10 Stores in Jackson, WY For the Best Shopping in Town

Jackson is surrounded by mountains and valleys, and stores that will offer just what you need to navigate them.

Jackson is a Wyoming town located in Jackson Hole, a city in a valley in the mountains located beside two national parks that is known for its ski resorts. It is beside Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks and home to the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Grand Targhee Resort, and the Snow King Mountain Resort. These are world class ski resorts that people come from all over to visit. And they are good resorts to visit during every season. Whatever you want to do outdoors, from skiing to mountain biking, can be done in Jackson!

When you’re in Jackson, aside from wanting to enjoy some time out in the mountains, you’ll likely want to experience some of the shopping in the area. Or maybe it's the case that you might need to run and get something at a nearby store on occasion. For whatever reason you may need it, there are several useful stores in the area. Some of them supply necessities for everyday living, and some supply things that will make your time out in the mountains much more comfortable. So if you want some necessities or some souvenirs before you go, stop by one of the stores on this list!

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1. Target

Food, furniture, and electronics all in one store!

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510 S Hwy 89 | Jackson | target.com

Target is one of the best places you can shop for a wide number of things. It has pretty much everything you might need all in one place. There are rows upon rows of items for kids, teens, and adults. They have items for babies, items for offices, and items for bedrooms. You can take care of every room in the house with the things you can get from Target. Target also sells groceries, so on top of all the movies, clothes and furniture you can get, you can also get tonight’s dinner! Just about anything you may need during your time in Jackson can be found there.  

Everything at Target can be found both online or in the stores. They have a lot of unique items on sale along with many common items you’d find in the average grocery store. When you order from Target online, you have the option to have things delivered that day or you can have them delivered within the next few days. You can also always schedule a pick-up after ordering your things online. Target does their best to make shopping there convenient for you. From their options to their service, they will support you in every way. 

“I needed a new phone case and I went to a couple stores, none of them had the right case I was looking for or the box it's in would say it's for my phone but it never fit. So I stopped at Target hoping to get the right case for once and there were a couple associates who were able to help me find the right case and I even got a couple screen protectors. They fit my phone perfectly and the associates there were so nice!”–Yelp Review 

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2. T.J. Maxx

Name brand clothing and accessories at really low prices. 

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TJ Maxx store front
This store is bright and welcoming. Image courtesy of Apartment Therapy

455 W Broadway Ave | Jackson | tjmaxx.tjx.com

T.J. Maxx is a department store that sells their products for much lower than the average department store. It is one of the largest retail stores in the country. It has so much to offer to anyone who walks through its doors. At T.J. Maxx, you can find all kinds of clothing, footwear, and purses. All of these happen to be name brand items that are sold at much lower prices than they are at the average department store. Anyone who shops here has the chance to leave with some amazing things that come with shockingly low prices. 

You can get something for yourself or for everyone in your family at T.J. Maxx. You can find clothes for men, women, and children, along with lots of great accessories. You will leave this store ready to look stylish without having spent everything you have. They even have items you can use to decorate your home! And on top of having name brand clothing at insanely low prices, new styles also come in all the time. So you can be sure you’re getting the cheapest and latest clothes on your shopping trip.  

“I LOVE this TJ Maxx. They had everything I was looking for and so much more. I could've spent 5 hours there. All of the salespeople were very kind and helpful. The guy seemingly in charge was so nice. He was helping ring at the register, walking around helping customers, and even checking in with his employees just to see how they were doing. I will definitely be back as much as possible!”–Yelp Review 

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3. Five and Dime General Store 

A store that has everything you need for a fun outing. 

five and dime store in jackson, wyoming with a great mountain view
This store has a great view. Image courtesy of JH News and Guide

75 N Cache St | Jackson | fiveanddimegs.com

Five and Dime General Store is a place that carries many different things at really low prices. They carry souvenirs, snacks, drinks, toys, cosmetics, and apparel. You can find a wide variety of things you might not normally find at one place at the average store. They offer just about everything that a visitor or a resident needs. This store is in an amazing location in Jackson. It is located right on town square in the middle of other great spots. 

