury Zoo, and the Salisbury shopping mall. It also has an amazing theater nearby many other great theaters that are worth visiting. The weather is also wonderful. Because of its location, Salisbury has a subtropical climate. They have hot and humid summers and cool and mild winters. It is a great place to visit and a great place to live!

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Regal Salisbury & RPX

This theater is bringing us some great movie viewing innovations.

This theater’s entrance lets visitors know that they have entered a place full of fun times. Image courtesy of TripAdvisor

2322 N Salisbury Blvd | Salisbury |

Regal Salisbury & RPX theater that shows all the latest movies after their premier. It is a movie theater chain with several locations all throughout the country. It is one of the largest and most geographically diverse theaters in the country. They have 514 theaters in 42 states that have 6,885 screens combined. Some locations include Guam, Samoa, and Saipan. They are committed to being the best place for anyone to watch a movie! 

This theater provides customers with a convenient and enjoyable experience. It is well equipped with the newest most cutting edge technology that makes watching a movie a dynamic experience. They offer RealD 3D, Imax theaters, 4DX, and more. In select locations they also have king size recliners in their theaters, which provide visitors with the ultimate relaxation. 

When visiting this theater, you can receive special promotions on top of everything else. You can subscribe to their app and sign up for an unlimited pass to see all the movies you want without any weekly limits. Regal is also working to completely change the movie landscape. They are pioneering ScreenX, which is a multi-projection theater experience that extends the screen to the auditorium walls. The audience will be surrounded by a 270 degree panoramic visual. It will be a thrilling experience and a new and revolutionary way to watch movies. 

“Wifey and I were in Salisbury last May for my daughter's conference track meet and decided to take in a movie (A Quiet Place) during the down time. Theater was clean, ticket sales were fast, plentiful parking, popcorn was good (though, like any theater it was ridiculously expensive), and the movie had no issues. I'd go back to this theater for sure.”--Yelp Review

The Clayton Theater

This theater gets very involved in fundraising activities. 

This theater is very unassuming on the outside, but can definitely serve up a good time. Image courtesy of Delaware Scene

2322 N Salisbury Blvd | Dagsboro |

The Clayton Theater is Delaware’s only single screen theater that is still in operation. This theater offers visitors an opportunity to see new movies in a charming hometown atmosphere. This theater makes for a fun experience for the whole family. They have concessions that include fresh popcorn, cold sodas, and a wide array of popular candies. They also offer friendly service as well as affordable entertainment. 

This theater gets involved with different fundraisers and special events. They are currently partnering with Delaware Deaf Senior Citizens to bring in this year’s Academy Award winning film for best picture. This showing will be taking place for just one week. A portion of all ticket sales will go to the organization. This organization is also raising funds for deaf people in Ukraine. 

People get to come early to meet the members of the DDSC and learn about their work with the local deaf and hard of hearing citizens. You can also purchase a chance to win one of their raffles. Every once in a while, they will be focused on a totally different cause. This theater is all about providing entertainment and giving back! 

“This place is so cool! The theater itself has old seats, old lighting, old everything. It's very cool and classic. The signage all appears to be original to the theater's opening in the 1940s. Just a fun time, can't say enough good about this place.”--Yelp Review

Flagship Cinemas 

This theater serves delicious hot foods that will keep you satisfied through a long movie. 

12641 Ocean Gateway | Ocean City |

Flagship Cinemas is a theater that operates from many different locations. It has headquarters in Boston, and locations in Vermont, New York, Massachusetts, Florida, and more. This theater offers guests the ultimate in comfort. It features power reclining seats, digital projection, digital surround sound, as well as a comfortable atmosphere. Aside from the regular concessions like popcorn and candy, you can also get hot foods like pizza and chicken tenders. They pride themselves in their identity as the “neighborhood theater” that serves the nearby communities with pleasure. 

This theater also offers some fun perks to their customers. They offer free movies for patrons on their birthdays. All you need to do is show a proper ID. They also offer perks to frequent moviegoers. If you visit a lot, at some point, you can get free movies as well as different discounts on tickets and other items. They also sell gift cards and even allow people to rent out space to celebrate their birthdays!

