7 Places Where Locals Swear You Can Find the Best Pizza in San Francisco

Pizza is a classic comfort food that always seems to be there for you at the right times. Whether you are hanging out with friends for a movie night or you need a quick lunch fix, pizza is almost always the perfect option to go for. There is no shortage of pizza parlors in San Francisco, making it easy to get your pizza fix in wherever you go. The next time you dine out, make sure you check out these popular pizza joints in San Francisco. 

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Marcello’s Pizza


420 Castro Street, Castro

Delicious and filling pizza perfect for sharing with friends

Photo of Marcello's Pizza - San Francisco, CA, United States. This will last me for 3days. lol
Throwing a small get together with friends? Don’t forget to order pizza! Image courtesy of Yelp

Since 1978, Marcello’s has served as one of the most popular pizzerias in San Francisco. All of their sauces and doughs are made from scratch daily. Their produce is also delivered fresh every day. Customers can choose from a variety of toppings for their pizza, including bacon, BBQ chicken, pineapple, and anchovies. 

Specialty pizza options are also available. If you’re a vegetarian, we recommend trying the Margarita Victor’s Way pizza, which is topped with fresh mozzarella, fresh basil, and garlic olive oil. The CKV and Udderless options are also perfect for vegan customers. Meat lovers need not worry, as Marcello’s also offers delicious pizza topped with hot slices of meat such as the Brad’s BBQ and the Scouty’s.

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“When you walk through the door of Marcello's, that classic tempting aroma hits you, reminding you of the pizzerias back east. The crust is just right and you can do the all-important New York fold, with your slice keeping its shape. (My fellow NYers know exactly what I mean.)  The sauce is perfect - a little sweet but not too sweet - and the cheese and toppings are great.” - Yelp Review 




37 Yerba Buena Lane, Financial District

Creative slices of pizza served in a vibrant atmosphere

Try the Margherita, sausage, and burrata pizza the next time you stop in. Image courtesy of Yelp

Delarosa is known for its fine selection of Roman-style pizza, small plates, and creative craft cocktails. Visitors also enjoy the restaurant for its laidback and unpretentious atmosphere. At Delarosa, guests can choose from a vast selection of pizzas. In the mood for a classic style pizza? Order the Margherita or the Margherita with burrata. If you are in the mood for more experimental slices of pizza, you’re in luck. Delarosa’s pizzas can be topped with a number of delicious ingredients including hot salami, spicy fennel, sausage, artichokes, and more. 

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“Great place for happy hour! My friend suggested to go here for Galentine's and we were not disappointed. We ordered all the food on the HH menu--the sausage pizza, the mushroom pizza, and the crispy artichoke hearts. Everything was fresh and delicious. Service was super friendly as well.” - Yelp Review


Capo’s by Tony Gemignani


641 Vallejo Street, Russian Hill

Classic Detroit and Chicago style pizza served in a vibrant atmosphere

Owner Tony Gemignani carrying a deep dish pizza fresh out of the oven. Image courtesy of Yelp

For authentic Detroit and Chicago style pizza, head to Capo’s by Tony Gemignani in Russian Hill. Capo’s serves their savory Detroit style pizza on four different types of crust: Deep Dish, Cast Iron Pan, Stuffed, and Cracker Thin. Everything from the Hawaiin Hit Man to the Red Top Margherita can come in a variety of styles. Their Chicago pizza is also made with Ceresota Flour shipped from a mill all the way from Chicago.  

“Always hated deep dish pizza... until I had Capo's. Called ahead but still worth the wait even after the call to start baking, for the glorious pizza to be ready.  Great service. All are welcome. Good prices and quality ingredients. When we dig out of COVID hell celebrate at Capo's.” - Yelp Review



3299 Mission Street, Bernal Heights

Popular San Francisco food truck that is known for its thin-crust pizzas

Order a Margherita pizza topped with fresh mozzarella, dry-farmed tomato sauce, and basil. Image courtesy of Yelp

Since 2009, Pizzahacker has served as a popular food truck and destination for some of the best pizza in San Francisco. All of its dough is naturally leavened while its sauce is made from scratch using dry-farmed early girl tomatoes from local farms. Their mozzarella is also made from local curd. In addition to its delicious pizza, the food truck also offers a fine selection of beer and wine. 

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“This a great spot for a cheap, quick bite! I came with some coworkers after a hard day at work and then if the Calabrian chili sauce is not enough to cheer you up, then the dino kale is for sure to lift your spirits For 6 people we ordered 3 pizzas (top shelf Margherita, short bridge, and a meatball special), and a kale caesar salad. The food was plenty for us.” - Yelp Review


Pronto Pizza


798 Eddy Street, Tenderloin

Bustling pizza place perfect for grabbing a casual dinner with friends

Sit back with a glass of cider and thin-crust pizza. Image courtesy of Yelp

Looking for a great deal on pizza? Pronto Pizza offers a number of specials perfect for sharing with a group of friends. The Explorer, which offers one large three-topping pizza and a liter of soda, is perfect for small groups. For larger parties, consider ordering the Sideline Snacks special, which includes garlic knots, mozzarella sticks, and wings. 

Pronto also offers a number of specials, like the BBQ chicken pizza, seafood pizza, and Mexicana pizza. You can either order pizza by the pie or the slice. Delicious calzones, sandwiches, and salads are also available in case you aren’t in the mood for pizza. 

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“I enjoyed the pizza. It was delicious and the toppings were plentiful. I got jalapeño, bell peppers, and red onions. This place is a proper pizza place, not some upscale bs pizza like other pizza places in SF.” - Yelp Review


Golden Boy Pizza


542 Green Street, North Beach/Telegraph Hill

Hip San Francisco pizzeria located on North Beach

The cheese and garlic and clam pizza ready for you on a platter. Image courtesy of Yelp

Since 1978, Golden Boy Pizza has attracted guests all over San Francisco for its immense sheets of savory pizza. In fact, we couldn’t blame you if you need to stop to take a photo for Instagram first. Guests can choose from a wide selection of pizzas and toppings, including cheese, sausage, zucchini, pesto veggies, and even clam and garlic. You can come with a group and order a full sheet or choose your own slices. 

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“The dough on the pizza here is perfectly soft and crisp at the same time. The clam pieces are quite small but scattered generously throughout, and the garlic pieces are huuge. I'm getting hungry thinking about it right now lol. This place is a Bay Area classic for a reason; definitely try it out if you haven't already :)” - Yelp Review


Del Popolo


855 Bush Street, Lower Nob Hill, Union Square

Creative and delicious pizzeria located in Union Square

Share a Margherita pizza topped with housemade sausage with friends. Image courtesy of Yelp.

Known for its enthusiastic staff and calming ambiance, Del Popolo has served as a prime pizza destination in San Francisco for years. Their creative specials such as their potato and house made sausage pizzas almost always leave customers full and satisfied. Guests can also select a number of unique toppings for their pizza such as salami picante, anchovies, and king oyster mushrooms. All pizzas are served Neapolitan style with soft dough and a blistered crust. In addition to their fine selection of pizzas, Del Popolo also offers an extensive wine and beer list. Rose, white, and red wines are served as well as delicious beers and ciders. 

“Ordered takeout and couldn't have been happier. The pizzas tasted no different than when we ate them in the restaurant. I was most surprised by the appetizer, which I thought "there is no way it'll look as good as the photo," and to my surprise, it arrived just like the photo. Definitely ordering from here again!” - Yelp Review 

San Francisco offers a vast selection of bustling pizza parlors to try out. What’s your favorite pizza spot in the city? Let us know in the comment section below!

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