Looking For A Hot Spring In Jackson, WY?

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Hello dear internet reader and welcome to my article on the best hot springs near Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Or the best hot springs near the Grand Teton National Park. And to be honest, it was hard to come up with a large list of natural hot springs around the area. To be honest, hot springs aren’t all over the place. I mean that’s kind of what makes them so cool and special right? If hot springs were all over the place, we wouldn’t think twice about them and we wouldn’t want to go see them. 

That being said, I did the best I could to find you hot springs near the area. But there are only a couple I could actually find myself. So to substitute for that, I am also going to include some guided tours that will take you exactly where you want to go in our massive national parks. And on top of all of that I will also hook you up with some places you can stop at to stock up on everything you will need for a day of hiking in a national park. And I’ll let ya know anytime anywhere on the list accepts our convenient and modern digital GiftYa gift cards. 

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Before you go out hiking in the national parks, you will probably want to stock up on all the supplies you will need before you are an hour out into the hike and getting eaten by bugs. So be sure to stock up on bug spray, sun screen, and water before you head out into the woods. 

Here are a few places where you can stock up on outdoor essentials before you hit the hot springs:

Ace Hardware

Great Trusted National Brand to Get Camping Supplies From Near Jackson Hole Wyoming!

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475 W Broadway | Jackson | acehardware.com/store-details

Ace Hardware is a great trusted national brand that will have plenty of camping supplies for you to choose from when you are shopping near Jackson Hole Wyoming. You should be able to find everything from cooking supplies to tents and sleeping bags!

“If you're looking for a Yeti Bag/cooler, you can find one here. We walked in and walked out in 5 minutes. Found what we wanted!” - Yelp Review 

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Great Trusted National Brand to Get Lunch That’s All Wrapped Up

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520 S Hwy 89 | Jackson Shopping Village | subway.com

If you need to grab some lunch for your 8 hour day out on the hiking trails then I would honestly recommend giving Subway a try. And on top of that, Subway gives you quite a bit of food for a pretty reasonable price, which is always helpful when you are already on a vacation or trip. And finally, I think Subway creates an unusually small amount of garbage compared to the amount of food you get. Which I find really nice cause it just makes your part in keeping the parks clean that much easier. 

“The best subway experience that I have ever had! The workers were so kind and hardworking. They worked quickly and efficiently. The food was soooo good and filled our hungry tummies. I will definitely be back!” - Yelp Review 

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Now, for the main event – the best hot springs near Jackson Hole!

1. Grand Teton National Park

There Are A Variety of Hot Springs At the Park

115 E Pearl | Ste 201 | gtnpf.org

Grand Teton National Park is pretty much the main attraction near Jackson Hole, Wyoming. And since it’s a giant national park, you know there are going to be some excellent hot springs somewhere in the park. The best thing you can do is speak with the staff of the park when you enter to find out where to go to find the hot springs they think are the best. 

And while you are looking for the hot springs you can also enjoy everything else about one of our incredible national parks. This means there will be all kinds of excellent camping, scenic views, and maybe even some wildlife! So I think it overall makes for the most fun trip if you are looking for hot springs. Because even if the hot springs end up being busy (and trust me, they usually are) you can still have plenty of fun exploring the park and hiking trails. 

“Amazing and beautiful. However if you are not much of a hiker than this park is more a drive by thing to do with beautiful views from the lookout spots” - Yelp Review 

2. Scenic Safaris

Offer Tours That Include Hot Springs Near Jackson Hole

1255 S HWY 89 | Jackson | scenic-safaris.com

Scenic Safaris is great because they offer guided tours through the national parks. So if you are trying to take a nice trip through the national park where you get to see everything in the most efficient fashion, then you are going to want to trust the professionals. They know exactly where all the best stuff is because they took the time to figure out what the best route is for their customers to see everything. 

I can tell you first hand that it can be difficult to find your way around the national parks. The maps are often not great/not up to date. And on top of that, most of the national parks I have been to have terrible cell phone service, so the GPS isn’t always an option. So instead of getting lost on your way to the hot springs around Jackson Hole, trust Scenic Safaris to take you right where you want to be. The national parks are huge and if you aren’t experienced in the woods, it’s easy to get lost. So trust a professional to take you on a path that takes you to everything you want to see, but keeps you from getting lost in the woods. 

“This was hands down one of the most inspirational and inspiring trips of my life! You can't put a price tag on the level of history and civilization you'll encounter on this glorious journey through mother nature's great outdoors. Priceless & Stunning!” - Yelp Review

3. Granite Hot Springs & Campground

A Hot Spring Located Right At the Campground

4400 S Little Horsethief Lane | Jackson | fs.usda.gov/recarea

If you are looking for a hot spring that is super easy to find, then you are going to want to check out Granite Hot Springs & Campground. They have a campground with all the necessities you expect, but they are also located right next to a hot spring. And what honestly pairs better with camping than a hot spring that you can soak your aching muscles and bones in after a night on the hard ground and a day on the hiking trails? There’s not much else I can think of that goes better together than a camping ground and a hot spring to be honest so Granite Hot Springs & Campground rounds out my top 3 of best hot springs near Jackson Hole Wyoming.  

“Love this hot spring 50 mins SE of Jackson. There's a 10 mile dirt road to get there, but it's well worth the drive. There's a 5 min walk from the parking to the springs, so bring some shoes with soles.” - Yelp Review 

4. Jackson Hole Wildlife Safaris

Guided Trip Through the Grand Tetons That Will Take You By the Hot Springs

650 W Broadway | Jackson | jacksonholewildlifeafaris.com

Jackson Hole Wildlife Safaris run guided wildlife and photography safaris into the Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. The great part about these safaris is that they will take you a bit off the beaten trail. The animals aren’t likely to be showing up where there is tons of human foot traffic. So having a guided safari that takes you off the trails is a great way to see them. 

However, it is also a great way to come across hot springs that aren’t going to be completely crowded by other tourists. And to be frank, our national parks are enormous and it’s very easy to get lost in them. So if you want to go off the beaten trail and see the stuff other people don’t see, then I would absolutely go with a guided tour. Don’t just go wandering off into the national park system and end up on the evening news ya know?

“We did a private tour with Peter and he did not disappoint! We saw elk, bald eagles, mountain goats, moose, and bison. Peter was professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. Thanks so much for the adventure!” - Yelp Review 

That’s it for our guide to the hot springs in and around Jackson Hole, WY.

There you go you finally have it. A curated list of the best hot springs you can find near Jackson Hole Wyoming and around the Grand Teton National Parks. It’s really difficult to know exactly where the individual hot springs are in a giant national park. So for that reason I made sure to include a variety of guided options so that way you can be sure you get to see what you went there for. 

And to be honest, a hot spring doesn’t fill up a whole day. It’s fun for like an hour or so. So it’s honestly better off to have a day of other activities planned around the hot spring and that is exactly what the guided tours offer you!


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