You Think a Meatless Meal is Unsatisfying? These Top Vegan Restaurant in Philadelphia Will Prove You Wrong

If you’re craving plant-based and vegan-friendly fine dining, fast food, bar eats, and café fare, try out these top vegetarian restaurants in Philly.

Philadelphia is a steak-and-potatoes town. But apart from the city’s signature cheesesteak and roast pork sandwiches, something has been sizzling on Philly’s food scene lately. Vegetarian and vegan eateries of all types have been popping up every year, earning the City of Brotherly Love the reputation of being among the top vegetarian-friendly dining destination around the region.

Upscale diners can find delight in the shared plates at these top-notch plant-based eateries including those who want a quick bite with a more traditional touch. We are sure you may be planning to switch things up and try some vegan restaurants in Philadelphia for a change, so here are seven spots you should try.

If you’re a vegan, we understand that it can be difficult to find a good vegetarian food spot especially in a vibrant city like Philly. On top of that, you might be working with a tight budget, and eating out at a plant-based restaurant might quickly outgrow your budget. That’s where GiftYa comes in to ease the burden. They have partnered with local restaurants near you, to allow you to use virtual gift cards to help cater to a part of your bill. They are completely customizable and you can them whenever you want.


Upscale bistro serving creative vegan and vegetarian small plates in a historic yet charming setting

Source: Yelp

1221 Locust St, Philadelphia, PA 19107

Foodies – vegan or not, lunch or dinner at Vedge (the granddaddy of local vegan establishments) is always life-changing. Led by superstars of the local vegetarian dining scene, James Beard-nominated Chefs Kate Jacoby and Rich Landau, Vedge offers an exciting plant-based dining experience inspired by seasonal vegetables since 2011. It’s a perfect spot to grab a meal with family and friends or even end a long day of exploring the different parts of the city. The quality of meals here matches the charming setting inside a renovated historic mansion, complete with working fireplaces.

All the food here is excellent, but the carpaccio from portobello mushrooms, seared maitake mushroom, fondue from rutabagas, and wood-roasted carrot are some of our favorites. Fresh is the start of every dish at Vedge. While they have some signature dishes, the menus often change throughout the year based on seasons.

On the menu, you’ll find dinner specials such as The Vedge Bar that includes cold dishes and vegetable charcuterie for starters, The Grill that features richer selections, and the Dirt List that includes medium plates of single seasonal vegetables.

For dessert, don’t miss out on zucchini bread pudding served with sweet corn ice cream. The Happy Hours menu also shares a wide variety of seasonal ingredients plus the natural wines from 70 different producers, a creative cocktail list, and craft beers.

Miss Rachel’s Pantry

Classy storefront serving the best of Prix fix vegan menu on weekends plus lighter bites

Source: Yelp

1938 S Chadwick St, Philadelphia, PA 19145

Whether you want to reserve a large space for a special dinner or eat out alone, Miss Rachel’s Pantry offers the same all-inclusive combination of multi-course dining as well as a cozy atmosphere. If you manage to snag a seat at one of these establishments especially on Fridays or Saturday dinner treats, your reward comes in the form of a colorful, all-vegan multi-course meal.

Inspired by Chef Rachel Klein cooking, this pantry serves family-inspired vegan dinners such house-made cheddar wedges, fresh figs, whipped black pepper, toasted baguette slices, truffle ricotta, and more with approachable foods like Caprese sliders and cashew mozzarella as well as black metal pizza made with black ricotta cream sauce and activated charcoal crust.

Don’t forget to try out the red velvet cake filled with chocolate ganache and the crispy root cutlets topped with smokey butter beans, roasted maitakes, and served with spinach and oyster mushroom bucatini. While the menu at Miss Rachel’s Pantry is extremely customizable, they do their best to accommodate food allergies.

Charlie Was a Sinner

Swing by this vegan bistro and try their signature spicy tofu and other plant-based small plates in a sexy, dark setting.

Source: Yelp

131 S 13th St, Philadelphia, PA 19107

If you love having long conversions over super romantic bar food and strong cocktails, Charlie Was A Sinner is for you. Even the herbiest vegans would agree that the best way to enjoy a drink of wheatgrass is in shot form. Charlie was a sinner is the only place in Philly you’re bound to find a spiked wheatgrass concoction and a wide selection of plant-based bar food.

On the menu, you’ll find a variety of appetizing options such as the culture-rich vegan dishes such as the zucchini crab cakes and dishes simple dishes prepared from vegetables such as potato croquettes. Their signature selections such as the “Charlie’s Punch” which includes a daily selection of fresh juices, wines, and spirits, and “Beast of Burden” which include Brazilian banana liqueur, bourbon, Turkish fig, and sweet vermouth are a must-try.

Their sliders are also great and are served complete with tomato-jalapeno jam, crisped shallots, and a side of crunchy potato chips are among the best comfort food to order while you sip their favorite wine of the day.

