Eat Healthier With Vegan Options in San Francisco

There is nothing better than enjoying a nice romantic dinner with your significant other, or even going to brunch with some of your friends you haven’t seen in a long time. Sometimes to switch things up, you want to try and eat some healthier options, and eating a vegan meal is a great way to do that! By eating fruits, vegetables, and other delicious, natural ingredients, having a vegan meal can be perfect for avid vegan eaters, or even someone who just wants to try the food! If you’re looking for some good vegan food, here are seven of the best restaurants in San Francisco!

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Ananda Fuara 

1298 Market Street

Civic Center

Come try some vegan food that is made by a spiritual guru to bring positive vibes, and fill your stomach!

Try out some delicious vegan food that is made by a spiritual guru to ensure healthy goodness. Image courtesy of TripAdvisor.

Ever thought that you could go to a vegan restaurant that is run by a spiritual guru? Come by Ananda Fuara to experience some good food and just really what this restaurant has to offer! Sri Chinmoy, the owner and spiritual guru, is dedicated to provide a peaceful atmosphere at Ananda Fuara and even with the food that they serve. 
Ananda Fuara serves lots of delicious vegan options, and there is lots to choose from! They have gluten free banana pancakes and avocado toast for breakfast, and they even serve baked potatoes with mushrooms, broccoli, and onions as a great vegan option for dinner. They also have portobello wraps and mediteranean roll-up wraps that are great vegan options as well! Stop by Ananda Fuara today to enjoy a relaxing time enjoying some great food!

“This place is an amazing option for vegans! There's a lot of options on the menu, so I feel like it's a good place for a group of people too.” - Yelp Review

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Nourish Cafe 

189 6th Avenue

Inner Richmond

Enjoy some tasty 100% plant-based food to keep you happy and healthy!

Enjoy Nourish Cafe’s vegan food where their mission is to serve you 100% plant-based food and help you on your way to a healthier diet. Image courtesy of Hoodline

Do you want some awesome vegan food that is 100% plant-based and very healthy for you? Why not try Nourish Cafe located in Inner Richmond in San Francisco! Nourish Cafe uses some of the cleanest ingredients possible to provide the healthiest and cleanest food to their customers. They also use natural sweeteners and minimal oils to make your food tasty and even healthier!

Nourish Cafe serves lots of tasty vegan dishes that are perfect for any time of day. They serve avocado toast, veggie wraps, quinoa waffles, mediterannean toast, and even a yam and cheese sandwich! There’s nothing better than eating a meal that is full of sustainably healthy and local ingredients, so why not try out Nourish Cafe today!

“I like this place a lot! The tofu banh mi and the just egg sandwich are really good. Also, the sandwiches are really big.” - Yelp Review

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370 14th Street


Stop by to eat some delicious vegan sushi that will make your mouth water! 

Try out some savory vegan seafood at one of the best vegan stops in all of San Francisco! Image courtesy of San Francisco Chronicle.

Are you in the mood for some sushi? There’s nothing better than getting some shojin-style sushi at Shizen, a vegan restaurant in San Francisco today! Shizen is known for using locally sourced, all natural ingredients to create some of the healthiest sushi for its customers to enjoy! All of their sushi is made out of plant-based ingredients to make tasty dishes that don’t have to intimidate animal protein.

Shizen has lots of different vegan dishes to choose from that we know you will love! Some of these dishes include the avocado rolls, california roll, gobo maki, their own spicy “tofuna” roll, and even an avocado cucumber roll. They also serve miso soup, salads, and other great vegan selections to choose from, so come down to Shizen today and treat yourself to some great vegan food!

“The other rolls were unbelievably good. For being purely vegetable based, they really know what they're doing. The flavors were out of this world.” - Yelp Review 

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VeganBurg San Francisco

1466 Haight Street

The Haight

Try some 100% plant based vegan burgers at this vegan restaurant serving classic American fare food!

Are you in the mood for a juicy burger, but vegan-style? There’s no better place to go than VeganBurg San Francisco for some delicious 100% plant based American fare food! Image courtesy of VegNews. 

What’s better than a burger? A vegan burger at VeganBurg San Francisco, of course! VeganBurg is one of the best hot spots to go to if you’re looking for a fun, vegan restaurant to go to. Since 2010, they have been a 100% plant based vegan restaurant and they try to reassure their customers that a plant based diet isn’t impossible, and it’s even delicious!

