8 Hotels in Jackson Hole, WY Perfect for Hitting the Slopes or Staying Warm in the Lodge

Whether You’re Looking for a Once-in-a-Lifetime Adventure or Just Searching for Your Next Cozy Getaway, These Hotels in Jackson Hole Will Fit the Bill

Hello and welcome to my article about all the best hotels you can find around Jackson Hole, Wyoming. When putting together a list like this, it can be a little hard to differentiate each location from the other, so I tried to find something that made each location unique that would help them stand out when you are looking at them.

I will be sure to provide a link to each hotel's website so that you can check out their nightly rates, and availability. And I’ll be sure to give you the hotel’s address so that you can find your way right to the front door. And I’ll also be sure to link to their Yelp page as well so that way you can see what other people have to say about the hotel before you book a night for sure.

And on top of all of that, I will also give you a handy link any time one of these great hotels accepts our convenient digital GiftYa gift cards

1. Inn On the Creek

Too Many 5 Star Reviews to Choose From

295 N Millward St | Jackson | innonthecreek.com

Listen, the Inn On the Creek comes in at the top of the list for one very simple reason. They have an overwhelming number of five star reviews that have been left behind by the other people who have stayed there. And when every single person is giving them a gushing rating, you know they are something special.

I think the thing that makes the Inn On the Creek feel unique is that it’s really more of a bed and breakfast than a hotel. And because of that, it gives off a “home away from home” vibe that really makes it unique. You’ll feel like the top of the world with all the world-class dining, shopping, and arts and culture you can find in Jackson just a few short blocks away. Inn On the Creek is in a prime location, while still offering a quaint bed and breakfast experience! 

“What a beautiful spot to stay at in Jackson.  It was just a few blocks off the square. It felt peaceful and quiet with a creek and ducks on the property.  The hosts were so friendly and helpful and the included breakfast was amazing!! They also had a fun happy hour with drinks and snacks.  We will definitely be staying here again.” - Yelp Review 

2. Wyoming Inn of Jackson Hole

Luxurious and Refined Lodging Right In Jackson Hole

Image courtesy of Wyoming Inn website.

930 W Broadway | Jackson | wyominginn.com

If you are looking to stay somewhere that has more of a traditional hotel vibe than the Inn On the Creek, then Wyoming Inn of Jackson Hole is going to be a great spot for you. This hotel is really quite beautiful with a very warm and calming atmosphere. And on top of the luxurious atmosphere, they also have a very knowledgeable staff. So if you need advice on nearby shopping or recreations, you can expect the hotel staff to have plenty of great ideas for you!

If you are on your way to the Grand Teton National Park, then you are definitely going to want to consider Wyoming Inn. You can never discount how helpful some local advice is when you are visiting a national park or other high traffic area. They can tell you where the great spots are, and when the least busy time of day is to see them. 

“This place was fantastic, extra clean, beds great, walking distance from several places to eat, enjoyed the stay.  If you want a great place reasonably priced in Jackson this is the place.” - Yelp Review 

3. The Lexington at Jackson Hole

Only One Block From the Historic Town Square In Jackson

285 N Cache Dr | Jackson | lexingtonhoteljacksonhole.com

The Lexington claims to be the place that locals recommend when out of town tourists are looking for a place to stay in Jackson. And the reason for that might be that The Lexington Hotel has been a staple of Jackson for over 50 years. And listen, it takes an awful lot to run a business successfully over the past 50 years. There have been enormous economic booms and busts over the years. So you know that the people at The Lexington are disciplined and very responsive to their customers' needs. Any hotel that can roll with the times like that, and still come out with glowing customer reviews, is definitely doing something right.

And given the historic nature of The Lexington, it’s no wonder resident’s recommend it to travelers. It’s located a mere one block from the historic town square of Jackson. And when you are done seeing that, the staff at The Lexington will have a plethora of other ideas and options of great things you can see in Jackson. And they must know what they are talking about. I mean they’ve been doing it successfully for over half a century. 

“FRESH chocolate chip cookies every day! Hot breakfast and Tazo tea and coffee available all day! The room was great with a microwave, fridge, and heated bathroom tiles. Great location in town and close to the national park. The staff was so friendly and helpful. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. Would absolutely stay here again!” - Yelp Review 

4. Grand Targhee Resort

A Resort Right On the Western Slopes of the Tetons

Grab a Grand Targhee Resort  gift card by following the link!

Image courtesy of Grand Targhee Resort website.

3300 Ski Hill Rd | Alta | grandtarghee.com

If you are interested in staying somewhere close to the Grand Tetons National Park, then you are going to have a hard time funding anywhere closer than the Grand Targhee Resort. And that is because it is literally built on the Grand Tetons themselves!