If the appetizers are catching your eye, why not skip the large meal and order yourself an extra few for the table? It’s well worth it.


The perfect casual dining spot for healthful dine-in or take-out vegetarian dishes and mouth-watering smoothies.

Source: Yelp

127 S 18th St, Philadelphia, PA 19103

Health? Check. Vegetarian? Check. Fast? Check. This fast-casual spot in Rittenhouse delivers healthy vegetarian food. Plant-based salads are the main draw here but don’t forget to grab the crave-worthy chick’n buggers and chick’n nuggets, all of which are crunchy and perfectly seasoned to hit the spot.

The Ziggy burger is a classic here with smoked tempeh smothered in a flavorful sauce, while the Arugula Taco salad is a great selection for folks craving lighter fare on the go. The curry tofu wrap is a must-try.

The banana whip is a refreshing dessert to pair with your meal, especially when you want to relax on a hot weekend. While at it, pick the Buffalo Bella, which is a buffalo sandwich that replaces the traditional chicken patty with celery slaw and tomato as well as crispy portabella. Don’t forget to try the delicious sides that include spicy sriracha aioli and sweet potato fries. And wash it down with a vegan shake or smoothie or an organic kale lemonade and don’t worry about sharing!


Vegan lunch and dinner spot serving falafel with Dizengoff pita and tehina shakes in a laidback and vibrant atmosphere

Source: Yelp

1526 Sansom St, Philadelphia, PA 19102

What’s better than a sandwich but a vegan sandwich for that case! If this is you, be sure to stop by Goldie for some of the best falafel sandwiches in classic sauce, crispy falafel balls, and tehina shakes around Philly. But everything is great here but falafel got our attention. If you’re still hungry when you’re finished, their milkshakes are creamy, decadent, and delicious enough to make you come back for more.

Goldie goes out of the norm to provide a large choice of condiments such as Spicy Schug, funky Amba, or earthy Harissa. For the carb-conscious folks, they can skip the pita and go for the falafel salad with date-lemon vinaigrette. The best part is that all their vegan dishes offer health benefits that many non-vegan options lack especially for people with food allergies.

Bar Bombon

Try out Puerto Rican Dishes plus a take-out window for java, juices, and more at this snug spot.

Source: Yelp

133 S 18th St, Philadelphia, PA 19103

Are you a fan of all things vegan? At Bar Bombon, you’ll discover a restaurant that can do made-to-order fresh, plant-based meals with a Puerto Rican twist – and still make them as healthy as you might want.

Try the classics at this restaurant including the pumpkin spiced pancakes with cinnamon candied walnuts, cream ‘cheese” glaze, and spiced rum coffee reduction. Go ahead and order the egg torta served with smoked tempeh, red peppers, herb grilled bread, and gouda cheese. Don’t forget to try their delicious sides such as loaded breakfast yuca, organic tempeh bacon, Cuban black beans, traditional Spanish rice, and more.

If you’re in the mood for a cocktail, be sure to try the bloody mary, the house-made tomato juice, lime, and michelada that comprises a beer cocktail made with Negra Modelo, lime juice, tomato juice, and mezcal mist. The best part is that all these items can be prepared gluten-free upon request. Their hot drinks such as Coquito (a combination of white rum, vanilla bean, warmed coconut milk, and nutmeg) are also great to give you that midday energy boost you’re craving to get your work done.

P.S. & Co.

Get a taste of gluten-free and organic vegan classics at this upscale restaurant with an outdoor setting.

Source: Yelp

1706 Locust St, Philadelphia, PA 19103

Popular for its “pure sweets” that are also available to-go, P.S. & Co offers an extensive menu of café items, all of which are plant-based, organic, kosher, and gluten-free.

The rustic-chic Rittenhouse café, P.S & Co, combines a local bakery atmosphere with a cool, classy restaurant environment, so select what works for you and go for it. Whether you want to go out on a romantic dinner date or simply grab a slice of cake or juice for yourself, this restaurant has got something for you.

Stop by at this restaurant during the day and head over to the Waffle Club. Get yourself a sautéed veggie and baked tofu inside and a tasty waffle outside, and wash it down with their organic cold-pressed juices, smoothies, and wellness shots. You might want to try out their vegan cheese that is made of raw red pepper.

Cakes, scones, muffins, and more cakes are in plenty here with incredible flavor ranging from chocolate caramel and carrot to satisfy your appetite for delicious cakes. If you love avocado toast, you have to dig into their extensive options from nut & seed to a whole wheat bagel and select some toppings such as pico de gallo and jalapeno drizzle. Whatever you crave, they have everything to suit your preferences.

Finding your favorite vegan food in Philly is no longer a mystery. If you know where to look, you can find dozens of sizzling spots serving great vegan classics in this bustling city. Which vegetarian restaurant in Philly do you plan to visit next? Let us know in the comment sections!

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