VeganBurg has lots of delicious burgers to choose from that are healthy, and tasty as well! Some of their best-selling burgers are the avocado beetroot, creamy shrooms, smokey BBQ, Hawaiian teriyaki, and so much more! You can also have the choice to make your own burger with choosing your own sauces, toppings, and so much more! If you’re in the mood for some classic American fare food such as burgers, there is no better place to go than Veganburg San Francisco!

“This was hands down the best vegetarian burger I've ever had. I ordered the smoky mushroom burger, Japanese fries and seaweed fries (swear I ordered two fries by mistake :) - all of it was delicious.” - Yelp Review 

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Vegan Picnic 

1977A Union Street

Marina / Cow Hollow

Try out some tasty vegan comfort food that will make you a happy soul!

Do you want some comfort food after a long day? There’s nothing better than going to Vegan Picnic to experience the best vegan comfort food! Image courtesy of HappyCow.

Are you in desperate need of comfort food? With all of the options to choose from, we think that you should try out Vegan Picnic because ever said that vegan food couldn’t be comfort food? Vegan Picnic is known for its 100% plant based American comfort food with their own innovative and vegan take on burgers, fish fillets, and so much more!

Vegan Picnic has a lot to offer its customers, and whether they’re vegan or not, they will love it and find it delicious! They serve delicious food such as a crispy chicken sandwich, a meatball hoagie, grilled cheese, chicken and waffles, and even many different breakfast sandwiches. Sounds amazing right? No matter what time of the day, Vegan Picnic is the perfect place for you!

“I lOVE this place. Their food is delicious. The staff is friendly and quick to get your order processed.” - Yelp Review 

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Loving Hut Vegan Restaurant 

524 Irving Street

Inner Sunset

Protect the environment by eating 100% plant based food with all natural ingredients at this restaurant!

Try out some of the best vegan food around that protects the environment and is extremely healthy at the Loving Hut Vegan Restaurant. Image courtesy of Uber Eats.undefined

Come to Loving Hut Vegan Restaurant today for some tasty vegan food with a great message behind the company. Along with the great food, the owners and employees behind Loving Hut are passionate about serving healthy food that not only protects you, but also protects the environment. Loving Hut is one of the top places to go to in San Francisco for vegan sushi and other Asian favorites.

Loving Hut serves lots of delectable Asian dishes, such as pad thai, crispy mushrooms, chow mein, BBQ steam buns, fresh spring rolls, and even more. They also make their own wonton soup spicy tofu, and even vegan burgers that we know will make your mouth water. What better way to spend an evening then getting some great food at Loving Hut Vegan Restaurant with friends or family!

“Amazing spot. Best pad Thai I've ever had - vegan or non vegan. Super good vibes from staff too. Will definitely  be coming back!” - Yelp Review 

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Golden Era

395 Golden Gate Avenue

Civic Center

There’s nothing better than some great Asian-fusion food when coming to this restaurant!

Stop by Golden Era to try out some of the best Asian-fusion food in all of San Francisco that is vegan too! Image courtesy of TripAdvisor.

Do you want to try out some vegan Vietnamese food? Well, come and experience Golden Era today for some great food that is very healthy as well! Golden Era constantly evolves and adapts to fulfill the health needs of customers with providing locally sourced ingredients, 100% plant based, and high quality.

Golden Era has lots of delicious vegan options that are Asian-fusion, such as pad thai, spicy thai fried rice, papaya salad, mango sticky rice, avocado rolls, and so much more! They also offer lots of different kinds of soups and salads as well to provide a wider variety of healthy options to choose from! What are you waiting for? Come try some vegan Asian-fusion food at Golden Era today! 

“Service was quick and friendly! The portions were large, well seasoned and marinated. I'm definitely going back to try some vegan desserts. quick, the place is clean with lots of plants and a large menu.” - Yelp Review

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Trying to make the switch to become vegan, or even just trying vegan food can be tough when you don’t know what to get, or even where to go and try it. There are so many different vegan restaurants to go to in San Francisco, so we hope we were able to help you find the best one with the seven vegan restaurants around! Is there a vegan restaurant in San Francisco that we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments!

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