Enjoy a Delicious Meal at 12 of the Best Hidden Restaurants in Omaha

If you are looking for one of the best hidden restaurants in Omaha, make sure to check out our top 12 favorites right now!

Have you ever been to Omaha, Nebraska? It is a beautiful place that is full of many wonders when it comes to recreational parks, restaurants, shops, and many other amazing local places that you need to see for yourself. If you are searching for some hidden restaurants in the area that will change your life, make sure to check out these top 12 places in Omaha right now!

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1. Kitchen Table

A local restaurant with lots of sandwich options, vegetarian options, and much more!

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1415 Farnam Street | Downtown | kitchentableomaha.com

There are so many incredible restaurants to check out in Omaha, but there is nothing quite like the Kitchen Table! This amazing restaurant is perfect for all of those sandwich lovers, and even individuals who are vegetarians if they’re looking for a restaurant that can also cater to their dietary needs.

Come to the Kitchen Table right now where you can try out their meatloaf sandwich, the whole bird sandwich, pulled pork reuben, kale salad, veggie dogs, hummus salads, smoked steelhead melts, and much more. There isn’t anything quite like the Kitchen Table, so make sure to check them out right now!

“One of the best options in downtown Omaha. Be sure to always check the specials. Haven't had a bad item on the menu.” - Yelp Review

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2. Twisted Cork Bistro

Grilled salmon, gourmet burgers, and more are served at this local joint!

10730 Pacific Street | Regency | twistedcorkbistro.com

If you’re looking for a place with a good burger, then you need to look at no other place than the Twisted Cork Bistro right now! This incredible restaurant serves some of the best burgers, seafood options, and more all made with local and fresh ingredients to truly make it even more enjoyable.

At the Twisted Cork Bistro, you need to try out the signature Twisted Cork burger, wild pacific red salmon, Heartland filet mignon, ribeye, sockeye salmon, sea scallops, Honolulu cobb, clam chowder, chili, and lots of other delicious dishes. Make sure you stop by the Twisted Cork Bistro right now and enjoy a tasty meal!

“They serve wild caught seafood and are farm/locally sourced and you can truly taste the quality of their ingredients.” - Yelp Review 

3. Stokin’ Goat

Come to this rustic decorated restaurant where the food is good and the vibe is comfortable too!

Are you interested in some all-around good food? Make sure to check out the Stokin’ Goat right now! Image courtesy of Visit Omaha.

15805 W Maple Road | West Omaha | stokingoat.com

Are you searching for a place with some delicious and inventive takes on some tasty food? If so, then you need to check out the Stokin’ Goat right now! There is truly nothing better than this restaurant because of its homestyle and world-class dining experience, along with its relaxing and comfortable environment you’ll enjoy.

Come check out Stokin’ Goat right now to try out the garlic shrimp risotto, sea bass, baked shrimp scampi, horseradish steak sandwich, short rib sandwich, rum jerk chicken wings, grilled salmon salad, chicken roulade, and much more. There’s nothing better than what the Stokin’ Goat has to offer, so make sure to check them out right now!

“The food was great. The drinks were good. We ordered bottomless mimosas, which were good.” - Yelp Review 

4. Timber Wood Fire Bistro

Wood-fired pizzas, bread, and more are what are enjoyed here, so make sure to stop by! 

8702 Pacific Street | West Omaha | timberomaha.com

If you are searching for the best place to get a pizza for your friends and family tonight, then you need to check out Timber Wood Fire Bistro right now! If you love wood-fired pizza, then this is just the place for you, along with their other amazing wood fired dishes that you really don’t want to miss out on either. 

Make sure to try out everything from the Timburger, lamb burger, BBQ roasted chicken, pepperoni pizza, lobster gratin pizza, margherita pizza, chopped brisket tacos, and lots more. There is so much to offer at Timber Wood Fire Bistro, so make sure to check them out right now!

“Afterword I ordered their fritters to check out their dessert, and those things were worth the trip! Totally delicious. All in all I will be back.” - Yelp Review 

5. Avoli Osteria

Looking for the perfect hidden Omaha restaurant to check out? Make sure to stop by this Italian favorite!

There are a lot of amazing restaurants to visit in Omaha, but you have to check out Avoli Osteria! Image courtesy of Visit Omaha. 

5013 Underwood Avenue | Dundee | avoliosteria.com

If you are still searching for the perfect restaurant to check out in Omaha, then you have to come and experience what Avoli Osteria is all about! This incredible restaurant is perfect for any occasion because of their amazing Italian classics and even new inventive takes on dishes you never knew you needed.

At Avoli Osteria, you need to experience what the food is all about here. With that being said, make sure to try out the gnocchi, grilled octopus, bolognese bianco, risotto, burrata, meatballs, roasted chicken, and their many other dishes too. Check out Avoli Osteria for yourself today and explore the flavors of Italy!

“I always try to make a point to go back to Avoli each time I'm in Omaha. I've honestly never had a "bad" meal there, or even anything that was "just okay." Everything is perfect every time!” - Yelp Review 

6. M’s Pub

Enjoy some delicious New American favorites at this unique restaurant!

422 S 11th Street | Old Market | mspubomaha.com

There is truly nothing better than some unique and delicious food, so if you’re looking to try out some of the best in the city of Omaha, Nebraska, then make sure to check out M’s Pub right now! This amazing pub has some of the best food to nosh on, along with pairing it with a beer or cocktail for a relaxing night out.

