6 Best Casual Restaurants for a Low Key Meal in Savannah, GA

Best Casual Restaurants In Savannah for Date Night, Family Dinner, or Just Because

Good day to you dear traveler of the world wide web. Err ummm… I guess I meant welcome dear smartphone owner. I didn’t just horribly date myself with that intro did I? Well even if I did, not to worry. Today I have a list for you of the best casual dining experiences you can find in Savannah Georgia. And since you ended up on this page, I am guessing that is exactly what you are l;ookinhg for. The good news, not only do I have a list of the best casual restaurants in the city, I will also provide you with plenty of information about the restaurant itself. This will include their address so you can find them when you get hungry. Their website, so you can check out their menu and prices ahead of time. And if they are participating with us, I will even note when a restaurant accepts our convenient digital GiftYa gift cards.

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The Ordinary Pub

Best Casual Restaurant In Savannah Georgia 

217 1/2 W Broughton St | Savannah | www.theordinarypub.com

The Ordinary Pub is one of those restaurants that is so good that it manages to show up across more than one of my lists of best restaurants when I am researching a new city. And that is because The Ordinary Pub just has countless and countless positive reviews left behind by their satisfied customers. But really the reason they are at the3 top of my lust on the best casual restaurants in Savannah Georgia is because they are right on the line between casual and high end. And I think that is really what elevates a casual dining experience over a mediocre dining experience. In my mind at least, a casual dining experience is one with a relaxed atmosphere, but a staff that still takes their job with the upmost sincerity and severity. And that is precisely what you will find at tTHe Ordinary Pub. 

Sure you are going to have all the staples and classics of your ordinary pub experience, but their bartenders and servers really elevate the experience to a level that will make you rethink what a pub can amount to for the rest of your days. They will give you the classic pub experience like it was being delivered by a five star restaurant. Which must be why their customers are always leaving behind those five star reviews

“Our food was amazing !  Cool environment in an old South Carolina building. Excellent Service. Awesome Saturday brunch. Did not drink but the specialty drinks are quite creative.
Must do on your lists of restaurants in Savannah” - Yelp Review 

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Savannah Seafood Shack

Best Low Country Boil In Savannah

116 E Broughton St | Savannah | savannahseafoodshack.com

Fast-casual is a concept that is often associated with pizza, burgers, and subs. And heck even some Ch9inese food and Mexican food is served up in a fast/casual style all across America. However, Savannah Seafood Shack is the only place to serve up seafood, especially the Low Country Boil signature dish in a fast/casual style 

So if you are looking for a casual dining experience in Savannah Georgia, but also are craving seafood, then Savannah Seafood Shack is going to be my pick for best casual restaurant for you to choose. And igf you don’t trust me just listen to one of their satisfied customers. 

“Service was excellent and the food was even better! My kids even enjoyed everything! Hard to find with the construction but worth the trouble.” - Yelp Review

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Treylor Park

Threads the Needle Between High End and Casual

115 E Bay St | Savannah | www.treylorpark.com

Treylor Park has appeared across my lust on the different types of best restaurants in Savannah Georgia. And the reason for that os that they just have a universal kind of praise from their customers and consumer base. And when a restaurant gets a four or five star rating every single time year after year, you know they are good.. And as such I feel perfectly comfortable recommending them as one of the best casual restaurants in Savannah Georgia. While the staff is enormously helpful and knowledgeable, they are also happy to let you have a quiet casual meal by yourself or with your partner for lunch or dinner any day of the week 

“Wow I love everything about this place. The ambiance the music, the whole scene. I only wish I had more time too eat everything on the menu. But the Monte Carlo and eggroll were the bomb. I would definitely eat here again, oh and the fries were very nice seasoned and hot, just like I like em. Go here if you're in town and you won't be let down.” - Yelp Review 

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Choose Quality Over Quantity at This Chill Spot From the Owners of Treylor Park

300 Drayton St | Savannah | www.treylorpark.com

Treylor Park was such a great restaurant that it appeared across all three of my lists on the best restaurants in Savannah Georgia. However, Treylor Park is only one restaurant of the owner’s four locations. And although Treylor Park was good enough to make it onto all three of my list, their other location, HITCH, was good enough to make it onto two of my list of the best restaurants in Savannah Georgia.

So let me tell you that it is with the upmost confidence that I recommend HITCH to you. I normally write about roughly 15 to 18 restaurants in a city. Never before have I seen one restaurant chain get five of the top restaurants the way the owner’s of Treylor Park and Hitch have managed to do. I recommend them 100% with no hesitation. If you are looking for casual, while still being absolutely delicious, then HITCH is the place for you. 

“Staff was helpful and very nice.Multiple locals recommended it so we opted to try it on our first night in town. 20 min wait turned into 5 on a Saturday night.The French Dip flatbread is TO DIE for.Caesar was delish. Had a bit too much dressing but that's never a bad thing for me. Great location as well.” - Yelp Review 

HITCH doesn’t offer GiftYa digital gift cards just yet, but check back soon because we are always adding best casual restaurant and attractions in Savannah!

Cotton & Rye 

Dining Room, Covered Patio, and Outside Eating Area

1801 Habersham St | Savannah | www.cottonandrye.com

Cotton & Rye comes down at number five on my list today. But that isn;t because there is anything in particular about Cotton & Rye that drags them down. No in fact, the reason they are this low is because this was a list of the best casual restaurants in Savannah Georgia and I think Cotton & Rye might be a bit on the gourmet side to be considering simply casual dining.

But that isn’t to say they won’t give you a top of the line experience. In fact  you can expect exp[ert customer service and hospitality at Cotton & Rye, but it might be a little but more done up then you think of when you think of casual so I left it down a few places on the list today. 

Unfortunately Cotton & Rye isn’t one of the best casual restaurant in Savannah participating with GiftYa just yet, but check back soon cause they might be any day now.

Huey’s On the River

Classic Southern Cafe In the Heart of Savannah Georgia

115 E River St | Savannah | hueysontheriver.net

The first thing to know about Huey’s is that they do not take reservations. So there is a good chance you will have to wait for a table because they stay pretty busy all the time. However, if yo udon’t want to wait for a table to o0pen up you always have the choice of sitting at the very comfortable bar area. 

Huey’ds On the River has been a staple of the casual dining experience in Savannah Georgia for over three decades. And while there has been plenty of good press spread through word of mouth, Huety’s has also inspired plenty of positive feedback online. Check out the one of the reviews from one of their thousands of satisfied customers. 

“I visited Savannah a few weeks ago and came to Huey's for brunch on a Sunday. It was excellent! My friend and i sat at the bar. Although the bartender was quite busy, she was still very attentive and friendly…. Huey's is right in the middle of the action on River Street, so if you're not open to sitting at the bar, then expect to wait for a table. I highly recommend Huey's!” - Yelp Review 

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There you have it! All the best rated best casual restaurants you can find in Savannah Georgia. Everybody has something a bit different in mind when it comes to what qualifies as casual. So i hop eoi didn’t put anything too upscale on this list for anybody. I mean there are obviously all the casual dining staples that are cookie cutter recreated all across the country, but I didn’t want to recommend you the same burger or sub that you can get in any other city. No, I wanted to make sure the list was composed solely of restaurants that are owned and operated in the Savannah Georgia area. There were no franchises or fast food on the list today because I honestly thought that would be a huge waste of your time. Instead I wanted to be sure to compi;le a list of local owned businesses so that way, not only can you feel good about a delicious meal, you can also use your dollar to help support the local diners and casual eating establishments in Savannah.

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