10 Romantic Restaurants in Savannah, GA You Can’t Help But Fall in Love With

Celebrate any date night or anniversary at one of these ten romantic restaurants in Savannah, Georgia to set the mood!

Hello, good day, or good evening and welcome to my article on the best romantic restaurants a person can find in Savannah, Georgia. Well you are in luck because today, I really had a mix of stand out restaurants with a different sense of style, food, and ambiance. So not only did I bring you the best romantic restaurants in Savannah, I also brought you a list that gives you a wide variety of options. 

I assume you are looking for a romantic restaurant because you have a big date or anniversary coming up. And since everybody’s significant other has their own sense of taste and style, I wanted to make sure I had a list that had a little something for everyone. 

I will give you the restaurant's address so you can find your way there, and I’ll even link right to their restaurant website. That way if one of them sticks out to you, you can check out what their menu entails, as well as what things are going to cost before you make reservations or order takeout. And if they accept them, I will even note which romantic restaurants in Savannah, Georgia accept our convenient digital GiftYa gift cards. 

In this article, we’re going to discuss:

  • The best romantic restaurants in Savannah, Georgia
  • Where you can find these amazing restaurants
  • An insider look on what Yelp reviewers are saying

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1. Treylor Park

It’s the best romantic restaurant In Savannah, Georgia without being too stiff or polished to be fun!

Treylor Park is a romantic restaurant in Savannah serving where you and your date can enjoy a relaxed dinner. Image courtesy of Instagram.

115 E Bay St | Savannah | treylorpark.com

Treylor Park is such an amazing restaurant that it made it onto almost every list of different kinds of best restaurants in Georgia. I’ve never seen a restaurant that is so universally beloved by the local community. But Treylor Park can boast endless positive reviews from their customers.

And listen, I know this is a list of the best romantic restaurants so you are here because you are looking for a great place to take a date. So let me say that you are not going to find a more knowledgeable and friendly staff than the one at Treylor Park. They will take care of you from the moment you walk in and will give you the best possible insight on what to pair with your meal and what on the menu really rises above the rest. 

It isn’t the absolute “fanciest” or “nicest” restaurant on my list today. But what it is, is a restaurant that I can guarantee will leave you feeling satisfied and relaxed by the end of the meal. The chill, unpretentious vibes are why it’s so popular with couples everywhere, whether they’re from Savannah or just visiting. Enjoy fun finger foods like gooey grilled cheese sandwiches and tasty tacos. You can even bring your pup along if you want to sit out on the patio.

Not everybody can go all out on a fancy dinner – or would want to – so for those of you who are looking for a place that is nice, while still being affordable, then Treylor Park is definitely my pick for a romantic restaurant in Savannah Georgia for you . 

“I couldn't have asked for a better meal and overall experience! I cannot recommend this place highly enough and Benjamin is the shining example of a perfect server!” - Yelp Review 

2. The Olde Pink House

Most endearing romantic restaurant in Savannah makes any date night feel like a big event!

If you’re looking for uniqueness when it comes to choosing the perfect date venue, then check out the Olde Pink House. Image courtesy of Instagram.

23 Abercorn St | Savannah | theoldepinkhouserestaurant.com

So the Olde Pink House isn’t just a great restaurant for lunch or dinner, it also happens to be a historic building that you can explore after your meal. It has a rich history that the servers and staff will be more than happy to divulge to you. I don’t want to give it all away here *spoiler alerts* and all that. 

But I assure you if you or your date are the kind of people who love having a great meal in an interesting place then The Olde Pink House is going to be for you. It’s beautiful, it’s historic, it’s delicious. 

If you are looking for a restaurant that gives off the feeling of being more of an event, than just your standard meal, then The Olde Pink House is my pick for you. This will be a restaurant experience you are sure to remember. And let’s face it, is there anything better for a romantic dinner together than one you know the two of you will remember for years? 

You can also stop in for an actual event, like their annual Derby Party each spring.

“An absolute staple of Savannah, the Olde Pink House needs to be on your "must do" list if you're visiting for the first time.” - Yelp Review

3. Rhett

Beautifully presented coastal cuisine for your romantic evening or brunch!

Rhett is one of the most romantic restaurants in Savannah where you can enjoy seafood and champagne with your date. Image courtesy of Instagram.

412 Williamson St | Savannah | diningwithrhett.com

Rhett is one of the newer restaurants on my list today. But even though they have only been around for a couple of years, they boast a four and a half star rating with nearly 300 customer reviews.

