7 Restaurants in Jackson, WY to Keep Your Stomach Satisfied Every Night of the Week

November 28, 2022
Food & Drink
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Good morning, good day, or good evening and welcome to my article on great restaurants you can find in Jackson, Wyoming. I’ll give you a link to the Yelp page and webpage for each of these restaurants, as well as their address. That way you can check them out yourself and see if you think the prices are fair or if it’s too far out of your way. I’ll be sure to give you a quick summary of each place as well as a review from a previous customer. 

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But enough about GiftYa, let’s get to those great restaurants in Jackson, Wyoming that you came here looking for!

Start You Search with One of These National Chain Restaurants in Jackson


Great Place In Jackson For A Quick Pizza

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520 S Hwy 89 | Jackson | dominos.com

If you don’t know Domino’s is a popular national pizza chain that specializes in fast pizza at a fair price. You can get pizza, pasta, and desserts from Domino’s so you can really get a whole dinner which is one reason I like to include them in the list. If you are in need of a bunch of food for a bunch of people at a reasonable price, then it’s hard to beat delivery pizza!

“SO YUMMY! All other restaurants in Jackson Hole were busy and my party was starving, so we decided to just order Dominos. Got our pizza in 30 minutes and it tasted fantastic. Highly recommend if you want to skip the wait at other restaurants.” - Yelp Review 

You can get a quick and convenient Domino’s gift card for you or a loved one by following the link!


National Sandwich Shop That’s Great for Lunch or Dinner

Grab a Subway gift card by following the link!

520 S Hwy 89 | Jackson | subway.com

Subway has a pretty impressive national brand recognition, but for those of you who aren’t familiar with Subway they are a popular national sub chain. But they don’t just do subs, they also offer a wide variety of wraps and salads as well. What I really like about Subway is that you can pick each part of the meal, so if you are trying to eat in a health conscious fashion, or you have a picky eater in your party, Subway lets you side step any issues because you have total control over the meal!

“The best subway experience that I have ever had! The workers were so kind and hardworking. They worked quickly and efficiently. The food was soooo good and filled our hungry tummies. I will definitely be back!” - Yelp Review 

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Or Take a Bite Out of the Wyoming Food Scene with a Meal from These Great Local Restaurants In Jackson!

1. Gather in Jackson Hole

Grab a Bite at This Great Upscale Dinner Establishment In Jackson Hole

Image courtesy of Gather in Jackson Hole.

72 S Glenwood St | Jackson | gatherjh.com

If you are looking for the best restaurant in Jackson, Wyoming, then at some point you are going to end up at Gather. The great thing about Gather is that they offer a modern American dinner cuisine. Which I know is kind of a vague description, but it’s how they describe themselves. But you aren’t going to go to Gather and just have a fantastic meal, because they also have a full wine bar and cocktail bar. So if you are looking for a great place to impress a date, or have a fancy business meeting, then Gather is going to be a great choice for you. 

And they have a four and a half star rating with nearly 800 reviews so far, so they are leaving customer after customer satisfied and thoroughly impressed. I have no reason to believe your experience with them will be any different. 

“WOW! Lets just say, it would be hard to find a tastier place to eat in Jackson Hole! You will not be sorry you stopped here! Very interesting and carefully executed food!” - Yelp Review 

2. Bin22

Sample Some of the Tastiest Dishes in Town at Jackson’s Top-Rated Tapas Restaurant


200 W Broadway | Jackson | bin22jacksonhole.com

I love that Bin22 is so highly rated because they give me a good chance to get a little bit of menu variety infused into the early parts of the list. Unlike Gather, Bin22 is a Tapas restaurant that specializes in many small plates of food so that way you get to try some of everything. And on top of their excellent food menu, they also have a full wine, beer, and spirit bar. 

So this can be a really great choice if you are looking to have dinner and maybe some drinks with friends. Bin22 offers a unique dining experience that while still being high scale, has a bit of a more relaxed and fun environment. Making it the perfect place for gatherings of small groups of people!

“Absolutely delicious and super cute ambience. The staff was very welcoming and nice, and helpful with all my allergies. I love this place!” - Yelp Review 

3. Snake River Brewing

Best Local Brewery In Jackson, and the Most-Awarded Small Brewery in America

Image courtesy of Snake River Brewing.

265 S Millward St | Jackson | snakeriverbrewing.com

If you are looking for a great burger and a cold beer, then there isn’t anywhere better in Jackson, Wyoming than Snake River Brewing. Not only do they serve a full menu of high quality pub-inspired cuisine, they also have plenty of hand crafted beer ready on tap. 

And the owner cut his teeth in the microbrewing scene in Oregon, so I’m just imagining that he probably knows quite a bit about the brewing process. And he must because in the over 25 years that Snake River Brewing has been open, they have racked up quite the positive reputation with locals and travelers alike. 

