Craving Some Spicy Food with Just Enough Heat? Here Are the Best Caribbean and Cajun Restaurants in Philly to Get All That

From Jamaican-style curry goat to satisfying jerk chicken, here’s where to find the best Caribbean cuisines in Philly!

Philly is known for its tasty food, especially specialties like cheesesteaks and tomato pie. But the city also serves a variety of Caribbean and Cajun dishes. Ideally, Caribbean eateries fall into one of two camps: Jamaican or Puerto Rican. These unique restaurants are run and operated by Caribbean natives and it’s because of their hearty and innovative dishes that Philadelphians can enjoy the jerk-spice goodies and bubbling stews that make the food scene that much more exotic.

Whether you are craving crawfish, oxtails, or jerk chicken mild or hot spiced, hit up these Caribbean and Cajun spots in Philadelphia and sample their extensive menu.

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48th Street Grille

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310 S 48th St, Philadelphia, PA 19143

Casual, colorful spot serving Jamaican and Caribbean specialties plus burgers and pasta!

Caribbean food often features lots of seafood options, so why not come to the 48th Street Grille and try some? This full-service restaurant and catering spot located in the heart of West Philly uses fresh, locally sourced ingredients which represents a true taste of the Caribbean. Their unique blend of American and Caribbean flavors attracts customers from throughout Philly and beyond.

Feast on classic Jamaican dishes including curried chicken served with steamed white rice and braised cabbage, freshly cut oxtail with butter beans served with rice, red beans, and cabbage or curried bone-in goat served with steamed rice and braised cabbage.

Pan-seared Atlantic salmon with lemon-herb wine sauce toppings served with garlic mashed potatoes and green beans will leave you coming back for more. You can also one of their delicious sides especially braised cabbage, brown rice, baked macaroni and cheese, or sweet potato fries.

48th Street Grille is also BYOB for wine, champagne, and beer which will have feeling refreshed as you relax in the freshly done décor with sweet calypso music playing in the playground!

Jamaican D's Caribbean & American Restaurant

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1265 E Chelten Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19138

Classic Caribbean dishes and chicken wings await you at this laid-back bistro!

If you are craving some Jamaican fare with just the right amount of spices, then you should try Jamaican D's Caribbean & American Restaurant. Here, you will find classic Caribbean dishes and some American options like wings. Pair that with a relaxed atmosphere and a cold and the experience is a knockout.

The menu here is as you expected - extensive and full of unique dishes. Try out the jerk chicken, beef ribs, salmon, or curry chicken. Also, try family-style dishes such as sweet and spicy wings, fried barbeque chicken, fried whiting, or stew beef.

If you’re a seafood enthusiast, make sure you try their fried whiting or jerk salmon served with two sides. Order the collard greens, sweet corn potato salad, or mac and cheese on the side. It will be worth it!

Dezzy's Jamaican Restaurant

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4945 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19124

Enjoy a night filled with fun and delicious Cajun food at this upscale restaurant!

How about an upscale spot with a relaxing ambiance and extensive menu of Cajun food? This is what you find at Dezzy's Jamaican Restaurant. Located along Frankford avenue, this Caribbean spot serves a wide variety of fresh food including cornmeal porridge, oxtail, pepper steak, coco bread, curry chicken, pumpkin soup, mac & cheese, and mackerel and banana.

They also offer delicious seafood dishes including salmon, red snapper, tilapia, and curry shrimp. If you’re here for dinner, you will have a great time enjoying all the platters including jerk chicken, stew beef, cow foot, curry goat, and more – all served with a choice of rice and peas, steamed vegetables, white rice, plantain or salad. Don’t forget to grab some plantains and steamed cabbages on the side.

If you’re in the mood for a drink, Snapple is a great option to enjoy along with your main meal!

Quality Taste Jamaican Restaurant & Jerk Hut

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4002 Lancaster Ave #4000, Philadelphia, PA 19104

No-frills counter-serve spot serving Jamaican staples including curry goat, jerk chicken and oxtail!

Quality Taste Jamaican Restaurant is not your typical Caribbean-style restaurant – they add a unique Jamaican flare to their dishes. Here, you will find that every dish is made with fresh ingredients which makes the food so good.

