Who's Ready To Go Out On The Town? Here’s The Best Things To Do In Jackson, WY!

Whether you’re exploring with the family or on a solo adventure, these activities are definitely ones to check out!

Home to three ski resorts, parks, shops, stellar restaurants, and more is Jackson, Wyoming. Famous for being an “Old West town” and home to Grand Teton National Park, Jackson has a ton of activities for both vacationers and people who live there! And figuring out all of the things to do and where exactly to go is what we’re here to talk about today! So sit back, relax, and let us break down the best things to do in Jackson, WY!

And the best part? You can pick and choose activities for different times a day so you can plan out where you’d like to go depending on the day!

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1. Jackson Town Square

The heart of Jackson, known for its “elk-antler” arches at the corners of the park!

Get a picture by the elk antler arches and take a stroll around the square! Image courtesy of the jnrea official website.

10 E Broadway Ave | Jackson | jacksonwy.gov

Amongst the people of Jackson, George Washington Memorial Park, aka “Town Square'' is the cultural heart of Jackson. At each entrance of the square are large arches made of elk antler sheds and they are known as the elk-antler arches, (pictured above). They are a nice place to take a picture before you take a stroll into the main part of the square. 

Surrounded by shops, restaurants, local favorites, and more makes the Town Square a “gateway” to the very best of Jackson. And depending on what time of year you choose to visit Jackson you might find different activities, for example, in the summer months you can enjoy a horse carriage ride or plays performed by the Jackson Hole Playhouse. While the winter months have an ice skating rink and Christmas decor shining bright all around the square! So no matter when you go, you’re sure to have a great bit of fun at Town Square!

“A nice small town in Wyoming. With the background of nature, the beauty of town enhances further. It has small shops, breweries, cafes. The town sqaure is beautiful park in the heart of town. We can spend quality time here. The night time is very beautiful.” -Google Review

2. Grand Teton National Park

A National Park with beautiful views and plenty of things to do!

Oxbow Bend in Grand Teton National Park with a reflection in the Snake River
The lake reflecting the colorful fall trees make this spot gorgeous! Image courtesy of the groundedlifetravel official website.

Grand Teton National Park | Teton Country | nps.gov

Grand Teton National Park, possibly one of America’s prettiest National Parks, is a place for all those who adore the outdoors to come and bask in its beauty. There’s hiking, boating, biking, fishing, climbing, wildlife viewing, camping, and more, and if all of that sounds intriguing to you, then pack your bags cause you’re in for an adventure! 

And since Grand Teton National Park is so vast in its array of different aspects of nature, you can visit exactly what makes you the most happy! They have mountains, valleys, lakes, rivers, forests, and fields of flowers to see and gaze in wonder at, (plus you can take some rockin’ pictures if the one above is an indicator of just how gorgeous this park is). 

There’s a little something for everyone at Grand Teton National Park, so make sure to check out events and where to go so you can make the most of your time here!

“Absolutely love this place. We saw so many animals and birds. Beautiful landscapes, lakes and rivers with clear water , starry sky , and fields of flowers. Just be aware it is was cold at night 37 F at the end of June and hot during the day” -Google Review

3. National Elk Refuge

Protecting the habitat and providing safety to one of the largest elk herds in the world!

A large elk herd in the heart of Jackson Hole on the National Elk Refuge.
A group of elk standing around enjoying the snowy weather! Image courtesy of the nersleighrides official website.

675 E Broadway Ave | Jackson | fws.gov

The National Elk Refuge is a big part of what makes Jackson unique. This wildlife conservation center creates a space in order to keep the native species and their habitat happy, healthy, and safe- and since 1912, it’s been doing exactly that! Protecting the habitats of bison, wolves, trumpeter swans, bald eagles, bighorn sheep, cutthroat trout, and of course elk, makes this spot something to behold. 

Being surrounded by the peaks of Teton and Gros Ventre Mountain Ranges make this refuge pretty to look at and cool to experience. With more than 24,700 acres of different lands with plants and animals all around, the National Elk Refuge is a top tier location for photography and spotting. And if you’re here specifically for the elk, then make sure to stop by in the middle of December to April! (And if you’re visiting during winter you can go on the Winter Sleigh Ride which seems like an amazing time).

“My husband and I were from out of town and to our surprise we saw some wildlife. It was a beautiful experience, just be careful and respect the animals when driving just in case they get in the middle of the road.” -Google Review

4. National Museum of Wildlife Art

Preserving and displaying wildlife art for all to seek out and enjoy!

