Top 15 Restaurants in Midtown, Omaha That Locals Love

January 12, 2023
Food & Drink
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Midtown Omaha has a special place in our hearts. It’s one of the most popular areas of the city, and it features significant sites like the University of Nebraska Medical Center and St. Cecilia Cathedral. Numerous shops and restaurants can also be found in this bustling neighborhood. If you’re planning to head there anytime soon, you should stop for a quick meal break! Not sure where to go? Check out these top 10 restaurants in Midtown Omaha! 

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1. Stirnella Bar & Kitchen

Trendy gastropub that is known for its internationally-inspired dishes

Happy Hour Meatballs are a great evening treat! Image courtesy of Yelp.

3814 Farnam St | Blackstone, Midtown |

Stirnella Bar & Kitchen is a modern gastropub that has gained a large fanbase for its internationally-inspired dishes. Stirnella is open for brunch, lunch, happy hour, and dinner. Whenever you stop in, you’ll find a bustling restaurant filled with happy customers. 

Stirnella has a small, but refined menu featuring savory dishes like the Steak Frites and Pork Shank. For dessert, Stirnella has Cheesecake Flan and a Gooey Butter Bar. Want something a little extra? Try the S’Mores Latte Martini! You’ll leave ready to come back for more.

“Go-to happy hour place! A charming location in Blackstone, with great drinks and apps. And they are always switching up their menu based on the season. The food has well thought out flavors and the drinks are dangerously good.” - Yelp Review

2. Dirty Birds

Fun, upbeat fried chicken spot in Blackstone, Midtown

3618 Farnam St | Blackstone, Midtown

Fried chicken is the ultimate comfort food. If you find yourself craving this Southern classic, you need to head to Dirty Birds. This popular fast food joint is known for its massive servings of crispy tender fried chicken. Homemade pickles and a giant biscuit are also served on the side. 

Tenders, burgers, wings — Dirty Birds has it all. It even has a vegetarian option called the Banzo Pickle Tofu Sandwich! Pro tip: make sure you add some sauce to really liven up your meal. 

“The portions are ginormous! I got the 2 piece Quarter Bird meal, and I could have easily split it with someone.  2 huge pieces of fried chicken, perfectly crisp, and tender and moist on the inside. The Debo sauce was a excellent combo of sweet and spicy, and that homemade ranch was to die for!” - Yelp Review

3. Kitchen Table

Charming cafe that serves delicious made-from-scratch dishes

1415 Farnam St | Downtown |

Kitchen Table is the ultimate destination for enjoying fresh, made-from-scratch dishes. Whenever possible, the cafe uses locally-sourced ingredients to ensure the best tasting experience possible. Kitchen Table is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. On the weekends, you can also stop in for brunch!

The menu features fresh, delicious meals like the Sofrito Quinoa Bowl and Bujjalo’d Tofu Sandwich. A general store is also featured on-site. It offers simple grocery items like scones, muffins, and granola. It’s worth checking out before you leave!

“One of the best options in downtown Omaha. Be sure to always check the specials. Haven't had a bad item on the menu. Ingredients are extremely fresh and the staff is always friendly. Don't forget the mixed pickles if you like things pickled.” - Yelp Review

4. Early Bird

Contemporary brunch spot featuring charming and unique art decal

Photo of Early Bird - Omaha, NE, United States
Early Bird is known for its hearty portions. Image courtesy of Yelp.

3824 Farnam St, Suite 120 | Blackstone, Midtown |

Who doesn’t enjoy a good breakfast? Early Bird, not to be confused with Dirty Birds, is one of the best brunch spots in Omaha. There’s actually several Early Bird chains around the area, but we’ll be focusing on the one in Blackstone for this blog post. 

The menu boasts an array of breakfast classics like the Chicken Fried Steak, Corned Beef Hash, and Huevos Rancheros. For drinks, Early Bird offers coffee, tea, and cocktails. Their BLT Bloody, Sunrise Sangria, and E.B. Mimosa are extremely popular among guests. 

Can’t eat in? Order Brunch-in-a-Box instead! These popular boxes can serve up to 8 people and can be customized with different breakfast options. 

“Their menu is extensive: something for literally everyone. Whether you're a sweet, savory, meat-lover, pancake-lover, vegetarian, etc., they got you covered. They have shareable breakfast appetizers, morning cocktails, a full coffee bar, and loaded bloody Mary's. Prices for menu items range from $8-$15.” - Yelp Review

5. LeadBelly

Fun, contemporary pub offering gourmet burgers and local brews

Photo of LeadBelly - Omaha, NE, United States. Roundhouse
Treat yourself to a classic meal of a burger and fries. Image courtesy of Yelp.

3201 Farnam St, Suite 6101 | Midtown Crossing, Midtown |

Gourmet burgers. Brews. Cocktails. What else do you need from a pub? LeadBelly is a top destination for people who just want to kick back and enjoy a good burger and a glass of beer. 