Along with the great things you can find in this store, when you visit, you’ll also get great views. This area is known for all of its mountains and ski slopes, and everything you can do there during the spring and winter months. If that’s something that you plan to do during your stay, this store very likely has some of the things that you will need for your trip! Some useful things you can find for this kind of trip include wool gloves and hats, leggings, jackets, protein bars, and bandages. This store can get you well prepared for any outing. 

“This great store has all the souvenirs the kids AND adults are looking for! There's a great selection of t-shirts, hats, jewelry and even hard to find vintage  toys and candy! The clerks were great! We'll definitely be back.”–Yelp Review 

4. Wyoming Outfitters

Store with several varied brands. 

12 Center St | Jackson | wyoming-outfitters.com

Wyoming Outfitters is a retail store that features casual men and women’s clothing, home decor, jewelry, and items for children. This store is located in a historic building on the town square and offers a unique shopping experience for visitors and residents alike. If you’re going to be out enjoying nature at any point, or simply lounging around your home or hotel, they definitely have something that works for you. This store is locally owned and operated, so you can leave with some nice things and also support the local community! 

This store sells items that can be worn anywhere. They sell different brands that specialize in different clothing and gear types. The brand Rab sells handmade clothes meant to be worn in harsh and cold weather, the brand P.J. Salvage sells intimate attire and sportswear, the brand Scarpa sells shoes made to navigate different outdoor terrain, and the brand Thymes sells environmentally friendly scented candles. The items in this store are varied and there are several more brands to choose from!

“I bought a gorgeous western hat here last summer and also a beautiful art stone bracelet. They shipped the hat home to Texas for me so I wouldn't have to carry it on the plane and it arrived in a beautiful hat box safe and sound. Love this store and will order from them.”–Yelp Review 

5. Stio Mountain Studio 

Quality handcrafted items made for time in the mountains. 

10 E Broadway Cache St | Jackson | stio.com

Stio Mountain Studio is located right in the heart of Jackson Hole. It has been serving the area ever since 2012. You can visit their flagship store and shop for their Stio apparel. You also have a choice between carefully curated selections of gear from partner brands. Stion is all about mountain life and will prepare you very well for enjoying your time out in the mountains. They believe that everyone should enjoy their time outside and also use environmentally friendly practices. The mountains serve as the inspiration for everything they create!

This store was founded to inspire people to connect with the outdoors. The creators spend their days on local rivers, trails, and Teton summits, and use those experiences to inspire their creations. Their products are optimized for quality, performance, and versatility. They also make sure to use the best products for the environment Whether your goal is to get outfitted for a wild adventure or a relaxed day outdoors, this store has definitely got you covered. 

“The customer service dept at Stio stands behind their craftsmanship and made me a loyal customer. The Azura jacket is so light that it's comfortable wearing indoors and provides warmth in the harshest conditions outside. Great products and great company.”–Yelp Review 

6. Lee’s Tees

The largest selection of t-shirts and hats in Jackson. 

Lee's Tees in Jackson, WY
You can go there and get t-shirts and coffee. Image courtesy of Jackson Hole Traveler. 

10 E Broadway | Jackson | leestees.com

Lee’s Tees has been in the area for over 42 years. It is located right on Jackson’s famous town square and has about 5,000 square feet of retail space. Lee’s Tees includes a schedule for men, women, juniors, kids, and infants. They have something for everyone! They have sweatshirts, sweatpants, fashion fleece, and lots of high quality t-shirts. They also have the widest selection of hats in the west.

This store prides itself on providing useful and quality clothing. They offer Under Armour gear that show off Jackson logos, and other clothing with fun and interesting logos. You can find t-shirts with buffalo, moose, and mountains on them. You can also find shirts with funny sayings on them and ones that are themed after different outdoor activities. Everything Lee’s Tees designs is inspired by the mountains and nature around them. Their offerings make awesome choices for gear to take out in the mountains. 

“We came in because of the great location. Wow. So glad we did. They have really great sweatshirts, long sleeved T-shirts and short sleeved ones also. There were so many colors and styles to choose from. If you are looking for a bargain there is a small clearance room tucked away in a corner. They had some great items in there and the markdowns were strong. The employees were friendly and helpful.”–Yelp Review 

7. Jackson Hole Resort Store

A store inside of a resort that offers lots to do.