If you are interested, make sure to go to M’s Pub to try out the lamb burger, carrot dog, thai lavosh, spinach salad, crab cakes, surf and turf tray, Indian lamb satay, tuna melt, beef tenderloin, baked brie, and just so many more delicious dishes you have to see for yourself. Don’t miss out on M’s Pub today!

“Food and service were great, I had lamb salad so I appreciated the use of meat that is too often ignored.” - Yelp Review 

7. J Coco

Everyone loves New American food and outdoor seating, so check this place out!

5203 Leavenworth Street | Aksarben | jcocoomaha.com

Craving some New American food and also want to enjoy the beautiful outdoors in Omaha, Nebraska? Make sure to go to J. Coco and experience what they are all about right now! This incredible restaurant has some of the best New American dishes with a modern twist to it, and all-natural ingredients too.
J. Coco is the perfect restaurant for you because they have dishes ranging from braised short ribs, pork belly steam buns, chilean sea bass, short ribs tacos, mushroom risotto, wagyu burgers, scallops, and lots more. Don’t miss out on J. Coco and their incredibly delicious all natural ingredients today!

“Such a wonderful treat.  The menu is excellent, the bartenders are quick, and there is a solid wine selection.” - Yelp Review 

8. Railcar Modern American Kitchen

Classic American food made from scratch. 

1814 N 144th St | West Omaha | railcaromaha.com

Railcar Modern American Kitchen specializes in classic American dining in a warm and cozy atmosphere. They make comfort food from scratch, have a friendly staff with tons of information, and craft cocktails. 

With their in house smoked ribs, signature cherry barbeque sauce, and house baked apple pie, this restaurant will make you want to come back for more after you’ve dined with them. They also host parties and cater events, so you can have great American comfort food for whatever you’re doing in Omaha!

“I love this place, the medallions are fantastic, oh and try the schnitzel! The other night I had the shrimp and lobster bisque, hit the spot on such a snowy cold day! Service has always been great and the whole restaurant vibe is unique and you don't feel like your on 144th and blondo!”– Yelp Review

9. Le Bouillon

French food in an unforgettable Omaha space. 

1017 Howard St | Omaha | lebouillonomaha.com

With amazing French food and artwork filled decor, Le Bouillon brings vibrancy into the historic space it calls home. It has a beautiful open dining room, a menu filled with delicious food, and a wine bar. 

Their kitchen uses seasonal ingredients, and only the finest ones. The space is unforgettable and manages to retain a neighborhood charm through the extravagant decor. Go there and try the oysters, the rotisserie chicken, or the bouillon burger. And then try one of the options from the wine bar. This place is one that you won’t easily forget. 

“I have been coming here for several years. The food is delicious. I would recommend the Bouillon Burger and the Hangar Steak. The ambience is beautiful and classy, reminiscent of a vintage restaurant in the heart of France. A wine shop is attached offering an excellent good selection of French wines to enjoy with your meal if you like. Service here is always excellent.”– Yelp Review

10. Au Courant Regional Kitchen

New European food that changes each week. 

6064 Maple St | Benson | aucourantrestaurant.com

Au Courant is a modern European kitchen in the heart of Omaha. They make New European cuisine, and use high quality regional ingredients. This kitchen isn’t the average restaurant, and doesn’t feature a permanent menu. They offer a 6 course chef’s tasting menu that changes every week, so you likely won’t be having the same foods on a return trip. 

“One of the most amazing dining experiences in Omaha. Our group of friends decided on the tasting menu. The food was absolutely incredible. Each bite was very exciting!If you're looking for an elevated dining experience, or somewhere special to eat for fun or a special occasion, I think you just found your next spot!”– Yelp Review

11. Herbe Sainte 

Cajun cuisine in the middle of the country. 

1934 S 67th St | Askarbern Village | herbesainteomaha.com

Herbe Sainte brings the essence of New Orleans straight into Omaha’s Aksarben Village. Everything about the place transports you there, from the food to the atmosphere, and you’ll be really glad that you came. 

This restaurant’s menu offers gumbo, cajun slaw, baguettes, dirty rice, cajun crab cakes, and more. On top of the delicious dinner, you can also get yourself a cajun style dessert like bread pudding or chocolate torte. You’ll be happy you came to this restaurant by the time you’re done!

“The interior is dim lit and classy. I ordered the étouffée and the artichoke crab dip. The dip was so good I would go back just for that. I have never had étouffée so this was really good as my first time- has a little bit of a kick and good portion size too. I plan on going back here! I want to try the shrimp roll next!”– Yelp Review

12. The Boiler Room

New daily foods in a historic location. 

1110 Jones St | Downtown | boilerroomomaha.com

The Boiler Room is a restaurant named after the times when the space was a boiler room over a hundred years ago. The space went from a boiler room to a gorgeous restaurant with a warm artistic vibe and amazing food. 

This restaurant’s menu is made with fresh, high quality food. They use all artisanal products sourced from growers who love their craft. Get their crispy brandade croquettes, island salmon, or pork shoulder, or a cheese board with accompaniments. This is a restaurant that is sure to please. 

“A true culinary experience! We got seated directly above the kitchen and had the joy of watching the chef work his magic while waiting for our food. This is an intimate restaurant, unique atmosphere, and spectacular food. We told the restaurant it was our anniversary when making the reservation, and our menu said "Happy Anniversary" on top of it!”– Yelp Review

There are a lot of amazing restaurants out there that are worth trying, even ones that are hidden away and you’ve never heard of before. If you are looking for something truly incredible, you need to check out one of these 12 hidden restaurants in Omaha, Nebraska right now!

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