7 Epic Philly Sandwiches and Wraps You Can Order Right Now

Craving some iconic sandwiches or hoagies in Philadelphia? Here are the places to go.

Philly is a city that loves great food. And it’s not hard to see when you try their mouth-watering sandwiches. The neighborhood has venerable deli counters, legendary take-out shops, and ambitious new spots scattered across the city dishing out epic sandwiches every day.

So, the next time you’re looking to get outdoors and grab a meal that doesn’t need utensils, grab your mask, and go enjoy these awesome sandwich spots in Philly.

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John’s Roast Pork

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14 Snyder Ave, Philadelphia, PA 1914 johnsroastpork.com

Cash-only joint serving iconic roast-pork sandwiches and cheesesteak!

Immediately you walk into John’s Roast Pork, you will of course get the sense that you’re entering a space that’s been making great sandwiches for a long time. This shoebox-sized sandwich shack on a corner of Snyder Avenue has been serving specialty dishes since 1930 and you will have fun enjoying the breakfast sandwiches including Italian sausage and eggs, hash browns and eggs, pork roll and eggs, cheesesteak and eggs, and more.

If you want something from the grill, make sure you try John’s Ultimate Cheesesteaks. They also serve roast pork specialty cheesesteaks such as sweet pepper cheesesteak, steak Milano with grilled provolone and tomato, and pepperoni cheesesteak.

If you’re here for lunch, try the lunch sandwiches such as fish cake and bacon lettuce tomato. You can also have roast pork or beef by the pound and don’t forget to add a side to accompany your sandwich!

Middle Child

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248 S 11th St, Philadelphia, PA 19107 middlechildphilly.com

Casual nook to grab daytime eats inspired by classic diners and delis, including pantry items to take home!

Middle Child is another iconic sandwich shop in Philly and diners rave about their extra fluffy eggs which have been described as the best eggs in Philly. They serve breakfast meals, sandwiches, and salads prepared with only the freshest ingredients available.

When you come here, make sure you try the Shopsin Club, a house favorite sandwich stuffed with house turkey, sweet pickles, cranberry miso mayo, avocado, bacon, bibb, and ciabatta. Vegans can enjoy the popular Charred On in spicy tomato-miso dressing, fresh radish, olive tapenade, and smokey vegan mayo on ciabatta.

Breakfast sandwiches treats are also available with fluffy eggs, arugula, cooper sharp American cheese, and potato bread. Add some pickles or chips as a side and you will enjoy a delicious meal to push you the rest of the day!

Dalessandro's Steaks

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600 Wendover St, Philadelphia, PA 19128 dalessandros.com

Cheesesteak counter-serve spot that serves a local crowd with hoagies, steaks, burgers, and salads!

If you’re a cheesesteak aficionado, you will no doubt want to make your way to Dalessandro's Steaks. This counter-serve chain has been serving delicious cheesesteaks from their corner local for as long as anybody can remember.

Want to dress up your sandwich while eating in and add various peppers on the counter, from mild to scorching, then the team at Dalessandro’s got you. Legend has it that freshly cut ribeye steaks are fire with options such as pepper cheesesteak, pizza steak, mushroom steak, and more. If you love the chicken steaks, then there is plenty of white meat to enjoy. But we love the buffalo chicken cheesesteak with hot sauce, blue cheese, and American cheese.

The fun doesn’t stop there. They also serve mouth-watering fresh-cut hoagies whether you want Italian, turkey breast, or even the American cheese hoagie. You can also grab a mushroom cheeseburger or even a pizza burger to add to the mix. The best part is that you can also have some extra dressings of French, Italian, and Ranch options!

Famous 4th Street Delicatessen

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700 S 4th St, Philadelphia, PA 19147 famous4thstreetdelicatessen.com

Jewish deli serving ample portions and ‘20’s fair covered with famous faces and family photos on the walls!

This corner delicatessen has maintained its 20’s charm with its vintage white tiles and antique sign. That said, it has managed to maintain a Philly tradition, appearing in popular movies and serving prominent patrons including former president Barack Obama.

Famous 4th Street Delicatessen has become a staple of traditional Jewish cuisine. The menu is extensive and you will be glad to know that the meats are cured on-site, and desserts baked in-house.