50 N Center St | Jackson | jacksonhole.com/jh-resort-store

The Jackson Hole Resort Store is a part of Jackson Hole Resort. It is right on the east side of the Jackson town square and filled with great gifts and souvenirs. They sell items with their logo on them and items that represent Jackson Hole. They offer hats, mugs, t-shirts, sweaters, and more. And with the resort around, when you visit this shop, you will be surrounded by things to do. There are restaurants, nightlife, and lodging nearby, so if you want to do a bit more than shopping, this is a great store for you to visit!

“Great shop, they have a lot of different designs for t-shirts/ jackets/ sweaters/ stickers/ etc. I went to a few different places to look for something and this was by far the best!”–Yelp Review8. Shirt Off My BackFunctional apparel you can wear on a hike.

8. Shirt off My Back

Functional Apparel Perfect for Hiking in Jackson and Grand Teton National Park

10 W Broadway | Jackson | shirtoffmyback.com

Shirt Off My Back is where you go shopping in Jackson, WY for some functional and affordable resort apparel. It is headquartered in Colorado, but has locations all over. The staff is there to help you with all kinds of needs. They want to help make sure that you have a relaxing vacation. If you need to find the right souvenir or gift, you can go to them, and if you want to find the best ski slope around, they will also help you with that!

This store's products were made to be comfortable and durable. The designs are created in house and manufactured by workers around the globe. They are always working to improve and provide their customers with the best value. From hoodies, to pajamas and jackets, this store’s products will exceed your expectations.

“I LOVE this store. I got some awesome shirts for less than $10 each and a nice 1/2 zip waffle jacket for $10. Cashier was very friendly and helpful. Good prices and quality clothes. This is a must visit.”–Yelp Review9. Jackson Trading CompanyGreat souvenirs that suit all budgets.

9. Jackson Trading Company

35 W Broadway | Jackson | jtcjh.com

The Jackson Trading Company is a family owned souvenir shop in Jackson Hole’s town square. They have been open since the 70s and pride themselves on providing an amazing customer experience for everyone who visits. They offer souvenirs that suit all budgets and have a friendly staff that is there ready to help you when you need it.

This store offers mugs, pajamas, hoodies, t-shirts, and more. Their top sellers are pancake mix, blueberry jam, taffy, and caramel popcorn. They offer items for kids and adults, and have whole pajama sets that the whole family can wear together. This store will let you leave with a bear bum pajama set for the whole family after enjoying your time in the nearby national parks.

“This is my favorite shop on the square - so much character and well curated merchandise. The JEWELRY, artwork, and decorative house accessories are just beautiful - tasteful and will look good in the home and be a nice memory of Wyoming. This is a must stop if going on the square. It's part of the Jackson experience. Plus the employees are all so sweet!”–Yelp Review10. AltitudeA boutique that carries all kinds of souvenirs.

10. Altitude

Jackson Boutique with Trendy Clothes and Cool Souvenirs

48 E Broadway | Jackson | altitudejh.com

Altitude is a clothing shop that is located in Jackson Hole’s town square. It’s a boutique that sells a combination of high end and low end clothing. Everything varies vastly in price range, so you can visit to get something really cheap or something expensive depending on your tastes and budget. And if you want a souvenir of the city, this boutique carries several items that rep Jackson Hole.

This store also carries products made for beauty and wellness. They also carry art, accessories, books, and candles. You can find shoes, bags, accessories, and items that are on sale. It is one of the best stores you can stop by before you leave town!

“Love this store and their helpful staff! They carry great staples at every price point so I can save or splurge when I shop! Also, it's not only clothing- they carry a variety of beauty products, books, accessories, candles, decor, etc. They even have an alterations/expert tailor and hair salon onsite. I used them for my wedding dress alterations and it was tailored to perfection!”–Yelp Review

That's it for our must-see stores around Jackson, Wyoming and Grand Teton National Park.

Jackson, Wyoming is a gorgeous town surrounded by some of the best parts of nature that also offers unique shopping opportunities. Enjoy the mountains as much as you can while you’re there, and also make sure to purchase everything you need at a nearby store on the way!

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