6 Vegan Restaurants in Flagstaff to Try Tonight

Best Restaurants In Downtown Flagstaff

Hello and welcome to my list of the absolute best vegan restaurants you can find in Flagstaff, Arizona. And while I normally try to feature as much menu diversity as I can when I make these lists, it does become difficult when writing about vegan only places. But I did the best I could to get you a little bit of variety in the menu option offered in this list. I don’t know if you are a solo vegan diner, or a vegan diner who is featured in a group of non-vegan diners. 

So I will feature some strictly vegan only places, as well as some places that have vegan and non-vegan options so that everybody in your dining party has something they want to eat. I will be sure to provide you with each restaurant's website linked right below so that way you can check out their full menu and pricing options. And I will of course provide you with their address so that way you can actually track them down and find them once you have decided on what you want to eat. And on top of that, I will also let you know whenever one of these great vegan places accepts our convenient digital GiftYa gift cards!  

And just like with all the posts here on GiftYa we are compelled to remind you that a GiftYa is a digital gift card that can be sent within seconds right from your phone. These gift cards can be used at a variety of locations but are particularly popular for restaurants. This is especially true if you are out traveling and don’t love to carry cash around with you. Instead you can just carry your gift cards right on your phone that you take with you everywhere already. You don’t even have to worry about keeping track of the gift cards and the balances because your phone does all of that for you. There really isn’t a more convenient option when it comes to buying gift cards and gifts for yourself or others.

Red Curry Vegan Kitchen

Best 100% Vegan Menu in Flagstaff

10 N San Francisco Street | Flagstaff | redcurryflagstaff.com

Red Curry Vegan Kitchen is so serious about preparing Vegan food, that that is how they list their cuisine on their Yelp page. They just say that they are “vegan.” So you know that is first and foremost their goal when curating their menu. So whether you are a vegan for health reasons, or for ethical reasons, you know you can count on Red Curry Vegan Kitchen to deliver a 100% vegan meal when they say they will. 

To be honest it was hard to track down many good vegan restaurants in Flagstaff. Sure there are plenty that have Vegan options on the menu, but none of the rest of them approach their whole menu with the goal of it being vegan from step one. And that is what puts Red Curry Vegan Kitchen at the top of my list of vegan restaurants in Flagstaff Arizona. 

“We've been here several times and not one menu item (besides the side salad) has missed. Their exciting combinations of flavors delights the senses. The robust menu full of vegan options is a treat for any plant-based eaters. The food is so tasty that even non plant-based eaters would enjoy as well.” - Yelp Review 

Morning Glory Cafe

115 S San Francisco St  | Flagstaff  | morningglorycafeflagstaff.com

Morning Glory Cafe is another restaurant on the list that focuses on providing an entirely Vegan menu. But they also specialize in breakfast and brunch Vegan food. Yes you can eat there all day, but if you are looking for an amazing vegan brunch, then this should absolutely be one of the stops on your list. And if you aren’t looking for breakfast or brunch, they are also ready to serve a lunch or dinner crowd with their famous hemp burger. 

Which is an entirely plant based burger served up like a classic American hamburger with a vegan twist on the toppings. But really you can order it however you want to. And they walk the walk just as much as they talk the talk when it comes to being vegan friendly. They have been serving the Flagstaff areas community of conscious eaters for nearly 35 years. I can’t think of too many restaurants that survive for 35 years, let alone vegan restaurants. They must be among the most successful vegan places in the country with those numbers.  

“I DREAM ABOUT THIS PLACE!!!! I love EVERYTHING on the menu!!! I love to see that ORGANIC, FARM TO TABLE, SUSTAINABLE, LOCAL, DELICIOUS, restaurants exist! They are revolutionary! The menu is incredibly flavorful, it's very hard to decide what to eat! I promise your non vegan friends will love eating here! ” - Yelp Review

Local Juicery

Best Juices or Smoothies You Can Find in Flagstaff

601 E Piccadilly Drive | Flagstaff | localjuicery.com

Local Juicery isn’t necessarily a 100% vegan place that only serves vegan food. But since they primarily function as a juice/smoothie bar, they just have a disproportionate amount of options that will appeal to vegetarians and vegans. So if you are looking for amazing juices or smoothies in Flagstaff, this is going to be my number one choice for you. However, they also have plenty of other small dishes that make a perfect snack or a lite meal. I wouldn’t recommend them for a dinner spot, but for the rest of the day you really can’t go wrong with Local Juicery.   