Rhett is located in the beautiful and historic Alida Hotel, which prides itself on keeping southern hospitality alive and well. Sip on champagne, enjoy fresh oysters, and enjoy the almost speakeasy-inspired flair while you and yours celebrate the bounty of the lowcountry.

“We came here for Brunch. The service was really good. No complaints there. Food was beautifully presented and tasted amazing.” - Yelp Review 

4. Elizabeth On 37th

The fanciest romantic restaurant In Savannah!

Romantic restaurants are in, and Elizabeth on 37th is a beautiful place to go to for your upcoming date. Image courtesy of Instagram

105 E 37th St | Thomas Square | elizabethon37th.net

Elizabeth On 37th is going to be just as fancy as it sounds like. I mean the place kind of looks like an important government building. There’s lots of columns and white marble. So you know you are going to be in for a very high class kind of evening. 

If you are really trying to blow your date's mind on your big upcoming date (and you have the spare pocket cash) the Elizabeth On 37th is going to be the romantic restaurant in Savannah, Georgia that I would pick for you. 

The only reason they’ve been bumped down a few from the number one spot on this list was the price tag on the menu. It’s a fancier spot, so the menu is going to run your tab a fair bit higher than several of the other restaurants here. In the name of accessibility, we put some more affordable options up top.

That being said, the food and the ambiance here will certainly impress. Locals love the double cut Berkshire pork chop and Harris Ranch pepper crusted beef tenderloin, so definitely give those items some consideration if you decide to splurge on an evening out at Elizabeth on 37th.

“The best meal of our trip to Savannah. The founder of this restaurant won the James Beard award and it shows.” - Yelp Review 

5. Vic’s On the River

Fresh seafood and jaw-dropping riverside views! 

Riverside views can be very romantic and fit any date night setting you’re looking for, so check out Vic’s On the River. Image courtesy of Instagram.

26 East Bay St | Savannah | vicsontheriver.com

Vic’s On the River is where you are going to want to go when you think of “white table cloth” romantic restaurants. They feature a beautifully lit dining room, but if you want to sit there you are going to need to make a reservation in advance. If you don’t have a reservation you might get lucky and find a seat at the bar, but beware because it is first come first serve. 

On top of having top notch service, Vic’s is also literally located on the river. So it features a wonderful view and plenty of fresh seafood. But it’s really the after-dinner ambiance that a walk along the river that Vic’s offers that made me add it to the list today. It’s a beautiful walk under a starlit night if you have the time for it. 

“Had a great seafood dinner here. We arrived for dinner just past 6pm and requested a seat at the bar. There was plenty of room. The bartender was great and made us great off menu drinks! Super happy.” - Yelp Review 

6. Wright Square Bistro

A simple venue for a date is sometimes the best, so pick a bistro with coffee, chocolate, and more!

Buy a Wright Square Bistro gift card

Wright Square Bistro is the perfect place for a lowkey date with your loved one in Savannah, Georgia. Image courtesy of Instagram

21 W York Street | Savannah | wrightsqaurecafe.com

With so many romantic restaurants out there, it can be hard to find the perfect one for you and your significant other. If you and your loved one are a quiet and lowkey couple that don’t like to do anything extravagant for a date, then make sure to put Wright Square Bistro on your list right away!

Wright Square Bistro is a beautiful American spot that offers the perfect lunch foods, such as wraps and sandwiches, but you can also go and get a cup of coffee and just enjoy each other’s time. This place also serves their own gourmet chocolate that you both won’t want to miss out on either.

The Wright Square Bistro is great for a simple lunch date with some chocolate involved too, so make sure to get a GiftYa gift card for it today!

“Great Cafe with fun specials and hilarious cocktail napkins for purchase. Would definitely recommend for a lunch stop off the beaten path.” - Yelp Review 

Buy a Wright Square Bistro gift card

7. Belford’s Seafood and Steaks

Nothing screams romance more than some high-end seafood and steak options!

Buy a Belford’s Seafood and Steaks gift card

A high-end, romantic restaurant makes for the perfect date night, so make sure to check out Belford’s Seafood and Steaks. Image courtesy of Instagram

315 W St. Julian Street | Savannah | belfordssavannah.com

If you’re thinking about treating your loved one to something truly special, then look no further than Belford’s Seafood and Steaks in Savannah, Georgia. This restaurant has been notably named one of the best in Savannah because of their award-winning crab cakes in Southern Living Magazine, and it’s a romantic spot perfect for any occasion.

