Spice It Up by Giving These Indian Restaurants in Scottsdale a Try

February 5, 2021
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Whether you’re new to Indian food altogether or just new to town and looking for some of the best places to satisfy that craving, there are an abundance of Indian restaurants in the area. Figuring out which one is going to be the best fit for you might be a little tough at first, but we like to think that it's always okay to shop around until you find what you’re looking for. If you’d like a headstart, we’ve come up with a list of some of the best Indian restaurants in the area down below!

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If every plate looks as delicious as this one does, we’re pretty sure we know where we’re eating tonight. Image courtesy of Udupi Instagram

1636 N Scottsdale Rd | Saddletree| udupiaz.com

One of the best secrets you’ll come to discover about Indian cuisine is that on top of bringing bold and delicious flavors to your palate, it can also very easily adapt itself to fit vegetarian and vegan diets. So, if you’ve been on the lookout for a new vegetarian or vegan restaurant in the Scottsdale area, look no further than Udupi.

Though its address is technically located in Tempe, Udupi is right on the border of Tempe and Scottsdale, so if you don’t mind making a trip to the outskirts of town for a delicious meal, you definitely won’t want to miss out on this one. Cooking up all of their food using the freshest possible ingredients, a meal here won’t just satisfy your cravings - it will also be healthy for you!

Whether you happen to be in the area or you’re just eager to try as much Indian food near you as you can, Udupi is a phenomenal place to get your vegan or vegetarian fix at an Indian restaurant - and there are so many different styles of Indian fare to try while you’re here! Be sure to try a bite of their Cauliflower Manchurian. 

“This place was so good and the service was above and beyond amazing. The owner is such a nice guy. He helped us order and showed us the correct way to eat our delicious food...We will return again and again.” - Yelp Review

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Indian Delhi Palace

Every meal at Indian Delhi Palace will be topped off with the perfect garnish. Image courtesy of Indian Delhi Palace Instagram

5104 E Mcdowell Rd | Dale Vista | indiandelhpalace.com

There’s something to be said about a restaurant that is still going strong after more than thirty years - and we think we can safely say that all of those things will be good. When they opened as the first Indian restaurant in Scottsdale back in 1985, the folks at Indian Delhi Palace had no idea what a huge success it would be, but they’re happy to still be serving you dinner!

Our favorite little factoid about Indian Delhi Palace: they weren’t just the first Indian restaurant in Scottsdale; they were also the first Indian restaurant in all of Arizona. Owned and operated by a tight knit family, this particular restaurant really prides itself on bringing you delicious Indian fare in an environment that feels like it could be your own dining room.

You can enjoy traditional Indian dishes you might already be familiar with such as tandoori chicken or tikka masala when you eat here, or go for something you’ve never heard of before like their palak paneer or vegetable korma. You might just find yourself itching to take a trip to India after this!

“The best Indian food ever. I feel like I'm going on a roller coaster ride when I eat here. The flavors take me up and down and round and round through India's spices and flavors. I love you, Indian Delhi Palace.” - Yelp Review

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Taj Mahal

Fresh ingredients and bright colors are the hallmarks of this particular restaurant. Image courtesy of Taj Mahal Instagram

4225 N Craftsman Ct | Old Town | aztajmahal.com

When you think of Indian food, the last thing that would probably ever cross your mind is whether or not your local Indian restaurant also ticks all of the boxes of a fine dining establishment. Entertain the combination for a minute and think: if given the opportunity, would you go to a fine dining Indian restaurant near you?

If the answer is a resounding “yes,” we think you should definitely make a trip out to Old Town to try the delicious Indian fare served up at the upscale Taj Mahal. The only place you would be able to walk into and experience more Indian opulence than you will here is the actual Taj Mahal in India.

Since that’s quite a distance away, however, we recommend trying out this local version before you commit to a whole day on a plane. If you still need a little more convincing, the folks here at Taj Mahal are very cognizant of different food allergies, so all of their entrees are free of things like gluten, wheat, eggs, and peanuts!