“My family absolutely loves Local Juicery and it's always our breakfast of choice when we're visiting Flagstaff. In this day and age, it can be hard to find real, truly fresh from nature food and Local Juicery gives you just that... everything is just that good!” - Yelp Review 

The Toasted Owl Cafe

No Reservations! First Come First Serve!

12 S Mikes Pike St | Flagstaff  | thetoastedowl.com/

The Toasted Owl is an amazing breakfast and brunch place. That being said, they are not a vegan only menu. But they do have plenty of vegan options. So if you are in a group of people and the majority of you are meat eaters, but some of you have vegan dietary restrictions, then I think the Toasted Owl Cafe would be a great spot for you. Because although the other vegan places have meals that will be delicious evcen to non-vegan eaters, a lot of non-vegan diners just want a menu they are accustomed to. And that is what The Toasted Owl Cafe can do better than most places. They deliver on a very extensive breakfast and brunch menu time and time again. 

“Loved, loved, love this quaint Little Café had a great time wonderful breakfast and enjoyed the outdoors. Almond pancake was to die for.  Great place to go for breakfast for families and couples alike. Our dogs were welcomed in the outdoor patio area and provided with freshwater.”- Yelp Review 

Bandoleros 66

Texican Food Featuring Some Delicious Vegan Options

11 E Aspen Ave | Flagstaff | bandoleros66.com/

Bandoleros 66 is another spot on the list that isn’t vegan only, but does offer plenty of vegan options as well. What they primarily serve is Texican cuisine paired with amazing margaritas and cocktails. So if you want to go to a place where you can grab dinner and drinks, and still be able to maintain your vegan dietary restrictions, then I think this is going to be a great spot for your dining party. 

And don’t worry you won’t have to sacrifice on the quality of the food in order to have some vegan options. Bondeleros 66 is one of the most popular Mexican restaurants in the whole city so whether it’s vegan food or cocktails, you know they can deliver. 

“Really friendly staff and amazing atmosphere. Service was quick. Really just a great experience. Perfect for a date night” - Yelp Review 


Fast Food Option With Vegan Choices

Text a digital Chipotle gift card with GiftYa

1111 S Plaza Way | Flagstaff | chiptle.com

I’m sure most of you out there know what Chipotle is. But for those of you who don’t they are a fast food chain that serves up Texican food in the forms of burritos, quesadillas, and tacos and while they are not specifically a vegan restaurant, the fact that everything is made to order to each customer, it’s really is easy to get a burrito that is all vegan friendly. 

And since I never know who is looking at these articles, I always like to try to get one of the national brands in here for those of you out there who are a little tepid or timid about spending money on a place you have never been before. And listen I hear that, I think we all do these days, so I wanted to get an option on here for the people who aren’t looking to be blown away, and just want something safe and familiar for their vegan meal choices.

“Very good service I love the staff and the queso is always fresh. They don't skim on the bowls and it's always really fast.” - Yelp Review 

Text a digital Chipotle gift card with GiftYa

That's it for our list of popular Flagstaff restaurants with vegan options.

Well there you go dear internet reader. Thank you for the click, and I hope this list of best vegan restaurants in Flagstaff Arizona was some help to you today. To be honest I was surprised how hard it was to find vegan food in such a thriving city. So I totally understand how you ended up just googling it to find places to get some vegan food. I tried to feature a little bit of diversity on the list, but what can you really expect me to do when I am writing about vegan only places? 

But despite that I think I actually did manage to cover breakfast, lunch, and dinner with vegan options pretty conclusively. I hope this list helped you find something that fit whatever kind of vegan specific food it is that you're looking for. Personally, after writing about all this delicious vegan food, I am going to make myself a delicious smoothie and enjoy some fruits and vegetables myself!

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