Craving a sandwich, then go ahead and try their overstuffed delicatessen sandwiches including hot corned beef special, smoked turkey, hot brisket of beef, or the beef salami. All their sandwiches come with a choice of one side either potato salad, chips, macaroni salad, coleslaw, cucumber and onion salad. They also serve hot open sandwiches with plenty of toppings.

Apart from sandwiches, you can also enjoy some traditional favorites such as roasted chicken, corned beef and cabbage, combo salad platter, or Romanian tenderloin with up to four side options. Don’t forget to try their savory desserts that are very refreshing after a heavy meal!

Woodrow's Sandwich Shop

D:\David\Top Sandwich Shops in Philadelphia – Images\Woodrow's Sandwich Shop.jpg

630 South St, Philadelphia, PA 19147 woodrowsandwich.com

Intimate urban sandwich bar offering hearty subs, brunch options, and salads, including outdoor seating!

Regardless of whether or not you want to order your cheesesteak whiz wit, this intimate spot just serves it the way you want it. At Woodrow’s Sandwich Shop, you might have a hard time picking a favorite dish because everything looks amazing.

Served with shave ribeye, caramelized onions, cherry pepper mayo, and truffle whiz, the restaurant highly recommends not ordering any other type of sandwich except Woodrow’s Whiz Wit. That said, don’t limit yourself and make sure you sample delicious options such as basil caper-marinated grilled chicken breast served with lettuce, onion, lemon aioli, and tomatoes. They also serve the popular honey mustard and onion grazed fried chicken, pickle, honey mustard, and pepper jack cheese.

Make sure you grab a side of house-cut Cajun fries, tomato soup, or truffle whiz to enjoy alongside your sandwich. Order one of their signature drinks to wash it down. They are quite refreshing!

Cosmi's Deli

D:\David\Top Sandwich Shops in Philadelphia – Images\Cosmi's Deli.jpg

1501 S 8th St, Philadelphia, PA 19147 ordercosmisdeli.com

Hearty portions of meat, hoagies made with local bread, and other toppings await you at this low-key nook!

If you have been at Cosmi’s Deli, you know that this tiny corner deli makes the best hoagies, cheesesteaks, and roast pork sandwiches in Philly. Choosing between a cheesesteak and a sandwich is the hard part at Cosmi’s.

Well, if you want a cheesesteak, then go for the award-winning Jacked Up Cheesesteak that comes with mushrooms, pepperoni, fried onions, green peppers, bacon, hot peppers, grilled tomato, and extra cheese. For the sandwich, you will have a great time enjoying the chicken fingers with marinara sauce sandwich combo with some sticks and fries or cheesesteak with BBQ sauce sandwich combo served with fries, chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, and onion rings.

They also serve delicious burgers including mushroom cheeseburger grilled or fried patty with cheese and mushroom on a bun. You can also try 2 double cheeseburgers with two 8 oz. patties grilled or patty fried with cheese on a bun. For wraps, the grilled chicken and roasted peppers with spinach and fresh mozzarella. Don’t forget to add a side of hash browns or bacon to enjoy along with your sandwich.

Ricci's Hoagies

D:\David\Top Sandwich Shops in Philadelphia – Images\Ricci's Hoagies.jpg

1165 S 11th St, Philadelphia, PA 19147 riccishoagies.com

Snug family sandwich shop popular for serving cheesesteaks and a long list of hoagies!

You might ignore this old-fashioned sandwich shop because it looks old school, but don’t let the looks fool you. They serve incredible hoagies, cheesesteaks, sandwiches, and other favorites. Make sure you try their Italian hoagie served with lettuce, super sharp provolone, Italian salumi, peppers, tomato, and ham on a seeded roll.

The chicken cutlet hoagie with roasted peppers, cheese, and chopped olives is also a great option to enjoy. Other options include American hoagie, roast beef, prosciutto combo, pepper ham, baked ham, or even the corned beef special.

If you come in with a squad, make sure you try the famous hoagie trays that include three, five, and six loaves with a choice of Italian or seem bread. All their hoagies are made fresh daily with the freshest locally sourced ingredients in town. You can call for takeout and delivery too.

Philadelphia has an endless array of unique restaurants and deli shops for all types of sandwiches, hoagies, cheesesteaks, and wraps for all taste buds. Finding the best can be difficult because they all serve incredible dishes, but this list will help you narrow down to the best that fits your needs. So, which is your favorite sandwich shop for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Let us know in the comments!

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