At this restaurant, you can enjoy your chicken Caribbean style with delicious options such as jerk chicken with two sides, bread, or the BBQ jerk T-bone steak with an option of two sides. Seafood lovers will have a great time digging into the delicious jerk salmon that comes with two sides, or the pepper shrimp platter and honey hot glazed chicken. Steamed fish with potato, pumpkin, and okra with a side is also a great option to try.

Vegetarians can order the veggie platter with rice and peas, or vegetable rice on the side. They also serve garlic parmesan wings and BBQ jerk wings with a choice of two sides. Their platters and meals are enough for a group – so come hungry with your squad and share this delicious meal. You can even order their delicious soup and a drink to enjoy along with your platter.

Reggae Reggae Vibes

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517 W Girard Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19123

We know you’re craving some Caribbean food, but consider trying their signature natural juices!

If you’re craving Cajun food for brunch, lunch, and dinner, then you should try the options at Reggae Reggae Vibes. Here, you will find all the Caribbean cuisine you have been dreaming of and American cuisine with Caribbean twists. Patrons rave about the sweetness of the perfectly fried plantains served here – no wonder you will find long lines on weekend nights waiting to order some of these wonderful and flavorful Caribbean dishes. Their spices are sourced right from Jamaica, so you can bet on the flavors being authentic.

Not sure what to order, go ahead and try their signature entrees especially the Boston Jerk chicken marinated in the house signature jerk sauce and grilled to traditional Boston Beach standards. The flavorful Antonio brown chicken stew seasoned with homemade RRV secret island ingredients will have you coming back for more. You can also try their signature dishes like the Jamaican style fried sweet potato or garlic sautéed kale.

Taco Tuesday is a ritual here especially when you try the Jerk chicken cheesesteak or shrimp. Thursdays are for jerk turkey wings and Fridays are filled with BBQ short ribs and curry goat for folks to enjoy. On weekend, enjoy classics such as Jamaican sampler or Caribbean salad – a cool mix of lettuce, cucumber, tomato, carrots, and pineapple salsa served with your choice of dressing. It’s never a dull day at Reggae Reggae Vibes.

Little Delicious

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4821 Woodland Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19143

Cozy neighborhood nook popular for serving hearty portions of innovative Caribbean dishes!

When you visit Little Delicious, you will be drawn to the Jamaican food classics that are served in a laidback setting with authentic flavors that have existed for over decades. Grab the Jamaican-style plantains as they sell out quickly.

Also, you might want to try the ackee and saltfish served with dumplings and some banana or beef stew. Platters are also available on the menu and you can enjoy either a mini, small, large plate of stew beef or curry chicken, brown stew chicken, curry goat, or pepper steak. If you want additions, try the stew or fried fish, oxtails, mix platter, or veggie platter.

Be sure to grab some steam rice, white yams, Irish potatoes, beef patties or mac and cheese on the side. End the day on a high note with something from their fresh tropical juice bar – the watermelon juice will be a refresher after enjoying your platter!

Caribbean Delight

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1124 South St, Philadelphia, PA 19147

Creative island cuisines await you at this quaint destination with colorful murals wall decorations!

If having Cujan food for lunch or dinner will make your day, then you should make your way to Caribbean Delight. Serving innovative platters of authentic Jamaican cuisine since 1986, this nook is an ideal place to go for smoky, spicy jerk anything. The colorful, bright floor-through ceiling murals are iconic to look at and are complimented well by the smoky jerk chicken, spicy peas and rice, and beefy patties served here.

Popular items on the menu include island fare entrees such as oxtail, roti, jerk chicken mini, brown stew chicken mini, jerk wing platter, and curried goat. Specials such as pepper steak mini, vegetarian mini, and stew beef are also delicious options to try. Seafood lovers will love the brown stew fish, jerk salmon, steamed, or escovitch fish. Save room for some desserts like spice buns, rum cake, and sweet potato pie.

Cut your wait time short by calling ahead especially during peak hours!

Bet you’re craving some spicy Caribbean or Cajun food after a long day of work. We don’t want you to travel all the way to Jamaica to find the perfect Caribbean restaurant. This list of the top Caribbean restaurants in Philly will sure get you anything you want served Jamaican style. Whether you want some classic jerk chicken or unique oxtail, you will find it here. So, which is your favorite Caribbean restaurant? Let us know in the comments!

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