“Great dinner here tonight.  Our family tried four different main dishes and all were great but my favorite was the butter chicken.  And the caramel martini was off the hook!!!” - Yelp Review

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Jewel of the Crown

If you don’t have an array of curries to dip your naan into, are you really living? Image courtesy of Jewel of the Crown Instagram

7373 E Scottsdale Mall, Ste 1 | Old Town | jewelofthecrown.com

If you’ve ever seen a Bollywood movie and wondered if there was any chance that something like that could actually happen in real life, well, the answer is yes...kind of. The slightly aloof women protagonists you often see featured as an archetype throughout most of the movies isn’t that far of a cry from the personalities of some real life Indian women.

Babir Tuli, who runs the restaurant Jewel of the Crown in Scottsdale with her husband, may as well be one of these Bollywood protagonists. As the youngest child growing up, she wasn’t taught the same homebody skills that most of her sisters were taught because her parents wanted her to focus on her education instead.

But after she met her husband and fell in love with him, she quickly discovered that not having to work around the kitchen with her siblings had itsher downsides when he could barely swallow the meals she cooked him to show her love.

Babir was tenacious, though, and made it her mission to become one of the best cooks she could be - and she developed her skills so well that the most logical option going forward was for her and her husband to open up Jewel of the Crown when they immigrated to the United States!

“So delicious...Great service and ambiance. Full bar. The masala  and biryani are scrumptious and the samosa and naan amazing. Hands down the best Indian food in all of Old Town!” - Yelp Review

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Twisted Curry

The folks here at Twisted Curry are masters of spice! Image courtesy of Twisted Curry Instagram

7000 E Mayo Blvd, Ste 1076 | North Scottsdale | twistedcurry.com

When a restaurant has laid out a very specific mission that they strive to follow every single day, you know that you’re about to be in for a real treat when you visit them. At Twisted Curry, they operate under a mission containing their version of the Three E’s: explore, experience, and enjoy.

The folks behind this particular restaurant are all creative types first and business-minded people second. They love to channel their creative energy into creating Indian fare that is both delicious and unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before by combining flavors that so many other Indian restaurants would never even think of trying.

And for reasons they aren’t quite sure of themselves, their creativity seems to pay off every time, allowing people to experience a fresh take on Indian cuisine right here in Scottsdale. 

Part of what really sets Twisted Curry apart from a lot of other Indian restaurants in the area is that when they can, they always try to source any ingredients they can from local farms and vendors - and you can taste the difference!

“Ingredients were very fresh, cooked to order in front of me and the food was really good and flavorful. Very friendly staff also who took their time to explain the menu and answer questions. Naan was one of the best I ever had.” - Yelp Review

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Khazana Indian Bistro

Don’t settle for one dish - order a whole spread! Image courtesy of Khazana Indian Bistro Instagram

8140 N Hayden Rd, Ste H115 | McCormick Ranch| khazanaindianbistro.business.site

It’s just a fact that no matter where you go, there are going to be some restaurants that do hospitality a little better than the other restaurants around them. 

If you’re specifically in the market for an Indian restaurant that will make it feel more like you’ve been invited into someone’s home than a stranger who’s shown up unannounced, Khazana Indian Bistro is the place to be. 

While you’ll often find that there are varying opinions among restaurant goers when you read reviews, if there’s one thing everyone agrees about when it comes to Khazana Indian Bistro, it’s that they will always go above and beyond to meet your needs - and they’ll do so warmly.

Whether you have some special dietary needs or not, they’re always willing to make adjustments to the recipes on their menu in order to make sure you receive a meal that’s both delicious and good for your specific requirements. Stop in to experience all this yummy traditional Indian food today!

“Amazing food, great ambiance, and the staff is so kind! I have been frequenting Khazana since their opening about a year or so ago and each and every time the food is to die for. It truly feels like a home cooked meal.” - Yelp Review

Knowing where to look to find the perfect Indian restaurant for you isn’t always easy, but hopefully these options will give you a good start. Let us know which one is your new favorite in the comments down below!


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