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When in Salisbury, your options for buying flower displays are plenty.

Salisbury is the largest city in Maryland’s Eastern Shore. It is one of the fastest growing cities at the moment. It is easy to see why that is when you learn that the city has plenty of unique shopping opportunities, many small family businesses, and a comfortable country atmosphere. It also helps that it is only a 30 minute drive from Ocean City, a beachside city lined with a boardwalk, restaurants, shops, and hotels. 

Salisbury has a lot to offer residents and visitors alike. If you need a florist, there are several great ones to choose from there. 

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Kitty’s Flowers

This flower shop has been meeting their community’s flower needs for over 70 years. 

This table looks so bright with a display of gorgeous pink flowers on top. Image courtesy of Wedding Wire

733 S Salisbury Blvd | Salisbury |

Kitty’s Flowers was opened in 1950. It was opened at first so that people could provide gifts of flowers to people in the nearby hospital it was established right next to. It grew into something much bigger over the years, and now has over four locations operated by their strong leadership.This shop has a vast selection of flowers and unique designs that delight customers. 

Kitty’s Flowers is all about forming strong bonds with their customers and providing them with flowers for many different occasions. They supply flowers for birth celebrations, prom, and weddings. Their team of talented designers, skilled salespeople, and awesome support staff will take care of all your flower needs and make sure any gift recipients are happy with what they’ve gotten. 

“Can't say enough good about the flowers and service we received for our 3 rd daughters wedding.  She loved her flowers so much that she literally cried. The people that set the wedding flowers up were quick at their work and didn't leave until we had seen and approved all that they had done. What a  pleasure it was to work with them.  So much so, that the following year, when our next daughter was married we wouldn't have considered anyone else.”–Yelp Review

Sonya’s Floral Boutique

This boutique prioritizes customer care. 

These would look great if used to decorate a space. Image courtesy of Yelp

917 Snow Hill Rd Ste C | Salisbury |

Sonya’s Boutique has been serving Salisbury since the 1990s. They commit to only offering quality floral arrangements and gifts that their customers can appreciate. They offer service that is prompt and friendly, so you’ll have a good experience and get everything that you need on time. They provide regular service to several nearby businesses and are always taking clients. 

This shop is a full service florist that can handle all of your floral needs. They carry silk arrangements, plants, fruit baskets, balloons, candles, and more. They specialize in providing services for weddings, funerals, and baby celebrations among other things. They do high-style floral arrangements, plush animals, and fruit and snack baskets. Whatever the occasion, Sonya’s Floral Boutique has you covered! 

“What a beautiful arrangement the family at Sonya's Floral Boutique provided for my brother's funeral this past week.  The staff were friendly, helpful and sincerely provided us care like only family would.  During such a stressful and emotional time in our lives, the folks there made our visit to their Boutique simple, efficient and memorable at an affordable price.  I highly recommend them for all your floral needs.”–Yelp Review

Jackie’s Flowers and More

This shop primarily handles weddings, but will take care of just about any special event. 

720 E Main St | Salisbury |

Jackie’s Flowers and More has supplied special events with flowers for over 30 years. As long as you simply tell them your budget, they will figure out the perfect flower design for your event. They specialize in weddings and have supplied many with what they need for a great atmosphere throughout the years. But although they often do weddings, they still handle the flowers for other types of special events. 

They provide their floral arrangements to weddings and events with all kinds of styles. They will tailor their arrangements to suit your style and your needs. They have some great examples of their past work on their website that will let you know why Jackie’s customers appreciate them so much. These photos are displayed alongside testimonials from past clients who had a great experience. You will likely have one too if you choose Jackie’s Flowers and more for your next event’s floral arrangement. 

“Jackies Flowers provided beautiful floral arrangements for Marina’s wedding at Green Hill. I mentioned how ‘real’ looking the table flowers were. I would highly recommend Jackie's Flowers to anyone who is planning a wedding. Jackie, you really gave us a truly elegant touch that we can remember.”–Facebook Review

Seraphic Blooming Co.

This small company is LGBTQ+ owned and operated. 

406 Liberty St | Salisbury |

Seraphic Blooming Co. is an LGBTQ+ owned and run company based in Salisbury. The two owners are a young married couple working on growing their business. They are dedicated to providing people with the highest quality flowers in the most sustainable way. They have been doing quite well at it, and attracting new clientele even through the pandemic. 

Seraphic Bloomin Co. thrives on working with the community around them and creating meaningful relationships with their customers. They like to celebrate all of life’s beautiful moments and will help you do the same if you get your next floral arrangement from their company! The owners are huge plant lovers and that will be sure to come across in their work. 

