Pair a Beautiful Meal with a Beautiful View at These Restaurants Around San Francisco’s Sunset District

Unfortunately, a sunset doesn’t light up the sky all day long, but that doesn’t mean the views from restaurants in the area are any less fantastic!

Whether you’re just in the area for a visit or you actually live in the Sunset District, there are plenty of reasons why you might be looking for a new favorite restaurant to go to when you need a pick-me-up. With such a big area to search through, though, it’s not always easy to pick out the restaurants that would be best suited for you. That’s where we come in. Below, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best restaurants in the Sunset District.

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Dumpling Kitchen

Homemade dumplings are something that can actually be so personal. Image courtesy of Dumpling Kitchen Instagram

1935 Taraval St | Parkside |

If you’ve got a hankering for some carb-y comfort food cooked up with your favorite Chinese flavors, we know of the perfect spot on the outskirts of the Sunset District. With an address technically in Parkside but just a step away from the neighborhood we’re highlighting today, we couldn’t refuse the opportunity to talk about Dumpling Kitchen.

As a hub for all things doughy and Chinese-y, we’re pretty sure that if that’s what you’re in the mood for right about now, you’re going to love whatever you order here. (It also doesn’t hurt that comedian Ali Wong has nothing but the highest praise to offer to all of the staff here at Dumpling Kitchen).

You can find all of your Chinese favorites at this restaurant - from homemade dumplings to pot stickers to fresh egg rolls. And if you or someone else you want to share this meal with aren’t exactly eager for carbs and only carbs, well, they have some options for you as well, so stop in to get your Chinese fix!

“I love this place! We don't live in the city so when we get the chance to come here, we always over-order. I love their stir-fried rice cakes! I could eat those foreverrr! So much flavor!” - Yelp Review

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If a sushi restaurant doesn’t make every plate look as spectacular as this one, we’re not sure we want it. Image courtesy of Facebook

1283 9th Ave | Inner Sunset |

Outside of Japan itself, we’re not sure that there’s any state in all of the United States that makes sushi quite as delicious as what many restaurants in California can cook up. So, if you’re in the Sunset District area and looking to satisfy an unrelenting craving for sushi, look no further than Inner Sunset’s Ebisu.

Having been in business for over thirty years now, they have pretty much perfected the art of making their customers happy by whatever means possible. Just a step away from Golden Gate Park, you can stop in anytime from Monday to Saturday to get your fix of fresh sushi brought to you by Steve and Koko.

All of their fish is imported fresh from all around the world to provide you with a diverse menu that is sure to satisfy whichever craving has been plaguing you the most recently. They’re also known to be quite the set of culinary artists here at Ebisu, constantly coming up with new and improved ways to make the dishes they serve up look spectacular.

“The...sea urchin adds another layer of flavor to the oyster, and it was not as rich as I thought it would be. It reminds me of the sea urchin over rice that I had in an Izakaya near the Tsukiji market in Tokyo.” - Yelp Review

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Arizmendi Bakery

Sometimes you just want to spend all day munching on a fresh loaf of bread, and that’s okay. Image courtesy of Arizmendi Bakery Instagram

1331 9th Ave | Inner Sunset |

Sometimes you’re not quite hungry enough for an entire meal, but you find yourself in that all-too-common predicament of needing to eat something before you won’t have time to eat anything at all. And when that happens, it’s good to have options on hand that have lighter options to help tide you over until you can indulge in something a little heartier.

If you're in the Sunset District area and looking for something with light options to snack on, look no further than Arizmendi Bakery, where the entire concept of their restaurant is based around baked goods. Whether you’re looking for a fresh loaf to munch on as you make your way to your next destination or a pastry to be your sweet treat for the week, they have it all.

Even better: they also understand that with a diverse clientele, not everyone who stops by is going to be operating on the same level of hunger - and that’s why they’ve even started offering a limited menu of homemade pizzas. So, if you and a friend are in the area and one of you is more hungry than the other, you can both stop in to scratch that hunger itch!