Considered Jackson Hole’s living room, they have a four star rating with over 1400 reviews in which is absurdly consistent performance. And listen, if you are going to a brewery and you are expecting a full five star dining experience, then you are probably in the wrong spot, but as long as you go in knowing what to expect nothing makes me doubt you will have a five star brewery experience at Snake River Brewing!

“Great local brewery with excellent ambiance and really good food. Thoroughly enjoyed the Pale Ale, the salads and pretzel were great. Great outside space including fire pit and corn hole. Much preferred this atmosphere to the smaller venues just off the square. Check it out!” - Yelp Review 

4. Coelette

The Best Breakfast (And Brunch) In All of Jackson Wyoming

Image courtesy of Yelp reviewer Andrea KH.

85 S King St | Jackson | coelette.com

A lot of different people have a lot of different ideas in their heads when they are looking for restaurants in a city. So I never like to leave out the breakfast and brunch crowd. So not only does having a great breakfast place like Coelette let me take care of young people looking for a great brunch place, it also helps me make sure there is somewhere great for our senior citizens to get a delicious breakfast and keep those morning waiters and waitresses busy!

“Great, inventive food. Great cocktails (including excellent mocktails). Great service. Great ambiance. We've eaten here several times, and we (the parents) and our kids (5 and 8 years old) highly recommend it. The snow trout was amazing, as was the chicken karaage, soba, and creste di gallo.” - Yelp Review 

5. North Grille at Jackson Hole

High End American Dining Establishment

Grab a North Grille at Jackson Hole gift card by following the link!

5000 Spring Gulch Rd | Jackson | gtlc.com/dining/north-grille-jackson-hole

If you are looking for a place that meets your idea of a high scale restaurant while you are in Jackson, then I would suggest the North Grille. See the North Grille serves a high quality menu of classic American cuisine. But they serve it up in such an elegant and dignified way that there is no way to mistake the passion they put into the customer service process. And listen I know that sometimes you need to have a big dinner for a business meeting or a wedding or whatever it might be. and the nice thing about Jackson is that it has a great restaurant like the North Grille that also serves as a great venue and event space.

Another thing I like about the North Grille is that they have a rotating seasonal menu. Which means you know they are sticking to the freshest ingredients. Afterall, not every vegetable is ripe all year long naturally. And on top of that, this also means that you can come back to the North Grille time and time again and have a different menu each time. Which really adds to how great a restaurant is, when there is so much value in a return visit!

“I loved this restaurant! I found it in a travel guide on the best restaurants in Jackson Hole.” - Yelp Review 

Grab a quick and convenient North Grille gift card by using the link!

6. The Bird

The Bird Bird Bird, The Bird Bird’s the Word

4125 S Pub Pl | Jackson | thebirdinjh.com

If you are looking for a great place to just have a chill dinner of classic American food, then the Bird is going to be a great spot in Jackson for you. See they have everything from burgers and fries, to buffalo wings on the menu. So when you are looking for a place to just have a quiet delicious meal of some of your favorites (but don’t want to have to eat the styrofoam they serve at fast food places) then The Bird is gonna be my choice of spot in Jackson for you!

“This is what I will always think of when I think of Wyoming.  No pampered privileged Karens, great food and atmosphere, locals and tour guides having a great time.  Outstanding service.  Get the schnitzel and share!” - Yelp Review 

7 - Snake River Grill

Another High End Dining Establishment In Jackson

Grab a Snake River Grill gift card by following the link!

84 E Broadway | Jackson | snakerivergrill.com

Snake River Grill is another restaurant in Jackson that serves classic American cuisine. But they serve much more of a high scale version of that menu. You can expect everything from Steak Tartare Pizza to Elk Tenderloin at the Snake River Grill. Which doesn’t exactly sound like my personal cup of tea, but there is no arguing with how nice the dining room and presentation is at the Snake River Grill. So if you are looking for a high scale spin on American classics then give the Snake River Grill a try!

“We just arrived in town, and decided to give this place a try. We sat at the bar, and were taken care of by a very nice young man. Service was polite, and professional. Food was a nice change from Bozeman restaurants. We plan on returning.” - Yelp Review 

There it is, you finally have it! That is a list of some of the best restaurants you can find around the Jackson area. I’m never quite sure who all will stumble upon one of these articles in their internet searches for great food, so I like to try to get some pricing option variety into the list. I know that for some people the thing that makes and breaks a restaurant is the staff and service, and for other people it’s a laid back atmosphere and a fair price. So I tried to get a little bit of everything onto this list for you today. But if you didn’t find exactly what you were looking for here, be sure to check out one of GiftYas other great lists on places to eat in Jackson!


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