And what makes this such a great option, is that it will massively cut down on the amount of time you spend each day commuting to and from the park. And believe me, sometimes the traffic around our National Parks can get pretty obnoxious around the busiest time of day. Just think of all the time you could spend skiing, snowboarding, fishing, or hiking if you don’t have to waste two hours commuting each day!

“Oh the Ghee! Best hidden ski gem! I don't want to say to much good about it.  I don't want it to get too crowded!

No lines, no waits, so don't come!

Oh wait, the chair lifts are slow and it does get cold there, so don't come!” - Yelp Review 

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5. Hotel Jackson

Boutique Accommodations In The Heart Of Jackson Hole

120 N Glenwood St | Jackson Hole | hoteljackson.com

Hotel Jackson is a really great place to stay in Jackson Hole if you are hoping to be downtown near all the historic stuff. And on top of the convenient location, Hotel Jackson happens to be owned by a local family who has owned and operated several successful businesses in the area. So they know the ins and outs of Jackson Hole unlike anybody else could. 

And this gives them a real advantage when they are recommending attractions and activities that are fun in the area. The owners of the Hotel Jackson make it their mission to become sewn into the very fabric of their community. Which is a goal I don’t think we hear enough of, or talk enough about in the modern economy. I can really get behind promoting a business that has such a great local attitude towards their business and their success!

“I am an avid traveler and have stayed many places- this has by far been one of my favorite hotels to date! From the amazing + friendly staff, the cleanliness, the aesthetics and decor- it has truly been one of the amazing experiences of Jackson, Wyoming! I highly, HIGHLY recommend this hotel. And the restaurant downstairs is amazing too!” - Yelp Review 

6. The Wort Hotel

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places

50 N Glenwood St | Jackson | worthotel.com

If you are in the Jackson Hole area and you are interested in seeing some of the historic downtown, then you can start your stay at a hotel that is itself a historic location. That’s right, The Wort Hotel (don’t let the name fool you) is literally on the National Register of Historic Places. And if a hotel has been successful for so long, that it has now itself become a monument, then that is the best hotel I have ever heard of.

The historic location means that it’s conveniently located nearby everything you might want to do in downtown Jackson Hole. And you know that the staff here knows what they are doing because they have been doing it so successfully for so long that it has literally become a historic service. 

“Perfect location smack dab in the middle of everything.  Staff was super obsequious and the room was charming as heck.  As this was the only place I've stayed at in Jackson, it is hard to compare other locations with it.  However, I highly recommend staying here regardless” - Yelp Review 

7. Amangani

Expensive, But Worth It If You Have the Budget

Image courtesy of Amangani.

1535 NE Butte Rd | Jackson | aman.com/resorts/amangani

If you are looking for service that is out of this world, then Amangani is going to be just the spot for you. They boast a four star rating with their customers, but I’m imagining most of the negative reviews are based on the fact that this hotel is quite pricey for the area. However, that being said, if you have the extra coin to spend on a fancy hotel, then you are going to get what you pay for at the Amangani. 

“This was my first time at an Aman property and it definitely wouldn't be my last. From the time you pull up you will be swept away with the impeccable service.. …I must say. It's a bit pricey, but you will know that when you book. I could go on and on about this place. All I can say is research it before you go and you will never regret it. Everything about this resort is Top notch. Please give it a try.” - Yelp Review 

8. Hampton Inn Jackson Hole

Classic Hotel Experience Right In Jackson Hole

Image courtesy of Hilton website.

350 S Hwy 89 | Jackson | hilton.com/en/hotels

If you are looking for a decent room, for a fair price, then you are going to have a hard time beating the Hampton Inn. No it’s not going to be an out of this world five star experience. But it is going to be a comfortable bed, a good breakfast, and a reasonable price. This would honesty be my choice of hotel in Jackson if you are traveling with a family or large group.

“This place was awesome. The breakfast was fantastic! Everything was fresh and well laid out. The office room was fully stocked and helpful. The desk clerk and hostesses were cordial and I appreciated that they minded their own business. I really enjoyed this Hampton. I usually stay at a Hampton Inn, but not all are this nice.” - Yelp Review 

There you have it! That is a list of some of the best hotels you can find in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The thing that stuck out to me more than anything in Jackson Hole is that there are so many hotels that are either historic themselves, or are located right next to a historic location. So if history is your thing, then downtown Jackson Hole is definitely going to be the spot for you.

But if you happen to be on your way to the Grand Teton National Park then there are plenty of other great locations a little bit further out of town. So I hope I was able to help you narrow down your search for a great hotel in Jackson Hole, Wyoming! And if I did, be sure to check out one of our other great articles on things to do around Jackson and great places to eat as well!

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