At LeadBelly, you can customize your own burger. Beef, chicken, and vegan patties are available. Once you pick your protein, you can choose one of their famous topping combos: Key West, Royal Mountie, and Raspberry Beret. But you’re not done yet! Don’t forget to order a draft beer or cocktail to enjoy alongside your meal.

“Leadbelly is setting up to be one our top favorite places to eat. We had a great lunch there! The waitress was friendly and helped me select a brewski from North Dakota that was just right. Bookguy has been wanting to try a portobello mushroom burger. Leadbelly delivers.” - Yelp Review

6. Culprit Cafe

Charming bakery that often experiments with new recipes and menu items

Culprit Cafe offers a rotating seasonal menu. Image courtesy of Yelp.

1603 Farnam St | Downtown |

Start your morning off on the right foot at Culprit Cafe. This charming breakfast spot offers delicious coffee, espressos, lattes, and even cocktails. Hungry? Culprit also offers savory breakfast foods like Biscuits and Gravy, Steel Cut Oats, and Quiche. 

It’s important to note that Culprit Cafe does change its menu on a regular basis. As a result, that delicious dish you tried last time might not be there again the next time you come in. But, if you enjoy changing things up every once in a while, you’ll love being able to walk in knowing that the cafe will likely have something new whenever you come in next. 

“The deep-fried potatoes here are outstanding. The crust is perfect and the flavor divine. I had the 'regular breakfast' over easy and everything was wonderful and perfectly prepared.
Thursday through Saturday night and Sunday brunch they do the Omaha version of a Tokyo hifi cafe/bar. I can't wait check that out.” - Yelp Review

7. Kathmandu Momo Station

Laidback eatery that is best known for its Nepalese street food dumplings

3924 1/2 Farnam St | Blackstone, Midtown |

Have you ever tried Nepalese street food dumplings? If not, you’re really missing out! But, as luck would have it, you won’t have to travel far to try them. Kathmandu Momo Station, a premier dumpling spot, is located right in Blackstone, Midtown. 

Momos are steamed Himalayan dumplings filled with meat and Nepali spices. Kathmandu drenches its dumplings in a secret family recipe to give it that extra twist that guests love. You can fill your dumplings with chicken, pork, or a vegan protein. Enjoy!

“I am so surprised to find an authentic momo place in Omaha! There are no words. These momos are perfection. They are so soft on the outside and perfectly spiced with Nepali seasonings on the inside! ” - Yelp Review

8. Smokin’ Oak Wood Fired Pizza

Top spot for delicious wood-fired pizza in Midtown Crossing

Sausage pizza, anyone? Image courtesy of Yelp.

220 S 31st Ave, Suite 3103 | Midtown Crossing |

In Omaha, pizza is ubiquitous. But although it’s a food that is easy to find, that doesn’t mean that every spot in the city serves pizza will meet your expectations. But we’re confident that Smokin’ Oak Wood Fired Pizza will. 

Located in Midtown Crossing, Smokin’ Oak Wood Fired Pizza offers fresh, flavorful pies that are never frozen. You can choose from one of their many specialty pies like the Garden Veggie pizza or the Porky Pine pizza. Salads and sandwiches are also available in case any of your friends aren’t in the mood for a slice. 

“The place is well decorated and its high-ceiling, sleek space creates a modern, comfortable environment. The Pizzas are godly, no matter which one you choose. You are guaranteed a decent portion of savory goodness.” - Yelp Review

9. Plank Seafood Provisions

Chic, upscale seafood restaurant located in Old Market

Plank Seafood Provisions offers a sleek and spacious dining room. Image courtesy of Yelp.

1205 Howard St | Old Market, Downtown |

Omaha may be landlocked, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get fresh and delicious seafood plates here. In fact, Old Market has just the spot — Plank Seafood Provisions. Plank Seafood Provisions is known for its high-quality seafood dishes along with its craft beer, cocktails, and wine.

Some of Plank’s most popular dishes include the Smoked Salmon Carbonara, Yellowfin Tuna Sliders, and Walleye Puttanesca. A couple of landfood options like the Cajun Chicken Tenders and Blackened Angus Burger are also available. Whatever you order, you are sure to love it! 

“Beautiful presentation. Food was FRESH and prepared with skill. The fried catfish was so fresh it had a taste unlike any I've ever experienced. We are here from out of state and I love seafood, so we had lunch. Alligator appetizer was very good, we were very pleased overall.” - Yelp Review

10. Modern Love

Popular vegan spot that is known for its creative dishes

Photo of Modern Love - Omaha, NE, United States. Buffalo seitan wings
Share some Buffalo Seitan Wings with friends. Image courtesy of Yelp.

3157 Farnam St, Suite 7113 | Midtown Crossing |

Finding a high-quality vegan restaurant can be difficult. If you’ve been searching for a great vegan spot in Midtown, you can breathe a sigh of relief because your search has officially ended. Modern Love is the ultimate destination for vegans. It offers creative and savory dishes like the Tofu Benedict and Chickpea Parmesan Hero along with delicious vegan desserts like the PB Candy Bar Cheesecake and Cookie Dough Brownie. 

