Don’t Be Bored! Try out the Top 7 Things to Do in San Francisco With Kids

Are you looking for something new and different for your kids to do? Check out these seven fun places to go in San Francisco that your kids will love today!

Trying to keep your kids, grandkids, or even kids that you’re babysitting entertained can be difficult, especially if they get bored very easily, which is something that lots of kids tend to do. Sometimes playing video games, reading together, or even going outside and playing sports can get boring, so you need to spice things up a bit. In San Francisco, there are so many fun activities that are family-friendly that kids will love. Here are seven of the best ones that we could find that we think that kids will love!

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San Francisco Zoo

Bring your kids to see some of their favorite animals at this famous zoo!

Explore the San Francisco Zoo with your kids today to identify animals and be able to see some of the world’s most beautiful creatures! Image courtesy of San Francisco Zoo. 

Sloat Boulevard at the Great Highway | Lakeshore |

If you know a kid that is a huge animal lover, then you need to come and take them to the San Francisco Zoo today! The San Francisco Zoo is known for their diverse amount of animals, that range from amphibians, birds, reptiles, mammals, and much more. There is so much stuff that kids can learn at zoos and the San Francisco Zoo even offers youth programs to expand their knowledge. Why not check out the San Francisco Zoo today with your kids!

“We really enjoyed the children's zoo since it was so interactive with the petting zoo. This was my first time as well as my daughter and we both enjoyed our experience.” - Yelp Review

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Randall Museum

Kids can enjoy nature, art, science, and even see live animals at this fun interactive museum!

Bring your kids to the Randall Museum with interactive activities, live animals, art, and more! Image courtesy of Randall Museum. 

199 Museum Way | Corona Heights |

Thinking about taking your kids to a museum for something different? What about the Randall Museum in San Francisco today! The Randall Museum is a great place for kids because the kids can become involved in different arts and science based on the unique Bay Area. They offer experiments, programs, special events, classes, and so much more that kids can get involved in to learn more about the nature and the area that surrounds them. Why not check out Randall Museum today, and did we mention that it’s completely free? Stop by today!

“This place has been on my bucket list for a while, and today I was finally able to take my son. There's so much to see and learn about, it was a wonderful afternoon well spent.” - Yelp Review 

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Aquarium of the Bay

Does your kid love the ocean? Come check out lots of amazing sea creatures today!

There’s nothing cooler than seeing sharks swim right above you. Check out the Aquarium of the Bay today! Image courtesy of Viator. 

PIER 39 Embarcadero & Beach Street | Fisherman’s Wharf |

Thinking about taking your kids to see some of the ocean’s most one-of-a-kind creatures? Why not take them to the Aquarium of the Bay today, a breathtaking aquarium with many species of sea creatures! If you want to see sharks, fish, whales, and other magnificent creatures with many different activities for kids to partake in, then this place is for you. Why not check out the Aquarium of the Bay today and experience walking through a tunnel of fish flying over top of you today!

“My girls were visiting & we took them to Pier 39 & we all wanted to visit the aquarium. Oh My Gosh we had a great time & the interaction with some of the small stingray & the lizard was Awesome!!! My granddaughter enjoyed the informative display of the sharks. The young Lady was quite knowledgeable & very professional & kind.” - Yelp Review 

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Ripley’s Believe It Or Not

Check out the oddities of the world with your kids for a unique museum experience!

The Ripley’s Believe It Or Not museum is perfect for kids to check out some of the oddities that the world has! Image courtesy of Ripley’s Believe It Or Not. 

175 Jefferson Street | Fisherman’s Wharf |

Are you looking for something more than unique to take your kids to? Well, we think that you need to check out the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not museum today and check out all of the different oddities that the world has! Here, you can check out different illusions, pose with the world’s tallest man, see a dinosaur made completely out of metal, and even get lost in a mirror maze. Why not check out Ripley’s Believe It Or Not museum today!

“Pretty good place for kids -- educational and factual, with just a few "mystical" oddities and these are labeled factually. Science wins here.” - Yelp Review

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Trish's Mini Donuts

Every kid loves donuts, so why not get them a bucket full of mini ones!

Donuts are delicious to eat and something that kids love, so make sure to take them to Trish’s Mini Donuts today! Image courtesy of Time Out. 

Pier 39 Concourse | North Beach |

Do you want to treat your kid to a delicious snack that you know they’ll love? Although it may not be the healthiest, treat yourself and your kid to a special day out at Trish’s Mini Donuts where you can get a bucket full of mini donuts today! Trish’s donuts are all made-to-order and have even been labelled the “best donuts in San Francisco.” Now that we mentioned this, you have to see for yourself right? Bring a kid to get some tasty donuts to indulge in at Trish’s Mini Donuts today!

“The last time I came here was 4 years ago, and boy are they still so tasty and fresh. If you are ever deciding between upgrading to a larger size, the answer is yes. 24 donuts seemed to be the perfect amount of mini donuts for 2 people. 12 would definitely not have been enough.” - Yelp Review

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Musée Mécanique

Come explore a museum full of 20th-century penny games and artifacts to check out!

Come to Musée Mécanique today and play some 20th-century penny games, pinball machines, and check out some unique artifacts today! Image courtesy of AFAR. 

Pier 45 | Fisherman’s Wharf |

Are you thinking about a place to go to where your kids can play older games and have tons of fun doing so? Then make sure to check out Musée Mécanique today! Musée Mécanique is a family-owned and operated museum that is completely free and full of older 20th-century penny games, pinball machines, and so much more. For cash you can get a bunch of quarters to play games for hours, something every kid will thoroughly enjoy. Why not take your kid to Musée Mécanique today!

“This place is so FUN!  We went here twice in one week.  It's not expensive, most machines cost $.25 to play.  They have machines over 100 years old, as well as games from the 80's and 90's.  Admission is completely free and many of the older machines you can watch as someone else puts a quarter in.” - Yelp Review 

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Urban Putt

Eat some good food and then play an intense round of mini golf at this restaurant!

Come to Urban Putt where you can eat a tasty meal and then play a game of mini golf that your kids will enjoy! Image courtesy of Urban Putt. 

1096 S Van Ness Avenue | Mission |

Do your kids love mini golf? Well, why not take them to a mini golf course that is inside of a restaurant! At Urban Putt, you can get a delicious dinner with your kids and then play an intense game of mini golf. With black lights and a unique set up, your kids will thoroughly enjoy the time spent here trying to get a hole-in-one. Why not go to Urban Putt today for something different, yet fun to do with your kids!

“I've never been to an indoor mini golf spot, but this place is so cool. Reasonably spacious, and the holes are super cool and fun.” - Yelp Review

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Sometimes doing something different and exciting for and with your kids can be something that both you and your kid never thought you needed. With so many fun things to do in San Francisco from mini golfing, going out to restaurants, checking out zoos or aquariums, and even going to museums can be the new exciting things you need. Why not check out these top seven fun things to do in San Francisco with your kids today!

Is there somewhere or something that you enjoy doing with your kids that you love, but we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments below!

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