Best Bakeries in Philly for Indulgent Pastries and Savory Sweets

The next time you have a burning craving for something sweet, try these popular bakeries and chocolate shops in Philadelphia for a satisfying treat!

Is there anything as comforting as a perfectly baked treat on a cold morning? Whether you’re stopping by for your favorite cup of coffee and pastries or ordering a box of baked goodies and a croissant to take home, Philly has the best bakeries to get you going. From authentic French baguettes to new classics turning traditional buttery baked goods into rich vegan delights, Philadelphia has something for everyone who loves baked goods and sweet treats.

Here are the best bakeries in Philly where your sweet tooth will be satisfied.

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Haegele’s Bakery

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4164 Barnett St, Philadelphia, PA 19135

Family-owned bakery serving traditional German pastries as well as cakes for special occasions!

When you want to try something different, then we recommend going to Haegele’s Bakery. This old-fashioned German corner bakeshop serves authentic German pastries, a full line of handmade delicacies, and desserts all in the same fashion as their first generation.

Come in any day and enjoy delicious treats including fancy decorated cakes, bread and rolls, as well as doughnuts and muffins. They also serve plenty of Danish and fine pastries, coffee cakes, cinnamon sticky buns, fresh fruit cakes, as well as fruity butter cakes. Still, on the menu, you will find plenty of assorted pies, trendy jelly sticks, a full variety of cookies, cups, brownies, and more. All the items are made fresh on premises from scratch recipes that have made this a go-to stop for all your baked goods and savory sweets.

The menu also changes daily, weekly, and even seasonally so you can be sure to find something new every time you pop in. Some items are made fresh every day especially the sticky buns while others such as Fastnachts are made just once a year. Don’t forget to try some options on the German specials menu.

Essen Bakery

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1437 E Passyunk Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19147

Tiny Jewish-style bakeshop serving cakes, bread, sandwiches, cookies, and French-press coffee!

If you’re in the mood for some authentic Jewish-style baked goodies, then you should head down to Essen Bakery. Here Chef Toya du Plessis reflects her heritage by preparing only the fresh baked bread and pastries in town. Baking everything from scratch daily, this cozy neighborhood spot is dedicated to serving delicious and fresh goodies to satisfy your craving for baked goods.

They also serve delicious cakes, sandwiches, cookies, as well as French-pressed coffee. Toya du Plessis takes a more contemporary approach when it comes to preparing the Jewish pastries and locals are addicted to her chocolate babka laced with halvah, the black and white cookies tinted with a bit of orange zest, and delish bagels.

Any day of the week, you will find the chefs here making fresh pieces of bread, making sandwiches on fresh bagels, and grinding espresso beans, and packing buttery pastries. Come here on Fridays and enjoy delicious challah or sweets for Shabbat.

Stocks Bakery

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2614 E Lehigh Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19125

No-frills bakeshop popular for making pound cake, donuts, cookies, pies, and plenty of other sweets!

Fresh-baked pastry and treats are just beginning at Stocks Bakery. Maybe you also want something not too sweet and more savory to help stay satisfied until lunch. If this is you, you have come to the right place. Stocks is popular for their pound cake, but they also serve cookies, pies, donuts, and classic pastries to satisfy whatever craving you may have.

Don’t leave without trying their butter cake, chocolate chip cookies, and peanut butter donut. The pastry types are rotation weekly and seasonally but some options are offered no matter the time or season.

So, if you don’t have a big event in mind but want something sweet, you can always stop by and check out their bakery case that features fresh items every day!

Batter & Crumbs Vegan Bakery and Café

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1401 Reed St, Philadelphia, PA 19146

Classic bakery offering a daily selection of baked goods!

Located just one block off of Broad Street, Batter & Crumbs Vegan Bakery offers vegan-friendly baked goods. They also serve vegan pastries, sourdough bagels from Four Worlds Bakery, sandwiches, and savory sides from Chef Reeky.

Stop by on your way to work for some hot or cold coffee or drink from their stocked espresso bar. Grab a favorite baked good as an accompaniment and we assure you will leave here full and ready to tackle the day. Whether you love pastries, chocolates, muffins or prefer something more savory, there’s definitely a sweet treat waiting for you in this bakery and café.

Besides baked goods, Batter and Crumbs also offer custom cakes available in a wide variety of colors, styles, and designs. It’s also a popular spot to grab a hot, cold, or iced drink to sip as you enjoy your pastries or other sweets.

Crust Vegan Bakery

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4409 Main St, Philadelphia, PA 19127

Savor made from scratch vegan baked goods and creative treats at this hidden gem in Philly!

Another popular bakery serving all vegan baked goods is Crust Vegan Bakery located in Northwest Philly, in the Manayunk neighborhood. Tucked away down a tiny side street, this woman-owned and operated kitchen is where everything is mixed, scooped, baked, and frosted by hand.

Signature cookie sandwiches and chocolate peanut butter pop tarts make this spot a favorite place for many locals here. If you have a party or a special occasion, crust offers plenty of treats that you need whether big small. They offer options such as blueberry coffee cake, brownies, brookies, pumpkin pecan coffee cake, gluten-free s’mores bar, and an assortment of brookies, brownies, and peanut butter blondies.

If you want something sweeter, they have plenty of jumbo cookies, mini cookies, cookie sandwiches, and specialty cookies. You can also preorder a cake of your choice with your favorite flavors and have it delivered to your doorstep.

Isgro Pastries

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1009 Christian St, Philadelphia, PA 19147

Popular bake shop turning out cakes, cannoli, custards, cookies, and other Italian pastries!

Kick start your morning the right way with some savory Italian pastries from Isgro. For about ten decades, this quaint bakery has been serving authentic mouth-watering Italian treats to Philadelphians. The all-butter pound cake is still the number one favorite in this bakery. But you will also find customized cakes with all kinds of decoration from traditional to Victorian.

Make sure you order their rich chocolate that contains ganache and European raspberry jam and frosted with light buttercream. The ricotta cookies and cannoli are unbeatable. Also, try the lobster tails, chocolate-covered strawberries, and of course the hazelnut genoise, a light and airy cake filled with hazelnut buttercream, with or without apricot.

They also prepare cakes for weddings and special occasions with delicious flavors and attractive designs and decorations. Don’t leave without trying out their seasonal pastries and other delicious sweets offered on the menu.

Nutmeg Cake Design

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220 Krams Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19127

Order fantastic custom-decorated cakes, classic French selections, and other treats at this laid-back bakery!

Planning a wedding, birthday, or any special event? Nutmeg Cake Design can help you get the perfect wedding cake for your special occasion. From tasting to designing to delivering, this bakeshop will help you create the perfect wedding experience in town. You can choose from vanilla bean cake to vanilla chocolate chunk cake, to carrot cake and spiced pumpkin cake, they have a specific variety for any occasion. We like the lemon cake, a vanilla bean option flavored with fresh lemon zest.

They also make delicious cupcakes and you get to choose your flavor from the vanilla, party, chocolate, red velvet, orange olive oil, pumpkin, banana to early grey. Apart from their cakes, they also offer French macaroons with almond shells filed with their flavored Swiss meringue buttercream, ganache or jam.

They also allow you to custom design the decorated cookies that make a wonderful gift for special events. The cookies are wrapped for freshness in a clear bag and heat-sealed.

Pastries, pies, cookies, bread, croissants, and all the sweets you could ever want await you at these classic Philly bakeries. These spots have plenty of delicious treats and you can even order beforehand and you will get your order on time. So, which is your go-to pastry spot in Philly? Let us know in the comments!

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