New exhibits open all the time, so you know there’s always something to see! Image courtesy of the National Museum of Wildlife Art Instagram page.

2820 Rungius Rd | Jackson | wildlifeart.org

You don’t have to head out on an adventure into a National Park in order to see wildlife in their natural habitats, at the National Museum of Wildlife Art you can experience life size sculptures of a variety of different animals and paintings that catch the eyes in fascinating ways. Featuring over 550 artists and 5,000 cataloged art pieces, this museum is gonna have something for everyone and even if you aren’t sure about going, once you’re there you might find a new favorite piece! 

The National Museum of Wildlife Art is here to inspire and provide knowledge of wildlife through art in order for the connection of animals and humans to be better understood and appreciated. Currently as of this article they have a number of cool exhibits up like the For the Love of Canines, which is all about the human fascination with canines and the long term exhibit Spirit Totems: Sculpture by Herb Alpert which features towering sculptures that line the outside of the museum. 

There’s plenty to see at the National Museum of Wildlife Art and many events that might catch your interest while you’re in town!

“We absolutely loved visiting this museum. We thought we would probably spend an hour & we're so impressed & enthralled, we strolled about for 3 hours!!! Wonderful, beautiful place. Very kind employees, too. We learned so much, too!! A must see!!” -Google Review

5. Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

For those who love skiing, snowboarding, and all things snow, this is it!

Speed up or slow down while you’re headed down the slopes! Image courtesy of the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort Instagram page.

3395 Cody Ln | Teton Village | jacksonhole.com

Even if you’ve never tried skiing or snowboarding before, you couldn’t find a better place to climb up the slopes than Jackson Hole Mountain Resort! This spot is the place for all things winter fun, so if you’re visiting Jackson during their open season then let’s talk about what you can expect! 

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is an incredible place, you’ll notice that as soon as you spot the mountains in the distance as you’re driving up and even more so when you step onto the tram and begin your journey. Make sure to take your phone and snap some pics before you head up to, well, head back down on a board or ski. And if it’s your first time? Well don’t worry! They have an entire beginners guide on their website built for you to take a look through and feel comfortable before you make your way over.

They have lodging, lessons in how to ski/snowboard, rentals, and more all ready for you and your family so you can make the most of your Jackson Hole Mountain Resort experience! (And just to note, you don’t have to wait for winter to have all the fun, there is a summer season, so be sure to check out what they have to offer there too)!

“This is such a great resort. The check in process on day one was super easy and everyone is so friendly! Skiing and snowboarding is definitely some of the most challenging I have ever done in the world. So amazing and worth the challenge though.” -Google Review

6. Gather in Jackson Hole

Creative American fare in a “casual-upscale” atmosphere that will leave you wanting to come back!

Take in the beauty of your plate before you dig in! Image courtesy of the Gather Jackson Hole Instagram page.

72 S Glenwood St | Jackson | gatherjh.com

We couldn’t finish our list without having at least one restaurant on here could we? Gather in Jackson Hole is here to be your new favorite place to eat in Jackson with its gorgeous plating and even better tasting foods! Featured in many different articles as one of the best places you can go to grab a bite in Jackson, Gather in Jackson Hole, or “Gather” is here to do exactly that, gather locals and vacationers under their roof for good times and good dines.

Open nightly at 5:00pm, Gather has a good variety on their menu, if you’re in the mood for something small or large in portion, they got you covered. But we can’t very well not mention some of the foods they have, so here’s a taste of just some of the dishes you can expect:

Pork Buns that are a local favorite which is a fresh housemade bao bun, crispy braised pork belly, kimchi, fresno chiles and a vegetarian option with tofu is available, Wagyu Beef Tartare, House Cut Fries, Grilled Idaho Trout, Fried Chicken, Truffle Pasta, and Chocolate Flourless Cake!

“Steak tartar was fantastic and stood out. The rest of the meal was exemplary as well. Ordered large scallop plate- perfect combination of flavors; the fried chicken was also amazing. 10/10 would recommend.” -Yelp Review

This charming little town has plenty to do, whether you like exploring the outdoors, staying inside enjoying good company, or a little bit of both, you’re sure to find fun things to do in Jackson, WY. And these picks on our list are just the start in what you can discover if you decide to head on over to Jackson!

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