This theater also likes to focus on charity. They are dedicated to serving their local communities by providing great entertainment and also provide charitable donations when necessary. Their efforts are mainly focused on children and families. 

“This is by far my very favorite movie cinema.  The staff are all very friendly and helpful.  The theaters are clean, no sticky nasty floors here.  You always see someone sweeping the floors, which is amazing if you have ever been there on a rainy summer day (they're packed).  Popcorn buckets are a great deal, buy 1 for $15 and refill all year long for only $4 best movie popcorn deal around.”--Yelp Review

Sun & Surf Cinema

This fun theater sits right near the ocean. 

These people are fully prepared with enough snacks and drinks to strap in for a long movie. Image courtesy of Coastal Point

14301 Coastal Hwy | Ocean City |

Sun & Surf Cinema is one of three Fox Ccinemas. It sits in a great location near the ocean, which is the reason for the fun name. They offer different ticket prices for young kids and seniors, along with military discounts. There is even an option to purchase VIP tickets which have to be purchased in bulk. You will need to order 50 VIP tickets at once. They also let you rent out a whole auditorium for certain events. 

This theater even has a rewards program. You can enroll for free and earn one point for every dollar spent which will turn into rewards later on. A different number of points will earn you different perks. 100 points will get you free candy, 500 points can get you nachos with cheese, and 1000 points can earn you a free 2D movie ticket. And those are only a few of the perks you can earn. 

This theater is accessible for people with hearing impairments. They offer assisted listening devices for anyone who needs them, and on two days out of the week they offer movies with closed captioning. They offer comfortable reclining seats that are also heated! They offer great concessions and at other locations even offer a full kitchen and bar. You can even request donated tickets from this theater as long as you have a good reason for it. 

“This movie theater has transformed itself over the years. The chairs are comfy and spaced out and the theaters are spacious--which is great for social distancing. The popcorn is very good, and there are good concession choices. The staff is very nice and friendly, and it's nice to have a movie theater choice so close to the Delaware beaches and close to Ocean City. They even pivoted during the beginning of Covid and offered "drive in" movies in this parking lot!”--Yelp Review

Movies At Midway 

This theater is a good place to be when you want a fun time indoors. 

18585 Coastal Hwy | Rehoboth Beach |

Movies At Midway is a part of the Atlantic Theaters. It is an independently owned multiplex that brings all the hottest and most popular movies to Rehoboth Beach. They provide their guests with comfortable seats, high quality speakers and projectors, and stadium style theater layouts. They also provide handicap seating and assisted listening devices for anyone who needs it. They offer an escape from the outdoors, whatever the weather may be!

This theater offers the chance to buy gift cards. You can load any amount from $9 to $100 on the gift card. They can be used at the ticket booth and at the concession stand, but they can’t be used online. Tickets in general can be purchased online or in person. You can purchase tickets through their website and on their mobile app. 

Movies At Midway also offers the chance to rent rooms out for people to throw events. One option they offer is the Bring Your Own Disc package. With this package, you will use their facilities, but bring your own DVD to watch. The room can accommodate up to 100 people. You will need to bring a lot of your own snacks and drinks, but the theater will offer 2 tubs of refillable popcorn. Another option is the Matinee Package which operates somewhat differently. 

“A rainy day at the beach means it's time for a movie. They had a nice selection of movies to choose from. They have stadium seating which is nice. The seats are roomy and comfortable. One big surprise is that their boxes of candy are only $1 a box. That is NOT a typo. The staff is friendly. The only thing I would change is the lobby. It needs a makeover in a big way. On your next rainy day or date night or even girls night out this is a great place to go.”--Yelp Review

Salisbury is a great city that is constantly growing in population. It is easy to see why that is if you visit. The city is vibrant, fun, and filled with things to do. If seeing a movie is what you’re looking for, you can visit the theater in town or you can visit one of the nearby theaters. Each theater offers its own fun perks that you are sure to enjoy!

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