“Absolutely exquisite plant based menu in Omaha! I've had vegan eats across the country and have searched far and wide for the best fried mozz, and this was it! The seitan buffalo wings were out of this world. We had the green goddess bowl which was delicious - but totally regret not ordering the mac & 'shews.” - Yelp Review

If you’re spending the day in Midtown, you might as well add a pit stop to refuel. Luckily for you, Midtown is a great spot to grab delicious food and fun drinks! 

What spots on the list do you plan to visit next? Let us know in the comment section below! We love hearing about your dining experiences.

11. Crescent Moon Ale House

Laidback ale house that has over 60 beers on-tap

Indulge yourself with a fresh Blackston Reuben and fries. Image courtesy of Yelp.

3578 Farnam St | Blackstone, Midtown |

Looking for a spot to kick back and enjoy some beer? Head to Crescent Moon Ale House. This popular tavern boasts an impressive beer list with 60+ beers on tap. Belgian style beer, fruit beer, sours, ciders, ales, and more are available for your enjoyment. 

The kitchen is also open for lunch and dinner. Some of our favorite dishes include the BLT, Bleu Moon Burger, and Chef Salad. Plenty of shareable appetizers like Smoked Wings and Fried Pickle Chips are also available. Check out their full menu now!

“This was hands down the best Reuben sandwich I had ever tried. I will admit, I haven't had many, but now I will more willing to try some in my hometown. The marble rye looked beautiful and had a was perfectly toasted.” - Yelp Review

12. Pa Mas Taqueria & Grill

Upbeat Midtown Crossing restaurant that is known for its Latin-inspired cuisine

220 S 31st Ave, Suite 3107 | Midtown Crossing |

Next up on the list is Pa Mas Taqueria & Grill. This upbeat restaurant offers a mouthwatering selection of Latin-inspired dishes and drinks.

On the menu, you’ll find a wide selection of appetizers, soups, salads, tacos, platters, and desserts. Some of our favorite dishes include the Chicken Fajita Tacos, Grilled Chicken Salad, and Mango Ceviche. Coming with the kids? Pa Mas also offers a kids menu! Check out their website for more info. 

“Came in for dinner on a Saturday evening. Really enjoy the location and casual ambience. Made reservations thru OpenTable. The staff was very friendly and helpful. My wife has to eat gluten free and the server was very good at navigating that concern.” - Yelp Review

13. Block 16

Cozy sandwich shop that regularly offers new and exciting specials

1611 Farnam St | Downtown Omaha |

Over the years, Block 16 has garnered a massive fan base for its unique, mouthwatering sandwich creations. From the Pulled Pork Roll to the Croque Garcon Burger, every dish is designed to delight. The restaurant also offers a new Daily Special everyday, making it easy for regulars to switch up their orders every now and then. 

Thirsty? Block 16 offers a wide selection of sodas, beers, and wine. You can also order some loaded fries or a side salad to complement your sandwich! 

“Finally made it down to the famous Block 16. Line out the door for this place. The staff were working their butts off and were super friendly. Seems like a well oiled restaurant. They know what they are doing.” - Yelp Review

14. The Committee Chophouse

Modern steakhouse that provides upscale dining and service for guests

Enjoy fresh dishes like the Large Seafood Platter, which includes oysters, jumbo shrimp, lobster salad, a half lobster tail, smoked clams, and sous vide octopus. Image courtesy of Yelp.

302 S 36th St | Blackstone, Midtown |

Want to treat yourself to a special evening out on the town? Head to The Committee Chophouse.

The Committee Chophouse inside the Cottonwood Hotel is an upscale steakhouse that seamlessly blends old-school dining with modern touches. Inside, you’ll find an elegantly-styled dining room reminiscent of another area. The menu features a raw & chilled seafood selection as well as several prime steak cuts. A rotating dessert menu is also available. 

Reserve a table for your next dinner now!

“All in all, I'd highly reccommend you check this place out. You won't find a lot of these dishes anywhere else in Omaha, and the service and scenery really take it over the top!” - Yelp Review

15. The Habitat

Charming restaurant and bar located inside the Peregrine Hotel

Coming with a group? Order this stunning charcuterie board to share with the whole table! Image courtesy of Yelp.

203 S 18th St | Downtown Omaha 

Finally, we have The Habitat. Located in Downtown Omaha inside The Peregrine Hotel, The Habitat offers a modern approach to farm-to-table dining. Their seasonally-focused menus feature mouthwatering dishes like Sliders, Chicken & Waffles, and Salmon. A full cocktail menu is also available. 

Visit The Habitat for your next meal!

“If you live in Omaha, and work downtown or just want to get lunch downtown without a crazy busy wait...come here!! The habitat is so underrated! They're food is exquisite and the service is top tier.” - Yelp Review

If you’re spending the day in Midtown, you might as well add a pit stop to refuel. Luckily for you, Midtown is a great spot to grab delicious food and fun drinks! 

What spots on the list do you plan to visit next? Let us know in the comment section below! We love hearing about your dining experiences. 


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