“There are lots of ups and downs in life, but the one consistency there seems to be is Arizmendi Bakery-they just keep getting better and better! Perfectly located in upper Irving, where the breads and pizza can speak for itself.” - Yelp Review

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Crepevine Restaurant

Yes, there are crepes, but would you ever have guessed that their menu is actually much more extensive? Image courtesy of Crepevine Restaurant Instagram

624 Irving St | Inner Sunset |

Everybody deserves to treat themselves to a sleepy late morning brunch every now and again, and nobody in the Sunset District does it quite like Crepevine Restaurant. As a sort of local chain restaurant, you can find Crepevine Restaurants throughout different regions of California, and if there’s one thing they’re good at, it’s consistency!

Just looking at their name, you might think that the only thing they’d have to offer up is crepes, but their menu is actually pretty extensive! Whether you’re in the mood for sweet or savory crepes, an early afternoon pasta, or a salad made from some of the freshest ingredients possible, they’ve got a little bit of something to satisfy everyone on the menu here at Crepevine.

The folks here at this popular brunch spot believe in responsible and sustainable sourcing of their food, and that’s why they only bring in organic and fresh ingredients from local farmers, as well as cage-free eggs, hormone-free beef, and even fair-trade coffee to ensure that they truly are providing you with the best possible meals.

“Always enjoy the food there. The staff is friendly and great service. Come hungry because the portion is huge. Otherwise you eat half and take home for another meal later.” - Yelp Review

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Marnee Thai

If you’ve ever wondered if a restaurant would be good enough to make you want to visit an entirely new place to experience it in all of its glory, we might’ve just found the perfect place. Image courtesy of Marnee Thai Instagram

1243 9th Ave | Inner Sunset |

The next time you find yourself itching to travel but not quite sure where the best place to travel to next is, we highly recommend checking out the various cuisines near you to pick the spot with your favorite food. And if there’s any restaurant in the Sunset District area that will make you want to travel to the food’s country of origin, it’s definitely Marnee Thai.

Spearheaded by Chef Chai Siriyarn, Marnee Thai first opened its doors back in 1986, and it has been living up to its reputation of offering delicious food and impeccable service ever since. For many people, the food offered on the menu of this restaurant is the perfect opportunity for them to dip their toes into Thai cuisine if they haven’t already.

And what most people discover is that it’s some of the best food they’ve ever had. In fact, people love the food here so much that they’ve even cited Marnee Thai as being the driving force behind what encourages them to travel to Thailand to experience the food and all its authenticity in the country where it was born.

“Could not say better things about this place. Food is always excellent, always consistent. Fresh, dynamic, and so satisfying. By far my favorite Thai restaurant in San Francisco. Could not recommend more.” - Yelp Review

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Izakaya Sozai

Who knew that a bowl of ramen could look this pretty? Image courtesy of Izakaya Sozai Instagram

1500 Irving St | Inner Sunset |

There is no shortage of diverse cuisines to find throughout San Francisco, but if you’re looking for something with a little bit of fusion and a whole lot of flair to satisfy whatever you’re in the mood for, we know just the place. Right in Inner Sunset, you’ll find Izakaya Sozai, a fan favorite ramen restaurant that ties together ramen flavors from all around Asia.

While their greatest influence is traditional Japanese fare, they’ve also brought in a few traditional elements from other regions throughout Asia, such as China, Thailand, and even Vietnam. The bowls of ramen at this restaurant are crafted with a keen attention to detail to ensure that nothing remains unaccounted for.

From the flavors to the presentation, you’ll find that the delivery of every bowl that’s brought to your table is practically flawless. And even if not everyone you’ve brought along for the ride at this fusion restaurant is in the mood for ramen, they also have other Japanese options to help satisfy everyone, such as their tapas!

“Oh you know, just my favorite ramen spot in the entire nation. Upon doing some research, Izakaya Sozai seems to be the best ramen in SF. Thus far, I can agree. The broth is rich yet clean.” - Yelp Review

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San Francisco is a hotspot for cuisines from all over the world, but if you’ve been overwhelmed with your options and wondering where to start, we’ve got you covered. Let us know which restaurant hit all the right spots in the comments below!

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