“Two absolutely amazing individuals came together to make such a wonderful company! I love what they stand for and the services they provide! The flowers are of the best quality, and always in such stunning arrangements! Best customer service from these two! Thank you!”–Facebook Review

William’s Market

William’s sells a variety of plants and foods to suit each season. 

All these plants will really liven up a room. Image courtesy of Business Yab

28474 Nanticoke Rd | Salisbury |

William’s Market has been locally owned and operated for over 26 years. It is focused on selling many different food items along with flowers. The owners are there to help you with your purchases all year round and will make sure that you leave with something that satisfies you. Once Spring begins, William’s Market will be filled with colorful flowers of many kinds as well as gardening accessories. They make it easy to decorate your home or a special event space. 

William’s has one of the largest gourmet food selections in town. They also have beer and wine that is domestic and imported. They even offer specialty items for every season. If you want to celebrate or decorate for the time of the year, William’s has got you covered. They offer colorful annuals during the spring, seafood during the summer, pumpkins during autumn, and trees for Christmas. Shopping at William’s is sure to be a unique experience. 

“I made my first trip to Williams Market yesterday. It was very nice. Employees were wonderful. I found everything I was looking for without having to shop in a large store. They will even bring your purchases to your car if you call ahead. They were reasonably priced and I will be making many more trips there. Food is also local which is a big plus.”–Yelp Review

Sam’s Club Floral

This store offers a wide array of things, including flowers. 

2700 N Salisbury Blvd | Salisbury |

Sam’s Club is a chain that happens to sell fresh flowers at some locations. At their Salisbury location, you can find assortments of bulk flowers in a wide array of gorgeous colors. They specialize in bulk bouquets, wedding flowers, and floral supplies. They also feature top rated flowers like hydrangeas, long stem roses, and painted flowers in bulk. These are all sold at membership only prices. 

Whether you’re planning a wedding or a baby shower, Sam’s Club Floral department has got you covered. And you don’t have to be a flower expert to care for your large arrangement of flowers, Sam’s Club will give you the basic information that you need. They have a floral care guide on their website to help customers make their flowers last. 

“Thank goodness this Sam's Club is close by. The area is very limited when it comes to grocery stores, so even though we buy in bulk going to Sam's it still works out. The store is very clean, the employees are pleasant and I've never gone in there where they have been out of something I'm looking for.”–Yelp Review

Bennett Farms Market & Garden Center

This market has a wide selection of foods, flowers, and furniture. 

With all these different plants, it's easy to find ones that suit your aesthetic. Image courtesy of Bennett Farms

27720 Ocean Gtwy | Hebron 

Bennett Farms Market & Garden Center sells produce and flowers that are freshly grown. Their owners like to stress the importance of fresh produce. They say that produce is always better when picked green and left to ripen on the way to the store. When you shop there for produce, you will know what really fresh produce tastes like and understand why Bennett Farms Market is such a huge fan of it. 

Bennett Farms Market sells a wide array of different plants. They offer them in many different colors and hold them in different planters and containers. Their produce selection is also varied. You can find asparagus, sweet corn, eggplant, onions, and potatoes among several other offerings. They also sell other types of indoor and outdoor decor, like furniture pieces along with various country themed items! You will be pleasantly surprised at all the things you can find at this market. 

“I'm generally a fan of these types of places. Some are hit or miss. This one is fantastic. You must go inside as well. Outside are large lighthouses. Not overpriced at all. Nice chairs brightly painted. Hanging plants and also plant hangers! Inside they have Ww candles. And fresh produce!! Lots of other decor as well.”–Yelp Review

Flowers Unlimited

This flower shop sells amazing flower displays alongside treats like cheese and chocolate. 

105 Pine Bluff Rd Ste 5 | Salisbury |

Flowers Unlimited is a flower shop that has been serving the Salisbury area for over 30 years. They offer customers the freshest flowers they can. These flowers are delivered straight to them every day. They are dedicated to serving up high quality products, beautiful designs, and excellent service. Their talented design team will fulfill your needs, whatever they may be. 

Flowers Unlimited provides flowers for many kinds of events. Weddings and parties are their specialties, but they still do a lot more. They sell flowers to display at events and also for people to give away as gifts. Along with their silk flower arrangements, they also offer wine and cheese baskets, stuffed animals, and gourmet chocolate among other things. You can always depend on Flowers Unlimited when you need a large or small display of flowers. 

“My little brother is going to prom this Saturday. I randomly googled where to get a corsage from and this was the first place that popped up. First time I went to this flower shop, there were so many beautiful flowers as you walked in. The lovely ladies were so nice and helpful with such a short notice on getting it done. I appreciate that. Thank you!”–Yelp Review

Salisbury is a city with a lot to offer the people that live there, and floral companies are one of those things. If you need a flower display for any reason, there are several places there that you can visit.

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