Belford’s Seafood and Steaks offers a little bit of everything to their customers. We recommend trying out their award-winning crab cakes, along with she crab soup, filet mignon, ied chicken, pork chops, grit cake, crab benedict, or even their tasty seared scallops.

Don’t miss out on what Belford’s Seafood and Steaks can offer you and your date and get a gift card right away!

“Our experience at Belford's was the best service we had due to our waiter Alex. He was super friendly and was the reason we ended up buy more food and drinks.” - Yelp Review 

Buy a Belford’s Seafood and Steaks gift card

8. Chart House

Classy setting views can make any date night better, along with some seafood or steak!

Buy a Chart House gift card

Dinner with a view can make any date night significantly better, so take your loved one to Chart House in Savannah. Image courtesy of Instagram

202 W Bay Street | Savannah | chart-house.com

A great dinner spot in Savannah, Georgia that is one of the best spots for any date night, anniversary, or special occasion is Chart House. Chart House is a high-end restaurant offering extremely beautiful views of the waterfront and some of the freshest and tastiest seafood and steaks around.

At Chart House, it’s a guarantee that you will love the menu with all that they offer on it. You can choose from prime rib, she crab soup, mahi, crab cakes, clam chowder, swordfish, ahi tuna, chopped salad, oysters rockefeller, snapper hemingway, and so many other delicious seafood and steak options.

Make sure to check out Chart House for yourself and get a gift card through GiftYa for date night today!

“Food was wonderful! Loved the atmosphere indoors and out.  Wait staff was great! We were in Savannah for a week and this was one of our favorites!” - Yelp Review

Buy a Chart House gift card 

9. Bella Napoli Italian Bistro

Italian restaurants are the epitome of romantic restaurants, like this one!

Italian food is the best food for any date night, so make sure to check out the Bella Napoli Italian Bistro. Image courtesy of Instagram

18 E State Street | Savannah | bellanapolibistro.com

A traditional restaurant such as an Italian bistro is probably one of the best choices that you can make for a romantic restaurant in Savannah. One of the best ones to go to where the food is over-the-top amazing is Bella Napoli Italian Bistro and it is a place that is perfect for a lunch or dinner date.

Bella Napoli Italian Restaurant has a ton of incredible Italian favorites that you won’t want to miss out on. They include everything from their signature meatballs, pappardelle bolognese, bruschetta, manicotti, antipasto, veal saltimbocca, and a ton of other classic Italian dishes.

Get a gift card for Bella Napoli Italian Bistro for a romantic date with great Italian dishes!

“Bella is a true Italian restaurant from the old school! The bread with butter and/or olive oil was superb. The Caesar salad was authentic! We always make a point to eat at Bella's whenever in Savannah!” - Yelp Review

10. Husk

It’s not the South unless you’re eating some of the best food there!

Buy a Husk gift card

Husk is an incredible Southern food restaurant that offers a ton of comfort dishes in an upscale environment. Image courtesy of Instagram.

12 E Oglethorpe Avenue | Savannah | husksavannah.com

Whenever we think of Southern food, a lot of people tend to think about comfort food, but did you know that it can also be served in upscale settings too? If you and your loved one love Southern food, but want to check out an upscale setting with porch seating, cocktails, and great food, make sure to check out Husk.

Husk has some of the best Southern food in Savannah where you can enjoy the adorable patio seating and some great food. Come and try out the shrimp and grits, scallops, pecan tortellini, swordfish, coal roasted chicken, peel and eat shrimp, and other tasty Southern flavors.

Try out Husk and their incredible Southern food for date night and get a gift card for this restaurant today!

“We came to Husk for brunch to celebrate a friend's birthday and will be sure to eat here every time we come to Savannah from now on. It's that good.” - Yelp Review 

Buy a Husk gift card

Well there you have it, There is my list of the absolute best romantic restaurants you can find in Savannah, Georgia. I tried to compile a list that gave options across personal tastes as well as across income brackets. Not everybody can spend the same on a night out together, but I think everybody deserves a great meal on their special night. So whether it’s for your first date, or your ten year wedding anniversary, I am sure there is something on this list that is going to make your partner and your stomach very happy. 

Savannah is truly one of the most beautiful coastal cities in the country. With its manicured parks, horse-drawn carriages, and historic architecture there is so much to do and see in Savannah on your romantic night together. And remember, we are always busy adding new restaurants and attractions to GiftYa. So just because one of these restaurants doesn't accept our cards at the date of this writing, doesn’t mean you can’t grab one today. Be sure to check out GiftYa itself for everything we offer in Savannah Georgia.

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